Starting Argentina lineup confirmed!


The Argentina lineup is out with shirt numbers.

The starting lineup for tonight’s World Cup Qualifying match against Uruguay has been confirmed. Paulo DYBALA will wear the number 21 shirt while Mauro ICARDI will wear the same number he wore in 2013 against Uruguay on his National Team debut, that is to say the number 7 shirt. Here’s the Argentina starting eleven with the shirt numbers.

Argentina lineup


Photo courtesy of AFA
Argentina shirt numbers

What do you guys think of the lineup? Will it be enough to beat Uruguay? Any predictions?



  1. Didn’t watch the first half because of sleep unfortunately. But watch the other half and become a little bit disappointed.

    The result is fair. Our midfield didn’t click. Watching backward pass again and again… makes me bored. We missed a player like Parades in center today. Pizzaro_Biglia is a suicide mid in my opinion. Even Gago could have played better in that position!

    We had the possession as usual. But seriously what’s the point of it, if we don’t go forward for goal? Di Maria again played like a chicken head. Everytime i expect a cross or long ball from him, he disappointed me. When we have good headers like Icardi Otamendi Mercado in the box waiting for a cross, why the hell Di Maria shoot from dreamland!? A backup is so necessary.

    Another frustrated thing was watching our corners. Ofcourse not taking direct corners can make the opponent nervous and doubt, but there is no necessary to take those corners same way everytime. Really painful to watch it!

    Btw, good news is Chile fucked up at home. And we can still have the chance to catch others.

  2. It’s very clear that Messi & Dybala won’t work ,
    Hate to say,but lack of proper full backs will haunt us dearly.

    It’s also very clear that Sampaoli is much more Pragmatic than people think .

  3. There definitely will be change guys. We played for points and we got 1 in away game. Now time to buckle up for 3 points in next game and hope for Uruguay and Chille to loss. GET BEHIND THE TEAM. It was ok game. Don’t expect much from that game. Believe me

  4. in my opinion ,dybala is a sub only he is not messi . acuna is a conservative winger in this match also with pizzaro and biglia . pizzaro is very good but pizzaro +biglia =no creativity but very defensive . icardi is useless compared with joaquin correa who is fast and skillful. But this match is very important we can not lost so they play rather conservatively

  5. I hope Sampaoli has flexible mind indeed and will use Acuna on his normall position id est on Di Maria place. Then will see who is better on crossing.

    And I’m not sure anybody, including Sampaoli, is aware of Benedetto worth. He is more than just No.9, more than poker.

    • uruguay parked the bus it is very hard to beat only through corner or free kick. so the striker here is less important. if some body parked the bus and you attact aggressively the result may be = argentina vs england 2002 . it is a match we must not lost rather than must win

  6. the result is is a very important match .argentina can not lost rather than must win. the tactic is a little bit conservative cause w must need atleast 1 point.if our team play more aggressively we can not suffer losting the game. some of our players are new man that need experience so a dominating second half and 1 point is ok

  7. when you have players like messi , dybala , icard , higuain , aguero and pastore and you only managed to score 15 goals in 15 games then of course you have big problem.

  8. I was nervous the whole time watching, but frustrated at the end.

    What I can’t tell is if we played badly, or if Uruguay just played a really tight defensive game. I am wishing we had some more pro-active attacking midfielders. I guess that’s why Pastore was put in, but Uruguay just had too many people behind the ball.

    • Nacho Fernandez was the pro-active attacking midfielder. But Sampaoli for some reason drop him. Maybe use of Paredes in second half but I don’t see him playing whole phisical game against Uruguay.

  9. DI Maria had a lot of space in a moments on left wing. But he proved that long time ago – HIS CROSSES IN NT ARE WORST UNDER THA SUN. No matter what he is doing in club.

  10. Now Biglia (the hero against Brazil) is first to blame for people. But that was obvious: meanless friendly against Brazil in absence of few players is not any criterion.

  11. Personally for me the game against Brazil was not better. But that was a goal and debut of Sampaoli people will to see what they want to see.

