Angel CORREA to replace Lionel MESSI!


Hey everyone,

Edgardo BAUZA has decided to replace MESSI with Angel CORREA.  What do you guys think? Does Argentina still have it in them? What a totally different team we have now.  Maybe this is a blessing in disguise? Hopefully AFA can appeal and get the suspension down to 2 matches.



  1. In this WCQ Bolivia-Ecuador 2:2 Bolivia-Columbia 2:3, Bolivia-Uruguay 0:2, Bolivia-Peru 0:3
    from Casabalala

    But only Argentine ladies are so vulnerable against this altitude….mtherfakars dieeeeeeeee

  2. Since Pablo Aimar and Roman Riquelme Argentina has not produced a midfielder worth dog shit. We have the best forwards in the world, and we only have some 16 goals in qualifying. Why? Its very simple. We don’t have a single midfielder that is any good. Forget about world class, just plain old average. We play a washed up Mascherano who is a defender on his own team, DiMaria who is a forward , and the “scrub of the week” in the third midfield position, be it Biglia Perez Banega Gago or some other useless talentless asshole that can’t string together 3 passes.
    And we have a moron as a coach. In effect, its school yard ball. 5 forwards 5 defenders and a goalie. And if thats not bad enough we have a stiff as a head coach because the AFA is too broke to pay for a real one.
    And we have morons like Tarantini saying we have the “ace of spades”. Fuck you Tarantini, the team sucks, and everybody affiliated with the AFA is too busy sucking messi’s balls so that he doesn’t abandon them. Some plan that is, but what can you say, for anybody who is Argentine or has lived in the country, they know that is the Argentine Way.

  3. Let’s see what happens after Tapia takes charge.
    Bauza must go and with him some players.
    Not only Bauza but also the youth coaches.
    One thing we have achieved and that is all of our teams play the same way: uninspired, unorganized, soulless, directionless, unbalanced shitty football.
    This is the last moment to say STOP.
    It’s not too late.
    Let’s bring professionalism competitiveness, justice, meritocracy to our team.
    No player like no human being should be deprived to show his talent or to live just because someone hates him.
    Live and let live, JUSTICE must prevail then we will win.

  4. There is not too much time for new coach to build a brand new team. Our World Cup dream is screwed up by AFA AGAIN. Romero, Di Maria, and Biglia were heros in 2014. But they definitely should leave the team now. Arguero is always a garbage in NT. Messi should have known that his best friend is a price of shit.

    Winning 2018 is hopeless. Let’s play with young and fresh players, such as Lanzini, Icardi, Dybala, Rulli……. and build a real team with our own style…. just like Germany in 2010…..

    • Honestly I would love to see Argentina put out a young and new team against Brazil in Australia this coming June so they can get destroyed by 8 goals and then finally I won’t have to listen to how great Argentina young players are. I just hope, they play a completely new and useless team against Brazil because I will be rooting for Brazil to embarrass them and this joke of a football federation name the AFA..

      • wow kid you want us to lose…..

        you are truly an idiot mr i i i me me me generation and are not at all a real supporter-some would say a troll and its becoming hard to disagree with those who have said you are.

        no matter what id never ever wish for a loss (even when i wanted tata or bozo out) , never have and never will but like most of your posts you must keep up your desperate attempts to try to prove your points and no matter what they are or how stupid some of them are, are always correct.

        no real supporter would want us to lose just to prove “im right and your wrong”- you are pathetic.

      • You are in self contradiction. Your previous post:

        “This is what most people don’t get, if the coach had put out a completely different XI (Mundo favorite players) against Bolivia today, Argentina would have still lost and even got thumb by 4-5 goals. Apart from Romero, Di Maria, Rojo and Aguero, nobody else on the roster against Bolivia played at the 2014 world cup”.

        So above you justified our team against Bolivia but on the other hand you want to see losing youngsters against Brazil just to judge harshly the youngsters after 1 game. Great. On the other hand Di Maria may be horrible in 80% of his NT games and you still takes him.

        • If it’s a friendly, let the new players be tried and lose if they have to but they need to be integrated. As long as they get first hand experience to feel, learn and build on. I’m not for disbanding the whole team, I want to see a new look Argentina. With fewer old faces as starters
          For those who keep on saying we don’t have better players. Ok, let me just say that there are other players who can offer the team balance, more grit and mobility than Banega, Biglia, Di Maria and Mascherano who do not seem to offer nothing but misery at the moment. Pizzaro and Acuna showed in the Bolivia match under abnormal conditions that they can move the ball better than the usual midfield suspects.

