Gabriel BATISTUTA recalls cold story with current Argentina team


The legendary Gabriel BATISTUTA has recalled a story he has involving the current Argentina National Team.

Gabriel BATISTUTA, the second all time leading goalscorer of the Argentina National Team, has come out and told a story regarding himself and the current Argentina National Team. BATISTUTA, who was on a TyC Sports, spoke about how he was recently with the Argentina National Team (he didn’t specify when) and how some of the players reacted to him being there. He also spoke about Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo HIGUAIN. Here’s what he had to say:

Gabriel BATISTUTA on the Argentina National Team:

“I entered the dressing room and half of them didn’t even extend their hand. There was a certain coldness to it, that’s how it was. I took it as something that is generational. I have nothing to do with them. However, I would have liked for them to greet me, not for who I am but because at one time I played there and shared the dressing room.”

Gabriel BATISTUTA on the mess that is the AFA:

“I don’t think they disrespected me, maybe they just didn’t feel it… I think they didn’t get help from the coaches, there’s no world champions around there for example. BILARDO’s one of the coaches who has won the World Cup and he didn’t even get a ticket… My God, that’s insane. It’s an incredible mess.”

Gabriel BATISTUTA on Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo HIGUAIN:

“I really like HIGUAIN. But it’s obvious that he’s not doing the same thing he’s been doing at Juventus. MESSI could have stayed in Spain and avoided travelling 14,000km to hear us criticizing him.”

While BATISTUTA did not specify on when it took place, one could speculate that it was at Copa America or even a World Cup Qualifier which took place in Argentina.


  1. Bauza will continue as argentina coach…

    Source: Ole

    “Who said Bauza was leaving?”, Were the textual words of Chiqui Tapia barely left the AFA property in Ezeiza. After meeting with Patón and Marcelo Tinelli, the now President completely disagreed with the media and maintained that the DT will continue in his position.

    “Next week we will have another meeting but it left me a good impression. It was a normal meeting, “said Tapia, and it was clear when asked if Bauza was going to direct the next date against Uruguay. “It is the coach of the national team, who will lead,” he said.

    • What they are doing is playing the waiting game.

      I read in La Nacion that if the board wanted him, they would have already assured him publicly. But given they do not want to sack him because they will have to pay $90,000, all they want is to wait and spread rumors of him being sacked so he will go down the door. And its not that bad because you cant get Sampaoli before the European season is over and thats plenty of time for a man with self-respecting man to feel wanted and be gone. But Bozo all we know is a slimy little leech who don’t have any self-respect and have nothing else to do. So he is sticking around!

      But he will be gone for sure. Either they will sacck him, or he will go by himself.

      • Hope you are right man. I can see that theory. Hope its the case. AFA has never fired anyone. But as you say, Bauza is not going to go. Every theory eventually meets something that fails it. Bauza is one like that. He has no credibility. His only fame is Argentina National coach. He won’t go unless he is fired.

  2. oh and the latest’s from the afa is its usual impotent service is continuing.

    “The meeting between the AFA & Bauza was postponed again. Tomorrow general strike might cause another cancellation. Brilliant administration”

  3. to be fair we don’t know the exact context of the meeting and its not at all fair to judge it on what is written unless we know a bit more.
    was it at the beginning of a game? minds else where maybe
    was it at the end of a game-did the team win , draw or even lose as all three times would be a completely different responses.

    who did not extend their hand? its not fair on the 50% who did-name names.

    bati is a legend without a doubt but for me the article is a little vague to be completely pointing fingers at a lack of respect but when we do know the truth (if we ever do) then we can judge and issue an appropriate response.

  4. One of best ever Forward the world has seen… probably the most handsome footballer ever…
    Batistuta deserves the most respect among the former stars of Argentina… but anyway this generation (mascherano & co) will never be considered a team in my books… nor will the world remember them anymore… Messi alone stands out…

  5. gabriel we salute you and salute you well ..what you gave us will not ever be forgotton ..the current crop of players don’t even come to your ankles !

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