Official: Lionel MESSI banned four matches


Official news coming out of FIFA, Lionel MESSI has been suspended for four matches.

The official confirmation comes hours before Argentina play Bolivia in a World Cup Qualifier in La Paz. He will not play againsg Bolivia and will miss the three next World Cup Qualifying matches as well as receiving a fine of 10,000 Swiss francs.


  1. Bauza should be fired today.he is a dumb as coach ,he can not go’s so far with the team and with this guy Argentina won’t be qualified .only messi is a man in this team ,that’ a a shame ,Argentina does not deserve messi as player .a group of dumbs!

  2. I never wished bad things on anybody but I’ll make an exception this time.
    I HOPE all of Chile’s key players are hurt or ejected Or both.
    Noway should these lowlife mother fuckers get away with this horseshit, you’ll get your just due in time you cock suckers.

  3. This is simply unreal AS neither the ref or the linesman filed any reports but chil do and messi get a 4 match suspension AND for what exactly as no one is saying any thing.
    were is people like maradona (who is fifa new “buddy”) why is the patriot who always has so much to say not abusing fifa for this simply disgraceful decision or has some one sold their sole to fifa now.
    every time I think things cant get worse for the Afa they do…sigh…but today we are going to beat bol and the only change should be di maria out and lav in his place.
    Vamos Argentina always and lets all stick 2 fingers up to Fifa you corrupt

  4. So it was another asshole from Brazil Wilson Seneme president of the Committee of Arbitrators of the Conmebol actually sent the video to conspiracy behind this is longer than we thought!!!

  5. Saddest part all of this is, that what Argentina has become….
    We are third place, we have left played to Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, Equador and Uruguay and we are really worried about qualify….
    And we are right to feel so…

  6. Consider Ancelotti or Heynckes or Sampaoli or even Mourinho in the place of Bauza. They always got a plan B. We won’t be fearing like this. Only we are cursed for eternity with coaches who never knew themselves what their plan is or really they got a plan. We all begged for Icardi but Messi’s arrogance is the sole reason for his exclusion. Now Messi place is filled by correa for me he is never a team player. What ever his talent may be but got the first impression he is a pure selfish player. Moreover he hardly gets 15 mins for madrid. Today Messi should realise Icardi needs to be there. But if he is ready to miss the world cup to Icardi’s inclusion, then we fans don’t deserve this endless torture.

  7. So considering current situation our today’s game is very very important. Why?

    Current Points:

    Brazil – 30
    Uruguay – 24

    So these 2 teams will qualify directly.

    Argentina – 22
    Cololbia – 21
    Ecuador – 20
    Chile – 20

    Game left:

    1. Ecuador: Col (home), Brazil (away), Peru (home), Chile (away) and ARG (home)
    2. Chile: Venz (home), Para (home), Bolivia (away), EQ (home), Brazil (away)
    3. Colombia: Equador (away), Ven (away), Brazil (home), Para (home), Peru (home)
    4. Argentina: Bolivia (away), Uru (away), Venz (home), Peru (home), Equador (away)

    So considering current situation,

    Chile (30): They have the easiest home games left and I am expecting them to win all the home 3 games. Bolivia away is tough game but they will take 1 point from Bolivia for sure. Brazil game is tough tough. Chile’s biggest advantage is that they won’t play any of their direct rivals. So end of the 5 matches Chile will definitely qualify with 30 points.

    Colombia (30/31) : They have tough away match against Ecuador and home match against Brazil. But they should win the remaining matches and won’t be surprised if they take few points from Ecuador or Venezuela. So Colombia should finished with 30 or 31 points.

    Ecuador : Now our biggest advantage is Ecuador has some really tough matches ahead of them. They have away games against Brazil and Chile. Also home games against Colombia and Argentina, which is the last game of the WCQs. So I am expecting before Argentina game Ecuador to secure at least 25/26 points and Ecuador Vs Argentina will be the decider to secure 5th Spot.

    Now Argentina,

    When in this current campaign, you lost the home matches against Ecuador and Paraguay for the first time ever I not enough confident that we will beat both Venezuela and Peru at home. Also we are definitely going to lose points against away game against Uruguay.
    So today’s match is actually very vital. Messi’s ban could work in different ways. Either player are deperessed or they are motivated to give some tight response of this injustice. So simply if we can win this game (which is very unlikely) we will beat both Venezuela and Peru at home and will secure direct qualification spot with 31 points. Also Messi will be back in Ecuador match. So we have no reason to worry.

