Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI: “It has left a sour taste”


Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has stated that the match has left a sour taste in their mouths.

Speaking a press conference following Argentina’s 0-0 draw against Uruguay, the National Team coach came out talking about the match, Lionel MESSI, Mauro ICARDI and more. Here’s what he had to say:

Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI

“We played against an opponent that was always looking to block any openings. It has left a sour taste in our mouths for not having won. We went looking for the match everytime but they were always in their own area. We were hoping for an open match but it was never the case. They defended in the middle of the pitch. Their intentions were clear.

“ICARDI was marked by two defenders the entire match. He had very little space and they have a lot of experience. MESSI was enormous for us. Today, we saw MESSI. He played a very good match.

“Being at the bottom generates a lot of nervousness. But we have to remember that at times, the World Cup Qualifiers are more difficult than the World Cup itself.

“We have to be more aggressive in the last third and get more people in the area. The team was patient and kept looking for the space to generate an attack. The team came out with the idea to play regardless of the circumstances. It’s our job to ensure that the team wins. We have to win so that Argentina can be at the World Cup in Russia. Now, we’re required to be sharp for the next matches. Any act of desperation would cost us to miss out on the World Cup. We have to be clear and precise regarding our message.

“PIZARRO and BIGLIA complemented each other well. MASCHERANO could be utilized in any position (regarding Gabriel MERCADO’s suspension for the next match).”


  1. I can bet it if argentina use 4-2-3-1. Messi will be top scorer in 2018.
    ———– Messi————-

    A world cup formation has to be defensive if the team will survive the very end. It helped argentina in 2014. It helped portugal in 2016. Argentina is not Barcelona. Argentina is far from a balanced side. Even Brazil is more balanced

  2. Messi is the best goal scorer in the national team. He should play false 9. Then the problem of goals will be solved. The problem with the team is messi plays so far from the post, ot is easy for opponents to deal with his presence. Imagine a player like C Ronaldo were played so deep. He wouldn’t make any impact on the pitch

  3. the lineup i think should be

    —————joaquin correa———-




    ———— — ROMERO

  4. di maria is ok because sampaoli’s tactic is 3-4-2-1.with acuna and dimaria to be the two wingers at the same time they need to be half left and right back players.
    both of them need to defense too.if you expect di maria to be a aggressive winger than he can not defense at all .it must be super man who can both defense and attack aggressively

    • @Maxilopez830 – You are serious or just spamming with your nonsense comments? Di Maria was OK? When the hell you noticed Di Maria was defending other than one instance when he blocked Luis Suarez?
      So many nonsense post everywhere. Think logical and speak…

  5. the worst player is dybala. actually dybala is overrated. i think he is a sub only.
    Icardi is useless too .we need a van persie who can creat chance himself .joaquin correa should be the no.9 ,he has the potential. pizzaro is a must together with lo celso or paredes. BOCA’S PAVON should be in instead of acuna

  6. First thing is that why sampoli dropped papu gomez…????
    He is the best left winger we have ,, why we use di Maria at that position..
    2nd is that we can not play 2 dmf at same time ,, we can play these 2 when we have 1 or more goal lead ..
    My line up for next game is :
    Mascherano. Fazio. Otamendi.
    Biglia. Paredes
    Dimaria. Pastor
    Dybala. Icardi.

  7. I think we are overreacting.. yes, we tied… but Uruguay had 10 defenders the whole time. I agree pizzaro and Biblia are the same players.. we need someone to create to get the ball to the trío up top..I would recommend change in our midfield..

    Di María – pretty awful, always inconsistent
    Biglia/pizzaro – choose 1
    Acuña – not terrible, but not creative

    Ii think banega or paredes would make huge difference. The whole time pizzaro and biglia got the ball it was passed side to side or back,..

    I think 4 points will help..doesn’t help Peru won and so did Paraguay.

    • Exactly and Compare to Paraguay defeat Chile in their backyard they should beat Uruguay as their confidence is high and Chile visiting Bolivia. Banega inclusion will make huge difference. I was telling same stuff even before kick off. Paredes should have started along Biglia. Di-Maria should be a super sub from now untill he proves something.

  8. Moving on next game. Changes we will see…Banega is in after suspension. Masche could play in defence as Mercado is suspended.
    Change which i prefer is Correa in place of Di-Maria. Correa is one of the most Intelligent player in my eyes in our current squad. If you guys think it’s hyped than you should see him playing for Sevilla. He can defend, he can dribble, he can pass and score. Most importantly his movement is way better than Di-Maria. Some of you might think i hate Angel but NO. I was watching Di-Maria playing for PSG in his last 2 games and i was like wow he is solid. But he kinda get lost in some game for NT. His crosses are always poor for NT (rarely he had good cross) I think J.Correa should get start in next game. Don’t know why Sampaoli using him as striker.
    Banega in for Pizzaro
    Masche in for Mercado (possibility)
    Correa in for Di-Maria (my opinion)

  9. I think some of us overreacting like always look down and post negative aide of Argentina. I would not go for any long post or justify anything but i have a QUESTION for you all. Yes we played dull but WOULD you rather loss the game and get under more pressure and criticism than now OR Would you rather take a point being cautious about the delectably risky position Bauza left us in?
    If you can find the answer than relax and it will happen. “Rome didn’t built in one day”. We will see Sampa style like we saw little bit glimpse but needs time.

