Marcelo BIELSA: SAMPAOLI is better than me


Marcelo BIELSA spoke about Jorge SAMPAOLI and Diego SIMEONE.

Former Argentina National Team and Olympic gold winning coach Marcelo BIELSA has come out and commented on both Jorge SAMPAOLI and Diego SIMEONE. BIELSA appeared on Brazilian television where he stated that “as an Argentine, I don’t want Brazil to win.” He was also offered a shirt of the Brazil National Team but refused to post with it. Regarding Jorge SAMPAOLI and Diego SIMEONE, here’s what he had to say:

Marcelo BIELSA on Jorge SAMPAOLI:

“False modesty is one thing that I Reject a lot because it is to induce the other person to think the opposite of what I’m saying. It is a kind of manipulation. With that said, SAMPAOLI is not a disciple of mine because he’s better than me. And I don’t say that with false modesty.”

“One of the virtues for a coach is flexibility. Don’t fall in love with your own idea. But at the same time one has to fall in love to be able to convince. There needs to be a mixture of humility and conviction to defend the ideas one choses. I never dwell on my ideas and that is a defect. SAMPAOLI instead can renounce his ideas because he has the power of adaptation which I don’t have.”

“That makes him better than me. He’s solved things by moving away from the original starting point, while I’ve never given up my way of looking at football. I don’t consider him a disciple because from my unbiased point of view, his ideas, which are comparable to mine, is better. I could not do what he does.”

Marcelo Bielsa on Diego SIMEONE:

“You ask me if SIMEONE’s system is effective and pleasant. Yes, it is pleasant and it is effective, very often. SAMPAOLI’s system is also effective with much regularity and is also pleasant. Just because there are differences doesn’t make them better or worse, simply different.”


  1. Looks like Tagliafico is no more leftback but new Ayala (with his height and jump) for Independiente coach.

    • They are playing Mino as LB right?

      Before 2014 WC, he was supposed to be our attacking LB. He got injured and couldn’t stand out after that iirc.

      • Yes. He is more ‘versatile’ player I ever saw. Once played in Boca as LF,LM. Thereafter as CM (Estudiantes) and now as LB. In Sabella times he was really promising midfielder. Called up by him for clasicos against Brazil.

  2. Now that barco has been omitted from the under20 team by ubeda, i wonder who will be our playmaker or will act as the creative spark for our team? Any insight on this gonzalo? Or are we going with the double pivot tactic with ascacibar and palacios being deployed in the centre? We’re playing against Vietnam today by the way

    • Barco’s omission could be a good thing. The news was that he wasn’t getting along well with the coaching staff. He complained that he wasn’t treated properly during the qualifications. Wonder what he meant by that. Colombatto from Serie B could be the playmaker. He is a nimble left-footed player in the Bernardo Silva mould (Just to reflect on his playing style, only time will tell if he can be just as good as the Portuguese magician or turn out to be a Cartabia).
      Julian Foyth wasn’t that good during the qualifiers, but has been playing regularly off late for Estudiantes, and the CB is being monitored by Bielsa with an idea to make a move for him this summer for Lille.

      • I think Ascacibar – Palacios duo is base. Palacios is not type of playmaker though. But he is good runner. If the duo will not be effective Ubeda will likely introduce Colombatto. As @saant said unfortunately Colombatto seems to be the only one creative player of the middle. I have no trust in most of our midfielders: Conechny, Mansilla, Rodriguez, Zaracho.

        I think Foyth was really good on Sudamericano. Better than Cristian Romero. Both very talented but Foyth more consistent. Anyway Romero also should be on WC. His club want him more though.

      • Palacios would be the crucial player for this team if he will be starter. Ascacibar needs support in defense and player that may makes our middle more thick. Without the gap as on Suadamericano.

        • Palacios, I understand has modelled his game on Lucho Gonzalez. You can always count on River youth product, so I hope you are right, Gonzalo that Palacios would turn out to be a crucial player. You are also right about Mansilla, Zaracho, Conechny and Lucas Rodriguez. They remind of someone like Cristian Espinoza from the last batch and look where he is now?
          Also, I believe one of the reasons that the likes of Maxi Lovera have been omitted this time is that they will still be eligible for the next edition, so that others can be given a chance this time. Class of 99 include Lovera, Maxi Romero, Barco, Maroni. So, we already have a bunch of talented kids and more importantly, they are already getting playing time, and will have a significant experience by the time the next edition comes along.

          • and Rivas teammate of Lovera also ’99 and also outstanding talent.

            There’s in the category also Sandoval of Colon Santa Fe who doing well in Primera and Andereggen (Union Santa Fe).

