Jorge SAMPAOLI’s lawyer in talks with AFA


Jorge SAMPAOLI’s lawyer is reportedly already in talks with the AFA.

Per a report by Radio La Red, current Sevilla coach Jorge SAMPAOLI’s lawyer is speaking with the AFA regarding him becoming the new coach of the Argentina National Team. Furthermore, it appears as though Lionel SCALONI (who was part of the 2006 Argentina World Cup team and played with both Javier MASCHERANO and Lionel MESSI), will be part of SAMPAOLI’s Argentina coaching staff. Matias MANNA would also be part of the staff.

As we reported yesterday, Edgardo BAUZA was fired and is no longer the coach of the Argentina National Team. Chiqui TAPIA and Marcelo TINELLI will be flying to Europe on Thursday where they will speak with not only SAMPAOLI but with Diego SIMEONE as well.


  1. Is there any news on appointment of the new coach? Simeone and Pocchetino are not realistic candidates right now. So hope Sampaoli is confirmed before we start hearing some mediocre candidates talk themselves into the position.

  2. A great game yesterday. I have been rooting for Barcelona since Messi came to the pitch in a #30 shirt. But last night my mind was with Dybala. Couple of observations

    1. Dybala is exactly what is missing. He scored at a big stage against a big opponent. He has always looked like the one who has the balls. He has not choked yet. He has played bad games or have not been able to impose himself, but not choke. Not yet.

    2. Gonzalo Higuain: Once again. He should have scored the header in 7th minute. But he choked again. If this game was in Serie A, like a 18th game in a long series of 38 games – he buries it. Not here. He just cannot perform in CL.

    Please note, none of the above has anything to do with skills of a player.

    Finally, Buffon said the right thing – He (Dybala) just need to do it more regularly, like Messi did for 12 years.

  3. On Kempes’ comments about this generations attitude, its very simple. A clean cut from the old generation.
    I know we have many young passionate forum members here, but there was a long withstanding tradition in the past that many of you may not know of. It is customary for a player, especially one in a high stature, to retire from the national team to make way for younger players to take the torch. They did this to prevent controversy and not have the coach have to make the hard decision.
    Javier Mascherano CLEARLY doesn’t understand this. If ANYBODY thinks this 5.6″ midget either has the height to play defense or the pace and skill to play midfield anymore they did not see him being manhandled yesterday. 2 of the 3 goals were on him yesterday.
    Along with him, these players should be shown the door.

    Lucas ” I can’t make a fucking penalty shot” Biglia
    Gonzalo “the refrigerator” Higuain
    Angel “Hamstrings” DiMaria
    Ever “Slowpoke” Banega
    Facundo “why am i here?” Roncaglia

    Also, I would pretty much shut the door on the Sergios

    Sergio “I can’t get a starting job anywhere other than the NT” Romero
    Sergio ” I really am better than Saviola” Aguero

    • As usual aptly said in a satirical way san isidro. These ppl that you mentioned should be shown the exit door with no questions

  4. Who are the player Sampaoli will call should be selected as DT ??

    It will not erase the historical, but neither will guarantee anything; Icardi will take place; He plans to add a figure to his coaching staff

    Sampaoli has no weakness for the No. 9 parked, prefers the space and the surprise appearance of players shed from other sectors of the court. But the offensive wealth of Argentina will force him to reformulate the idea. He will play Higuain or Icardi will play. Yes, Icardi, finally a coach will call Icardi to the selection. Sampaoli anticipates meetings with Claudio Tapia and sketches out schemas and names. Messi as false 9, Di Maria left inside, Banega as central midfielder and Libero Mascherano in a line of three. Dybala, undoubtedly, somewhere under a very elastic drawing 3-3-3-1. Sampaoli will not arrive with the broom nor intend to erase the historical players. Neither will assure them anything.

