Eleven years ago, Argentina 6 – 0 Serbia and Montenegro


Argentina 6 – 0 Serbia Montenegro was the score at the 2006 World Cup.

Eleven years ago. June 16, 2006, it’s been eleven years since that magical day in Gelsenkirchen. A day where Jose PEKERMAN’s Argentina played Serbia and Montenegro off the pitch. It was men against boys out there and the men were lead by Juan Roman RIQUELME.

The biggest scoreline at the 2006 World Cup, five different goalscorers for Argentina, three goals from all three substitutes, one goal of the tournament candidate and a ten out of ten performance.

What more can you say from a match which made a fans dream. A match which put the ghosts of the 2002 World Cup behind us.

Maxi RODRIGUEZ twice, Esteban CAMBIASSO with that goal, Hernan CRESPO with his second goal in his second match, Carlos TEVEZ with his solo goal and Lionel MESSI with his first World Cup goal.

The team was Roberto ABBONDANZIERI; Nicolas BURDISSO, Roberto AYALA, Gabriel HEINZE, Juan Pablo SORIN; Javier MASCHERANO; Luis GONZALEZ, Juan Roman RIQUELME, Maxi RODRIGUEZ; Javier SAVIOLA and Hernan CRESPO

The substitutes? Esteban CAMBIASSO with a goal, Carlos TEVEZ with a goal and Lionel MESSI with a goal.

Here are the match highlights and one RIQUELME compilation. Regarding RIQUELME, my favorite moments are at 5:40, 6:05, 7:23 and 8:40 in the compilation.

Argentina vs. Serbia and Montenegro

Juan Roman RIQUELME vs. Serbia and Montenegro


  1. 3 days passed and Alexander Barboza has scored again. I never saw CB scoring so many goals. He will be rather sooner than later in NT.

  2. My team so far——-
    Correa——-lanzini ———-Maria

    • Overall I like this but I have a few concerns.

      I’d take slight issue with Rulli over Romero — Right this moment. Though if Romero doesn’t get regular football somewhere I’d think his replacement (and likely by Rulli) is inevitable.

      I’ll say it again. Otamendi is not a long term starter for the Albi-celeste because he doesn’t have the pace to help cover the flank and certainly not behind Di Maria who doesn’t always get back to defend. That’s why Sampaoli started Mercado on that side against Brazil. I also think that while Mascherano was one of my favorites of all time, he may no longer have the pace to play the libero position at the center of the pitch. Combine that with Sampaoli’s preference for left footed CB’s in the center of his defense and I’m not sure Mascherano will work long term either.

      I like your front 5 with, the exception of Higuain, who is looking like he may not have the pace or timing to play with the rest of the squad. I think we may be seeing the end of his time. Also, you’d drop Dybala for Lanzini? I’m not sure that’s Sampa’s idea. Do you want more passing and less dribble?

      I really think Correa is the guy who will play the opposite wing to Di Maria. I can’t think of another who could replicate Di Maria’s role on that flank. I guess potential alternatives would be (Lamela, who hasn’t panned out and perhaps Salvio, who I’m not sure would press enough). In any event, there isn’t anyone from the previous cycle who could really step into that position.

      In the middle I like both Paredes and Ignacio F, but they won’t both play together and replace BOTH Biglia and Banega, at least until after qualification is secure. Biglia is underrated and will provide defensive cover and an escape valve for the defense. Banega is the short term link to the attack, but I feel like Paredes may have a shot at taking the spot. While Biglia is the lower profile player of the two. I think he has a shot of sticking around while Banega is a poor performance away from being swapped out.





        —————-JOAQUIN CORREA————-

    • MY team FOR next world cup

      ————–MARTINEZ(ARSENAL UK)—————-

      Emanuel Mammana——–MARTINEZ QUARTA——-ALEXIS SOTO

      ————–leandro Paredes——-Juan Foyth——-


      ——————JOAQUIN CORREA————

  3. One of the best performances Arg had in the WC but so sad ending with tears; we could have reached the final if only that silly substitution were not made.