          Anyone can be a football expert analyst or a keyboard coach here, but no one will convince me that on current form:

          Pratto > Icardi
          Banega > Lanzini, Perreyra or Jonathan Correa
          Biglia > Pizzaro or Augusto
          Mas > Santi Garcia or Taglifiaco
          Romero > Rulli or Caballero
          Funes Mori > Garay or Fazio
          Caruzzo > Gonzalo Rodriguez or Lissandro Lopez
          Roncaglia > Peruzzi

          This does not require youngsters or AFA to sort out. Just a coach with a good tactical acumen.
          If Sabella or Tite were in charge of Argentina with the same players, the team would still average probably 2.5 goals per match and create at 5 clear cut chances.

  5. Since 1957 up until today Argentina have only won 4 times in Bolivia in WCQ games. As I said earlier, if we had win our games at home against Ecuador and Paraguay, losing this game against Bolivia would have just leave a bad mood on the team which wouldn’t affect the overall qualifying table, but this isn’t the case! What could have been 28 points is now 22 points at this stage of the qualifying competition.

    The Argentina national team does not have a world class, professional football federation to push the team in a positive direction. The AFA is all corruption and chaos, no way a team function in such bad environment. The AFA is weak in CONMEBOL, does not have any power in South American football whatsoever! This current Argentina crisis does not deserve a world cup title!

  6. Chile already up 3-0 in 25 mins! So both Colombia and Chile will take positions 3 and 4. Our only hope is 5th position. We just need Ecuador to keep losing.

    • Ecuador will have to play Brazil and Colombia away and a tough home game between themselves and Peru (both teams being equal on paper) by the time they get to Argentina.

  7. Today, Argentina has no business at all at making it into a WC. From the level of play below Ground Zero and the AFA….

    For those who’ve watched the youth NT in those past years, people will notice they play exactly the same crap the senior NT is.

    Argentina’s football needs to re-invent itself very very urgently. The day we won’t have a Messi to bail us out of our troubles, the reality will be ugly…

    • This is what most people don’t get, if the coach had put out a completely different XI (Mundo favorite players) against Bolivia today, Argentina would have still lost and even got thumb by 4-5 goals. Apart from Romero, Di Maria, Rojo and Aguero, nobody else on the roster against Bolivia played at the 2014 world cup.

    • Same here. The only bright spots in the shitty performance. Which suggests it’s time to reshuffle the personnel and the coach. Schoolboy defending by Carruzo, while Garay is excluded. Icardi and Lanzini are ignored useful players.

  8. We’re now really screwed by this headless chicken coach. Unless this was Bozo’s last game as Ghost hinted, qualifying will be very difficult with a buffoon coach like Bozo. It’s obviously that it’s not too late to install a decent tactician coach who can make a fucking team as the WCQs campaign only resumes in August next season.

    It’s one thing to have headless chicken players but a headless chicken coach to the WC? I rest my case.

  9. Under Tata:
    5 Played. Goals 4. Conceded 4. Points 8.

    Under Bauza
    9 Played. Goals 11. Conceded 10. Points 14.

    I don’t see any difference in the team. The poor run continues.

    Considering tough away matches in Uruguay & Ecuador ahead, and Messi OUT, Only god can save Argentina.

    • you hit the nail on the head in saying “I don’t see any difference in the team. The poor run continues” and we can thank tata and now bozo for their inept coaching and team selections for this mess.

    • With Messi 6 matches 5 wins 1 defeat, without Messi 8 matches 1 win 4 draws 3 defeats, and some say this team is better without him. In my country nobody understand what was this B-category Albiseleste with these B-category players. Pratto, Correa, Perez, Pizarro, Acuna and the others.

      • So what is your A team, genious? Maybe useless Di Maria, Aguero, Higuain? Pratto had not good game but he is no doubt better than Higuain thesedays. Just give him another game in normal altitude. Di Maria? Again and again. Who cares how much he is running if only all his efforts are lost by his little brain. Aguero? Not worth even to use a keyboard to describe. Or maybe Messi himself is whole A team?

        Pizarro and Acuna were better than your famous friends despite they are not experienced at all.

  10. At least they tried in the second half. Di Maria worked his ass off. Aguero was useless as usual. Acuna should have started. We just lack creativity. Too many movements and passes are predictable. There is no spark. Bauza should have brought Dybala in stead of Aguero. He is simply not up to the task.
    I agree with Pablo and many others, we should have started to integrate fresh players two years ago. Now we will face a big battle to stay fifth and play New Zealand in November for the final ticket. I fear 2018 will be like 1970 a Mundial without our team…

  11. so many of us intelligent posters we have been saying for a long long time its time for so many of these players to go.
    di maria, ban, cor is not good enough, bil romaro positioning was crap for both goals, kun has zero goals in the w.c quilifs, hig vs chil did what exactly.

    this all should have been done after w/c 14 but it was not done but its not to late and we have nothing to lose as we are really struggling with this “old guard”

    the best start is the coach to resign or be fired TODAY

  12. Its not that Bolivia is any great or played any better. We created lot of chances too. Basics are problem

    1. Any decent shot at our goal, it goes in. Thanks to our GK.
    2. Chances we get we cannot put away.

    Enough said!

