Sergio ROMERO of Manchester United close to Inter deal


Argentina and Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio ROMERO is reportedly close to joining Inter.

The Manchester United back-up goalkeeper could move to Inter in this summer’s transfer window. According to reports, Inter have offered ROMERO a two year deal. The report even states that ROMERO has already purchased a house in Milan with the deal to be confirmed in the upcoming weeks.

ROMERO joined Manchester United in 2015 and has acted as the second choice goalkeeper at the club. Most of his appearances have come in cup competitions including the FA Cup and the Europa League. However, the Argentina starting goalkeeper has a contract with United until 2019 and should he join Inter, would apparently still act as second choice goalkeeper.


    • Great to see Jose Luis Gomez return to form. If Sampaoli is open minded enough and especially if he decides to play with back four, we have a few options for a right-back position: Gomez, Di Plácido and Peruzzi.

    • Someone jokingly told me today that this was his first Champions League knockout goal ever!

      I didn’t check, but a very high chance of that to be true lol

        • Pablo is correct he only had 2 goals in knock out stage before today and now 4 in almost 30 games.
          pathetic numbers for a so called world class striker.

          • glued: I absolutely agree and I for one can never forgive those 4 misses so I really don’t care what he does now but its so modern football too up a player to “world class” because they get 2 goals but we know a lot better.

        • I’m happy to see Higuain scoring crucial goals. I hope he is developing a clutch mentality at Juve as there is more pressure than Napoli. Maybe he is finally maturing psychologically. Higuan wins, Dybala wins too. And I like it. I have forgiven him long tome agoas I don’t believe in football that only generates one chance per game for it’s main striker. What if he had scored and the opponents equalized? I have always wondered why most Brazilian and Uruguayan players find it easy to replicate club form with their NTs but not Argentine players? I have only seen that with Bielsa, Pekerman and the last time with Sabella. Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero, Garay, Rojo, Mascherano were good with Sabella. Then all over a sudden they became a team that can’t make 3 passes?

  1. Surprisingly theoretically stronger Argentina clubs like Estudiantes or San Lorenzo are dissapointing in Copa Libertadores while Godoy Cruz or Atletico Tucuman doing well.

    • Does it simply reflect the quality of their players?
      On the other hand Godoy Cruz have some interesting but not much talked about players. I hope these smaller clubs do well in these continental competitions so that there is some light on these lesser known players.

      Also, it looks like Barco is out of the U-20 world cup. Replaced by Nacho Mendez of Argentinos. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think Barco is worth the hype surrounding him. Looks nimble and good in pieces, but simply too physically inferior to be a big player in modern footballer. Check out the Athletism and physique of some of Monaco’s and Ajaz kids in additional to their technical capabilities.

      • Agree. I like this Godo Cruz team very much. A lot of interesting players. Especially CM Henriquez and Gimenez, Gonzalez, Angileri, Fernandez, Abecasis.

        For me Maxi Lovera of Rosario Central is far more creative player than Barco and worth a place in Ubeda team as no one other.

      • After Henriquez Emmanuel Cecchini from Banfield is another interesting DM scoring goals. Last night did that in Copa Argentina.

  2. Lucas Acosta of Belgrano had a few fine saves recently.
    Just like any other position, the goal keeper should also be selected according to the current form. Guzman and Rulli are the best. Caballero is old and I dont hope to have any future for him in the NT.

  3. The best goal keeper we have at this point is Caballero, Rulli is not ready yet as we have seen him ruining our Olympics with his pana blunder … if he didn’t allow that own goal we would have qualified for second round…and I personally would kill him if he did it again in La mundial

    • I disagree, yes Rulli did a big blunder against Portugal but he also made some amazing saves in the following games, saves that kept the team in the games for a while, unfortunately the rest of the players weren’t up to snuff.
      I watch Sociedad quite a bit to keep up with Rulli’s progress and I think he’s ready for the big show, not only is he an excellent shot stopper like Romero but he’s also a much better distributor of the ball and much more comfortable with the ball at his feet.
      Caballero is excellent especially with shot stopping and penalties so I wouldn’t mind having him as a 3rd goalkeeper.

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