Edgardo BAUZA calls up three new players!


Hey everyone,

Edgardo BAUZA has called up three local based players for the Bolivia match next week. They are:

The players:

Lucas ALARIO of River Plate
Iván MARCONE of Lanús
Matías CARUZZO of San Lorenzo

Nicolás OTAMENDI, Javier Mascherano, Lucas BIGLIA, and Gonzalo HIGUAIN all saw their second yellow cards versus Chile and thus will not be able to play vs Bolivia on Tuesday of next week.



  1. Likely line-up against Bolivia given the suspensions and injuries:


    Roncaglia -Caruzzo-Musacchio- Funes Mori-Rojo
    —Enzo Perez—————-Pizarro———–
    Messi———————————Di Maria

    Quite a few players that never played together at the same time, a draw will be a huge result for us in La Paz.

  2. I Chose Players depend on performance and Ability to build a effective team As per Argentina’s Standers … Would you guys are agree with below selection ?
    Argentina 23 @ 2018 4-3-3

    1 GK ->4 DF ->3.MID(1DMand 2CM) ->3.FWD

    FWD(6) :

    1.Lionel Messi (captain)

    2.Paulo Dybala

    3.Gonzalo Higuaín,

    4.Sergio Agüero,

    5.Mauro ICARDI/Giovanni Simeone/ Luciano Vietto /Lucas Pratto

    6.Ángel Correa/Diego Perotti



    2.Ángel Di María

    3.Éver Banega,

    4. Javier Pastore

    5 Leandro PAREDES

    6 Enzo Pérez /Guido Pizarro / Fernando Gago/ MatíasKranevitter

    7.Manuel Lanzini/ NicolásGaitán/ Alejandro Gomez/ ÉrikLamela/Augusto Fernández



    2.Gabriel Mercado,

    3. NicolásOtamendi

    4.Mateo Musacchio

    5.Marcos Rojo,

    6. Cristian Ansaldi/ Julio Buffarini/ NicolásTagliafico

    7.Federico Fazio/Emanuel Mammana/ Ramiro Funes Mori/ Ezequiel Garay

    GK(3) :

    1.Sergio Romero,

    2 Gerónimo Rulli,


    Please comments on it ….

  3. My starting line up for bolivia game…

  4. Hi guys, I was so disappointed about what I saw last night that it would be pretty naive to think that we will win the WC if there are any changes to this team. NT should not be a gang private thing, but you work hard then you deserve a call up. You cant tell me that a moron doing nothing in China national league for example, (not even a single goal) gets a call base on friendship.This is sooo bad.
    Tonight I was watching USA playing Honduras, a pleasant game from USA and even Bruce Arena knows that right now in an NT you should have a great mixture of older players and youngsters, Germany does it, France does it, Italia does it, Mexico does, Brasil is doing it and so the US. They had an 18 yo Christian Pulsic, starting on the pitch tonight wearing #10 and who had a great game, scoring and assisting.
    Its time for us to face the reality, at this point we wont go anywhere. You ll see on tuesday how we will struggle against Bolivia.
    This is unacceptable. We arent any second zone team, we are ARGENTINA with all its hisorical past, with the Best Player in the world, with all these talents and young players (Rully, Dybala, Lanzini, Icardi Kranevitter……). COME ON GUYS, COME ON, WAKE UP !!!!!

    • I think problem of the argentina national team is from the AFA.if AFA do the right thing the team will be solid and well okay.for the coach called Boza is not a technical sound.it better for the whole fans of argentina national team to look inwd before is too late.to me have been watch all his games ever since he take over from Tata,no inprovement.pls this time to look for better solution before next year world cup begin. Am Lukson by name frm nigeria

  5. Last time i saw Argie played with a coherent midfield was 2016 copa vs USA. Augusto,Banega,Mascherano,Lavezzi were superb. The gap is very simple ‘n clear-just drop Biglia/Mascherano and avoid using Aguero,Dybala,Messi as 10.

    I would use Dybala as forward three and kick every 9 from the team.
    Buffarrani Ota Muschio Rojo

    Dimaria Banega pizarro Perez


    For Bolivia match.

    • Congrats to new elected president of AFA I wish him best. To me I still say if this current coach can be remove and find a reliable and technical sound coach who knw how to manage a players frm local and outside Argentina league it will be okay.this present coach called edgardo buaza has nothing to offer rather to wastes this guys time.it will be much better to remove him before is too late.God bless Argentina national team.am Lukson frm Nigeria

  6. As long as Masch-Messi Syndicate is running the show nothing is going to change… they need a psycho coach who is not scared to even bench messi if he has to…

  7. First of all, I am so happy we won. we increased our chances to go to the world cup.Maybe it would be best for us if we don’t qualify and start from scratch to build a team for 2022, but we would fail to do that also so it is better to qualify and hope that we somehow click or fall into winning the world cup.
    It looks like Bauza has become meme.
    We are not a team, and our coaches don’t want to understand or are getting orders to play the same players although they don’t fit together.
    Shape of team, chemistry, team play, players playing in their position, having clear roles are important.
    We have names but we are not a team.
    there is nothing we can do but hope that we somehow click or luck into winning the world cup.
    Although our chances are slim, never underestimate great players because they can always come up with a brilliant play and decide games. Very unlikely but it is our only hope.

