Edgardo BAUZA expected to get fired as Argentina coach today


Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA is expected to be fired today.

According to reports in Argentina, BAUZA will meet with AFA president TAPIA tonight at 7pm at Ezeiza. Per the reports, the decision to fire him has already been taken and BAUZA will be fired tonight.

Edgardo BAUZA:

This story of will the AFA or won’t the AFA fire BAUZA has been going on since last month with the two parties speaking to each other last week when BAUZA got the support of TAPIA. However, since that time, there was a leaked Whatsapp conversation involving the AFA president where he insults and humiliates BAUZA.

The idea seems to be that while the AFA no longer want BAUZA as coach of the Argentina National Team, they can’t afford to fire him. They currently owe former Argentina and current Atlanta United coach Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO’s staff millions and firing BAUZA would add to their debt. Furthermore, if the rumors are true and they would get Jorge SAMPAOLI from Sevilla, they would have to pay his buyout clause and pay his salary as coach of the Argentina National Team. Another issue appears to be that they don’t want to fire BAUZA before being able to get SAMPAOLI as his replacement.

We reported last week that SAMPAOLI reportedly had demands about coaching the National Team. One of them being that he would want to manage Argentina until the 2022 World Cup.


  1. This joker should have never been hired especially since Sampaoli and Perkerman were both available after chubby-boy quit and both turned around two losing teams with lots of potential in a ridiculous short amount of time….sounds familiar ??

  2. “Sampaoli close to being next Argentina manager according to @marca”

    “AFA to spend more than 100M pesos ($6.5M) on Martino debt, Bauza’s compensation & any deal for Sampaoli – serious money [via @canchallena]”

    as they say its not over until the big lady sings but if we listen carefully we can just hear her starting to warm up 🙂

  3. Lets see if Bauza gets sacked first. Secondly who is the next coach and the selections. if the new coach selects the same bunch and doesn’t prepare a strong , fluid and box to box midfield play..its all the same and people here will have same reactions…

  4. This soap opera needs to end. It is just ridiculous.

    I was wondering about the deal the AFA made some years ago about the rights to organize and televise NT friendlies. They made a deal for several years that included a clause that Messi should play. The money made from those friendlies could maybe be used to pay off Martino and staff and Bauza. Does someone know the details of that contract and until what date it is valid?

    • Richard
      You are right on your idea about the contract. If Messi plays it was about a million more for AFA. But what probably happened is people in power pocketed all those money and hence the situation of AFA.

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