    It is the one chosen by the new administration of the AFA. To install the surname of Simeone is a maneuver to expose it to the coach of Atletico of Madrid and condition it to Sampaoli when they finally feel to delineate the contract. Something evil, clear, and premeditated. Like the wear they put on Bauza. The new policy? Each step betrays them. Sampaoli observes everything from Seville with some surprise, hints of disbelief, much anxiety and contained joy. He is warned about where he will go, but at age 57 he is moved by the feeling and dream of leading Argentina. Passion tames reason. The contacts began a few days ago and, in the next, will finally be face to face with Tapia, who will travel to Spain tomorrow. Sampaoli meets Tinelli, Angelici, until he had a conversation with Pablo Moyano.

    With Sampaoli, Messi will be a false 9 and Mascherano will play free in the background

    Sampaoli would transfer to Argentina part of his coaching staff. Physical trainer Jorge Desio, his right arm years ago. Former flier Lionel Scaloni and Matías Manna, as field assistants. And Martín Tocalli, the son of Hugo, as coach of archers. But his work group is much broader. Here I would seek to add six or seven other members. There is already a raking of video analysts, because the technological support has a lot of protagonism in the method of work of the DT santafecino. Of course, the AFA budget and the possibility of setting up a technical secretariat are some of the many points to be discussed. As the extension of the contract, the clauses and the terms of extension for productivity. The AFA would propose a period of time to be revised according to the results. How? Whenever the selection qualifies for Russia, To be able to examine the link after the World Cup. The leaders do not want to be arrested by a firm if the selection were eliminated in the first round.

    Sampaoli wants to strengthen his coaching staff with a name that has gone through the selection. Like Pablo Aimar, but recently joined the work group of Eduardo Coudet. An alternative is Gabriel Milito, of very close relation with Messi. Other less likely options are Claudio Caniggia and Gabriel Batistuta.

    Market will not miss on your team. Funes Mori might be the right-back to complete the defense from the left. He likes Leandro Paredes and Guido Pizzaro. Kun Aguero will not be indispensable and Lavezzi will leave very late in the consideration. Without the suspended Messi in the resumption of the eliminatory ones, Sampaoli thinks in the collective value in the absence of the crack. And the local players appear in their orbit. It will depend on how much he can train with them, of course, but he has scored Lautaro Acosta, Román Martínez, Ricardo Centurión, Marcos Acuña.

    Messi admires him. He did not see him more than two or three times in his life; With Jorge Messi he has had more dialogue. With Mascherano has also talked, with points of contact in Renato Cesarini. “There is no more unequal treatment than treating everyone alike.Everyone is different.There is fear, another has value.The generality of a speech in front of a group sometimes serves only to justify the profession.But it does not have to be so “, has manifested. Obsessive, detailed, curious and restless, look for closeness with the players. He does not believe in conventional technical talks; With some speak, others send them by whatsapp …

    “You do not live celebrating victories, but overcoming defeats,” he has tattooed on one arm. “I do not listen and I follow, because much of what is prohibited makes me live …”, also recorded in the skin, part of the refrain of ‘Prohibido’, one of the songs of the group “Callejeros”. Grandfather, a fan of River and Indio Solari, knows that it is not the result of an AFA project, but an emergency. It assumes that the Argentine public will have it under study and that for many it is a stranger. It will strive to catch them with some messages that will not hide a populist bias through press conferences. His idea is not to grant individual notes to the media. Also, imagine that you are probably curious about a lifestyle you will not disguise.


    • “You do not live celebrating victories, but overcoming defeats” – just wow i love his motto. Hopefully AFA is willing to accede to his demands

  5. As I said few days back that we can not change so many players all of a sudden and also cannot include many young players as most of all need to prove their worth. But changes are must..

