Possible new look for Mundo, please vote


Hi everyone,

Last year we made a big change on Mundo by altering the look of the website. While the change of design wasn’t too drastic, it was a much needed change. However, the look you see at the moment was not one that we had initially planned to keep for this long.

In the past few days, we’ve been looking at possibly changing the design here on Mundo. But a fairly big change in the design and not merely changing the colors. This design would allow us to possibly separate the news into different sections on the main page (a section for club goals, latest National Team news, U20 World Cup).

However, you the readers are just as much a part of Mundo as we are. This place would not exist if it weren’t for your continous support. I’ve always said that Mundo is like a little worldwide family (and as is the case with every family, there are some people that don’t always get along! Haha).

The point of this is to know if you guys would like to see a change in design and functionality of the website. Please, leave a comment below simply stating if you would like to see a change or not. And if you want to go more into details, mention that too.

Thank you,



  1. First of all, i want to thank moderators for creating the only forum that i follow constantly and especially the only one that i leave a comment and share my thoughts about our beloved team, as for me it is like a worldwide Argentina football fan club! Although in my humble opinion, the black background of the page was much better than the current white one, congrats for the great job you guys have done!

  2. Thank you moderators for all the hard work and efforts put into to make mundoalbiceleste – the uno destination for Argentina soccer.

  3. A big thank you from me for this fantastic site and change is always worth trying, some times it will work and some times it wont but if one does not try change they become stuck and as they say
    “nothing ventured nothing gained”-If you do not take risks, you will never accomplish anything.

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