    Hope tonight GOD will be with us and we will beat Bolivia and hope all Chile, Colombia and Ecuador will drop points.

    • Uruguay is on 23 points not 24, and their next game is away to Peru, a game they will possible tie or lose. Only Brazil are safe at this point, everyone else will be fighting all the way to the final game of the CONMEBOL qualifiers. This is CONMEBOL, none of those games are a given especially the Colombia home games given that they barely recently won against Bolivia at home.

      • Uruguay will be fine. They have the easiest remaining games.

        I think Colombia and Chile will be fine too. If Ecuador loses or draws today, it will be good for us. The key is for us to win two home games and have Ecuador out by the time we play them. Basically, all 5 should be decided before the last game. We can then win that and go 3rd.

  8. 3 pnts against the scumbag chile feels good was my only comment in the post match-no whining abt z ugly match nor abt z pitch-in fact zey deserve worst ever pitch. I Was right and ve hated them since 2015, especially when zat shit player put his finger in Cavani’ a** ‘n surprised me by managing to sent him off z pitch.

    I won’t mind with Messi not being around as long as Bozo is also going. At least Messi will be back to play not to suffer.

  9. Wishful thinking but these things can possibly come out of this situation:

    1) Still beat Bolivia today with our depleated squad.. +3 points

    2) AFA have the whole summer to set up an appeal case to drop games from 4 total games (3 more games after today)

    3) MAURO ICARDI! If anytime is a time to bring him in, its now! He has to be in this squad when we play Uruguay and Venezuela later in the year.
    (could you imagine if he plays amazing in replace of Messi how much of a legend he can become)

    4) ** Worst case scenario ** Lose to Bolivia, then Bauza is finally gone and fired, bring in new manager to figure this squad out until we play again in Aug/Sept

  10. Can i have answers to the following questions:

    1. Has there ever been a case that a player was banned for four matches only for a dissent?

    2. Has there ever been a case that a referees report was asked to be changed by FIFA?

    3. Why this news was communicated only 6 hours before such a CRUCIAL match??

    and i see many guys here are cursing messi, nice gesture for the one player that plays for the shirt.

  11. Messi and AFA can appeal. Provided there is someone in AFA who knows how to appeal.

    Last night I created a spread sheet with the games of Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador. Brazil and Uruguay have already qualified. Some of the things that are critical are

    1. Argentina need to get a draw today and win the 2 home games. Then we are sure to come 5th at least. We will end at 29 points.

    2. Today’s Ecuador game is critical. Hope Colombia wins. Colombia will probably finish above us, but that is OK. They will probably finish at 31.

    3. Chile can also finish at 30.

    We must appeal and get Messi’s suspension to 2 games. This way he will get 2 home games against Peru and Venezuela. Those are must wins. Anything else is a bonus. Hope Ecuador loses tonight and also to Brazil and Chile. This will take them out completely. Then the last game of Argentina vs. Ecuador is a dead rubber for Ecuador. If we win that we can leap from both Chile and Colombia and come third.

  12. Very bad. Very childish act from messi. You may be the best player in the world but you need to act rationally. You know the consequences. I never saw him ranting with referee so bad before.
    But Argentina must learn to live without messi. If they can’t win without messi they don’t deserve to play in the world cup even if messi helps them to qualify. Argentina has a bunch of world class players but they never able to use them properly. If you want to win world cup, you can’t depend on only one player. AFA is ruining national team. They should have signed Sampaoli when the got the chance. Sampaoli clearly wanted to manage Argentina after Chile won the Copa. But AFA sticked with Tata. From Maradona to Bozo AFA failed to sign a world class coach.
    With this coach Argentina will win nothing even if messi plays rest of the matches.

  13. Istique
    On Wednesday Claudio ‘Chiqui’ Tapia will be elected AFA President. Rumors are floating around that this will be Bauza’s last match. The thinking is the qualifiers take a break after this game until 31st of August which is 5 months away, enough time to change the coach.
    Buaza is Tinielli’s man, and according to rumors he wants to take all influence from him.
    I hope it is true that Bauza will be sacked because I don’t see how we gonna win with him in charge.
    The sad part is if he is being sacked is not because of the bad coaching but because of fighting for power.
    I am pessimistic he will be sacked though because good things never happen to us, just look ate Messi now. I am so pissed, it will be a dog fight to qualify.

