Lionel MESSI to miss Bolivia and be suspended 2-4 matches


Breaking news out of Argentina that Lionel MESSI will miss Argentina’s match on Tuesday against Bolivia.

Fox Sports Argentina are reporting that Lionel MESSI will miss Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying match tomorrow against Bolivia and would be suspended for 2-4 matches. The incident happened following the match when MESSI was seen using foul language against one of the officials. As we reported earlier, Lionel MESSI spoke out against a referee following Argentina’s 1-0 win against Chile which started this entire turn of events. The initial news was that the referee had not included the altercation in his match report but it appears as though the Chilean FA sent the video over to FIFA who contacted the AFA stating that disciplinary action could be in place.

We will continue to cover this as news develops.


  1. This is simply unreal AS neither the ref or the linesman filed any reports but chil do and messi get a 4 match suspension AND for what exactly as no one is saying any thing.

    were is people like maradona (who is fifa new “buddy”) why is the patriot who always has so much to say not abusing fifa for this simply disgraceful decision or has some one sold their sole to fifa now.

    every time I think things cant get worse for the Afa they do…sigh…but today we are going to beat bol and the only change should be di maria out and lav in his place.

    Vamos Argentina always and lets all stick 2 fingers up to Fifa you corrupt

  2. If messi doesn’t play the last 4 games, then idk if we will make it.. that sucks, not what I wanted to wake up to.. either way vamos carajo.. I’m glad to see Perez and pizzaro.. they are box to box.. hoping to see messi and dybala link up for a few

    • would be awesome…dont think it will happen…sampaoli has better things to do than having Trouble with AFA all day….until simeone takes over in a few years there wont be any good Coach for us…even tough bauza showed he can win a tournament with his style of play

      • That’s true. i believe it is just a hearsay as cash strapped afa is struggling to even support their youth teams’ daily diet. Although slim, im hoping that this is not a hoax

  3. /main/2017/03/28/34072732/barcelona-star-messi-expected-to-face-bolivia-amid-ban

    Chill guys I dont think he’ll be suspended as the referees’ testimony isn’t against him. Even if he’s convicted, many are speculating that the more appropriate penalty could just be fine instead of any suspension which is pretty harsh. Let’s keep our fingers crossed here as i’m sure fifa wouldn’t want to miss messi in the next wc.

  4. If Messi is suspended and Dybala is on the bench there’s hardly any creativity left. Di Maria has the potential but he fails more often than he succeeds in his intentions. This could spell trouble. If we drop points tonight we might ourselves back in 5th position tomorrow. With the away game in Montevideo coming up and Uruguay and Argentina both needing points to qualify the Rio de la Plata battle will be fierce once again.

    • Lavezzi need to come in…he selected not as anniversary clown for messi…he is stronghorse..need to try

  5. First -Messi is playing against Bolivia
    Second- the referees report isnt that bad with only one of the four saying they heard anything.
    Third- FIFA just opened a case but that doesn’t mean anything. Who ever wrote this might have mis translated the article.
    Fourth- for anyone, especially on this site, a Pro Argentinean site, to talk down on Messi should…well by the words of Messi, “la concha de mi madre!” Jajajajajaja!!

  6. I cant believe some simple people are turning on messi, he gets the crap kicked out of him far to ofturn and refs in sth America seem to see nothing.

    he was badly fouled and he has a right to be angry as the ref and lines men saw nothing and this is all a bitter and twisted chil doing this not the match officals.
    their was no match report and none of them saw a problem with Messi now this from a rival who them selves are struggling to qualifie and what do they do? play extremely dirty off the field as they did to get the points vs bol.

    if some of you want to be angry then direct it at the cu..s in the Chilean football ass who are doing this not messi who gives so much for his country

  7. it is is over….we are not going to qualify…unbelievable…we wasted the most promissing Generation there ever was in Football history…and messi…haha…wow….the People of argentina wont forgive him this…they didnt give him ´credit for anything he did for the Team and now with this…the man is dead for the People for sure…unbelievable…what a catastrophe

