Diego MARADONA on ICARDI: “It’s a lack of respect”


Diego MARADONA took to the airwaves to give his opinions on Mauro ICARDI, Gonzalo HIGUAIN and the Argentina National Team.

In typical Diego MARADONA fashion, the legendary number 10 came out with some controversial comments. Speaking on the air with Fox Sports Argentina, here’s what he had to say:

Diego MARADONA on Argentina

“Today, we have an Argentina team that, when you look at the formation, it scares me. I believe there are better players than the ones selected.”

Diego MARADONA on Mauro ICARDI replacing Gonzalo HIGUAIN

“It’s a lack of respect. HIGUAIN might have missed some goals that would changed the National Team’s luck, but you can’t take out a player you don’t know when everyone knows “Pipa” (HIGUAIN). If they were looking for ICARDI in BATISTUTA, they are sorely mistaken.”

Mauro ICARDI is set to start once more for Argentina in their upcoming World Cup Qualifying match while Gonzalo HIGUAIN has been left out of the team.


  1. Who gave maradona the right to judge anyone, if anyone is to do the judging it shouldn’t be maradona. His time as gone and he should accept it, he should stop making every issue about himself, support the team or shut up… at least we saw what he did as a coach (disaster).

  2. Diego maradona himself is a clown so I don’t pay attention to what he’s saying because besides playing football maradona has no idea about coaching nor teaching furthermore I can’t imagine how he ended up coaching Argentina national team for real.
    On the other hand, all I remembered about him just got trashed by Bolivia in la paz 6-1 and Germany 4-0 and got sacked afterwards. To wrap it up he needs to shut his mouth and living his drug life.

  3. Why he hate icardi so much…not icardi one who discared his little girl…another national forward did it…what about ariel garce instead javier zanetti…was that scarest?!

  4. Formation that scares him? Is he on drugs or something? He should not talk about formation and players selection rest of his life after he made Argentina team a circus clowns in 2010 WC. It was embarrassing.

  5. LOL, I was waiting for El Diego to say something like that…..kinda expected. Unfortunately, we used to make fun of Pele talking nonsense every chance he got and Maradona seems to follow right in his footsteps!

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