    I want to see these new inclusion [at least should be called or should be in radar]

    (1) GK: Ruli (IN)
    (2) Center Back: Garay (IN) and any one of Fedrico Fernandez and Fazio
    (1) Left Back: Tagliafico (IN)
    (1) Right Back: Peruzzi (IN)
    (1) Defensive/Center Midfield: Pardes (IN)
    (1) Attacking Midfield (10): Any one of Gomez or Perotti
    (1) Wingers: Acuna (IN) or Lanzini (IN)
    (1) Strikers: Icardi (IN)

    So total 9, considering Dybala, Correa and Kranevitter already in the team. So total 12 players.

    Now from the current team:

    (1) GK: Romero
    (3) CB: Otamendi, Musacchio, Rojo, (Funes Mori)
    (2) FB: Mercado (RB), Vangioni (LB)
    (2) MF: Mascherano, Bigila
    (3) AMF: Di Maria, Banega, Gaitan
    (1) CM, AMF, RW, False 9, ST: Messi
    (2) ST: Higuain, Kun

    [Why I am including Kun as I have the feelings any good coach will be able to bring the best out of him and if Kun plays his natural game he still has plenty to offer. So will give him chance for 2/3 matches under new coach]

    Total 14 + 1 (GK) from old team.

    I would like Coach to select any one of Mori or Fedrico Fernandez. Also any one of Garay or Fazio as you cannot afford too many 30+ CBs in your team.

    Also young players like Joaquin Correa, Batalla, Walter Montoya, Franco Cervi, Eduardo Salvio, Lucas Alario, Luciano Vietto, Mammana, Jonathan Silva etc along with Lamela and Pastore also should be in radar.

  6. Kempes: “Ni Sampaoli ni Simeone pueden modificar la mente de esta Selección”

    This is real challenge. Current generation has mentality of losers and most of them should go. If they will stay I don’t see Argentina going far in Russia. Needs fresh blood and more warriors. More like Chile of Sampaoli.

  7. I don’t know but from what I’ve seen lately of Mascherano is scary. I’m sorry to say this but I’ve realized now that he and Banega (who can’t take 3 steps forward with the ball at his feet without pressure even) are the ones who imbalance the NT midfield. Pizzaro might be a better option right now. He was the only bright spot in a dismal performance. Although his leadership is needed, I don’t think he should be a starter anymore and it’s about time Banega is replaced by mobile Lanzini.

  8. WHat a special player we have in Dybala. Plus slapping around FCB and seeing Messi fanboys shook all over the web is a thing of beauty.

    • What has Dybala playing well got to do with Messi? Are you so blinkered that you can’t appreciate 2 great Argentine players, imagine them together in the NT as well as Icardi.

  9. Dybala is without any doubt the most talented player after the “Messi generation (born in 1986, 87 & 88)”. More importanly, he seems to have the grit in his eyes.

    • agreed and i see this in him and icardi, that is a will to win at all costs.

      we can only hope hope to see the messi through balls to players like dybala who have the skill and a lot of pace(speed and quick thought) that we are so lacking today from the n/t.

  10. Wow glad that whole Bauza affair is done with, however much bigger battles are yet to come namely Bauza’s replacement.
    The good news is that Argentina isn’t lacking talent, infact talent is plentiful with the likes of Tagliafico, Peruzzi, Gomez, Battala, Acuna, Nacho, Ascacibar, Pavon, Pitty, Druissi (wasn’t impressed with him in the U20 but he’s developed well under Gallardo) and several more I can’t really think of right now, and this is just in Argentina!!!
    Youngsters likes Lanzini, Paredes and Rulli are all NT material in my book while the likes of Cervi, Mammana, De paul, the 2 Correas, Vietto and Simeone all showing potential.
    And let’s not forget the older (yet not old) players like Atlanta’s Gomez and Pablo Piatti (both monsters for their clubs) and when you add perotti to the list then Argentina has 3 versatile attacking options.
    I haven’t mentioned Dybala and Icardi because they’re not just NT material, they are superstars and the fact that the latter hasn’t even been given a chance is laughable (or tear jerking).

