Lionel MESSI: Olympic title is the most valued


Lionel MESSI has won several titles in his illustrious career but according to him, the one you win at the Olympics is the most valued.

The Argentina and Barcelona captain sat down with Esquire magazine and spoke about a number of topics. From Argentina to the sacrifices he had to make to become a player even to his private life, Lionel Messi commented about it. Here’s what he had to say:

Lionel MESSI on Argentina National Team:

“I understand the people that ask and demand their National Team to win something but no one more than the players who make up the National Team want to win that title (World Cup).”

Lionel MESSI on most important title:

“The most valued title is that of the Olympics because it’s a tournament that you get to play in once in your life. It’s where you get to live with athletes from different sports.”

Lionel Messi Argentina
Lionel Messi with the gold medal he won with Argentina at the 2008 Olympics.

Lionel MESSI on sacrifices:

“To be an elite player, one has to sacrifice a lot but not more than any other worker who has to provide for their family. It’s difficult but it’s what I chose.”

Lionel MESSI on maturing as a player:

“I’m calmer when I think and I pick my moments.”

Lionel MESSI on his personal life and his pastime:

“Being with my kids and and enjoying playing with them. Also, watching television.”

This is the first interview given by Lionel MESSI regarding the Argentina National Team since the infamous press conference in November where he stated that no one from the Argentina National Team will be speaking to the media.

The comments against the media came after a few journalists were reporting and attacking the team, more specifically Ezequiel LAVEZZI. The team have not spoken to the media since November.


  1. I have been stressing about the bad weather in my area all day long between, severe rainfall, flooding, destructive wind, hail, and the threat of one Tornado after another that is not yet over for another 3 hours and yet managed to check on this site.

    ANY NEWS YET????

  2. Under Tata Martino
    29 matches 19 wins 7 draws and 3 lose
    winning percentage = 65.52 %
    losing percentage = 10.34 %
    Goals scored=66 Goals allowed=18
    Biggest win. 7-0, 6-1, 5-0.
    Biggest loss. 2-0

    Under Bauza
    8 Matches 3 wins 2 draw and 3 lose
    winning percentage = 37.5 %
    losing percentage = 37.5 %
    Goals scored= 9 Goals allowed=10
    Biggest win. 3-0, 1-0.
    Biggest loss. 3-0

    See, How pathetic is the condition now..!
    Tata Martino had just 3 losses (excluding penalties) in 29 matches and his biggest loss was 2-0 twice.
    Bauza already lost 3 times in 8 matches. His biggest loss is 3-0(could have been worse in this game). But this guys continuously says he will win WC..!!! He didnt win a single game comfortably(Colombia game was Messi magic)…!! Other two win were 1-0….!!!

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