Chile to be deducted points, Argentina to move up in WCQ


According to reports, Chile will be deducted two points from their current standings in the World Cup Qualifiers following Bolivia’s fiasco.

Strong reports are emerging that Chile get two points deducted off the table, meaning Argentina would leapfrog them into an automatic World Cup Qualifying position in fourth place with Chile dropping down to fifth place. Originally, Argentina were in fourth and Chile in fifth but an appeal against Bolivia (for having fielded an inleligble player) was put in place and a decision was taken to award Chile the full 3 points following their 0-0 draw against Bolivia. Chile being awarded the full 3 points meant they went higher than Argentina in the table.

However, there was an appeal set in motion and it appears that the original decision will be reversed. According to La Nacion, the reason for the reversal was because the original appeal (against Bolivia for having fielded the player) was sent out more than 24 hours after the match (which appears to be the window should a federation want to appeal).

CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers Standings

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This would be a major boost in Argentina’s confidence and chances of qualifying for the World Cup as Chile would be down to 21 points with Argentina at 22 points. Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI had this to say about the issue:

Jorge SAMPAOLI on decision:

“It’s not a small issue. If the decision is made, we will welcome it. For us, it’s clear that we have Argentina in this position (in fifth place) in the table. If they change it later, it would be welcomed.”

AFA president Claudio TAPIA had this to say:

“We hope to reverse this dubious decision. Hopefully they’ll take the two points away from Chile and the qualifiers can go back to normal.”

Marcelo DIAZ of Chile had this to say:

“I think they’ll take away the points because in football, there’s a lot of dark hands.”

The decision is expected in the upcoming days.


  1. Haaaaaaaa, please allow me to laugh and enjoy this moment….not yet I’m enjoy it for a lot of time to come LMAO.
    Pay back is a Bitch ain’t it Chile.

  2. Great news!
    Bauza out, Sampaoli in.
    Icardi, Gomez, Paredes, Lanzini and many of those who we wanted called up.
    Fernandez back.
    and now 4th position.

  3. So many good things coming our way lately. Seems like the stars are aligning themselves for our team’s fortunes next year and further. We were just at the rock bottom with Bozo not so long ago. I for one, had deliberately missed the classico in Brazil for the first-time.The match I fought loved ones in the name of watching it live in past? I was not prepared to stay up until 4am and take daggers anymore. So I passed. I was embracing myself for 2010 disaster part 2 next year.
    Wow!! first a real coach, then youth system back on track and now Chile moving South of Argentina.
    What’s next, perhaps an attacking juggernaut team next year?

    • He has to in my opinion but should analyze his form since he has come back from such a long hiatus. He has great balance of skill, grit and creativity.

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