  12. We need the right wing player. Icardi and Dybala are not comfortable with this team. This is fair result to be honest. Uruguay are defending like 11 people at the back. Acosta is much suitable for Acuna at this moment. Player are not ready to take the ball out from the tight position. We can be better in future. Let’s pray for a spot in WC. We can be better in future. We will always have the offense issue since there is no team in the world at the moment who dare to attack Argentina with these player in the team

    • Haha; that last sentence… Barcelona with MSN has been attacked left and right; Uruguay were just looking for 1pt; They were poor than us;that’s it

  13. The Biglia-Pizarro double pivot kills our game, these two fear to pass forward the fckin ball, even Mascherano makes long diagonals, but these? Banega is a must or Paredes instead one of them, Di Maria is di Maria but at least he makes danger and try, Acuna and Acosta were zero, Dybala a big dissapointment again, Messi deep lying playmaker as usual, this was not good

  14. Fair result. A loss would’ve been tough to swallow. We will definitely improve in next game no doubt but we need to update in wing position and movement wise

      • Uruguay parked the bus, against France there would be a lot of spaces and chances, btw against 11 they could score only one goal against this shit Holland

      • I think you are over estimating France. Yes France were good but neither Netherland defend like Uruguay did against Argentina. for future we need to replace Biglia and replace with some one with Football iq, not just the tall and strong if we were to success in sampoali system. I am hopeful, benega will create some chances and some one needs to bench dimari immediately.

      • Give anothwr 5 games with Sampa and bring France team against us and i will show what is football actually. Not with that dead Holland team. French are ok but their football is not that high as you few guys are thinking. No offence but it is typically European style still. Kick the ball and run. You know what i mean. First competitive game for whole team. New coach and completely new tactics and a away tough game. We got point. I AM HAPPY.

  15. Bad and boring. Tedious play. We are now the team with the fewest goals after Bolivia. The last 10 minutes were irritating to watch.

  16. What does Biglia do, pass the ball side ways and give it back where he received from. I think he is personally responsible for two copa final lossess. This guy has zero creativity yet play for arg. only positive is chile loss the match.

  17. It is going from bad to worse. Tactics out the window, sloppy passes, unnecessary loss of possession. A lot has to change to really compete for the WC.

  18. Where’s Benedetto? Icardi is last touch player while Benedetto running a lot without ball. That might be way for Uruguay.

  19. Too much self-suggestioned people. They expected goleada just because our most favourable forwards are there together for the first time. Footbal in reality is not FIFA playe station when you just need crowd superstars as precipe for win.

    Rigoni for Di Maria and Acuna for the left. Benedetto for Icardi.

  20. I was watching France vs Netherlands earlier. The differences between the French defence and midfield and ours are frightening. Players like Kant̩, Pogba and especially Lemar are so much better technically and physically than ours. Our defence never looks secure, they are always scrambling to get the ball away. The Messi РDybala move was awesome, but that was the only memorable action from our side. We need to move the ball much faster and stop passing sideways and backwards.

  21. Why can’t they move the ball fast? Too many touches on the ball in the midfield; not even one single good cross from dimaria… No threat on the right side

  22. I am not better than Sampa (no freaking way) and will never be. But as far i think the system we playing now for that we need quick passing and a good ball distribution from midfield. But our takes long time to release and another only do back pass. I hope we improve on second half

  23. It has been surprisingly poor…..really sad to see this. There is no plan. Di Maria’s crosses have been pure shit, can not believe it. And whenever Di Maria has a chance to cross the ball Icardi is isolated and so alone in the box. This will take us nowhere. Uruguay has not been great, but they never really are great…they just get the results they need. Messi’s chance should have been a goal….

  24. Icardi is the another striker suffering from Argentina tactics. Got isolated upfront, standing up there making room for midfield. I wish someone deliver him once or twice maybe .

  25. On paper it is an excellent line up. Three defenders against Suarez and Cavani is however a bit tricky. Hopefully we don’t see a red card for Mercado or Otamendi early in the game. Our attack is the stuff that dreams are made of!

  26. It’s important for acuna to support Messi by attacking the flag… if you don’t know what that means ; make runs to the corner flag and run with Messi down the right flank and sideline …attack the defense

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