Federico FAZIO: “I could still play for Italy”


Federico FAZIO has stated that he could still end up playing for the Italian National Team.

AS Roma defender FAZIO has commented about his lack of call-ups to the Argentina National Team, him wanting to play with this group of players and more. Speaking to “Rivista Undici” in Italy, here’s what he had to say:

Federico FAZIO’s Italy comments:

“I don’t like the fact that I haven’t gotten the opportunity to show my worth to Argentina. There’s a lot of matches, World Cup Qualifiers, friendly matches, World Cups… Maybe they prefered to count on the group of players they have… It’s always great to get some recognition for the hard work you’re doing. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to always look to the future. About the National Team, who knows… I could still play for Italy.”

Federico Fazio AS Roma
Federico Fazio in action with AS Roma

The Buenoes Aires native has been capped three times for Argentina, twice under Sergio BATISTA and once under Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO. At youth level, FAZIO was part of the 2007 U20 World Cup winning team, the last Argentinian team to win that tournament. He was also part of the legendary 2008 Olympic team which won gold in Beijing, playing alongside Lionel MESSI, Juan RIQUELME, Javier MASCHERANO and others.


  1. Argentina NT needs in central midfield player like Rodrigo Battaglia of Sporting Braga. Do you remember him from U-20 World Cup 2011? Was pretty good and that defence so solid. Battaglia is absolutely complete defensive midfielder with all the things we need. Watch through whole the video and look at his runs à la Enzo Perez, very good ball control and dribling. Tall, long-legged and pace, strong, good with tackling. Real box to box who phisically may fight with the strong kind of DMs. Of course he is only Sporting Braga player and needs some advance but would not be the first who was called up from the league. Besides proved his talent on youth World Cup. He scored in league yesterday.


      • The question is do we need specialist DMs?If we can survive without real fullbacks,then we can adjust for more offensive CMs.We have defensive fullbacks,DMs who contribute nothing to attack..so we loose the balance.This is why when an opponent press us,ball hardly passes the center line.Because Masche and Biglia are not for that job and their clubs too don’t use them for that job.Masche is a Cb for barca,Biglia is lone DM for Lazio.And we use them together as DM.This is a grave mistake which has been repeated over and over again.I could agree with Sabella,because during WC both Biglia and Masche was in their top shape and form..Gago was injured,so we had no other option.But after 3 years,still we can not find a better midfield balance…this is killing us!

        • If we have 2 fullbacks that are just adopted CBs we don’t need another 2 defensive minded players like Masche and Biglia of course. It’s too much. But in this case I must to say Battaglia is the offensive one DM/CM.

  2. EnganChe you said I’m a troll for supporting the coach, nice logic sir. You guys are doing what you’re accusing me of, all I see here is plenty of people trolling Buaza and nothing more.

    [This for all the haters and trolls] Your favorite player didn’t get selected, go sit in a corner, you have no say in who gets call up or drop. Not everyone thinks the overrated Argentina young players are worthy of a place on the national team. They haven’t done anything worthwhile to be consider for selection. No players from joke teams like West Ham, Watford, Torino etc. should be on the national team.

    Majority of Argentina current youth product are a JOKE, period!! They’re not national team material and they’re definitely not that good. The local league is currently HORRIBLE; you guys need to stop kidding yourself about how ”great” it is. This league can’t even produce world cup winning youth teams nowadays let alone a world cup winning senior team. Even the J League and the Super League are far superior leagues than the Argentina Primera Division, even the MLS is better!!

    Argentina is only hanging on by the thread because of the current generation, nothing is excited or hopeful about Argentinean football post this current crop of players.

    It’s like Holland, all their super talents have retired except for Robben and all they have now are a bunch of youth product coming into the national team that are not as talented as the past players hence they’re doing little to help the senior team. Holland use to produce great talented players now they’re left with one of the worse generation in Dutch football history. Unfortunately, we’re already seeing this with Argentina new football generation!! I can’t wait for all of the 2001-2008 Argentina generation to retire so all of the ungrateful fans will be left with crumbs on the table to scarp over.

    The likes of Krane, Correa (Sevilla), Paredes, Lanzini, Ascacibar etc. are not good enough for the national team period!! Only an Argentinean coach would select these players in a European club, but at least Simeone found out sooner rather than later that Krane is nothing but an average player. Only youth player I’m sadden for is Vietto, he was way better at Villarreal, he should have never left the club so early. Where are the Zuculini of this world? Oh, he’s at Hellas Verona. Where is Iturbe (even though he is playing for Paraguay)? Remember Iturbe famous dribble goal against Brazil back in 2011? Where is Iturbe? At Torino!

    BTW, Fazio you’re not even that good of a player, slow as snail, horrible back to back performance against Lazio and Napoli!! Didn’t make it at the overrated Spurs team and on your return to Spain at Sevilla, you fail to get into the starting XI. Why didn’t you threaten to play for Spain or England over Argentina? Didn’t have a Spanish or English passport? lol

    Mr. Buaza please don’t let these trolls get to you be it from Ole or Mundoalbiceleste. They will all come back later saying how you’re such a good coach and that they were always with you. Just watch out for these bandwogonist because it happened to Sabella before!

  3. Fazio would have to compete with Bonucci, Barzagli, Chiellini, Astori, Romagnoli, Barreca, Rugani, etc. Easier said than done. A bit of a tall order for Fazio…

    I understand his frustration though. No way Roncaglia is better than Fazio right now. If Bauza’s logic is that Roncaglia can also be used as a fullback then it fails too because he also called up Buffarini, Rojo, Mas, Zabaleta and Mercado.

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