Veron Prefers Pochettino, Berizzo or Simeone


Former Argentine International and current Estudiantes President Juan Sebastian VERON was a guest on Fox Sport Argentina’s show called La Llave del Gol where he gave his thoughts on the current situation with Argentina’s national team.

When asked about who he feels should replace Edgardo BAUZA, La Brujita said that he prefers his former National Team colleague Mauricio POCHETTINO (current Spurs manager), Eduardo BERIZZO (Celta Vigo) or Diego SIMEONE (Atletico Madrid) to take charge.

He also said that the current squad contains many players that were effected badly by the criticism and the pressure they’re going through now.


  1. Bauza is going to be let go…..But can someone tell me why anyone cares about Veron’s meaningless comments?
    AFA still owes Martino plenty of money. I think its like 3 mil. They have not paid Bauza anything so far because they are broke. Yes, I know there is a new contract coming. But lets see first that corrupt members of AFA and the government don’t steal the money.
    But how in the world would we approach Simeone or Poche with no money…Is Veron on drugs, high, or just plain old stupid.
    Thats like saying, “I have just divorced my fat pig of a wife (Bauza), and I am ready to start dating a supermodel (Simeone Poche), and I have to chose what supermodel I prefer.

  2. What is Veron’s beef with Sampaoili? I like Berizzo, Pochettino and SImeone too but let’s get real they are not interested in the job at the moment.

  3. Something need to happen quickly. If too many people talk and share thoughts and too many days passes by then there is only one outcome – NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! BAUZA WILL CONTINUE

  4. [Some Random thoughts about our changes in Team Selection]

    Changing Bauza is must but at the same time changes in the team selection are also must. Despite we need drastic changes in the team but we cannot change an entire generation all together. This is not logical and no team can afford to do this but it’s no harm changing or introducing the younger players. At least half of the team must need to go if we even dream to do something better in WC 2018 (if we qualify).

    Unfortunately our young generation of players did nothing significant as compared to our current generation players. Take an example of current bunch of players, most of them won U 20 World Cup or won Olympic in their younger days whereas our young bunch of players failed to qualify for next round in U 20 World Cup or in Olympics. To be honest apart of Dybala and Icardi none of our kids are actually World Class. Still AFA and our coaches need to think that the guys from Germany or Chile who beat us over the last 3 years also nowhere near to our current generation in their young age but fact is they beat us. Let’s take an example, what Kun did till the age of 23, may be Alexis Sanchez of Chile can just dream about those. Kun won U 20 WC and was the best player, then won Olympic for us but now look at their international career. Don’t say Kun is more influential for Argentina than Sanchez is for Chile.

    As I said we cannot change entire team but very few like,

    Lord Romero – Yes, Romero was great in World Cup 2014 and his heroics booked world cup final spot for us but problem is he is not the same guy anymore. His strength was his reflexes and he is slowing down. In the last few WCQs he was ‘almost’ clueless whenever we conceded. Needless to say about his ball distribution. Then why can’t we can think about his replacement? 33 years old Andujar or 32 years old Guzman ahead of Ruli. I am surprised Willy never tried, who successfully replaced Hart and Bravo in City starting XI. Time for Romero to wear jersey no 13 now. Enough.

    Midfield: Over the last 3/4 years only 2 players called regularly if fit and featured in all starting XI are Mascherano and Bigila. As a backup we have Banega and Enzo. My concern is when Mascherano is around what Bigila is adding to the team that a young or relatively young player cannot do? Why can’t we try Pardes once with Mascherano when we know Bigila is not doing any special job? Over the last 3 years only time I found our midfield was working when Bigila was injured and Agusto Fernandez played in place of him in Copa 2016. But when Agusto was out injured, Bigila is back and we back to normal. I have no doubt if Pizarro plays with Mascherano our midfield will look solid and dynamic. I wonder whether Xavi-Iniesta played those many matches together for Spain, the number of matches mascherano-Bigila played together for us.

    Not only young players, when Argentine players do well it’s our coach’s job to give those players some chance irrespective of what they did in the past. Take an example of Alejandro Gomez. He may not have a great youth career but at the moment he is one of the top player in Seria A. Tough, pacey and an eye for goal, scoring and assisting in almost every match, what else you need from an attacking midfielder? Why can’t we try him now when we know he is better than any of our attacking midfielder at the moment? Same goes for Diego Perotti or Eduardo Salvio. We lack quality in midfield but no coach even bother to call them for once.

