Sergio ROMERO saves, Marcos ROJO eats banana for Manchester United


Sergio ROMERO pulled off some key saves for Manchester United while Marcos ROJO was seen eating a banana on the pitch.

Argentina’s starting goalkeeper Sergio ROMERO got a rare start for his club as he was in the line-up in Manchester United’s 1-0 win against FC Rostov. One of the saves was off a free kick late in the match. Michael OWEN and Owen HARGREAVES, who were pundits on BT Sport for the match, had this to say about ROMERO (it starts at 7:41), who was voted Player of the Match.

Sergio Romero Manchester United
Sergio Romero was voted as Manchester United’s Player of the Match.

ROMERO’s Argentina team mate Marcos ROJO was also in the starting line-up and had the camera on him for a few seconds as he was seen eating a banana on the pitch.

Marcos Rojo United
Marcos Rojo eats a banana while on the pitch for Manchester United.

Sergio ROMERO’s saves:

Marcos ROJO’s incident:


  1. Credit where credit is due, El Chiquito was great in that game. I hope he continues to start more, although unfortunately for him De Gea is a much better keeper so chances for Romero to start are few and far between.

    Also, I think at this point Rojo deserves to start over Otamendi in the left sided centre-back role.

  2. The haters will still come at him in, 3-2-1. 😉 Do your thing Romero, although I doubt United will beat any of Schalke, Celta, Besiktas, Lyon or Ajax over two legs. Best chance United have in the quarter finals is if they play against Genk or Anderlecht, but then again, Spurs lost to Gent earlier and Genk knockout Gent today from the Europa. Genk and Gent must be twin brothers. 😎

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