Edgardo BAUZA fired as Argentina National Team coach


Edgardo BAUZA has been fired as Argentina National Team coach.

It has now been made official by AFA president TAPIA that Edgardo BAUZA is no longer the coach of the Argentina National Team. The announcement comes just minutes ago with AFA president Chiqui TAPIA coming out stating that BAUZA is no longer the coach before adding the following:

Chiqui TAPIA:

“We have reached a verbal agreement.”

Gustavo LESCOVICH, Edgardo BAUZA’s agent has come out and said the following:

Edgardo BAUZA’s agent:

“We have reached an agreement with Chiqui TAPIA and tomorrow there will be one last press conference. The way it was handled and the criticisms were too strong. We have to get over the drama and move on. BAUZA will probably work again in a few months.”

Chiqui TAPIA and Marcelo TINELLI will be travelling to Europe on Thursday where they will meet Atletico Madrid coach Diego SIMEONE. They would also meet Jorge SAMPAOLI. Regarding Jorge SAMPAOLI, should he become the new Argentina coach, he would stay on as Sevilla coach until May.

As we reported earlier today, news broke out that Edgardo BAUZA would be getting fired today. There are also reports that during their stay in Europe, TAPIA and TINELLI will also speak with the two Argentina captains, Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO.


  1. Time to get rid of bunch of old players and make a new and fresh team. We do have a lot of time for a game against Uruguay, so it’s time for reformation. Hope we get a cracker jack coach this time. I love to see Pekermen caliber who believes on team play rather than individual.

  2. In typical Argentina fashion, we have a coca cola budget on a champagne lifestyle. How can you afford Simeone? Why waste time on him when he has said publicly a dozen times he won’t coach the NT. If it is for leverage for Sampaoli do you really want to piss him off?
    I personally think Sampaoli is fine, but Gallardo is very good as well. They both have a clue.
    Our real problem though is on Roy Nemer’s home page Twitter account. Anybody who hasn’t seen it really should. There is a picture of Riquelme (wearing the 10) with Aimar, Tevez and Messi. If a picture says a thousand words, there is no doubting that Roman was the leader of that team. What did we do? We replaced Roman and Aimar with Mascherano and fill in the name (gago, biglia, etc).
    Anybody that manages this team needs to know ALL of our world class forwards, including the ones that haven’t been called up yet, are useless without service. Get rid of those losers in midfield and the goals will come in bunches.

  3. When is the announcement likely on the new coach? Want to put an end to the Bauza discussion and move on..sorry guys..very frustrated 8 months for all of us..

  4. ………………….Rulli
    ..Nacho Fernandez……..Lanzini


    Pity Martinez/De Paul/Pavon

      • And I think everyone who is following Primera every weekend is impressed by group of players (especially River and Boca). I mean offensive quartet of Boca Benedetto, Pavon, Centurion + Peruzzi (scored in last game) is impressive. But on the other hand RIver has equally impressive quartet: Alario, Pity Martinez, Driussi, Nacho Fernandez. So I must to say last superlassicos River – Boca were boring, I was sick and tired. But now it would be passionate. But there is third club which has as impressive attacking young players as the 2 giants. It’s….Talleres Cordoba. Menendez, Palacios, Reynoso + Ramis/Gil/Escobar/GOdoy. They are enough strong to beat Boca on La Bombonera or current CHampion -Lanus.

        And I would like to see Argentina – Brazil (I don’t mean the game in Australia) in domestic squads. As it was under Sabella.

        ……….Barboza..Martinez Quarta
        …..Pity Martinez………..Pavon


    • Yes, please, like this line-up, very dynamic midfield, Nacho is a great player, Papu Gomez needs to be tried, even Dybala as a #9 (or false 9) can work very well.

      • Dynamic is good word. Nacho – Pizarro – Lanzini. Each of them may attack. This is on paper as far but who know what happens in reality. Nacho is such a usefull player.

        There’s no place here for Icardi but just because I’m more interested to see both Dybala and Papu Gomez. And Peruzzi is in better form of late than Gomez. I think even he as good as Fabra recently.

        • Despite the presence of Driuzzi, Alario and Pity, one player who always captures my attention while watching the river plate game is nacho. All others have alternatives but not for nacho. He is real BOX-TO-B0X. The comparison with Paulinho is very apt.

          Also I would have liked to see Gustavo Bou who is at his career best now.

