Santiago ASCACIBAR to join Zenit


Hey everyone,

Russian club FC Zenit Saint Petersburg have offered 10 million for “el rusito” Santiago ASCACIBAR of Estudiantes de La Plata and President Juan Sebastian VERON has accepted.  It just has to be made official now.  ASCACIBAR will not be playing on Thursday against Nacional de Potosi in the Copa Sudamericana.

It seems as though Zenit are obsessed with Argentines.  Roberto MANCINI seems to like them.  He will join fellow Argentines DRIUSSI, PAREDES, and MAMMANA.

Is Emiliano Rigoni next??? What do you guys think of this Zenit team? They certainly will be a nice team to watch now that we have a few of our boys playing there.



  1. Thank you vimal and dfox even though you gave different answers :). I thought that the final verdict wouĺd have been on August early days.

  2. So it’s almost sure that our colony in Zenit will amount to 5 as Rigoni and Ascacibar are packing bags. Pavon of Boca was the first goal of the club as for RF but he is not for sale. Rigoni good alternative.

  3. So Rigoni, after Independiente win over Deportivo Iquique in Sudamericana last night, will left the club. For Zenit no doubt.

    • These C suckers will have 2 of their points deducted before the next qualifiers and it could not have happened to a worse team. F THEM…..and the fact that they had every right to contest the points in the first place makes it so much sweeter to have them taken away from them!!!

  4. It’s almost official, chicken-head is leaving…..Barcelona has to go after Dybala with full force now!
    I desperately want to see Messi and him playing together on a regular basis.

    • same as you dfox I also want to see dybala playing in the same team as messi.
      this is were the Germans do so well is they had 8 players all on the same team in b.m and its sure helps to say the least.

      • It is about time we get some chemistry going with our offense I just hope it happens.

        The kid will advance his game, he’ll learn from the best who will NO doubt help him in every way he could and that should benefit Argentina when it matters the most….scoring frigging goals when they are desperately needed.

  5. The future of argentinas defensive midfield are playing together! Parcedes and ascacibar !! Mammana also will probably be in the defense as well for la seleccion…

  6. Mancini has had a lot of success in Inter Milan and Man city with having a bunch of Argentines…. where ever he succeeded , his team was like Argentine colony 😀 Maybe He feels that Argentines are his means to success.. He has collected half of Argentinas future😀

  7. Jeez! Zenit are hoarding Argentine players right now.

    I just wish they had a better manager. I just do not trust Mancini to develop a player.

  8. It’s going to make each of us regular Russian league matches follower. No matter you like it or not.

    Zenit, Genoa, Sporting Lisbon, PSG – first to watch.

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