Under-20 Argentina side lose to hosts S. Korea!


Hello everyone,

Our boys have lost again to the hosts S. Korea.  They had 19 shots on goal compared to S. Korea’s 7 and they also had 60% of ball possession throughout the match. They also had more opportunities against England in their first match where they also lost.  Los pibes seem to have a problem with finishing.

Coach Claudia UBEDA said the following:

“Just like the match against England, we had more opportunities than the opponents, but our mistakes made this result,” he said. “We have to accept it. We made bad choices to let this happen.”

Argentina still have hope of going to the round of 16. Argentina can still become one of the four third-placed team to join. UBEDA’S side will meet Guinea on Friday in Seogwipo, Jeju Island.

UBEDA also said:

“We will give out our best efforts in the final match,” he said. “I hope we can get an opportunity to reach the round of the 16.”

I personally am not happy and am disappointed.  We are Argentina and can’t let this happen. Any thoughts?

Argentina’s goal:


  1. Sebastian Beccacece,current manager of Defensa y Justicia says he will be Jorge Sampaoli’s assistant manager with Argentina: “When a brother calls you, it’s hard to say no.”

  2. Anyone observing with attention the “ins” and “outs” of Argentine football and the so-called youth formation (should be called like youth sub-development) in the last 15 to 20y would have seen this coming. I propose literally to give up any participation of any youth tournament, until the shit gets fixed or else more and more embarassment we will suffer for sure.

  3. Argentina not winning anything at youth level is a good thing. Because now that the glory days are no more, it puts a big shame on AFA’s face and hopefully this prompts someone to do something about youth football development. Oliver Bierhoff made it clear when he said in one interview, that they copied and implemented the Argentine model of developing young players after their football suffered from lack of quality players production in the aftermath of their 90’s golden generation of Matthaus,Klinsmann, Voller and Brehme. Remember Germany became an average team after France 98. They were very lucky to get such an easy path to the 2002 WC final.
    This U20 team is definitely talented, even more talented than Korea or England but the players are professionally immature. These Primera kids do not know of constructive and effective structured team play.

    AFA really need to bring back the youth development structures of the 90s as well as coaches like Tocalli and Francisco Ferrara back into the frame and we’ll see the glory days at youth level again.

  4. There are no excuses for such a disappointing showing from Argentina; two games followed by two defeats. The guys were good blah blah blah, not even close, if they were good they wouldn’t be facing another U20 world cup group stage exit. How low have Argentina youth football gone! The point is not about having 100% possession of the ball, both Korea and England were effective in both games when needed to while Argentina was making 500 passes in their own half of the field that led to nothing. Maradona (1979); Riquelme, Aimar, Walter Samuel and Cambiasso (1997); Saviola, Maxi Rodriguez, Cooccini (2001); Messi, Zabaleta, Biglia, Garay, Aguero and Gago (2005); Aguero, Di Maria and Sergio Romero (2007) are all players who were top players at FIFA youth world cup. Argentina have not produce any world class/well known player that came from the U20 youth world cup since 2007. This just shows how low Argentina football has fallen. Every other country has evolved while Argentina seems to have no idea going forward with their football institution. 2015 YWC group stage exit, 2016 Olympic group stage exit, and most likely 2017 YWC group stage exit, this is not looking good for the future of Argentina football.

    There has always been a tradition in Argentina where the successful youth teams transition into the senior team making the process much easier for the players to adapt on a professional level. What we have now is the opposite; Argentina haven’t had any success at youth level for over a decade now! With the lack of youth success, I don’t see how Argentina can compete with the other top European nations several years from now. Look at Ajax for example; they’re basically playing with an U20 team in the Europa League and have a great chance of winning the whole thing. So you already have 17 – 20 year old Dutch players playing at the highest level while people come on here and boast about Argentina youth players from the Primera who can’t even make a mark at the U20 2017 YWC. If nothing changes Argentina is going to struggle in the long term of the game. Look at France youth team, they’ve left out a bunch of players including Mbappe at the last minute yet they’re looking like one of the favorites to win the whole thing.

    I can’t take some people serious when they say Ascacibar should be starting for Argentina. Then you come here and read some comments like Palacios and Colambatto are close to senior team level. SMH This naivety is beyond funny now! Back to Ascacibar, the guy is an ordinary player, how does this guy help the senior team? For all the hype around Ascacibar here on Mundo he has been one of Argentina sloppiest player on the pitch. The only positive about him is that he is young and have room for improvement, but as of right now he is far from the national team. I’m not a Paredes fan but how in the world is Colambatto a better version than Paredes? There are way too many loose arguments on this forum. The only Argentina player who impresses me at the youth world cup thus far is Juan Foyth, the only guy on the pitch for Argentina who look like a season professional for his age. Foyth is good with the ball, do simple things, pass well, dribble out of pressured situation well, turn with the ball facing his goal without any angst, and bring the ball into the attack with ease. The only negative on Foyth game right now is his speed. I don’t see anything special about any of the other players which would lead me to think that a European football scout would signed them up tomorrow. Ponce is just a water down version of Lukas Podolski. Colambatto is pretty decent with room to grow. The goalkeeper for Argentina is already the worse player at the U20 world cup.