    • Oh yes love this team gonzalo except that i feel that pizarro is a little too slow to be as our defensive midfielder. Still prefer Ascacibar over him anytime

        • Yup. Two running, box-to-box midfielders around No.5. If this Brazil model is so succesfull now why not to try such midfield? Lanzini plays sometimes as Box to box in West Ham.

      • After WC Ascacibar should be somwhere around NT. Of course if he will keep the level. He is rude. But has talent to all the things you want from DM and more thanks to his stamina. There’s a lot interesting DM/CM. Pizarro, Nacho, Augusto, Paredes, Ascacibar. And there’s Rodrigo Battaglia of Sporting Braga who has massive potential and we should follow him.

    • I’m pretty sure Sampaoli will play a 3 men backline. Currently most of our inform CBs are playing in a back three like Mascherano, Fazio, Mercado and others can adapt there as well.

      I think a back 3 will help us provide width which we have been missing since 2006. Another important thing is we need to realize that this team needs to sustain VS Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Playing in a neutral ground against European teams who have good coaches and are trained well is completely different than playing against South American Teams in South America officiated by South American Referees.

      I am also against breaking down the entire team before 2018. Sure we need to change the system, add 3-4 players in the eleven and reallocate certain players to certain positions, but certainly not the total eleven. That will be suicidal IMO. Also as impatient as we are, it will be very harmful to just call players like Ascacibar and Gomez. It could be detrimental if they lose confidence in so early days in their career. I hope we are patient with these kids.

      My team – 3-3-1-3

      Mascherano Otamendi Rojo
      ..Augusto Pizzaro Acuna
      ..Dybala Icardi Lanzini

      Or a 4-3-1-2 (My preferred one)

      Peruzzi Otamendi Garay Ansaldi
      ….Augusto Pizzaro Acuna
      ……….Icardi Dybala

      It feels really good to make lineups again! There is hope now 🙂

      • “That will be suicidal IMO. Also as impatient as we are, it will be very harmful to just call players like Ascacibar and Gomez. It could be detrimental if they lose confidence in so early days in their career. I hope we are patient with these kids”.

        That is true with respect to most of young players. But sometimes you have young one who is mentally really strong, even as 20, and may play at this age for NT without any hang-ups. There’s a group of young players that are enough talented to be in NT and I think few of them is also enough strong mentally. But we don’t know which of them (I suppose Jose Luis Gomez is such player). That’s why we need friendly games without our biggest stars. And that’s why we need also long 25-26 players-long list call-ups for qualifiers and among the players few new, young faces – not to play in starting eleven at once but first to learn and acclimatize.

        “It feels really good to make lineups again! There is hope now”

        Yup, looks like Bauza was cork for our imagination in this matter. Someone uncork this bottle of cornucopia and we see this abundance of ideas here.

  5. Im pinning my hopes on the next coach to field a team like this :





    Messi………………….Di Maria/Acuna



    • Im sick of the double pivot formation which makes our midfield literally dormant. Let’s play to our strength and make our attack be feared by all the teams around the world !

      • Augusto Fernandez should replace Mascherano if mascherano’s form dips or we’re aiming to gung ho against a team. Ascacibar should be integrated into this team for Mascherano to be able to pass the defensive midfield baton very very soon

    • Messi so deep down in midfield…not a good idea…team spirit and motivation to win has to be built within the team..the teams moral is down now..rejuvenating it should be the immediate focus..

      • That is true. Messi should be placed as high as possible to support our attackers. He should be given the free role akin to his role in barca

  6. my team

    GK Caballero / Romero /Damian Martinez

    Defense Mercado/ Gino Perruzi, Mascherano /Otamendi, Fazio / Funes Mori, Alexis Soto /Sanchez Mino

    MF Messi / Dybala, Guido Pizzaro , Paredes / Rodrigo battaglia/Roberto Pereyra , Locelso /Vazquez, Dimaria/Joaquin Correa/Mateo Garcia

    Fw Icardi,Higuain,Simeone


    Mercado Mascherano Funes Mori Soto

    Guido Pizzaro Roberto Pereyra

    Messi Vazquez Locelso


  7. My Team [each player with their best playing position. Some position having more option that can be tried] .
    FWD(5) :
    1.CF/RW/SS-Lionel Messi (captain)
    2.CF/RW/SS-Paulo Dybala
    3.CF-Gonzalo Higuaín
    4.CF-Mauro ICARDI
    5.CF-Sergio Agüero /Giovanni Simeone/ Luciano Vietto /Lucas Alario/ Jonathan Calleri / Lautaro Martínez

