Jorge SAMPAOLI: “Lionel MESSI the only undisputed starter”


Jorge SAMPAOLI spoke about a number of topics concerning the Argentina National Team.

Speaking at a press conference in Ezeiza, SAMPAOLI commented on Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, Argentina’s youth teams and more. Here’s what he had to say:

Jorge SAMPAOLI on MESSI, AGURO and the Argentina National Team:

“I have had the good fortune to arrive with the national team at the time that MESSI’s ban was lifted. We have the best player in the world. From him the team is born. The only undisputed starter is MESSI. The other players will be analyzed and evaluated after every match. To leave MESSI alone at this moment is a mistake. We need to surround him with the best players possible. There are no players who have more privilege than others (except for MESSI).”

“Sergio AGUERO has the same chances of being called-up as the other forwards. The number 9’s I have are very talented. The most important thing will be how they can compliment the other players. It’s a shame that Ramiro FUNES MORI can’t be here. He’s what we are looking for in an Argentina player.”


“He’s a player with experience who understands the challenge the team face at this moment.”

Jorge SAMPAOLI on Argentina’s youth teams:

“Argentina made a difference with the youth teams in the era of PEKERMAN and TOCALLI because they looked for players who played good football. Argentina has stopped doing what it did best which was betting on talent.”

Jorge SAMPAOLI on Argentina’s next opponent, Uruguay:

“Uruguay is a very brave team, a determined team. They’ve been working with TABAREZ for a long time and that gives them an advantage over us.”


“Regarding CENTURION, I only analyze him as a footballer.”

Jorge SAMPAOLI will be visiting Europe prior to announcing his list of players for next month’s World Cup Qualifiers. He will be in London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Sevilla and Madrid.


  1. What a breath of fresh air is this guy. We had so many fools after the past few years that it is a great relief that we finally have a coach that talks sense. Messi is indeed the only player that should be guaranteed a spot. All others have to prove themselves at their clubs on a consistent level to be considered. No more subscriptions on a starting spot. This is such a jump forwards from the Bauza era. Tabarez would have known what to expect from Bauza, but with Sampaoli in the dug out there is no way he can predict who will play, what system our team will use of which players will switch positions during the game. That element of unpredictability will help us get to Russia.

  2. a wise coach acknowledges the efforts of trainers as Pekerman and Tocalli but dumb ones like Bilardo don’t… btw is he settled in Uruguay… he said he is going there by a boat 😉

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