Official: Lucas BIGLIA to AC MILAN


It is now official. Lucas BIGLIA will join AC Milan. Exact details have not been disclosed at this time. BIGLIA has been a Milan target all summer and now they have finally reached an agreement.

What do you guys think? Is this a good thing for Argentina’s national team?



  1. sampaoli should go with



    Angel Correa _____ Paredes _________Biglia _____________ Angel di Maria____

    ___________________ Messi _________________Dybala _____________________


  2. Milan is buying a comolete new squad. Today they added Bonucci. This is their 7th or 8th signing already.

    • It’s fantastic squad building, but comes with a huge risk. 8 new players means they will need time to gel and perform to their potential. So if they can’t finish 3rd or higher, they will become another “Parma.”

      Apart from Bonucchi, none of the other players they bought are super high quality to challenge for titles. They are good, but I don’t think good enough to challenge Juve. Juve still has the only elite squad depth in Italy.

      They will have to compete with Roma, Napoli and Inter for the two spots. And if they fail, they will have to sell the whole squad like Parma.

  3. Simpoli can go with—————-


  4. I feel that our national team will have a better depth than 2014 World cup. We now have solid defenders, quite a few great midfielders, and of course superstar forwards in major football leagues next season. Then all we need is a well rounded system and getting some team chemistry.

    • Agreed. We have good squad than 2014 so far. I remember 2014 we had debate here about world class CB and now even if we don’t have world class CB we do have quite world calss CB and a good midfield. I would not day “world class” yet because they need to work and prove a little bit more for NT yet.

  5. Alot of midfield players changed the clubs could be blessing or disguise. It has both side of coin to be honest. I have feeling alot will slot in starting XI for their respective clubs. Banega,Biglia and Pizzaro for sure. Little worried for Paredes. Banega and Pizarro move is exceptional. There are no other place to grow or learn more to play in midfield than Spanish league. Suits our game. Biglia move is not bad as he will play more destructive. Biggest disappointment is Paredes,he should have gone some middle level Spanish team. I don’t mind if they play 25 games or 30 games overall. Better than fatigue later on biggest tournament. Our whole team play at least 50 games in a season even the one in bench. We could use some less game for WC. Don’t want them to get burn out and form out when it’s matter most.

  6. Good for him I guess. Although, one year before the WC what matters is whether or not a given player will be a regular starter for his club. Will he be a regular starter for AC Milan? Probably…Anyway, while Biglia is a decent player, I don’t think he is indispensable for the NT anymore, we have other options, e.g. Guido Pizarro.

  7. Another Argentina central midfielder change club. Banega, Biglia, Paredes, Guido Rodriguez, Pizarro, Battaglia, Enzo Perez, Cecchini, Kranevitter, Poblete.

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