    • At this rate, I will take any positive that come to us, be it for power struggle or politics or whatever. I think we will have a really hard time winning against Peru and Venezuela with this moron in charge.

      We are so down that there is nothing beneath us. So might as well take some risks!

  14. This is what I was talking about still: Argentina must learn to play without Messi. Play and win without Messi because you never know what happend. He is just man… injuries, cards, stupid behaviours… And… there you go. Now we must play without him but we can’t despite many talented players. Just because our coaches wanted short-sightly to have Messi dependent team, to have Messi as the one who pull the chestnuts out of the fire, and all this Messicentrism will lead us to total disaster if not in qualifiers then not long after. Mark my words. “We try to make MESSI feel comfortable” – all our tactic for years. Thank you very much.

    Argentina NT is a little, unmature kid in life basin. You must to learn the kid swim and not to throw him a lifeline. Messi = our lifeline. He is permanently using in wrong way what is a main reason our players are so mentally weak without him or when Messi has not his best day. Barcelona may win without Messi. May beat even Real by 4-5 goals but it needs time to adjust – first of all mentally. Argentina also may win without Messi but it needs time unless you play against Bolivia… So we may win in La Paz but I think it needs players like Lavezzi Dybala.

    • Players like Dybala,Icardi have the mentality. We need to integrate those players in the team as soon as possible. An injury or ban to one or more players should not hurt our chances. Lanzini also should be an option.

  15. Well done Messi now you can go to Spain and learn more profanity from Neymar and Suarez..You faking stupid moron!! we won that match with the help of those referees. You suppose to be angry in the final of copa america centenrio at that imbecile Brazilian fat referee but you were silent there….fakkk I can’t take this anymore!!!

    Can AFA appeal for this or what?

  16. It’s going to be really tough, but I think we will still qualify.

    Lets see who has what –

    1. Ecuador: Col (home), Brazil (away), Peru (home), Chile (away) and ARG (home)
    2. Chile: Venz (home), Para (home), Bolivia (away), EQ (home), Brazil (away)
    3. Colombia: Equador (away), Ven (away), Brazil (home), Para (home), Peru (home)
    4. Argentina: Bolivia (away), Uru (away), Venz (home), Peru (home), Equador (away)

    Our big big advantage is that Equador will have to play some really difficult matches and we have some easy match left at home. If we manage to win against Peru and Venezuela, we will be ahead of Equador for sure, which basically guarantees us the 5th spot. Because EQ has to play Brazil, Chile and us in a stretch. So we will just need to make sure we win against Peru and venezuela at any cost. And if we cant with or without Messi, we don’t deserve to play world cup.

    So relax. It could be a good thing. Bozo might be sacked and the new manager will (hopefully) be better and he will have a lot of time to plan.

    • Chile already got three points for complaining against Bolivia. It was after the time period ends. Still, they got three points. Now again. It shows, they want to qualify anyhow. They know without Messi, Argentina will be in trouble.
      I want Chile get out of the top 5 spot. Let them get their karma back. If the referee has no issue, why should Chile raise the issue? Their mentality is sh!t.

      Even ugly redcard gets 4 or less. Now 4 games…!!

  17. Some Argentines in Mundo deem that Argentina NT could be stronger if Messi is gone and he has been banned from four matches. Let’s hope it can be blessings in disguise…Good Luck.

  18. this is horrible…i lost all words…we are not going to qualify…it is over…..

    what now? what shall bauza do? lavezzi instead? alario as second striker? god dammit!

  19. A Mundial without number 2 and 3 from previous Mundial is now very well possible after the Netherlands stumbled against Bulgaria and Argentina will be without their captain until the last match.

  20. Damn, this could ruin our chances of qualifying. Without him we performed poorly. Dybala is now a must.

  21. Well there goes my day … that sucks!!! 4 games is crazy, I’m sure other plays do worse.. remember Vidal from Chile crashing and getting dui and he still played copa america… wackkkkk

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