    • but lets not forget the cheating that ball did on our keeper to injure him and we lost that sub because of him.
      the req sub was the correct one to be made as req was out of “stream” but who peckerman brought on was completely the wrong decisions.

  4. Watching the Confederation Cup feels like watching the NFL (American National Football League for those who don’t know) with all the instant replays. Chile and Portugal both had a goal taken back after the booth review decision.

    • I think this is good for football, no controversial goal should decide a game especially in any serious competitive football game be it club or international. Both Pepe and Vargas goals were offside. If the VAR was in place for the UCL, two of Ronaldo goals would have been call clear offside against Bayern Munich and Vidal being sent off in the same game for a pitch perfect tackle would have been rescinded after the replay. Btw, this is Portugal seven straight game where they fail to win a group stage game at an international tournament dating back to the 2014 world cup.

      • yes the biggest 2 offences in football are offsides and how many matches have been won or lost because of this and cheating ie diving etc but fifa seem to do little about cheating during a match and this needs to be looked at with far harsher penalties that should be handed down at the worst after a match but with todays technology it could be during a match.

  5. FIFA is looking to introduce MAJOR changes to football. There is even a proposal to play 2 x 30 minutes in stead of 2 x 45 minutes. But those 30 minutes will be pure playing time. The clock will be stopped for substitutions, ball over the sideline, injuries etc.
    Read all about in the FIFA report: http://www.play-fair.com/data/Strategy_Paper_EN_150dpi_Doppelseiten.pdf

    The document is in English.

    It has been said earlier, football can learn a lot from other sports.

  6. Juan Roman Riquelme was an overrated superstar in my opinion. I know a lot of you rate him as a legend and wish we had a player like him right now. I happy that we don’t. Although I never liked Bielsa for his tactical inflexibility, one thing I agreed with him was the fact that he saw Riquelme was too slow for his liking. Mind you I was sold to Pablo Aimar’s quick style of playmaking and I was a huge Aimar fan at the time. But from the football point of view, Riquelme is a bit overrated. His best attributes were his passes, freekicks and his shot. That’s about it. On the other hand, the dude was slow and lazy. Never defended. He depended a lot on movement of the other players. Under Alfio Basile, he was a playing like CM instead of AM. He used to hog the ball and did a lot of backward passes before making a telling forward pass. A young lively Messi (a forward at the time) was made to wait for the ball for a long time and by the time it come from Riquelme, about 10 sideway/back passes were exchanged between Riquelme, Mascherano and Cambiasso. By the time the ball arrived to Messi, he had a pack of defenders around him. Argentines thought Leo was not able to replicate his Barca form. But that was a result of slow service that he got from Riqulme and his co midfielders.
    Just observe this video well, as much as Roman showed his brilliance, the team play was very slow. And if you watch the other games too, one will realize what I’m talking about. Modern football is about exploiting spaces with swiftness. Roman couldn’t do that for Messi. I sometimes thought Roman was jealous of Messi due his ball hogging attitude even when Messi was open. I doubt Sabella would have liked Riquelme’s slow style of play. I’m glad Sampaoli doesn’t have the problem of dealing with Roman’s slowness.

    • Riquelme was an underappreciated genius whose attitude (mental composure) was the only real obstacle to him reaching the true greatness. He didn’t press or defend or run and that’s not the norm in the modern game but sides built around him still possessed the capacity of doing great things. I’m thinking of the Yellow Submarine in the 03 UCL semis. I’m also thinking that 06 squad that Pekerman brought down against Germany by inexplicably subbing in Cambiasso for Riquelme and then Julio Cruz, while leaving Aimar and Messi on the Bench.

      If Xavi can play with Messi so could Riquelme, but for his me first attitude. Too bad.

  7. The Confederation Cup is about to commence and I find myself for the very first time wanting the Germans to win, who in turn are sending a younger and lesser experienced squad to the competition (smart but not in our, MY interest).

    The last thing I want to see is the F**KING Chileans or that pompous jerk off celebrate another victory.

    • dfox1942: I’m not sure what would be worse the Chileans or lady cr7 winning it-both extremely horrible thoughts.

      comon Russia don’t let me down 🙂

      • Sadly my friend and for a lack of a better word, the Russians SUCK so its either the Germans or the Mexicans since the others are a lost cause.