    1.RW- Ángel Di María
    2.CM/CAM-Éver Banega,
    3.CM/CAM-Javier Pastore
    4.CDM- Leandro PAREDES
    5.CDM- Guido Pizarro / Santiago Ascacibar/Matías Kranevitter/Augusto Fernández/ Enzo Pérez/Bruno Zuculini
    6.CAM-Manuel Lanzini/Joaquín Correa/Giovani Lo Celso/Roberto Pereyra/José Sosa/ Ignacio Piatti
    7.RW-Ángel Correa/Nicolás Gaitán/Cristian Pavón/Érik Lamela/Eduardo Salvio/Cristian Espinoza
    8.LW-Alejandro Gomez/Diego Perotti/Rodrigo de Paul/Ricardo Centurión/Lucas Ocampos

    1.RB-Gabriel Mercado
    3.CB- Javier Mascherano
    4.CB-Mateo Musacchio
    5.LB-Marcos Rojo
    6.CB- Federico Fazio /Emanuel Mammana/ Ezequiel Garay/ Ramiro Funes Mori
    7.LB-Cristian Ansaldi / NicolásTagliafico/ Alexis Soto
    OR RB-Gino Peruzzi/Pablo Zabaleta / Julio Buffarini/ José Luis Gómez

    GK(3) :
    1.Gerónimo Rulli,
    2 Sergio Romero,
    3.Franco Armani/ Willy Caballero /Axel Werner/Augusto Batalla

    Need your comments and suggestion about the selection!!!!

  8. Great news. Good riddance. But AFA being AFA, they might settle for another tactically challenged coach, I can not celebrate anything yet but for the removal of the primary problem. At least we can hope for better days until the next coach is confirmed.

    • My favourite team will be……….




      ——-Messi———-/-Heguin ——–



      • @Biswas, Its a Nice Team selection, good to see some player like Pastore,Gomez,Lanzini,Paredes,Perotti,Icardi, what I like most that you keep Mascharano in defense ,
        But I like to include Banega,dePaul,Pavón,Correa,Kranevitter,Ascaciba,Salvio,Correa,Mercado,Ansaldi,Mammana,Fazio,Buffarini,Garay,Franco Armani as well.
        These players deserve a chance .

      • i like to see this line up

        ———-mercado fazio rojo
        gonzalo martinez mascherano paredes acuna
        ————messi icardi

  9. Happy that despite financial issues AFA decided to fire this clueless coach. Our team has reached three finals, won none and is now psychologically weak and on average too old to compete in Russia. The last three coaches hardly changed anything in the starting line-up. We were too static, could not score goals and the majority of our players could match the form at their clubs. Whether it be Simeone or Sampaoli we are likely to see a revamped starting line-up that will pressure our opponents and support our new trident up front: Messi, Dybala and Icardi. If Bauza would have continued we probably would miss the WC, now we stand a chance of qualifying.

  10. At last, all the stakeholders of Argie footballs realized their mistake of appointing Mr.Bauza. Whoever the new coach , hopefully the national team will be overhaul and clean all the dressing room from old gangs, brings in new bloods and strengthen on competition and contribution not a nepotism.

    AFA need to be reform not just the N/T…

    • No! There needs to be a mix of some new blood but still a lot of the pre-selected players… for example dimaria must be on the team but as a substitute. Aguero should start in Angels old position and higuain should sit behind Icardi at the #9 role.

  11. Strength: Attacking. We have many good players in CB position.
    Weakness: RB/LB and Medfield(In midfield we have either attacking or defensive minded players)

    Solution: 3-4-3 formation.

    Sampaoli will be the better option than Simeone in this condition.