  10. new Coach, old Problems: the middle of the park is just not good enough.
    this Comes to no surprise as not a single argentinean MF Plays an important role for a large european Club. you can’t Play dominant Football without the likes of kroos, modric, casemiro, vidal, thiago, verratti, pogba, kante, …

    with the Players argentina have at their disposal right now it would be the best to rely heavily on razor-sharp defending and lightning-fast Counter attacking.

    di Maria out and banned forever from NT, of course. what a ridiculous Player since he left Madrid. for all of you who start crying for kun or higuain: fuck off! if they could start practically each game for ears now without delivering ANYTHING of use, dybala and icardi also can.

  11. Throw that dumb fuck Di Maria out.The guy is the worst winger for NT ever. Higuain-Dimaria – Aguero- Romero should never be anywhere near the National team.
    Angel Correa in for Di Maria. Correa is a brilliant dribbler and has great passing ability and creativity just watch his games for atletico.
    Paredes and Banega to anchor the midfield along with Agusto/Kranevittar.

    Front 3 should be like angel – Icardi/Benedetto/alario – Messi

    Seriously I thought Sampaoli is a great coach and would change this team but his obsession with this garbage Dick Moronia and Romero is a cancer to the team.

    AS FOR LB – Bring in Ansaldi. He is a beast. Having no Proper Fullbacks is hurting the team too much.

  12. Sadly as expected it was a tough, tight and torrid match with Uruguay defending tightly hoping for a point and Argentina lacking any creativity and hoping for Messi to birth a miracle.

    I don’t know whether it’s fatigue or the lack of creativity but our boys looked lethargic and nothing like the energetic teams that Sampaoli usually coaches. part of it might’ve been Sampaoli trying to be careful and conservative with such a sensitive match but lots needs to change inorder for Argentina to gain valuable (and doable) points in the next match.

    I want you all to remember that Sabella also struggled in his first 4 WCQ games but things improved markedly afterwards so lets hope the same will happen here.

  13. di maria was horrible. he is dead inside. we cant use him anymore. pastore was horrible too. Pizarro and biglia were excellent. i liked the Pairing. especially Pizarro. very good Performance. with three defenders on the pitch ist always critical when we get attacked. if we could find one left back we could drop di Maria and Play 4 defenders and one creative midfielder infront of our no. 5´s. but at all…the Point is ok…the matchday went quite in our favor with all the other Teams dropping Points. Venezuela is a must win now.

  14. “They defended in the middle of the pitch.” It is expected when you play with Dybala and Messi in the middle. The answer should have come through Di Maria (and Acuna as well). Today Di Maria had a lot of space in the left wing. He was spotted alone there for much part of the game. But he could not deliver even a single cross properly. His crosses were half crosses and half shoots. I could not watch the first half properly but I saw his half crosses two times ending in the goal keeper’s hands comfortably! Now his 2.7 crosses per game whoscored statistics remains unchallenged on the paper!

    • the game plan seemed to be di maria as the main man to deliver the ball nito the middle and he simply is not any where good enough to do it these days, his crossing was appalling.
      time for d/m to be gone.

    • Yup, he had a lot of space and not even one good cross. First of all Sampaoli should to try Acuna on his proper position, id est, in Di Maria position.

  15. One more thing that been really irritates me for long time ,is our dead ball sitiuations , we have so many tall players who are good in the Air,but we don’t have any good set piece takers .

    I love Messi but he is not a good Cornrer Kick taker at all.

  16. messi win u20 2005 world cup for argentina ,aguero win u20 2007 for argentina .Both are best players award for respective tournament. It also true both kun n messi failed to perform in NT like club but expect them all Argentines are overrated be it icardi or dybala or barking for another new player

  17. They keep changing coaches and let’s just hope that Sampa figures out that midfield is our problem. People criticizing Dybala are fucking crazy. Pizarro and Biglia are redundant. You need one not two. DiMaria serves ZERO purpose. Just a headless chicken. The commentator even stated he wasn’t even looking where he was kicking the ball. I’d drop that guy. Acuna was not impressive. We need creative midfielders with pace, so our forwards don’t have to fall back so much. I don’t like Pastore either. But we desperately need creative midfielders. Until then there won’t be any goals. I would try LoCelso and Ascacibar along with Correa. But it’ll be trial and error until you find the right three midfielders to go with Pizarro.

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