    After the 2018 world cup when this generation call it a day Argentina will struggle to keep pace with the rest of Europe. The big club teams are not even buying Argentinean players like in past years. Cambiasso was a Real Madrid player while he was at the 1997 youth world cup. After the 1997 youth world cup, Walter Samuel became one of the best defender in Europe while playing for Roma before moving to Real Madrid. The same for Aimar, he went on to star for Valencia in Europe. There are no positives to take away from the most recent unsuccessful U20 YWC and U23 Olympic football for Argentina, and the way things are going now, 2017 seems to be another blunder. Isn’t it sad to see the way how Venezuela is playing compare to Argentina? During the South America U20 world cup I said Venezuela was going to do well at this tournament and they’re already proving me right. If Argentina played the same Germany team Venezuela defeat by two goals to zero, they would lose without a doubt. Venezuela will have a strong national senior team several years from now just as we saw from Chile after the 2007 YWC.

    • And I know that Ponce is a Roma player on loan. Same for Colambatto who plays in Serie B. So I wasn’t categorizing them as part of the Primera players.

    • “while Argentina was making 500 passes in their own half of the field that led to nothing”

      the fact is Argentina was not making passes on their own half. They do this on opponent half with many chances to score. I’m not sure about your watching.

      ” I’m not a Paredes fan but how in the world is Colambatto a better version than Paredes? There are way too many loose arguments on this forum”

      very simple man

      while impressive passer Colombatto is:

      1. Covering much more space on the pitch than Paredes

      2. More agressive in defence

      3. Attacking often as box-to-box (Paredes not)

      4. And probably better free-kicker (that goal against Vietnam and very close against England)

      just please to watch both the games and follow Colombatto. Look at how many places you may see him. As always you are completely closed to new players. Now it’s Paredes time to prove in NT (maybe he will be even enough good to go far in Rusiia). But if I may make early opinion I must to say Colombatto is type of player that gives you more than Paredes.

      • I know, Colombatto is most similar to young Fernando Redondo (though Colombatto more running). Also young Banega 2007, Gago, Pastore. He may do the things that Gago could do for NT if not the injuries.

    • “Then you come here and read some comments like Palacios and Colambatto are close to senior team level”

      everytime the same kind of arguments. Just don’t forget you were always talking that players like Dybala (before transfer to Juve), Icardi, Lanzini, Paredes, Tagliafico, J.L. Gomez, Rulli, Mammana, J. Correa are nowhere near to NT or NT level. Now some man who (according to you) must lives in fantasy world named them NT players. The man is Sampaoli and I suppose he knows a bit more about football than you. So be carefull about your conviction that players like Palacios or Colombatto are nowhere near to NT level.

      It’s easy to pour the baby out with the bathwater but the fact is in this team we have few worth watching players.

  5. I have no doubt there is bunch really talented youngsters. Foyth, Colombatto, Palacios, Ascacibar Ponce, Torres. Maybe Lautaro Martinez, Conechny (Yet still a lot of potentially best in the category players is playing now for their clubs in Primera).

    But still some of the talented boys are not enough prepare mentally and tactically. Remember case of Mammana on youth World Cup? He was so much talented and so much airy, heedless there. Now he is NT player. IMO Foyth is even more talented than Mammana but he also committed some kind of rookies mistakes. Ascacibar is so rude. So much talented and so rude. And, despite he is a captain, he is very shy when it comes to running forward or pass forward. He can do the things (I saw many times) but he is not instructed well and prepared mentally. I think he need to be guided by coach like Simeone who was playing on the same position and may give him conceptions of modern DM. Ascacibar panics sometimes under pressure in strange way. This is mentall weakness. Needs coach like SImeone to boost him. Besides still think he has potential to be more versatile thanany our No.5 last years.

    Maybe there’s no in the team new Messi, Aimar or RIquelme but still IMO there are type of players (and pure talents) that we lack in current NT. Such kind of players are Colombatto and Palacios. I don’t see in current NT such versatile central midfielders. Both are different kind but both may play on some crucial positions in central.

    Ponce is for me big talent as No.9 I see in him more versitality than in Martinez. But – perhaps – Martinez is better poacher.

    Conechny – I don’t know. A lot of technical skills but I think he is already a bit too chubby to be enough fast, energetic to be crack. Too chubby as 19 let alone in future.

    • Maybe I have misspoken. Conechny is not slow with ball) but somewhat not enough energetic without.

    • I have been saying this for a long time now. If ascasibar doesn’t move away from Estudiantes, he will play as an average centralback in Europe.

      Even if he goes to Indipendiente or River, that would a good thing for him. For a players development, the team he plays in or the coach that yells at him plays a very very big part.

  6. Some of these kids are talented but not the majority and even those that are probably not they way Messi’s generation and prior to that were. Also, not all of the best youngsters were allowed to travel by their clubs.

    @Richard, yeah it appears Veron had something to do with the list, although I have it hard to believe Sampaoli had no say at all. It must have been a combined effort.

  7. This is not a coincidence or bad luck. The generation is just not good enough. I have read many posts where we talk about how talented these bunch of players are. My question is, if you are so good, why can’t you deliver? Also, it really does not matter if you are talented, this is not an individual ball skills showing competition.

    I am not surprised at all. There is no talent in playing a game of football.

  8. This brings back memories of the WC2002. Argentina is clearly the better side but cannot win. Today another lesson in effectiveness. We have good players and a lousy goalkeeper. There is no new Messi, Aguero, Aimar or Riquelme in this group of players. The Olympics were a huge letdown. This is yet another one. Our hopes are with Sampaoli and the improved squad.

    PS rumor has it that Veron made the list and not Sampaoli.

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