Argentina To Play Cameroon?


There is a possibility that Argentina will play a friendly with Cameroon at the near future. 

The Indomitable Lions team’s manager and former Boca Juniors striker Alphonse TCHAMI was in Buenos Aires where he met up with AFA’s President Claudio TAPIA. He was brought around by TAPIA for a visit at the National Team’s training complex and to check out the facilities available there. 

We will just have wait and see whether this match gets materialized or not. 

In the meantime, here is perhaps the most memorable match up between these two sides. What a day (depending on how you interpret this!) it was for anyone who watch this back in 1990, played at the San Siro as the opening match for the 1990 World Cup.

What happened? Well the rest they say is history…


    • Sampaoli going to have is hands full ..looking at all the midfield players we have right now baring any injury , Pastore,Biglia,augusto Fernandez ,banega,lamela coming back from injury,di Maria ,Lanzini,paredez ,Enzo Perez the list goes on
      Oh boy this is crazy but I’m going to enjoy the competition

  1. Hi guys, have you guys been following the ongoing international champions cup? No exaggeration but Pastore is looking really really sharp in terms of skills and fitness. Reminds me of Zidane a lot during his prime days. Lo celso has been industrious( he’s all over the field ) and decent in midfield.

      • Lo Celso is most similar to d’Alessandro. For some reasons I’m a bit skeptical about him but as far as I hear Banega and Biglia are going to be our CMs I’m sure we should trial for example callow Co Celso on their place. At least he is more movable than Banega. That’s for sure.

        Pastore should go for World Cup. Gives you much more as AM than Banega

        • I agree with you Gonzalo. In fact he’s everywhere around the field from left to right, deep and forward in midfield. At times he appears in the D-box trying to convert too! One thing that is glaringly noticeable is his astonishing work rate which would humiliate players like banega and aguero and is comparable to of di maria’s.

          Pastore on the other hand would be a great addition ( provided he keeps this form up ) to our WC squad.

        • The fact that Banega was subbed vs Peru and not considered for the crucial Ecuador match speaks volume. I just wonder if Sampa will want to downgrade his midfield as Enzo gave us balance that was lacking with slow Banega.

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