Spanish La Liga Matchday 2: Preview


Spain’s La Liga is well and truly underway with the La Liga Matchday 2 fixtures on Friday!

Two matches on Friday, both involving Argentinian players. Geronimo RULLI (who was selected by Jorge SAMPAOLI for the Argentina National Team) will be Real Sociedad’s goalkeeper when they host Villarreal’s Argentinian duo of Leonardo SUAREZ and Mariano BARBOSA. The second match will be between Real Betis (who no longer have any Argentinian representation following German PEZZELLA’s transfer to Genoa) hosting Celta Vigo with Facundo RONACGLIA and Gustavo CABRAL.

Nine Argentinians in one match in La Liga Matchday 2

All matches this weekend have at least one Argentinian representative. The match with the most Argentinians will be on Sunday as Getafe host Sevilla in Madrid with nine Argentine’s in the squads. A total of six players between Getafe and Sevilla have represented the Argentina National Team Getafe have veteran Daniel DIAZ with Sevilla having Ever BANEGA, Gabriel MERCADO, Guido PIZARRO, Joaquin CORREA and Nicolas PAREJA all representing the Albiceleste at senior level. As always, you can view the full list of Argentinians in La Liga by visiting our La Liga section.


Real Sociedad (Geronimo RULLI) vs. Villarreal (Leonardo SUAREZ and Mariano BARBOSA)
Real Betis vs. Celta Vigo (Facundo RONACGLIA and Gustavo CABRAL)


Alaves vs. FC Barcelona (Javier MASCHERANO and Lionel MESSI)
Girona vs. Malaga (Emmanuel CECCHINI and Esteban ROLON)
Levante vs. Deportivo (Federico CARTABIA)
Las Palmas (Hernan TOLEDO, Jonathan CALLERI, Leandro CHICHIZOLA and Sergio ARAUJO) vs. Atletico Madrid (Angel CORREA, Augusto FERNANDEZ and Nicolas GAITAN)


Espanyol (Pablo PIATTI) vs. Leganes (Alexander SZYMANOWSKI, Ezequiel MUNOZ, Martin MANTOVANI and Mauro DO SANTOS)
Eibar (Gonzalo ESCALANTE) vs. Athletic Bilbao
Getafe (Daniel DIAZ, Emiliano MARTINEZ and Nicolas GEROSITO) vs. Sevilla (Ever BANEGA, Gabriel MERCADO, Guido PIZARRO, Joaquin CORREA, Nicolas PAREJA and Walter MONTOYA)
Real Madrid vs. Valencia (Ezequiel GARAY)

If you missed it, Angel CORREA scored this cracker of a goal last week for Diego SIMEONE’s Atletico Madrid.


  1. In first match of new season Velez (IMO most interesting in league regarding youth talents) beat Tigre. Vargas (No.1 of my talents list with 2 assist) while Maxi Romero with 2 goals. I’m just looking for the game on YT.

  2. Joaquin Correa has a brighter future than Angel. He will be an asset for argentina overall and he will do very well this season…He has some good qualities, namely:

    1. Football intelligence.He knows when to dribble,when to move, when to hold and when to pass. His positioning is also very good, he is easy to find for a forward pass. See this goal scoring move from him against Arsenal :

    2.Dribbling skill. He does step overs sometimes, but he is very simple yet elegant with the ball.He just dribbles past opponent players without any fancy tricks.Against Everton, he dribbled past Rooney and another defender just using variation in speed and sudden acceleration, then a perfect pass to the striker in the center who missed an easy chance.See:

    3.Manager’s trust. Most of the Sevilla’s good attacks go through him, he is involved in most fruitful Sevilla attacks. Berizzo certainly trusts him and he is going to start every match this season.

    • Agree but I’m pretty sure that was wrong idea to make forward of him instead AM, LM as it was in Estudiantes He could be best even as central midfielder. Has some things of both Lucho Gonzalez and Pastore. Anyway he is one of most promising of our players in Europe.

  3. One young anonymous player from yet yesterday local league ‘suddenly’ called up by Sampaoli (Rigoni), another anonymous ‘suddenly’ for 99% in Atletico Madrid (Lautaro Martinez), next one to meet with Sampaoli and talks about plans and tactics (Bustos).

    This is not sarcasm? This is real question:

    why should not I watch local league and for instance Independiente matches if only since last 2 months 4 players of the team (Tagliafico, Bustos, Franco, Rigoni) were called up by Sampaoli and another 2 (Barco, Togni) for youth NT teams. I know a lot of people not necesarry need to know who is Rigoni or Bustos or Benedetto before they are actually called up to NT. That’s ok. But personally I want to know as much as I can and want to watch possible NT and european clubs footballers in their early days.

  4. the back and forth between posters is unnecessary. Some people are too focus on being “right” than to let others share their opinions. Let’s all learn to agree to disagree with respect of others.

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    3 years ago, you were that famous outlaw that said nothing make sense.
    3 years ago, you were the one who gave 1 or 2 rating to our players rating after a World cup game
    3 years ago you were the one who clearly said you did not care if Argentina winning or not. All you wanted to see were young players to perform.

    You return as “gonzalo” because of ur admiration to ur overrated gonzalo pity martinez. U try to act like a smart scout here. Sorry it works for most of us here but not for me.

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      “3 years ago, you were that famous outlaw that said nothing make sense.
      3 years ago, you were the one who gave 1 or 2 rating to our players rating after a World cup game
      3 years ago you were the one who clearly said you did not care if Argentina winning or not. All you wanted to see were young players to perform”.

      So among the 3 sentences the first is completely unmeaning. 3 years ago I was the outlaw that said Argentina won’t win the World Cup and Higuain, Di Maria whould be benched, that’s all. I was pessimist but not nihilist. I could ask you wheter you able to catch the difference between the two things but it’s pointless while you just want fight me any means. “Nothing make sense” – oh really. THis sentence means everything and nothing and this is kind of accusations that cannot be verificated or falsificated.

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      You always trivialsed problem. I’m not after youngsters at any price. I want to see changing of the guard when it needs. Now it’s time of changing guard (so it’s time to say a lot of youngsters as I do). The time starts yet after WC, but some previous coaches slept through (and you too) what was proved in current qualifiers. While you were always biggest supporter (along with Bauza and KH) old guard and few players that unfortunately had automatic places in NT till now.

      If you don’t like the names I’m talking about still you shall hate also Sampaoli because he is apparently interested mostly in the same names. Somehow called up most of the young and older players that we were talking here.

      “This site uses to be a great place to talk. A lot of variation comments and we were like a family” – if you like so much such kind of discussion why you can’t stand my different opinions?

    • “But it just took Sampaoli one game or two games at most to realize that the local based players are not good enough”

      that your words are meaning a lot. I doubt Sampaoli made any conclusions as far while you know that he give up on local players. You are lumping together all them what is best evidence of your bias and ill will. But for instance Nacho was apparently better than Tagliafico… Or maybe all the local names are to unfamiliar to differentiate or you don’t like your own country as emigrant and can’t stand people from other side of the globe who know more than you about footballers of your own country. Any complex?

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