    Regarding Center backs, not much changes required. I would only prefer Garay in the team and also I won’t mind calling Fedrico Frenandez once again. Also Fizio is one of the best Center back in Seria A this season, why not try him? But we need changes in full backs. Mas, Roncagilla or makeshift Mori or Rojo cannot be a full back of a world cup winning team, this is simple. Also their performance was never convincing, then why not explore this position. What is the use of calling 32 years old Caruzzo or 34 years old Pinola ahead of 23 years promising Tagliafico? Buffarini was called not played a single minute, what is the use? Left back is our weak link then why not try Tagliafico once? Even Peruzzi or Vangioni looked good with the limited chances they got for us.

    Now strikers. I am huge fan of Higuain and Kun. They are still great players and will keep scoring for their clubs but fact is they are done and dusted for NT. I will not give even a 2nd thought to drop Kun from the team. He has nothing left for NT, this is simple. I will not say Icardi will be our savior, No. With this midfield (Mascherano-Bigila-Enzo/Banega) I have no hope but isn’t calling Pratto over Icardi is crime? Why Lavezzi was called? Just to entertain others? A certain Paolo Dybala not getting enough confidence if he will get a chance in World Cup team, such a shame!!

    Love over this generation is justifiable. Despite they failed to win anything I will rate this generation ahead of any others from 1994-2012. But now time has come to make some significance changes. May be with younger players or with in form players. But changes are must…

    My team (choose 23 according to form and fitness):

    GK: Romero, Ruli, Andujar
    Center Back: Garay, Otamendi, Musacchio, Mori, Rojo, Fedrico Fernandez, Fazio
    Left Back: Tagliafico, Vangioni
    Right Back: Mercado, Peruzzi
    Defensive/Center Midfield: Mascherano, Pardes, Pizarro, Kranevitter, Bigila.
    Attacking Midfield (10): Gomez, Banega, Perotti
    Wingers: Di Maria, Gaitan, Acuna, Correa
    Strikers: Messi, Dybala, Icardi, Higuain.

    Also young players like Joaquin Correa, Walter Montoya, Franco Cervi, Eduardo Salvio, Lucas Alario, Luciano Vietto, Jonathan Silva etc along with Lamela and Pastore also should be in radar. Those kids are young and doing decent to good job for their clubs.

  5. Angelici tried his best… but it looks like Tapia and Tinelli want to keep Bauza.
    I used to think Tinelli is the saviour of Argentina Football but he actually was the devil who came as the angel of light.
    At a pretty young age as 6 after watching Argentina win the 1986 world cup; me and my cousin living under the same roof decided to take sides – he took Brazil and i took Argentina. He saw his team win 2 world cups after that and hears the whole world going gaga over Brazil all the time. All i have seen is Argentina fall fall fall from grace… and now lying in the bottomless pit. Not even a small trophy to make me smile about my choice…

  6. Already its muddy… why does Veron comment now?…
    Looks like Bauza is having his way of staying put… Tapia comments don’t sound good to me… Tinelli has extracted his power to the maximum to put Tapia in his place and there is a feeling that Bauza will stay on… sounds really really bad… hope its not true.
    If AFA really wanted to fire Bauza… they would not drag such long…
    Moreover Martino and gang have filed cases at the wrong time for fans… now AFA may think twice before firing Bauza
    bauza has his big words ready for the meeting… whenever its going to happen to convince Tapia and mafia… already i feel Tapia is convinced that Bauza can stay (read closely Tapia words)
    Bauza has lot of support than we think… many heavy weights have threw their support around Bauza… omg…
    Hope Angelici stands firm and brings in Sampaoli… actually Angelici was supposed to be the AFA President but ‘fate of fans’… it went to a thug.
    If Bauza stays Messi can faut in hell with his friends… im so so crossed with messi for what he did to my beloved Argentina… he could have won atleast 3 world cups had he made right choices… for this rubbish fellow it was all friends (and where he could have exerted positive pressure on things he never did and one very recent example – he didn’t throw his weight around Sampaoli)

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