    Argentina has the best attacking options on the planet and believe it or not the albicelestes have the 2nd best defensive record after Brazil but what is really missing is a midfield. Although when I say a midfield is missing I don’t mean that Argentina is missing midfielders.
    A midfield 3 consisting of:


    would provide a wonderful combination of defensive grit and attacking aptitude

    OR a 4 man mifield consisting of:


    would work beautifully for a 4-4-2 or a 3-4-3 formation. Now I know some of you are thinking that the above formation is way too attacking and I get that but all you have to do is watch Acuna in Racing or Piatti in Espaneol to realize that they play as forward thinking midfielders who do not weasel out on their defensive responsibilities.

    I guess I’m getting way ahead of myself since we need to know whose going to replace Bauza before we start thinking about player selections and formations but needless to say these are exciting (and very nervy times) but as fans all we can do is hope for the best.

    • elp: great to hear from you as always and as always plenty of good reading in your writings,
      i hope you are avoiding the rain that is lashing our little country and good wishes to you as always.

    • new blood will come in after this World Cup… the present of argentina is still the Messi/mascherano generation … like it or not… with mascherano, banega, biglia, Pastore etc… maybe adding a Lanzini… hopefully dimaria is benched as a starter and aguero will be played on the left and not out of position. Looking forward to dybala playing with Messi consistently… maxi Lopez is petitioning for icardi not to be called in Barcelona… shame… we will see if icardi gets the call…

    • Mamoun,

      I like your projects of midfield. It’s no secret I’m sceptical to Paredes but I’m open minded and as far as we haven’t seen him in NT it’s hard to estimate. And I don’t mind as far as people do not put him as partner for No.5 because partners for No.5 should be running player so far as possible – we need more movemoent in midfield. So one central DM/No.5 (Pizarro, Paredes, Ascacibar) + 2 running CM/box to box around – just like in Brazil model.

      So yes, midfield Nacho – Paredes – Lanzini is almost my midfield but for now Pizarro instead Paredes because he is already in NT and was too good against Bolivia to sub him.

      Actually Nacho is not so young (27) so we should introduce him as soon as possible.

    • Piatti stats are so impressing in this season – 10 goals, 9 assists. He has more assist than Messi.

    • Mamoun,

      I like your projects of midfield. It’s no secret I’m sceptical to Paredes but I’m open minded and as far as we haven’t seen him in NT it’s hard to estimate. And I don’t mind as far as people do not put him as partner for No.5 because partners for No.5 should be running player as far as possible – we need more movemoent in midfield. So one central DM/No.5 (Pizarro, Paredes, Ascacibar) + 2 running CM/box to box around – just like in Brazil model.

      So yes, midfield Nacho – Paredes – Lanzini is almost my midfield but for now Pizarro instead Paredes because Pizarro already is in NT and was too good against Bolivia to sub him. Ascacibar is third in pecking order because the youngest and he has U-20 team affairs now. Is Paredes enough good in defence to play No.5? – it’s hard to say before he was not called up yet.

      Actually Nacho is not so young (27) so we should introduce him as soon as possible.

  11. Is it me or does anybody else see Barcelona looking more and more like a bad slow version of our NT?
    You know why…Very simple. This should be a cautionary tale to every team out there…Mascherano = Lawn Statue.
    Iniesta = Older than dirt at 32.

    You want to know why arguable 3 of the best forwards on the planet didn’t do shit today? Look at Masche and Iniesta.

    And Iniesta is even better at this old age than Biglia or Banega.

    THAT IS WHY WE CANT SCORE A DAMN GOAL. Get rid of the fossils and defensive midfielders.

  12. Before AFA choose new coach finally they just should submit one short general demand to whoever he will be: “No Marias, Aguras, Heguainas”

          • Kindly recollect the info well. It was Burdiso( against Ivorycost and Bosinia) after his injury vs holland Colocini took over including vs Germany. Scaloni played only against Mexico.

            May be u can say it was 3-4-3 if u consider sorin as left wing otherwise Heinze ‘n Ayala were the 2 permanent CBs in the whole tournament.

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