Copa America in 2019 and 2020 hosts announced


The dates have been changed for the next Copa’s America.

The next Copa America will now be held in 2019 with Brazil as the host nation. There will be another one held the next year in 2020 with Ecuador being the host for that edition.

The 2015 Copa America was supposed to be held in Brazil with the one after that in Chile. The reason why it was changed was because Brazil were hosting the 2013 Confederations Cup, 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic games.

Lionel Messi Copa America
Lionel Messi at last year’s Copa America.

This would mean that Argentina have another chance to win 3 tournaments in 3 years (after making finals in 2014, 2015 and 2016) with the 2018 World Cup and the two Copa’s America which would follow. A win in either of those three tournaments would mean that they would qualify for the 2021 Confederations Cup prior to the 2022 World Cup.

Lionel Messi World Cup
It could mean one last chance for Lionel Messi to win a trophy with Argentina.

It could be a massive few years for Argentina.


  1. This is ridiculous. The Copa should be held once every 4 years. Conmebol devaluates the tournament with back to back editions. Copa Centenario was nice, but this is overdoing it. Besides that the players need rest and this is not going to help. The reason behind this can only be money.

  2. Ansaldi,Banega,Icardi,Fazhio ,Perotti-all are onfire with thier respective clubs lately if not half of this season long,only Banega is part of the NT though.FYI, Dybala being another Argentian 4 of the above were in Serie A team of the week.

    I w’d ‘ve preferred Ansaldi(he will be 31 in 2018 younger zan Zaba ‘n as old as Mercado)over Mas,Fazio( Improved if not matured well this time)over Mori,Perotti over Lavezzi( He is one of the unsung heros but his age ‘n current club tenure are not helping him)’n Icardi instead of Aguero.

  3. Nice logic comparing both Lanzini and Higuain stats, two players who are not comparable in any fashion. I mean, Messi haven’t been consistent lately, does that makes him not world class? The term world class consist of a player being consistent at the highest level for a period of 4-5 season and the likes of Higuain have shown that both in Italy and Spain. Wouldn’t it be better to compare him to a player like Banega? Yea, but let’s pick Lanzini to play as a striker for Argentina because after all he plays in England the country that never wins the world cup and has the most overrated domestic league in European football. Ramos has more goals in La Liga than Neymar, does this mean Ramos is better in attack than Neymar? Some of you people come up with the most ridiculous stats, yea, those English media stat website that makes average EPL players come off as top players.

    BTW, Germany is the second best league not the overrated EPL with overrated teams like Spurs, Arsenal and West Ham.

    UEFA Country Ranking

    Spain- 101.856

    Germany- 79.212

    England – 74.391

    Italy – 71.832

    England is barely ahead of Italy and is behind Germany by a good amount of points and way behind Spain with room to spare.

    Sampaoli or Sampoali or whatever is just another overrated coach, how in the world do you lose to Leicester of all teams given Sevilla status in European football?

    • Lanzini, last 8 starts…4 goals and 2 assists. Playing in midfield.
      Higuain last 8 starts..4 goals and 1 assist..! A world class striker..!

      • and to think some call hig world class…..when a mid out scored him. but lets be fair and look up a level as the Italian lge is only the 3rd best lge (behind Spain and eng) around with only juv being a real threat.

        if we up it a level to the champs lge this season hig has a respectable 7 games -604mins- 3goals but does not feature in any of the following stats(as of 09/17)

        he is 146 ranked so far in this seasons champs lge for all stats.

        did not score vs porto in both legs of the knock out stage and his goals so far are vs zegrab, lyon, zegrab,

        3 goals so far vs lesser teams and next up is barca for him and we will see what he can do vs barca’s erratic defence.

        as it stands today world class?-no were near it.

    • Lanzini does not deserve to play in a mediocre team like West Ham, I think he has outgrown the club already, hope he moves on to greener pastures in the summer. Valencia, Sevilla or Roma are the appropriate type and calibre of clubs for him in my opinion.

    • But another good for nothing goal just like the one vs Chelsea and more others. For me painfully missing the assists from him and the creative passes as the main conductor of West Ham. Payet was another level, and he was still not world class in my eyes.

      • Not sure I understand good for nothing comment, Lanzini is the only player that seems to be doing something for the failing West Ham team. Today he had a man of the match performance against Leicester even though they lost. Payet bailed, time for Lanzini to move on too.

  4. It ain’t over till it’s over. So, don’t give up.

    In other words, it could mean one last chance for Argentina to win a trophy with the most talented player of all time. The AFA and Bauza will not be stressed out about their job as long as Messi is on the team. They are very much aware that Argentines and Argentina journalists will say “Messi” failed if the team does not win the World Cup in Russia.

    Messi and Mascherono seem to care very much about Argentina unlike another star player on the team. Personally I think these two men have tried their hardest to win a major title for Argentina. FC Barcelona fans are saying the players will burn themselves out for Argentina again.

    Players are not robots. So, I wouldn’t criticize a player severely even if he made a mistake at a crucial moment. But I will kill the player for a team if he never feels ashamed about his past mistakes and makes the same mistakes over and over. Is it true that Higuain refused a call up from Argentina to be in training session for Real Madrid? I remember he did the same thing after he transferred to Juventus last summer.

    If Argentina has skilled players who know the meaning of wearing Albiceleste Jersey, I hope they will replace Higuain, Di Maria and Aguero by the end of this year. It is ok if Bauza is using these three mentally and physically world-Glass players until the promising young players grow and he finds new players.

  5. What!? Copa America Centenary again!!!

    2016-20. I don’t understand how this can be a centenary edition! It supposed to be happen in 2116. Isn’t it?

    “A win in either of those three tournaments would mean that Argentina would qualify for the 2021 Confederations Cup”

    And how would that be? When it was crystal clear in 2016 that whoever won the Copa, Chile will only play Confederation Cup2017. And why they changed the rules for 2020Copa?

  6. So Ecuador will be hosting the Copa America Centenario in 2020? Do all the Latin American teams, the Caribbean teams and the North American teams get invited to the 2020 edition, Roy Nemer?

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