Announcement of BAUZA to be made soon, TAPIA to Europe


According to reports, the announcement regarding Edgardo BAUZA’s departure will be made soon.

Per a report by Ole , Edgardo BAUZA’s departure will be made official shortly. It also states that the Argentina National Team will have a new coach for their next match which will be against Brazil in June.

The AFA president (TAPIA) will apparently be travelling to Europe to speak to Lionel MESSI regarding the team and his suspension.


  1. Good day to AFA.I want someone who is really capable to take over as coach of Argentina.
    I don’t want see another failure for this team again because we have been waiting for nearly 32 years to land the most coveted trophy in the world.

    At the moment no one can come close to Alejandro Sabella for his achievement.

    But there will be someone out there to lead this team again to greater heights after we came so close in 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

    Who is that person? Nobody knows till the announcement is made by today by AFA.

    • just wait as its not easy to fire some one and bozo has no mana to quit and simply wont quit.
      bozo is not on a lot of money and his contract in only to the end of the quifs meaning a payout will not be big but then again as the afa have no money then any payout is big.

  2. 05/04/2017 – 20: 25 Sports National Team
    National selection

    There are signs of continuity of Bauza that now defy the rumors of end of cycle
    The leaders seemed determined to throw Paton. Now every time they hesitate more.

    There are signs of continuity of Bauza that now defy the rumors of end of cycle
    Keys. Messi is sanctioned and Bauza on the tightrope. (AFP)

    Argentina National Team

    Edgardo Bauza
    They won with total amplitude the versions that guarantee the farewell of the Patón for the next week, hardly know how to draw it. That yes, as the days go by and the definition expands, there are signs of permanence that open to Bauza even if it is a light of illusion, always in a hyper-complex scenario.

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    The aimless selection: from the disaster of Sweden to the elimination of Mexico 70
    Although the word in football has almost no value, there are powerful definitions to erase them with a stroke. All in favor of Bauza:

    # Claudio Tapia, president of the AFA: “Bauza has signed a contract and we must respect it”.

    # Daniel Angelici, 1st Vice-President of the AFA: “Everybody thinks Bauza is out and it’s not like that.”

    # Marcelo Tinelli, Secretary of the National Teams Committee: “In my eight days in the National Team, I saw a serious job of Bauza and I saw players involved with the coach, even singing on the plane when we were going to Bolivia, after the Meant Messi. ”

    # Víctor Blanco, secretary general of the AFA: “Bauza must continue until the end of the qualifiers.”

    That yes, the reality indicates that all the leaders in the intimacy would wish to another coach in the Selection. No one likes how the team plays. Why did they declare this and did not throw it away? Because they walk on a stage with too many thorns. For something Nicolas Russo, vocal of AFA, lowered his profile after being the first to say that he had to change the technician …

    See also
    Jorge Sampaoli supported “as a fan” Edgardo Bauza and left a warning to Sevilla
    There are other issues that tie the leadership of the AFA:

    1) The message. Although the image of Bauza is worn, it is never good to start a new era with the dismissal of the Selection Team.

    2) The risk. “What if we change the coach and stay out of the World Cup?” Asked one manager. And he rounded: “If we stayed out with Bauza, he was chosen by others.”

    3) Players. Although Tapia and / or Tinelli will travel to talk to Messi for the sanction and other issues, you know that the players did not lose the thumb to Bauza. They are also aware that now no other DT that arrives would make fundamental changes in the formation of the Selection.

    4) Jorge Sampaoli. It is the DT that everyone likes, but could just leave Sevilla in the middle of the year. Yesterday he said: “There are many possibilities to continue in Seville. But if you go Monchi (Sports Director) around the club decides to change coach “. Today Sampaoli will face Messi.

    5) Money. The AFA owes a million dollars to Gerardo Martino, filed a subpoena for another 3 million of his three field assistants and yesterday filed another legal action for debt and dismissal of Elvio Paolorroso, Tata’s physical trainer. Tossing Bauza would cost another million dollars. The departure of Sampaoli from Seville would add a million and a half more. And it is necessary to consider the new contract of the chosen DT. The numbers to Tapia do not close.

    Tomorrow will be a day of talk between Bauza, Tapia and Marcelo Tinelli, the president of the Commission of National Teams. There is very likely no announcement.

    Will Patón follow or not? “Play in the direction of continuity. We have no one to bring or how. Changing there is more to lose than to win, “said Clarin a source very close to Angelici, the man who seems to lock up the real power in the new AFA. And in passing he clarified: “El Tano did not go to Europe or go to Seville. He is in Colonia, in Uruguay, in a spa. He went to do a therapy to lose weight “…

    • AFA true state – even in this landslide of epic proportion for Argentina (once a mighty footballing nation).. Tapia the head has gone not to Europe but to Uruguay to loose weight… !!!

  3. Jack, u think i talk rubbish… made up stories all throughout the whole last week and you call it gloom and doom and negative… i recommend you go and read ‘la nacion’ and ‘clarin’ (thats what i did whole week before commenting here)
    Even now Clarin has just stated Bauza gets to stay… even Angelici has backed out now…
    Im not an atheist to lie… nor from a head cutter religion.