    • How are you going to blame Romero for the two goals Bolivia scored when he had no chance saving them? You guys play way too many FIFA, at the end of the day Argentina should have won. The home defeats to Ecuador and Paraguay is what coming back to hurt the team, six points drop at home plus the two we drop against Brazil. CONMEBOL qualifiers is simple, win all your home games and hold your own on the away legs

      • the 2nd goal and watch what he does, his positioning was bad and add to it watch when he comes off his line to meet the ball, its like watching a scared kid trying to stop the ball, no conviction at all.

        • The defenders were sleeping, how in the world did Moreno had all that time in the box is beyond scar; I mean, Moreno could have had coffee and still find enough time to pounce on the lose ball. You can’t blame Romero for something he had no control over, but I get that you need a villain to blame as usual. I guess Romero is the only Argentina goalkeeper to concede in La Paz in the history of the two teams.

    • Aslam
      Every problem is with Argentina. If Brazil plays it will be 5-0 by now. Air will be fine, altitude will be fine. Its a conspiracy of nature against Argentina 😉

  13. Its over. I don’t want any kind of comeback. Its not possible either. Hope other results keeps us in a hopeful position. Hope this will change the manager and the team and also appeal to reduce Messi’s ban.

    Argentina seems to be the only team who suffers from altitude etc.

    • Precisely. Best we can do is to come 5th. Ecuador must lose.

      I am sure when Argentina goes to Ecuador they will lose because of high altitude.

  14. AFA can’t even provide the team oxygen tank on the substitute bench. What a joke! What’s the point of having the AFA?

    • agreed and its the same afa that asked the players to pay for their flight tickets at the copa-we the afa are bankrupt but as always no one will pay the price.

  15. If Di Maria wasn’t on the pitch the Bolivian team would have camp in the Argentina half for the entire first half. Di Maria is the only player that pose a threat to the Bolivian team in the whole of the first half and all the evidence is there for everyone to see. This game would have been over if not for the Bolivian players keeping on eye on Di Maria because nobody else on the Argentina team is troubling their defensive back line. Take out Correa for Lavezzi! Over all, good game thus far from Pizarro and Perez under the circumstances.

    • that is because ban is not at all in this game and were is the rest of the mids?, we have played some long balls to d/m and its not d/m coming back to retrieve the ball, at the of the 1st half he is not actually delivering that killer ball and if he cant do that then its a waste of time having players like him and ban in the n/t.

    • @kid I think it’s time we stop covering for this so called superstars
      We clearly need a change badly I’m not saying Dimaria is the problem but the way I see it iwe need a different team

  16. To me Pizzaro looks like he can cover a lot more space than Biglia. I need to see more of him at normal altitude coz this match can show us his strengths and weaknesses.
    Lanzini will do way better than Banega who is struggling with simple basic decisions.

  17. I don’t know what game you guys are watching; ”Di Maria was by far Argentina best player” on the pitch, commentator words, not mine. The only player who don’t seems to be affected by the altitude.

    The guys are playing good given the conditions, tough, tough place to play at. These conditions are not healthy for no one except the local Bolivians.

    • People hate Di Maria because of his endless run. But my point of view is that Argentina force him to play that way. You can see Messi also running the whole pitch by himself in right wing. The midfield has no help what so ever for both Di Maria and Messi. The fullback also useless when it time to attack.

      I have already tired of watching those stupid tactics. Sigh!

  18. This Di Maria . . . . but we only have Di Maria who is running and playing. I can bear with Tata but I can’t stand anymore with this Bauza stupid logic. The is just like Defense training session in bright sunny day. FML

  19. The height, the different speed of the ball, unfamiliar players, an injury, it’s all going against us. It is kind of sad to watch this team. The first 15 minutes were all Bolivia. They deserve to be in front. A draw is however still possible. The lack of creativity is staggering, during a counter attack players turn backwards and pass back…

  20. Di Maria the villain in the first half for the wasted opportunities. Roncaglia and Romero at fault for Bolivia goal, especially Roncaglia, Romero was off his line.

  21. 20 mins and not a lot has changed, we are poor.
    we need to slow down the game and make them chase the ball. ball to feet and not into to space to make our players run as it is killing us-ball to feet.

  22. So, our pathetic little win over Chile turned out to be a pyrrhic victory. We won the battle but can we win the war without Messi?

    And now we have both Correa and Di Maria, two mindless dribblers in one team.

