Juventus To Pursuit For Di Maria


It appears Juventus are in pursuit to sign Angel DI MARIA from Paris St Germain for next season, as reported in the front page of Italian sports newspaper, Tuttosport.

This move is apparently in order to keep Juve coach Max ALLEGRI happy though the Italian primary target is Fiorentina winger Federico BÈRNERDESCHI with DI MARIA being the alternative option.


  1. If Dimaria goes to Juve he will do fine and play great. He is the kind of guy who will play good under Mou, Allegri kind of coaches. Basically, where he will have his ass kicked. Mou or Allegri or Ancelotti won’t treat him like a star and he will get dropped. He will play for the team. He tried to do too many things at Man Utd and flopped. He does that for NT too and flops. His problem is his head and needs a strong boss.

  2. Fab 4 is back.

    Argentina starting XI against Chile: Romero, Mercado, Otamendi, Rojo, Mas; Mascherano, Biglia; Messi, Agüero, Di María and Higuain.

    So basically Bauza going to start with a formation which is a copy of Sabella’s fab 4 formation. We played some of our brilliant game under Sabella using this formation but that was 3 years back. Now question remains…

    1. Whether Di Maria will start from deep in the midfield that he used to start under Sabella.
    2. Whether Kun will take the responsibility to go deep and will take the creative pressure from Messi.
    3. Whether Messi will get enough freedom in the final third to roam around freely.
    4. Whether defense will remain solid even after starting 1 attacking player instead of a midfielder.


    We will see an ultra-deep, slow, narrow midfield, no movement from Kun or Higuain, Di Maria running everywhere in the field without any clue and a certain Lionel Messi frustrated on the field, going deep in the midfield in search of the ball.

    This match will simply depend on these factors. Personally I would have love to see Banega in the starting XI considering his current form but Masche-Bigila-Banega started several matches and never impressed. This trio is very deep, static and slow and never effective. So starting fab 4 is not a bad idea but would have been better if Dybala started ahead of Kun.

    Anyway hope boys will come out good and will earn 3 points. Anything less than 3 points means we are in big trouble.

  3. Juve should go for Aguero also that will complete the useless trio of higuain,Aguero,di maria.
    On serious note i think they will go for the italian player who is much better than the muppet di maria.

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