    • Chalz the fool don’t bring your poisonous thoughts here..This is sport forum not religion or politics. Moderators shouldn’t allow these kind of rhetoric in sport forum.

    • Chalz,

      With all due respect, comments like that make other Christians look bad. This is extremely self-righteous. Congratulations on insulting all atheists and people of other faiths here. Way to go! I’m sure that’s the right way to win people over.

    • I always respected @chalz. But now this comment..!

      @admin should delete this post.
      @chalz, These type of words normally coming from a fascist. You have all the right to believe in your religion but you don’t have any right to criticize and provoke other religion especially in this football forum. You have to respect everyone.

    • I am an atheist since I believe in progression and science and not stories in some book. With that said, I respect others and their theological beliefs as long as they don’t try to shove it down my throat.

      And as for the topic in hand. Wait and see what happens. All you’ve done is brought negativity here. You know what you can do, like many of argentines have done? Turn your back on the team. It’s not the first time in history this has happened. It is a way of protest against the machine that is the AFA. You stop buying their merchandise, going to their games, and stop caring about them until a new manager is put in place. Instead of bitching and continuously moaning, do something about it other than cry about it on a forum.

    • There is no doubt about that.Sabella is great coach indeed.

      I hope AFA will approach Alejandro Sabella for the second time & give him the full authority to manage this beautiful team again.

  4. I want Argentina Football Association to appoint Alejandro Sabella again as coach for the second time.

    He has the quality to lead this team to major success at World Cup 2018 in Russia if given a chance again.

    He is the best coach ever after Carlos Bilardo.

  5. Latest news: Most AFA leaders except Tinelli are keen on sending Bauza home… they want him to go by himself but Bauza will not go… And AFA does not have the money to send him packing.
    Tinelli has won and fans have lost.
    So AFA has decided to retain Bauza until the end of his contract (i.e., end of WC qualifying rounds) and look for a new coach if we get to qualify.
    So fans, we can all go home and sleep. We did our best to support a sinking ship but fate drills more holes than we can fix.
    I feel its enough for me… looser all my life. shikes.

    • How do you know this ? If this happens bye bye 2018 wc, and if we didn’t win the wc in the messi generation then i dont see us winning in any way in 2022 etc or anytime soon, and please no one should reply and say that we are better of without messi because you will sound stupid

    • Stop being a Negative Nancy and just wait till news comes out. You’ve been spreading this gloom and doom false news for the last couple of days.


  6. It looks like Sampaoli will not take the job even if offered… oh no… he has his heart set on Barcelona alone… (playing the messi card to get into the Catalan Club)
    Argentina looks really and badly cursed…

  7. Tinelli is hell bent on keeping Bauza and talks about as if Bauza is the best coach in the world.
    Tapia believes in Bauza and does not want dismiss Bauza. But he wants the coach to go by himself which Bauza will not.
    I just pray that they sack Bauza soon and bring in Sampaoli… because the longer they drag means Bauza gets to stay.
    Money is the main factor on why Tapia does not want to fire Bauza… he needs a lump sum to pay him off.
    Messi is quiet… 🙁 i never seen such a brainless…

  8. This has to happen soon now. The new manager need to think quickly and arrange for things as needed – supporting coaching team, friendlies etc.

    I am OK with Tapia meeting Messi. If Messi is going to win everything he has to have a say. Also he is the captain of the team, so I don’t see an issue consulting the captain. But Messi cannot dictate everything. No one person can dictate. Not even the coach. The objective is to win a trophy and everyone has to work together for a single goal.

    • “But Messi cannot dictate everything”.

      Messi shouldn’t dictate a thing. Nothing. He is captain but rather weak captain. Mute and without character.

      “If Messi is going to win everything he has to have a say”.

      Not only Messi is going to win everything…

      Messi is mentally weak when things goes wrong (fixated on doing things in the same way and alone; banging with heads against the wall). He is not able in such moments to help himself let alone support mentally all team. Mascherano was real captain. He has character. Messi will be captain no matter we have players mentally stronger and with more character. Messi will be penalty kicker no matter Dybala is much better in this point.

      THis is Messicentrism and it’s bad for us. He is best on the world but as far as we have Messi as fetish we will not win a tournament.

      • make other player captain would be good thing in many ways: firstly, take off this tension and burden out of Messi shoulders, secondly, shift a lot of the responsibility for other player and in the same time make him felling more important eo ipso more engaged. Under Messi Argentina is breathing with one lung. We need second lung.

        But it’s impossible to see someone other as captain.

          • In other words, forget about Messi if you want to do best for him and try to concentrate on team. If you want to see Messi as winner in NT. He will remind yourself in right moment. Maybe in crucial moment of WC and maybe sort of Deus ex Machina.

    • Good day to you.I fully agree & support with your point of view.
      If Argentina want to win the World Cup in Russia,they must work as team not depend on one player itself.

      Teamwork is the key to every success.

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