    This Bolivia team is totally beatable, even at the altitude of La Paz, but with Bozo in charge and with a completely new look of the team, who knows what happens today.

    • Why would you want to take out Di Maria in La Paz of all places? Seriously, do you people even think before writing stuff? Di Maria was the player who ran himself into the ground in La Paz back in 2013 helping Argentina to a draw. So, now he should not start against Bolivia in the same demanding condition where we will need all of our players to be as mobile as possible? Di Maria is like the only player who can single handily win this game for Argentina, it’s left up to which Di maria shows up for the game. Lavezzi is unfit, when was the last time he even play in a competitive game?

      • because he does some close to nothing these days and because of myopic thinking like yours is why Argentina is stuck were it is today.

        oh today is 2017 not 2013 and we did we win in 2013? no we did not and to celebrate a draw (I do not celebrate draws) shows how far we have fallen and the mentally of some people.

        simply put if you are called up for the n/t the coach (as I spit on the ground) deems you fit enough to play and to be match ready as we expect lav to be, lets be honest lav could not do worse then di maria who sadly is a pale shadow of the d/m 2014.

  23. Portugal may win Euro final without their best player. Germany may win World CUp without their best player (at least on paper) Reuss… Argentina needs here elasticity, new qualities, mentallity

  24. Pique said this a couple season ago and get a 4 game match ban in La Liga:

    “According to the referee, it was for saying ‘I s*** on your w**** mother’ to the linesman,” Busquets told Spain’s Telecino channel live on TV.

    So despite all this Messi never learn to keep his mouth shut. And what is it with Barcelona players in general always talking about referee/linesman mothers? How can you have a mother, sister, grandmother, and an aunt and talk with such a fouled mouth towards women in general?

    Pique, Suarez and Neymar has turnout to be a bad influence on Messi. It’s crazy how Messi personality has change over the last two season in front of our eyes. Another annoying thing Messi seems to do all the time is signaling towards the referee every time he gets foul to give the player a card.

    The Messi dependency over the years have hurt Argentina both physically and mentally. Argentina was never a one-man team, why is this the case now? Because we have Messi it seems like every single Argentinean player forget how to play whenever they put on the national team jersey.

    You never see the German players making a big deal if Marco Reus or Muller is out injury. Do you see Spain making a big deal if Iniesta is out injured? Do you see France making a big deal without the presence of Benzema? Brazil lost Neymar to suspension and still won away to Venezuela earlier, the same team that Argentina failed to get all three points against in the exact same venue!

    Even without Messi this Argentina team is talented enough and good enough to get a positive result in La Paz, but after this recent development, I believe the players will fall into a shock and put on a weak mental performance against Bolivia. ‘’Oh no!! How are we going to win this game without Messi?’’ or ‘’We just can’t do this without Messi on the pitch.’’ This weak mentality thinking is what cost us points against Ecuador (home), Paraguay (home and away), Peru (away) and Venezuela (away). Argentina dropped ten points that should have been solidly for them, even if not the entire ten points at least eight out of the ten points dropped against the four teams I mentioned above. These drop points would have at least had Argentina at 30/32 points at this stage of the 2018 WCQ.

    The team in general has a weak mentality, that ridiculous back pass Masche made against Peru that gave them the equalizer is just inexcusable. The team was playing like cowards against Chile. The fact that Chile did nothing in the first half against Argentina with zero shot on goal but for some reason the team decided to buckle in their weak mentality state to allow a mediocre Chilean team on the night to claw themselves back into the game because Argentina decided to defend a one goal lead for 45 minutes while presenting Chile with several unnecessary unforced error. Seriously, Banega came on and hand the ball on the ground while all he needed to do was play the ball to safety and presented Alexis/ Chile the opportunity to almost score from a free kick. The performance against Chile was a cowardice mentally weak display from Argentina, the fact that Chile was never going to score! Chile doesn’t score on us, it has proven time and time again, the best they can score against us is one goal and two of those three goals were in Santiago dating back from 2010 and the one they scored in the group stage during Copa 2016, other than that, Chile rarely scores on Argentina in recent memory. How can you play like cowards at home against a team that only has six overall wins in their entire football history against you?

    Argentina have scored 17 goals in their last four games against Bolivia, I don’t think they should have any problem creating enough chance to at least squeak out a win, but then again, the whole cowardice and weak mentality is Argentina biggest opponent in La Paz not Bolivia.

    • Come on why do we fear from this fucking weak team? The last 4 games vs them 5:0, 7:0, 2:0 and 5:0 for God sake. Neirly an amateur quality team. This unnecessary fear from circumstances blocks our player’s minds. Joke. In this WCQ Bolivia-Ecuador 2:2 Bolivia-Columbia 2:3, Bolivia-Uruguay 0:2, Bolivia-Peru 0:3…so?

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