Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Javier MASCHERANO out of Argentina squad


There are strong rumors that both Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Javier MASCHERANO could be left out of Argentina’s upcoming squad.

Rumors emerging out of Argentina that Jorge SAMPAOLI is expected to leave two big names out of Argentina’s next matches. SAMPAOLI’s men have two crucial World Cup Qualifying matches coming up, the first one against Uruguay and the second against Venezuela. If rumros are to be believed, two veterans on the team will be left out.

Jorge SAMPAOLI did not include Sergio AGUERO in his first list as new coach of the Argentina National Team and now appears that both Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Javier MASCHERANO will be left out. Some rumors are stating that both will be left out while some state only Gonzalo HIGUAIN will be left out. It remains to be seen if AGUERO will be called-up.

Mauro ICARDI received his first Argentina call-up since 2013 when he played under then coach Alejandro SABELLA. ICARDI’s inclusion in the team for Argentina’s matches in June against Brazil and Singapore was seen as a potential change of direction in the team. However, should one of or both HIGUAIN and MASCHERANO be dropped, it could be seen as SAMPAOLI leaving his stamp on the team very early.

Argentina’s next matches are both World Cup Qualifiers. The first against Javier MASCHERANO’s Barcelona team mate, Luis SUAREZ’s Uruguay on August 31 in Montevideo. The second will be on September 5 in a home match against Venezuela.


  1. The game against Uruguay is tough, we must play with our best players to win, just the 3 points and nothing else. We are then playing against Peru and Venezuela at home, Sampaoli can think about building team for 2018 with those two games, not the Uruguay game.

  2. It’s fact Mascherano is not the same player as he was 2/3 years ago, we cannot count on him for World Cup 2018 and we have to find his replacement. But still I want him at least in Bench.


    – Against a team like Uruguay Mascherano’s experience will count.
    – Our team always lacks a leader and I still cannot see anyone other than Mascherano as leader.
    – If age (33) is a factor then no pointing of selecting Pinola (34), Maidana (33). They are no better than Mascherano.
    – If height is a factor then other than Fazio (6’3”) and Maidada (6’1”) none of our defenders are very tall.
    – Mascherano still a massive massive player.

    Now, considering our future it would be a better idea to start with Bigila-Banega/Pardes/Pizarro as we need to bring back the fluidity in our midfield. But still as this is tricky match and must win for us, I will still count on Mascherano.

    • ive feel the same on masc but I’m delighted to see hig get his ass kicked (if it happens) as its been obvious to many players have had the shirt given to them, 1st kun and now(maybe) hig get taught a lesson.

      just as a player hig is to slow and is simply not Mobil enough for samps style of play and that is even before we get into hig appalling strike rate these days for the n/t.
      a good quote on hig was the chmps lge final when the commenter said some thing close to “you don’t need your striker hiding out and playing down the channels all the time, he needs to be in the middle, he is supposed to be their to score goals”

      samp is showing every one he is the boss and total kudos to him for that.

  3. So now I see on Golazo Argentino Ascacibar is close Zenit. WTF. Paredes along Ascacibar? Atleast he looks like Ruso and that’s his nick.

  4. it seems to be that sampaoli may prefer footballer with some dribbling ability even for the defensors and strikers. SO HIGUAIN ,MASCHERANO MAY BE OUT. On the contrary,guido pizzaro,pinola,paredes,lo celso , fazio may have chance.






    It is interesting to see if arsenal’s damian martinez and seville’s franco vasquez get called in the near future. I prefer


    FOYTH Alexander Barboza MARTINEZ QUARTA

    PAVON Emanuel Cecchini Santiago Colombatto TOLEDO



  5. “because today Otamendi, Mercado and Pinola are better positioned. He thinks that this trio would arrive more oiled and that would have more resources to annul one of the strong ones of the charruas: the aerial game. Suárez, Cavani, Godín, Giménez and Cáceres force to be prepared for a rain from above.”

    Rough translation from Ole article, but it’s for tactical reason. He wants CB who are strong in the air to stop Suarez, Cavani, Godin, Gimenez and Caceres

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