      • I see and I heard about barco’s recent fall out with the management as well. I hope this won’t add the skepticism on him in future when he is considered for a national call up again. I think his gameplay is pretty matured considering his age. Just imagine how much he would’ve learnt by the time he turns 20. Anyway I really hope they find a creative spark in the under20 team or else I only see conechny and colambatto as our source of creativeness so far.

    • Barco is growing in Independiente. Few days ago one of best players against Newell’s. But he is not type of playmaker.

      Maxi Lovera from Rosario Central was the only answer for me here. Or Matias Moya from (River)

  3. maradona you are a complete imbecile

    “The World Cup winner is pleased to see a key man available for his country but believes the rescinding of his suspension shows preferential treatment

    Diego Maradona says Lionel Messi is “more like a teddy bear than a football player”, but feels it was still wrong for his Argentina ban to be rescinded.
    The Barcelona star has been cleared to play for his country again after sitting out just one game of an initial four-match suspension.
    He has been cleared by the FIFA appeals committee after allegedly insulting a match official during a World Cup qualifier against Chile.
    Messi lookalike causes stir in Iran
    Maradona believes the complete exoneration of Messi sends out the wrong message to those who have committed similar offences, with the authorities displaying preferential treatment.
    He told Radio La Red: “It makes absolutely no sense, but Leo deserved [to be sanctioned] for one more match and I say that with my heart in my hand.
    “They reduced the ban for the same reason they always do with star players and veteran players
    “Messi is not the type of player to insult anyone. I managed him for one year and he is more like a teddy bear than a football player.”

    the rest of the read is in the article.

    • Diego just does not know how to keep his mouth shut 🙂 While one famous Argentine refuses to post with a Brazil shirt, the other one is making some silly comments about our best player (maybe ever). What a contrast!

      I can’t help but feel that Maradona is insecure because many people think that Messi is arguably at least as good or possibly better than Maradona. Not saying this is my opinion but certainly other people have expressed that.

    • Believe me day by day i am forgetting to respect that man. His ass must be jealous the amount of shit come from his mouth. Get your act together Maradona. Ain’t calling legend anymore. Bytheway love El loco didn’t pose with yellow jersey. This is what passion means.

  4. in champions league he beat juventus… i think barca failed with great attack… and monoco… great attacking team in champions league they too…. thats why i rate him above pochetino and simmone… all other argentina coach… his track record.. is good.. 60% wins in his carreer… he will beat real madrid… bring the trophy to messi… i hope.. in 2014 his chille team played wonderfully against brazil spain netherlands and usa.. lost on penalties… he will win without messi… and great a team with and without messi… thats what we want..

  5. Both of them are great coaches but;
    Sampaoli is a tactician where as;
    Bielsa is a philosopher!

    That is the difference!

  6. Didn’t think I would ever read something like this.
    Self reflection is a beautiful thing.
    I gained respect for him.
    His kind of football mixed with Pekerman’s are my favorite kind of football styles. I am a die hard fan of beautiful football.
    My problem with him has always been his lack of willingness to adapt. I just thought he wasn’t aware of this, but now that he has come out and straight up said “I don’t want to adapt”, I respect that!

    • “Self reflection is a beautiful thing”.

      So true

      A bit of football philosophy from Bielsa.

      Ghostdeini, you was always talking he is ‘stubborn’ and he admit that:)

      • yes, I thought how can a guy who analyzes and watches film all day not see the mistakes and correct them or adapts to the situation. I thought he wasn’t aware of those things, and came to the possible conclusion that he must be dumb. Now I understand his stance! He is just stubborn, an idealist who believes in his philosophy and takes it with him in his grave, but is aware!

        • I’ve always thought if a coach is really really good, he only has one plan. Almost always that only plan is so good that they don’t really need another one. Like Rinus Michels, Sacchi, Cruyff, Bielsa, Pep…

          When people found out their “anti” plans, all of them became clueless.

          Not saying coaches who adapts are not good…but they never really become those cult legends like them though!

          • Despite he is not elastic mind I’m still a bit disappointed that Bielsa never more will be Argentina coach. He is getting old while Sampaoli has long term contract and Simeone is perhaps the next in future.

  7. He refused to accept a Brazilian shirt on their national T.V., why would they expect him to accept it unless they already know he won’t.

    Simeone’s system was never pleasant, effective but not anymore the way they been trashed by RM, especially by HER majesty.

    • Simeone’s system relied on hard men like diego costa, raul garcia, mario suarez etc. They were great at set pieces and used to play with intensity. They sold those players and replaced them with small technical players like carrasco, griezmann, correa etc.their team isn’t the same any more.

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