Diego MARADONA: “I’d like Cristiano as an Argentinian”


Diego MARADONA took to the airwaves once again to speak his mind.

Speaking with the media, MARADONA commented on a number of topics. From Mauro ICARDI’s inclusion to the Argentina National Team, to Lionel MESSI to much more. Here’s what he had to say:


“Before calling ICARDI, I’d call BENEDETTO. And taking AGUERO off for ICARDI is crazy.”


“I’m very angry with SAMPAOLI. Apart from that, I don’t understand why he has 8 coaches (coaching staff). Better he stays home. SAMPAOLI does not know more than BAUZA.”

“To me, SAMPAOLI appears fake. He told me he wanted to get to know me and pay hommage at Sevilla. After that, we never spoke.”

“To me, it’s an embarassement to play Singapore. They just got 11 players and told them to wear their shirt.”

Diego MARADONA on Lionel MESSI, Cristiano

“Between MESSI and RONALDO? I’d pick MESSI. I don’t remember having seen MESSI play badly. I’d like Cristiano as an Argentinian. Every ball he touches is a goal.”

“With the current state of things, I would sign to play the playoffs (for the World Cup).”


  1. While one of the greatest players if not the greatest in the history of the game certainly in his position, Maradona is in no position to lecture anyone on the game.

    His brain is in his boots not in his head. Like others he has personal rivalries and obsessions that rule his mind such as leaving Zanetti out in 2010. We need people like Zanetti and Batigol in the AFA. Men who are honourable, decent and fair minded. Il Capitano for instance did not let for one minute let Icardi’s off the pitch escapades cloud his judgement of him as a player.

    It’s a pity as I have said before we lose these sort of people to the game in Argentina. Instead of which we have a bunch of amateur administrators and charlatans instead. And as I have said before it’s only the fact Argentina continues to produce talent on a level that surpasses the majority of nations that it continues to be a force in the game.

    It has nothing whatsoever to do with the AFA who always during their history proved to be alarmingly incompetent.

  2. “Happy Father’s day to every dad (and single mom’s) out there. Especially to Messi for fathering 3 kids. Thiago, Mateo and Cristiano.”

    Love this tweet from Roy Nemer lol

  3. Diego Maradona is one of the greatest and most entertaining footballer but awkward commentator, Diego should realise that his legacy will be shining more if Argentina win the WC, drop down the jealousy on Messi.

  4. I am not surprised at all. I have said this probably back in 2010, that Maradona does not want Messi to win anything. He will have nothing to boast about if Messi wins WC.

    Maradona has never been a good ambassador for the game, Argentina or Argentine football.

    • Good analysis. However Sampaoli is tinkering coach. To get an idea of what is to come, one has to watch his past matches with Chile and Sevilla. However with Argentina, he has a greater pool to choose from, espicially next season when most Argentine players as usual will raise their games, hoping to earn themselves squad and starting spots. So with more options his situation is different. Personally I feel the the central pair of Banega and Biglia will not be able attract markers from Messi nor carry out the coaches wishes vs strong midfields or park the bus teams. And I see them ineffective vs the German, Spanish or French midfield. I don’t think Sampaoli will settle on this pair. Looking back to his time with Chile & Seville,he always had a deep lying CM playmaker in Vidal and Nzonzi, orchestrating play from deep. Now who will suit that role best, will win that spot. Biglia and Banega exchanged that role in the last 2 matches and did well against inferior adversaries. But Paredes & Pizzaro might suit that role better against strong teams. They can pass good like Banega & Biglia if not better, but they can cover more ground than the experienced pair. Plus they seem better suited for inevitabaerial and physical battles against the big and agile European midfielders like Toni Kroos, Emre Can, Khedira,Pogba,Rabiot, Dier,Fellaini etc. The match against Uruguay will gives a clue.

      • Yes, for the first time we have options for a more dynamic presence in midfield: Paredes, Guido Rodrigues, Guido Pizarro, Nacho Fernandez, Rodrigo Battaglia, etc

    • Wonderful read Istiaque. I believe Banega won’t play against Uruguay as he is on suspension(hope i am not wrong). So that’s open the door for someone else but i think Sampaoli would go for more defensive like Guido or someone else. Simply because against Uruguay match is THE important game for us. For Striker i prefer Icardi like i said earlier(don’t judge me anyone). His movement is better than Pipita,plus he has more hunger and more to points to prove and to impress everyone i think. We definitely need a solid Right wingback,who can run,pass and score occasionally. As for CB i feel Otamendi-Masche-Mercado/Mamana. I prefer Mamana to be honest. Masche can be good for us or very good. It has both side of coins if you toss it. He is a solid passer and a leader. He has amazing availability to read the game and positional sense. I was against him playing as CB but i saw some video analysis of the game against Brasil and i am convinced he should play as CB.

  5. We already know Diego is crazy. This story tells more about Argentine journalists. Why not confront Diego with Bauza’s poor track record, his lack of tactics, dumb substitutions etc. Why not ask him about Aguero’s lack of goals in the nt or his lacklustre performances? This once again shows the journalists are not sharp and critical. They should be.

    • I think they know what to expect if they do that –

      * He will speak more bs
      * He will pick a fight with you if he doesn’t like the question / comment
      * Diego speaking sensible things doesn’t sell papers
      * And you don’t wanna get to the wrong side of diego, because he is an idiot.

  6. Man!!! This old guy gone completely nuts. Better take his medication and join his old pal Pele or something. He became a garbage now. Seriously, lost every bit of respect for this guy. Whenever he opens his mouth his ass gets jealous of it.
    Bytheway where is CaptainDiego at? He should talk to Maradona and calm him down a bit i think.

  7. And what does Diego know about coaching anyway? From their last comments on the NT, of Diego and Billardo, it’s obvious now that these 2 do not care about Argentina winning the World Cup. They are about protecting their legacies with jealousy.

  8. what is it about some people namely maradona and pele who are now just silly bitter old men.

    Diego my sporting hero of yesteryear sadly has gone from the top of the world to the bottom dwellers and is a complete imbecile these days.

  9. Men get old, some age with grace and dignity and some lose their mind altogether!
    Maradona was the best but left a lot to be desired as a human being and it shows.

    I choose to remember El Diego as the player who ran passed the English players like hot knife through butter, pumping his fist in the air, telling ENGLAND TO SUCK IT, but not this imbecile.

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