  8. It’s obvious these yellow cards were intentional. If Masche, Biglia and Higuaín were to play against Bolivia and pick up a yellow card, then they would have miss the away game against Uruguay. This is the best thing that could have happen though, now we get to see a midfield without Biglia and Mascherano. It will be interested to see Guido Pizarro, Enzo Perez and Ever Banega operating in a five-man midfield against Bolivia.

  9. Argentina NT continue to prove everyone around the world that they’re the most OVERRATED team in football history. Pathetic local league, ugly and 18 century football stadiums across the country, an incompetent AFA, and mediocre youth talent development across the board. Like the current youth players, we have grown men who can’t string three passes together on the pitch! I haven’t seen a good passing Argentina national team since the 2006 world cup, that’s when they use to pass and play like the current top European club teams. Messi would be better suited in the 2006 set up than the current version Argentina NT.

    I have said this over and over again, look at the European Champions league, there is not one Argentina midfield player on display who you could bring in the team. Pastore? Meh, if you had substituted him in place of Aguero yesterday instead of Banega nothing would have change, the same old incoherent build up and turn overs like always.

    It’s all good if Argentina wants to build for the future, but right now, the country does not have the talent and depth in top quality players to win the 2018 world cup. Argentina like Uruguay is just depending on veterans to get them over the top. Argentina right now should just build for the next Copa America in 2019 and forget about winning the 2018 world cup because it’s not happening.

    The Chile game was pathetic! Horrible performance, horrible pitch, and an ugly Estadio Monumental stadium. The perfect example of the current state of Argentinean football on and off the pitch. All the major football countries have evolved into the 21st century except for Argentina whilst the reason the likes of Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay are all creeping up on Argentina in terms of home grown local talent across the board.

    Argentina peaked in 2014, that was the summer they should have won the world cup, on South American soil. It will be another 30 plus years before Argentina see another world cup final. Teams like Germany, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, France, Portugal, Croatia, Italy and even overrated England are currently way ahead of Argentina in terms of team play and overall talent both old and young. Look at France midfield compare to Argentina? Look at Croatia midfield compare to Argentina? Look at Portugal midfield compare to Argentina? I don’t even have to mention the likes of Spain or Germany. I don’t even think Brazil have such a great midfield, they’re just doing what Brazil does best, great passing and technical ability on the ball from the entire team!

    With the current state of the senior national team and Argentina football in general, it is now incumbent on the U20 team to win the youth world cup and inject some well needed boost in Argentinean football.

    Argentina, it’s this simple; you want to win the world cup? Spend tens of millions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars to a half of a billion dollars and see what happen. But then again, Argentina government and the AFA does not have that kind of money to make the needed investment in its local football development. Thinking talent alone will take the team over the top like in pass tournament be it youth or senior tournaments will not work in modern day football. If Argentina want that WORLD CUP TROPHY, they will need to buy it, having Messi will not be enough!!

    For example; let’s use the Germany youth team and the Argentina youth team who will be both taken part at this year 2017 youth World Cup. The Germany youth players will be using the same top quality pitches, training equipment, and modern technology their senior counterpart also use for their preparation. And Argentina? Same old horrible football infrastructure they haven’t rebuild in over 100 years yet they will be expected to win against the top youth European teams, not going to happen. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing how Europe youngest are better at passing, dribbling, controlling, and off the ball movement compare to Argentina youngest. The days when talent alone win you games are long gone. Nobody is scared of Argentina, what makes them think using the old fashion way will reap the team plenty of rewards?

    • Just one simple question: what has to do current state of Argentina youngsters and Argentina league to this pathetic performance older (not youngsters) players from Europe (not local league)? No youngsters, no local league players in this team. Only frosting of European football here.

      • It’s all the same, I mention this over and over already. If Argentina youth team had great performances during the 2016 Olympics and 2015 youth world cup, then several of those players would’ve been integrated in the current national team by now. If Brazil had gone out in the group stage or in the quarterfinal at the 2016 Olympics, then you wouldn’t have had this current Brazilian team on display especially after what happen in 2014. Bro, you’re all talk man. I’m here talking from living experience, what about you? You think watching a few games on tv or YouTube clips give you a better outlook on youth development than me? Bro, I’m an athlete, and I also had friends who participate at the U20 world cup hosted by Argentina back in 2001. Without proper youth development it cuts off the life line that support the senior national team hence the reason why Argentina have stuck with this generation for so long. Chile currently still uses Mauricio Isla, Gary Medel, Alexis Sánchez, and Arturo Vidal, all of them represented Chile at the 2007 Youth World Cup. 2007 was one of Chile best showing at a youth world cup where they placed third in the competition.

  10. International matches once every few months is killing the chemistry of Argentina. Once we qualify for Russia, we will have a good 1-2 months of training together and squad to be accustomed to one another again, u can see the difference of play between players when Club form vs NT form. We should be alright soon as we get in! Lets scrap our way

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