Edgardo BAUZA AFA meeting, to stay as Argentina coach


Edgardo BAUZA’s meeting with the AFA took place on Thursday and the verdict is out.

The Argentina National Team coach met with the AFA president TAPIA as well as TINELLI regarding his future. TAPIA has come out and stated that Edgardo BAUZA will remain as the Argentina National Team coach and will resume working next week.

However, they will all meet again next week to keep talking regarding the team.


  1. Roy, John, Ziggy – a revival in Tunisia started not from the palace nor the rich money magnets but from a poor little street corner vendor… and it turned into a huge Arab Spring…
    Why not you all catch hold of Seba – the former owner of the blog and ask him to write on newspapers (as we all know he is journalist)… about the need for a revival in Argentina Football…
    Keep writing… keep writing… one day… it will enter into the head of Argentines… and then they will change AFA and football for sure…
    Put pen to action

  2. Hey buddy…just take look infobae news…maybe you with spanish language can translate it…maybe what i accept different kind one

  3. I guess my retirement from here lasted less than Messi’s 🙂
    Couldn’t help but come back to check if there is any surprise!

    BTW, I see some rants towards fans. A little surprised by the reaction. Once a fan is always a fan, does not change. The love or commitment does not change. But the hope is gone. Sorry.

  4. With only 8 games left in La Liga the AFA probably decided it was wise to let Sampaoli and Berizzo finish the season with their clubs. Why pay a release clause if the end of the season is near and the first important match (Montevideo) is due in August? The few extra months will also reduce the penalty clause in Bauza’s contract (fewer months left).

    Sevilla hasn’t won any of its last 5 games, so maybe Sampaoli will be fired by Sevilla. That could also save a lot of money. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Taking the next two months to think about the future is a good idea. No one benefits from hasty decisions.

    With regard to the friendly against Brazil, it would be a good idea to bring in some players that are doing well at their clubs (Gomez from Atalanta, Rulli from Sociedad etc.). If we lose the AFA could fire Bauza right after that match and go ahead with the plan they already have in mind. Losing the number 1 ranking in the FIFA list is no issue, we did not deserve that anyway with our last prize in 1993. It was just a sign of consistency.

  5. from peter coats
    “No official confirmation but plenty of suggestions that AFA won’t fire Bauza and will instead hope that he resigns”

    “Nothing to report: Bauza still in charge of Argentina & they will have another meeting next week”

    “Chiqui Tapia: “Today, Bauza is Argentina manager. He left a good impression”
    Not exactly a ringing endorsement but El Patón will continue”

    “If Bauza remains unwanted by the majority at the AFA, expect more undermining over the coming week to try and force him out.

    • Pablo, do you really think Bauza will resign?… Moreover will anyone leave their millions and go… Bauza will say pay me in full i go… AFA cannot for sure… otherwise they would have already fired him…
      Sigh… after all the hickory dickory… its back to square one.

      • bozo is to stubborn to resign but if the press and high profile others gets on his case then things can change, at the moment the afa simply cant afford to fire his sorry ass as they are bankrupt as we all know and they seem to be hoping bozo has some honor left in him to just resign or as Richard has pointed out wait a little bit more to see what happens with other choices that may be possible cheaper in a few months time but in saying all of this the afa is a 3 ringed circus at best and at worst is 100% completely corrupt.

        in simple terms the afa cannot miss out of the w/c it self and the tens of millions that come from that, sponsorship, marketing etc is far to much to lose under any circumstances yet alone when ones company is desperate for money.

  6. What more can you say when AFA President himself states that he doesn’t find any fault with the coach and finally declares all is well.
    Tapia & mafia is the bottomless pit…
    Bauza sweet words… oh wow… can convince anyone…
    Anyways don’t want to anger you guys more… i know most of you hate me around here… but can’t help it… life moves on.

    • You were furious that Lionel Messi interfered in player selection for Argentina Team and insisted that he should stop it. Next day, you insisted that Lionel Messi should say to the AFA that he wants Sampaoli as an Argentina Team Manager. Are you out of your mind?

      If Messi interferes in coach selection and the coach calls up a bunch of players you don’t like, you will say that the players were selected by Lionel Messi again.

      You always insist that bad thing and strange thing of Argentina Football were attributed to Lionel Messi and/or Javier Mascheroano.
      No football player in this world intervenes in the coach selection for his club team and national team. Even Cristiano Ronaldo with a big ego doesn’t do that because this is one thing that players must not do for Team.

      By the way, check it out and calm down.

      This is a final comment from me because I don’t think Argentina deserves a trophy. Messi doesn’t deserve the World Cup Trophy because he chose Argentina instead of Spain.

    • as much as i despise the afa they simply cannot ridicule the incumbent manager no matter how bad or how much some might want bozo out as simply put their are employment laws and any employment lawyer would have a lot to say ie harassment, etc unless bozo resigned then its up to the media, high profile people but non afa, ex players to force him to resign as the afa cannot afford another case against it.

      I like most of us want bozo gone now but I also realise as an owner of a business its not at all easy to dismiss any one.

  7. First of all, It hasn’t sunk in yet, the fact that we are going to be stuck with this clueless imbecile for the unforeseeable future!!

    Second, and I mean this with all due respect to all members and I only say this because we are all on the same side or at least on the surface, DO NOT COME HERE and say I am done with this team……..blah blah blah BULLSHIT.

