Manuel LANZINI free kick for West Ham United


Manuel LANZINI scored another goal for West Ham United.

The Argentine midfielder continues to impress for West Ham by adding another goal to his name this season. A free kick goal in the 20th minute meant LANZINI had scored the first goal of the match for his club in their 2-1 loss to Leicester City.


  1. Arturo Vidal is likely suspended for the game against Argentina because he had pick up yellow cards against Bolivia and Uruguay respectively. Alexis Sanchez is probably out of the game with an ankle injury.

    I don’t think Argentina will have any problem beating Chile in WCQ at home, they always do especially with Arturo Vidal missing out of the game and the Chilean midfield.

    Chile have been preparing for the game with two friendly games against Croatia and Iceland in January. How many games did Argentina play since the start of 2017? ZERO

    So you had Chile, Brazil and Colombia all with games in 2017 in which they were able to test and look at new players unlike the mighty Argentina who can never schedule a friendly game, not even with Tahiti. If the game is not a financial boom for the AFA they’re never interested in playing friendly games.

    The game away to Bolivia will be the key game for Argentina because even if the team win against Chile at home and loss or tie with Bolivia away, Chile can still top Argentina in the CONMEBOL table with a win in Santiago.

  2.!, a tight Injury. A huge blow for Argie ‘n Juve. I think this is Kid is unlucky as he has same injury last yr that kept him away from important matches. Let’s hope it is not serious this time.

    • No, but i read a lot of Milan forums, and they think that Vangioni is the best Milan’s LB right now, better than Abate. About Ocampos, i only found one fan who likes his play. “Selfish, unmatured without end product, the injured Bonaventura, Suso and even Deulofeu are better players than Ocampos.”

  3. He has played the game very deep. Almost as defensive midfielder. He was shifted to the position from AM after 2 quick goals for Leicester. I’m interested with Lanzini on this position – CM, not AM, when he may make good use of his shoots. In this game was another 2 times very close to score such goal.

    • He can play any role in midfield. He has the quality to become one of the best. He’s quick, help defense, long shots, better passer, tam player, dribbling, Stamina, difficult to dispossess…etc. He’s improving..!
      If he plays under Pep, Klopp, Ancelotti, Sampaoli..etc…he will be unstoppable.

  4. We all know what he will say before the world cup. “Lanzini was not called because he wasn’t familiar with the national team set-up.” But he will never tell you that it was his job to acclimatize him with the set-up. There is no devine intervention that blend our prospects into the team, that’s on the coach. But hey – we have Gago waiting to run into the side. Hurrah!!!

    And also, (Rulli wan’t called because he too aint familiar with the national team set-up.) – 95% chance of that happening.

  5. It is true that Premier League is overrated and the Bundesliga stands next to La Liga. It’s also true that La Liga teams bring young players with potential from Premier League and EPL is the gateway to becoming a star footballer.

    Argentina football merely relies on individual talents like Leo Messi. The AFA went bankrupt a long time ago and the team managers are brainless.

    I regret to inform that young players born in France, Germany and Brazil between year 1992 to 1999 are at a much higher level than young players in Argentina now. They appear on various positions in the starting lineup for the big and rich club team in Europe.

    Check the player list of France, Brazil and Germany for the 2018 World Cup.
    The French people, Germans and Brazilians will enjoy their games with a team which is perfectly balanced in every aspect.

    It is not a secret that FC Barcelona fans including supporters for Messi foresee Neymar Jr. will win the World Cup with Brazil before Messi. And I can predict the future that people in Mundo and Argentines will interpret the result of losing as Neymar is a better player than Messi. It is obvious that their way of thinking is difficult to change.

    Tite, the Brazil team manager always refuses to reveal his plan for match and Bauza, the Argentina team manager is always willing to reveal his plan in the interview. By the way, the ambitious Brazil manager has revealed one thing that he wishes Leo Messi was born in Brazil so he could play for the national team. He is a greedy man and wants to steal an ice cream cone from a kid named Bauza.

    Argentina must change the manager first. After that, we can discuss new players for Argentina.

    • The french youngsters are crazily talented. Defenders: Umtiti, Laporte, Varane, Zouma, Kurzawa, Digne, Djibril Sidibe, Benjamin Mendy, Theo Hernandez+Areola

      Midfielders: Pogba (potentially world-beater), Kondogbia, Lemar, Tolisso, Imbula, Rabiot, Bakayoko, Koziello, Cyprien, Sanson, Maxime Lopez

      Attackers: Martial, Ousmane Dembele(potentially world-beater), Mbappe-Lottin(potentially world-beater), Kingsley Coman, Mbaye Niang, Plea, Fekir, Thauvin, Nkoudou, Moussa Dembele…just the biggest names, unbelievable…

      • Lanzini club choice is not good. To Quatar,Al-Jazira! He is lucky that Westham saved his career. I was very impressed even when Lamela was the center of attention for so many football pundits while the two were together in Liver. He was everywhere unlike Lam. For me he is rather underrated. All he needs to do is change his club asap.

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