Marcos ROJO injured for Argentina and Manchester United until 2018


Marcos ROJO’s injury is worse than initially feared.

The Manchester United defender will require surgery due to a ligament rupture in his left knee. The injury is expected to keep him out until 2018, reports La Nacion. The Argentina National Team defender injured himself on April 20 in Manchester United’s Europa League match against Anderlecht.

For Argentina, it would mean he would miss the remainder of his country’s 2018 World Cup Qualifying matches. For Manchester United, it means not only losing the end of this season but also the beginning of the 2017-2018 season.


  1. That fantastic run made by Marcelo against Bayern from which Ronaldo scored should be our eye opener! Rojo is never even a comparison with Marcelo in this respect. Rojo is best as a central defender. He can play as the LCD in a line up having three CDs.

    But in my opinion, both as a Left Wing Back and as a LCD, Tagliafico is better. I saw him making a few runs playing in that position. Offensively, he can offer much more than Rojo. He may not be able to do the same things that Marcelo does, but he can contribute largely to the build up play. He is a reliable guy both in our half and in the opponents’ half. He is a team player.

  2. Sad to hear,wish him speedy recovery than that. But in his position i would like to see a proper LB with some skills. Since Sorin we didn’t have any proper LB position that can oppose threat or fear. Just dull and plain. Sampa needs to fix the dull midfield and Fullback in our team

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