Alberto TARANTINI: “We have the best player in the world, the ace of spades”


World Cup winner with Argentina in 1978 Alberto TARANTINI spoke about the recent state of the Argentina National Team.

TARANTINI commented on Edgardo BAUZA’s recent comments of the team having played a 10 out of 10 performance, Lionel MESSI, the fans losing interest in the team and more. Speaking with La Pelota al 10, the World Cup winner had a lot to say. Here were his comments:

Edgardo BAUZA and the team:

“Looking past the result, I’m doubting this team after BAUZA’s comments. It’s worrying me a lot. Whether he said it as a joke or not, BAUZA can’t say that we played a 10 out of 10 match. He’s supposed to be the head of the team and it’s worrying.”

“The people are hoping that these kids can bring them some joy. There’s a time to joke around and this was not it. We barely won and that’s it. The team’s performance was terrible. The fans have lost interest in the team. On the pitch, they showed nothing to the fans, they can’t ask for anything.”

Lionel MESSI:

“We have the best player in the world, the ace of spades. Then we have a 3 and a 2. It can’t be like that. We believe that we are number one in the FIFA rankings and it’s not like that. I don’t like the way the team is.”

“I’m thankful that MESSI is Argentinian but the team has to surround him and help him. Lionel is alone.”

The players:

“The Argentina National Team needs local based players who know how to treat the fans. They need a bath in humility. GAGO is more than MARCONE and MAIDANA is more than CARUZZO. I don’t understand the call-ups.”

“ALARIO, RUBEN, PRATTO, etc… There are players that are better than the one’s in Europe.”

“If for BAUZA, ICARDI is on the radar, you have to call him up regardless of personal problems.”

“In the last few matches, LAVEZZI has been the best player beside MESSI. But he doesn’t play with his club.”

“You don’t compare MARADONA and MESSI. They are extraordinary, comparing them is a stupid game to play.”

“Finals are won or lost but first you have to get there. Failure isn’t the right word.”


  1. Am I dreaming or does it seem like people have finally woken up?
    The majority are criticizing the team, players and the coach.
    It feels wonderful, finally people see that we are the best team, not some little team which is happy with little so we don’t take sh@t from nobody. We should have 4 or 5 stars on our Camista already.
    hopefully something good comes out of this and we give our best in 2018.

  2. oh and for idiot bozo to say we are not messi dependent.

    with messi
    matches 6 won-5 drew-0 losses-1 scored-l1 against-4

    without messi
    matches-7 wins-1 draws-4 losses-2 goals scores-6 goals against-8

  3. Edgardo Bauza: I don’t think we are Messi-dependent. If I had to rate this game, I’d give it a ten.
    Argentina 2018 (Mundo guest): All starters are accepted and approved by Messi. Argentina will be back for WC 2022 when Messi retires.

    Can you see any difference between these two people? These two people have to read the NoHateOnlyLove comment posted on the previous page and Tarantini comment here in order to grow up.

    It is very difficult to believe that young players in Argentina are as good as players in European countries and Brazil. I have never thought Erik Lamela and Manuel Lanzini are something else. However, some Argentines in Mundo said they are talented players and must get a national call up.
    O.K. go on.
    Headless managers will ask the players play individually no matter whether old and new as they can’t draw a tactical plan.

    Messi and Mascherano have been accused of being a bully by some Argentines here and I want to ask those people one question. Was Argentina team balanced before Messi and Mascherano era then?

    Argentines sat on their hands when headless managers were assigned by the corrupted AFA. Argentines sat on their hands when the AFA went bankrupt. People in my country don’t sit on their hands if they care about something.

    International fans say that Argentina wants get a trophy by free gift and Argentina football is overrated. They say Argentina won’t win the World Cup trophy and Argentina doesn’t deserve anything like Lionel Messi either.

    I agree with them on that Argentina and England are overrated team.

  4. Finally there is an article in Ole that I liked. It talks about 10 points about the selecion. And they didn’t go on an on about how wonderful our players are…or how masterful our tactician is. I used google translate, so its sketchy…but you will get the idea.

    The points –

    10. May the winning streak doesn’t end
    9. couldn’t figure out
    8. Couldn’t figure out
    7. There is no “Bauza” method
    6. They are still suffering
    5. Who is the #9?
    4. Lack of replacements
    3. Messi needs help!
    2. The fantastic 4 are no longer Fantastic
    1. We don’t have no identity!

    I say the writer is spot on!

    • 8 refers to the media ban and how it’s unfortunate that people, i.e. fans/supporters are a bit removed from the national team due to the ban

      9 refers to supposedly little time that a coach has to work with the NT, the author of the article disagrees and claims that there is in fact enough time to work on tactics, watch videos, etc

  5. I still don’t understand why FIFA allow games to be played in La Paz at altitude. How can this be good for the player’s health? Playing at 3,637 metres (11,932 feet) above sea level is just absurd if you ask me. I mean, playing and struggling to breathe is just one of the problems, playing this high up in the mountains also leaves a vibrating sensation feeling in your ears, it’s like your ear drums want to pop out. So, there is no way a team can play to it’s full potential under these circumstance; this is more like, go in and try to survive for ninety minutes of football. Bolivia never, ever, qualifies for a world cup, so I’m guessing there only addition to the qualifiers is to torture the visiting teams for 90 minutes in La Paz? FIFA was against teams going to La Paz to play until our own Maradona came out in favor of Bolivia keeping their games at high altitude and we all know it came back to bite Maradona/Argentina, 6-1.

    • in 2008 fifa tried to change the rule to
      “can only be played above 2,750 metres if visiting teams are given one week to acclimatise and above 3,000 metres if they are given two weeks” and it got changes back.

      but people like maradona supported their right to have the games played their and it bit him in the ass big time.

      “Earlier, Maradona had described the ban as disgraceful.
      The measure is ridiculous because they want to make Bolivia go somewhere else. It’s disgraceful, it was approved by people who have never chased a football, it’s political,’ he said.
      “Are they trying to change geography?”

      “I, at the age of 47, and president Morales have shown Fifa that you can run on this pitch,’ Maradona, captain of Argentina’s 1986 World Cup-winning team, said”

  6. He doesn’t know about football .I think so. World will be held Europe not america … he always call old new not new emerging player.

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