Paulo DYBALA update, could train and be on bench


Paulo DYBALA could still feature against Chile and Bolivia for Argentina.

Following further tests on Tuesday, Paulo DYBALA’s injury isn’t as bad as first feared. According to TyC Sports, the Juventus hitman might train today and could feature on the bench on Thursday against Chile and get some minutes against Bolivia.

Gonzalo Higuain Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala could be on the bench for Argentina as his Juventus team mate Gonzalo Higuain gets the start.

As we have been reporting and following on Mundo, DYBALA arrived to Argentina with fears being that he would miss both of Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying matches against Chile this week and Bolivia next week. There were even some rumors circulating today that he would fly back to Italy and not take part in the matches.

The starting eleven:

With DYBALA not starting, we reported the possible starting eleven for Edgardo BAUZA against Chile om Thursday. Here it is once more:



  1. If Kun does indeed start we will likely have a gap between the midfield and attack. Kun has mostly played as a #9 lately and when he plays in a withdrawn role he does not drop deep enough, he is not used to that. At least Dybala has been playing as an AMF for Juventus but we don’t have the same kind passing range and versatility with Aguero. The solution is to either play Banega instead of Kun or either Enzo or Pizarro instead of Biglia. Otherwise, it’s not clear who is going fill the void in the middle.

    • as usual, the answer should not be Messi but it will be messi. he will play as a CM looking for the ball to feed towards Di maria…who will run like a chicken with no head and will lose the ball at least 697 times.

      I think I have seen this countless times and memorized the pattern well enough.

  2. Will be watching England v Germany.
    3 things will happen.
    1.England will thump the Germans.
    2.English media will go ape and think England can win the world cup.
    3.German team and Germany as a whole will think nothing of it and go about beating England when it counts.
    Germans don’t do friendlies. They don’t give 2 pence for it.

    • Absolutely wrong. They treat friendlies very seriously. What they do in friendlies is they test new players, new formations and be smart about their business rather than just winning those meaningless matches.

      We treat friendlies like its some kinda championship.

      • Abit of both I think Istiaque …whilst I agree that Germany would use this opportunity to try out there new players which is a postive approach, they won’t put their might into a meaningless friendly either.
        So when you mean they take it seriously what I believe you should say is opportunity. Seriously would mean they want to win…
        Currently half time and it’s nil nil. As predicted England would be the better team. Haven’t scored from great chances though. And like you predicted. Germany have got youngsters in. But they look so lathargic.
        In my eyes dont look bothered

        • o yes!

          It should be luke this don’t you think? Its a friendly…so you dont need to play like its a knockout match anyway. You play, try new players, neq formations, systems etc. Winning or losing doesn’t really matter!

        • Did you see how easily they played and scored? Its like they were not even trying and suddenly they did for like 5 minutes and there was a goal!

  3. Chile update…
    Gary Medal is the only doubt. Not a suspension as previously suggested. He has a knock in last game for Inter.
    Alexis Sanchez has joined training. Ankle injury fear eased. Word needs to go out to Rojo to ruff Sanchez up a bit….

    Pizzi stated that he has his starting 11 but won’t share. I think he doesn’t need a pat on the back for keeping his cards close.
    Meanwhile in our camp our coach needs a kick in the back side for acting like a spoilt brat and showing off!

  4. OK so i’ve thought again about the starting 11.
    Especially in defence. A 2nd look suggests that a centre back pairing of Otamendi and Rojo could compliment each other.
    Otamendi likes to ‘recklessly’ charge in for a tackle which results in the oppositions furthest striker to run on to a loose ball in case Otamendi makes a pigs ear of the interception. So if that was the case, Rojo has a better sprint than the existing centre backs we have in the roster. So Funes Mori being suspended might be a blessing. Rojo can track back quicker and ‘put-off’ the striker. This will also leave Otamendi to venture slightly forward as he has been told to do with Pep. Gives us a look at what he’s learnt with bringing the ball forward.
    Zabaleta has trimmed down lately. He looks good when he has been used at city. But Marcedo has had more games at Sevilla and has a knack to be in the right places whether it’s from set pieces or even in open play. Solid for me.
    Mas is a slight concern. I don’t think he will venture forward. And I am sure Bauza would not want him to sacrifice his defensive duties.
    Besides he can leave Di Maria to charge down the flank (assuming Di Maria is fully charged and on beast mode).

    Chile are missing Alexis Sanchez through injury? To be confirmed
    Gary Medal is suspended?
    Also to be confirmed.

    • Not revealed yet. As usual our idiotic coach gets excited and reveals his lineup accurately while others keep mum about theirs. Two crucial players who will be out for them are vidal and medel. Sanchez will be expected to start

  5. If bazua selects like this…..




  6. Once again slow in midfield. I still think we can get the job done.
    It would be worth having a gander at Chile’s available players.
    The rumoured line up is not daring and with Bauza it never will. It’s playing it safe with tried and tested.
    A turnover in any business usually starts with a change in management.
    The type of change that brings fresj ideas and thinks outside the box. Not afraid to russle up some feathers. Who would be happy to make tactical switches with variations in play. And they can do this with the existing personnel until they bring in their own who would be eager. But that is in time.
    This however, is passing time with Bauza until we roll off the cliff.
    Or in business terms, closing down sale, administration closure….

      • Sorry Pablo! At the moment this picture will have lots of grey in it.
        In the summer, with Conte coming in at Chelsea, I felt that he would have to change the squad. Not whole sale changes but additions along with getting rid of some dead wood.
        I wasn’t expecting him to do so well with the same personnel. The only worthy additions were N’golo Kante and the left back Marcos Alonso. He changed the formation to a 3 at the back, and is getting the best out of Fabregas although sparadically. Wasn’t afraid to drop Terry. However again he’s put a spark back in the team. I was hoping he would fail!
        So going back to our team…
        If you are reluctant to change personnel to avoid disharmony in the dressing room, you then have to address the tactical positioning of the quality we have. So we don’t have huge gaps between midfield and the strikers. It’s even worse when Biglia and Mascherano are stepping on each others toes but far away from maybe Banega in the 10 role.
        Nothing will change with Dybala coming in as he will be left isolated.
        It’s true-to beat argentina flood the midfield and be bloody accurate with the minimal chances.
        To break between the lines, we might have to get used to the idea of sacrificing Messi from his right position to more central no.8 to help create and cut the space left within midfield.
        But that won’t happen. Messi will be reluctant to sacrifice goal scoring positions, yet will be frustrated that no one is increasing the intensity in order to create.
        Stronger management is needed to tell certain players that they are not untouchable. Just ask Aguero at city, Pep walks in and tells City’s greatest striker that buck and start running or your on the bench. Ballsy

        • Perfect describtion of the mess in midfield-“…when Biglia and Mascherano are stepping on each others toes….”. How can Bozo be this much blindfolded not see this.

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