    Nobody fucking cares, whether you declare yourself a fan or not, THIS team will go on with or without your support.

    No more candy-ass fans PLEASE, who come around when things are going well and the first to bitch and moan when things don’t…….nobody cares if you watch or not…..nobody.

    Just GO AWAY for good.

    • Bro, but you should vent your anger on AFA and the situation in Argentina and not our beloved friends here…
      Everyone loves Argentina but i think its getting to us in a bad way… maybe life is more important than football.

    • It’s all good.

      I also don’t like the bitching and moaning of people who says I’m not gonna be a fan no more or things like that. But for once I think it’s about time to ditch the team.

      For real.

      Let me explain myself – If you stop buying merchandise and stop paying for the stream and stop buying ticket for the games, who loses? AFA. Pretty sure the team’s most jersey sale comes from abroad, not in Argentina. May be streams too. And don’t even start about the friendly matches…those are AFA’s money making machines.

      It’s them you gotta stop helping.

      So ya, remain a fan (which I don’t is a choice), but stop buying their products.

  8. nothing we can do…only curse, anger, and another hot boiling…
    me myself only hope that he will get his best like he did with LD quito and san lorenzo…he get briliant way and his old brain become smooth genius

  9. Looks like the fake news business is catching on! Say anything to get peoples attention, and don’t bother knowing whether its real or not…I see this problem is not just a problem in the USA, but everywhere.

    On the coaching front…Its FREAKING HILARIOUS that we have morons like Veron talking about Simeone and Poche as coach..The AFA owes 3mill to Martino, hasn’t paid Bauza one penny, and Sabella resigned because “the pay wasn’t good”. As if any coach worth anything wants to work for free.

    Nobody in the AFA is interested in anything other than lining their pockets. God blessed the world with Argentina, God cursed Argentina with Argentines. This comes from someone who was born and grew up there.

  10. Told ya..I saw this coming very clear.

    Bye guys! Its over for me. Wish you all the best in life, may be we will cross roads again someday, somewhere.

    • See ya mate… you are one friend i’ve met again after the World Cup Blog days… i don’t want to stop you… bcoz i myself feel its enough of Argentina for myself…
      All the very best for a wonderful life ahead!

  11. Why the tease?
    Tapia actually managed to make a really bad situation worse.
    He looks like a coward, scared to make a decision. Even now he still talks about next week and doesn’t fully back Bauza “for now he is the coach”. He is the coach or he isn’t, either back him up completely or fir him.
    Anyway, I was pessimistic that he would get fired. I think he really wants to fire him but something happened during the time.
    In my opinion there are these reasons:
    – Martino’s assistants, Money which they are owned and is theirs, it was unfortunate for us though they managed to f us another way beside being incompetent as coaches.
    – Sampaoli who is clearly the chosen one, is waiting to be the chosen one at Barca, it’s his first choice, he wants to manage Barca but do they want him after the bad last month where he hasn’t won a game is the question, so we will have to probably wait.
    there is also this other scenario – maybe Tapia is waiting because as mentioned Sampaoli hasn’t won many games at Sevilla in the last month so there is the possibility that he could be let go by Sevilla and AFA doesn’t have to pay his clause.
    – The other scenario is THE PLAYER MAFIA called Tapia and said that they want Bauza in charge or else, so Tapia will have to go to the DON”S Messi and Masche and try to convince them that firing Bauza is the right thing to do, The player mafia could feel threatened by the new coach, especially Sampaoli who likes will probably want more autonomy than Bauza the Puppet,with they can do whatever they want.
    Anyway if Buaza stays my hope lies on BRASIL.
    How do you ask?
    We play them in June so they could humiliate us like in the last game, and probably then tapia is forced to really act.
    Last time we played Brasil was like we were classes apart, but knowing our luck we will win that game because that is what we do, we win meaningless games and friendlies but fail to win important ones. We are like the New York Knicks, when they need to win, they lose and now they need to lose to position themselves better in the draft, but now they win meaningless games ruining their future, sadly I am a fan of both Argentina and Knicks, who their own biggest enemy.

  12. I won’t watch another Argentina game as long as Biglia and Mascherano starts in midfield. A goalkeeper and a ball boy would be a better option in midfield for Argentina than playing two CDM/CB. Biggest mistake Argentina made was firing Tata Martino!

    Why can’t the AFA be more consistent and professional? With Tata, I doubt Argentina would have been in this mess, at least have the team qualified then ask for Tata resignation, but no, Argentina changes coaches like how a baby changes his or her diapers. I remember the talk around here saying how Buaza will be much better than Tata; yes, every single one of you Tata Martino haters said so and now the same people wanted Buaza out after two games. Smh

    Sampaoli is not good enough to coach Argentina btw, he has fail in every big games in Europe this season, even the easiest of game against Leicester City! Sampaoli teams doesn’t score goals, when they do score, it’s either one or two goals. Pressing like mad men is not some huge surplus for a football team. And don’t tell me Sampaoli won Copa America because Pizzi also won it too against Argentina (Argentina makes every coach look like a genius in South America), and his (Pizzi) stint as a coach in Spain was horrible at best!

    Scolari won the world cup as a coach! And it’s not like he was some genius of a tactician.

  13. it says a lot when the afa cant ever afford to sack him at a cost of only $80,000.
    until next weeks meeting is over ill still have a faint hope all will see sense and he goes but for now noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and fubr

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