  8. Ole mentioned something like this AFA is protected in Article 57 of the FIFA regulations on offenses to honor and sportsmanship, which translates to art. 10 penalties: warning, fine, rebuke and return of prizes. (google translate)

    what Messi was thinking we won the match with the help of those referees. A controversial penalty and that abused referee in fact dismisses 1 goal in favor of Argentina….Fakkkkkkkk thissss

  9. For noooooooooo big reason, he acted like that way!! We won the match with the help of referees, that abused referee in fact helped us to dismisses one goal for us!! YOU faking cunt Messi…fuck you for this crisis!! Maybe Neymer’s bad influence !!!

  10. Messi acts like a con …he didn’t even shake the hand with that linesman. He must be punished!! Now we really in faked up situation!! For that little brat we cud be out of WC in Russia!!

  11. No way Messi can miss the game tomorrow without even an appeal being look at on Messi behalf. This is way too soon, to ban Messi for something that is not even clear as we speak.

    Messi is suspended against Granada this weekend because of yellow card accumulation so I don’t see the point of him missing the Bolivia game.

    It’s crazy the amount of power Chile has over CONMEBOL; this is what money can do! Chile official build up this accusation against Messi out of nothing. I could see if Messi had put his hands on the referee, but come on now, what’s this nonsense. As soon as Chile see themselves all the way down on the WCQ table they’re out to hurt Argentina chances. Chile took away points from Bolivia earlier and now this! Just watch them cheat their way to victory against Venezuela either by the referee help or the linesman help, after all, it seems like Chile owns CONMEBOL now.

    I don’t believe any of this one bit. There is no way FIFA would want to risk a world cup without Messi and Argentina! No way Messi gets ban for four games, I don’t even think he will get ban for one game.

    I feel that Messi has allowed himself to become like Suarez and Neymar. Messi behavior was fine until he started copying both Suarez and Neymar dirty unprofessional behavior on the pitch. Messi rarely gets suspended for yellow card accumulation, now he will have to sit out this weekend game against Granada.

      • The AFA election is near and I’ve read somewhere that the new president (read it will be Tapia) will make a strong impression by signing a new manager. Lets drink to that….cause anybody’s better than this moron!

        • I will go to gallardo…he dont steer by mafia of team..(you know who i mean)..river looking for new manager recently..thats mean his contrack get over..good for new age star…his

          • Well I agree that “the mafia” is controlling things within the selecion, but with a “respected coach” and a “stable AFA” that would not be possible. That’s why we need a strong manager like Sampaoli.

            Weather thats possible or not that could be up for debate…but if I became the head of the AFA tomorrow, I would absolutely make that my priority. Because that will send a strong message that I’m serious in my work so you guys need to get your shit together too!

  12. this is just unbelievable and if the ref or lines people did not see fit to put in a report during or after the game then it was not deemed serious enough by them and that is exactly how it should stand, any remote tiny amount of respect i had for Chile is now gone and is less then zero.

    perhaps we should have files reports for the shite officiating during both copa final were the Chileans got away with murder on messi and their should have been quite a few dismissed in both games and lets add to it the w.c final were both howie (a clear 2 footed tackle) and neauer (a clear and blatant assault on hig) both should have been dismissed.

    time to re wright history as it seems fifa are going to allow this to happen.

  13. If its 4 matches then Good luck in qualifying.

    I dont see this team winning in any matches without messi. Just imagine Dybala will play RW and Aguero as a #10 in thosse 4 matches.

    • There is a video of him cursing the assistant referee but the brazilian referee didn’t add him in his report but Chile reported him to fifa today and he will most likely be suspended 2 games.messi was unprofessional and disgusting in his behavior, he even insulted and didn’t greet the assistant ref at the end of the match infront of the referee.messi didn’t want play v Bolivia that is how i got it.

      • 2Did you see the foul prior to thay event? It was literally right in front of the referee. That dude fouled messi but the foul was given against Messi.

        I’m not justifying messi’s action, but to intentionally miss the Bolivia game was certainly not on his mind there.

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