        • I know sir i know but I’m hoping the kgb will be obviously present at every Russian game to “inspire” russia to win and any opposition to discretely lose or else.

          yikes its all evils left and I guess mexico as they do have some nice looking ladies and that at least is a plus:)

          • Several media are reporting the dawn of a new era. Since the start of the Confed Cup, 25 years ago, this is the first edition without Argentina or Brazil.

          • YESSS Mexico just tied it.

            For the U.S. viewers watching the game on Fox 1, most annoying commentator that I have EVER listend to during a game!

            The REF. is an Argentine by the way.

  8. A hugely talented squad, such a disappointing end!! Can you believe it: Messi, Riquelme, Aimar, Tevez, Crespo, Saviola, Sorin, Mascherano, L. Gonzalez, Cambiaso, Maxi Rodrigez, Abbondanzieri, … all in the same team ….

  9. I remember that goal… It is the goal with most complete passes in the history of world cup, 25 complete passes if i am not mistaken. An unique piece of art… This goal and maxi’s goal against mexico were the two highlights of that world cup. In my opinion, maxi’s goal is the second best individual goal i have ever seen after maradona’s goal against england and that goal against serbia the best collective team goal i have ever seen.

    These goals are one of those too many highlights and reasons that make proud of being an argentina fan.

    No other team can draw on the turf like argentina does.

  10. Lo Celso has a steady and good future. I watched him play in some matches of PSG late this year.

    1. He reminds me of Maxi Rodriguez in terms of footballing intelligence and positioning.He is always moving, floating between spaces, he is in right place and near ball most of the time,he is all over the pitch. You can find him exchanging passes with CB, then few moments later he will be receiving a pass near the opponent box.He is in the left, he is in the right.He is always looking for space and position where the ball is heading towards.

    2.When under pressure he can hold the ball against two opponents, if it is impossible he knows how to send the ball to safety.

    3.He is not a glamorous player doing fancy things on the pitch.But he can run forward penetrating opposition defensive midfield without any fancy footwork. He can execute difficult passes and powerful shots when it needs to be done. There is no exaggeration in his game, but he is efficient.

    • He just needs to learn to continuously press for 90 minutes a match and he will play central midfield for sampaoli’s team. Now that veratti could go to Barca, he might get more opportunities. However, they might get Seri if they sell Veratti, so one would expect Rabiot, Matuidi and Seri to start most of the games for PSG. Gametime is super necessary for a midfielder to grow, and it’s tough at PSG.

      I wish we finally develop a midfielder who can press and resist press like those young European midfielders does now. We don’t produce them because in Primera these tactics are not utilized that much. I always wish our young midfielders goes to teams like sassuolo, Nice, Monaco or napoli which have managers who give chances to youngsters. It’s super tough for our midfielders to get gametimes for a title challengers. I hope our youngsters or rather the teams which have these youngsters choose suitable teams for their careers.

        • “I wish we finally develop a midfielder who can press and resist press like those young European midfielders does now”.

          20 years old CM Emmanuel Cecchini of Banfield maybe such player. One of the main reasons the club is so high in table. I bet within one year the kid will be in Europe.


      • “I wish we finally develop a midfielder who can press and resist press like those young European midfielders does now”.

        20 years old CM Emmanuel Cecchini of Banfield maybe such player. One of the main reasons the club is so high in table. I bet within one year the kid will be in Europe.


  11. Euro U21 tournament starts today. I’ll have to say that there are a lots of talents there. Far more than the world cup. Most of these guys plays for their club’s starting eleven.

    Italy: Donnarumma, Rugani, Conti, Caldara, Pellegrini, Benassi, Locatelli, Berardi, Bernardeschi
    Spain: Gaya, Grimaldo, Saul, Asensio, Marco Llorente, Sandro, Williams
    Germany: Meyer, Dahoud, Arnold, Gnabry (I’m a little surprised no Weigl, especially since he’s not a starting player for the first team)
    Portugal: Semedo, Neves, Sanches, Jota, and Horta (could have more, I don’t know Portugal super well)

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