  12. when martino there he have only plan a.. not plan b… and his only one formation 4-2-3-1… it worked we are no 1 team by that time but in the finals not worked… when i watched a worldcup 2014 i think argentina have only four or five top players.. messi dimaria mache higuain aguero… but dimaria and aguero barely played… and sebella making a mistake not bring tevez.. and messi put ball to palacio.. think if that would be tevez… and martino not bringing icardi and same as fucker bauza… now we have more players played top club in the world.. but they dont get a chance some fucking freeks make the call up… roncalia pratto(last game showed who he was) mori romero anjudar mas extra… but we have the best players home…. lanzini parades gomez icardi rulli extra… finaly i hope new coach will bring deserved 23 members to the world cup… either we wil win or lose… we will going to play our maximum strenth … we will accept.. other then no plan b… and bringing school sorry not even school coach(bauza)…
    it was frustrating us… now hope sampoli means attacking football messi loves simmone means defending football messi will not shine but we will be in the final… now 3-4-3 possiple with sampolli.. i feel we won half of the world cup… if we bring sampoli or simmone 90% is over and remaining in messi hands sorry legs… batistua said recently why messi take blaming to travel 14,000 miles.. because he loves argentina and he want to bring the trophy to argentina.. no one has the right to blame messi…. if you want to blame messi imagine if you play in the argentina national team and ass fuckers waiting to blame.. if you wont score one match… world loves messi but some fucker idots in argentina… i will tell you he will never select the team.. he will play along side icardi … this will happen in 2018 wc

  13. Bozo caused more damage by relying and misusing Aguero on top of his dead midfield like his predecessors.

    He used Aguero vs Paraguay as CAM and what he did was missing the only real chance of zat-Penality.

  14. under sampaoli or pelegrini Aguero scoor lots of goals like club Argentina won u20 WC kun scoor in final Argentina never lost when kun scored

  15. great news. I prefer sampaoli and hopefully mascherano and biglia can be replaced by paredes and guido pizzaro. More young player should be given chance. I like Alexis Soto, Vasquez,Joaquin correa, Lo celso, Icardi, giovane simeone,Ocampos, mateo garcia, Lucas boye, Oscar benitez,Lanzini, pavon

    If afa chooses diego simeone,i dont think he will change too much

    • Same players once again???
      same old mascherano, banega, aguero, higuain, lavezzi etc… u might have well asked for bauza.
      young legs needed now to play with messi…

      • we have the players the coach just sucked and didn’t know how to use them! Messi needs ball distribution in order to open his space up. In Barcelona he had xavi and iniesta. In argentina he needs two CAM to play with. Who are Argentinas best two CAM? Pastore and banega! Maybe Lamela or Lanzini could became but in the short term .. who else ?

      • Aguero was played out of position and Pastore wasn’t even playing!! Crazy! Who is a better CAM than Pastore for Argentina? Tell me? The only one close is Banega right now, Lamela is a natural CAM that has moved outside more often than not. Lanzini has potential… Vasquez is average at best…

      • No augusto Fernandez … he is the definition of anti futbol midfielder!! All defense and can’t pass a ball forward to save his life!! Lanzini has potential but argentina needs two CAM playing.. so tell me who plays aside Lanzini then in your opinion? Pizarro isn’t a CAM he is a holding mid..

  16. If Simeone takes up the proposed part-time offer.. 100% sure Mascherano and gang will be sent home… and Messi will be put to place…

  17. thats post poto say…”i’m gone a plane to ecuador”….
    and last qualification we will meet him again…..that’s absolutly ironic joke

    • Great skill from Lanzini, Calleri should have scored after that cross, instead he pulled a Higuain there hehe

      To be fair to Biglia, he is a #5, Lanzini is a #10, so I think they are in different category altogether, IMO the comparison is not entirely valid. It’s not like Biglia is a terrible player, he is fine, it’s the fact that Masche & Biglia combo is redundant and counterproductive.

      • “Pulled a higuain” that’s an epic analogy haha. Yup I completely agree that he is but considering his defensive contribution in west ham, he could easily fit in beside mascherano and one shot break that futile hegemony of the two. Lately I’m beginning to lose my respect for mascherano as well due to the recent “friends” hearsay. Not as if he cant be replaced already with his recent dip in form.

  18. “The way it was handled and the criticisms were too strong. We have to get over the drama and move on. BAUZA will probably work again in a few months.”

    Mother F****er you destroyed our team…..taking it from a major trophy contender to a bottom feeder in less than a year and his agent talks about criticism. He is not fit a manage a high school team in Siberia.

  19. Bozo do let the door hit you as you leave, good riddance and bye.
    Now its time for me to open a bottle of fine whiskey and drink to the good news.

  20. Good news! I hope Simeone can coach Argentina until the end of 18 World Cup. After that, he can either stay or go back to Europe and coach inter. He is definitely the best coach for Argentina. I don’t believe Sampoli can change our old squad completely.

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