Poll: Argentina against Venezuela prediction


Tuesday night, it will be Argentina against Venezuela and we want your predictions!

If Thursday night’s World Cup Qualifying match against Uruguay was more of a “can’t lose”, then Tuesday night’s World Cup Qualifying match between Argentina and Venezuela is a “must win” for the Albiceleste. The legendary Estadio Monumental is the venue, Argentina against Venezuela is the match, the stars will be on show but who will win? On paper, logic predicts that Lionel MESSI’s men will pick up the three points. However, it’s never that easy. Argentina only managed a 2-2 draw in Venezuela last year and they cannot afford to drop any points this time around.

As we reported yesterday, Argentina’s starting line-up was already confirmed. Once more, Lionel MESSI, Paulo DYBALA and Mauro ICARDI will start together. Here’s the line-up:

Argentina against Venezuela line-up


or (different formation)


Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI appears to be going all in with a very attack minded team. With that said, what do you think the result of the match will be? Is it going to be 3 points for Jorge SAMPAOLI’s men? Will Venezuela pull of a shock and get the victory themselves or will the match end in a draw?

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  1. Well well well!!!
    Congratulations everyone 🙂
    Chile just lost and Colombia might do a draw. As i predicted and calculated. You can’t write better script than that.
    Vamos Argentina

  2. It will be either a win 1-0 or draw 1-1. We haven’t scored goals in all campaign long so it won’t be more than one goal difference for a win. Also the goal want be scored by a striker, probably by a defender.

  3. I think our problem since years is that we are too much concentrated on forwards. This is real fetich of forwards. How rarely our midfielders are scoring is well known fact. Even if few of them have some goals in their clubs they have almost no goals in NT. For years scoring was depending on Messi, Higuain, Aguero, Tevez and so on. When we look at other NT we see their midfielders are scoring more often.

    I think that’s one of evidence (almost tangible one) for existence for years some kind of gap between our beloved, deifying forwards and rest of the team whoever they were. We were beloved in our forwards so much (thinking they are enough for winning) that forgot about substantial role midfielders or fullbacks. That is lack of ballance indeed.

    The configuarations were different (Messi, Tevez, Lavezzi/Messi,Higuain,Aguero or Di Maria/ now Messi, Icardi Dybala) but always that was concentrated too much on forwards too much fetish, fanfaronade and celebration.

    Now that’s maybe mystery for us how midfield player like Paulinho (called here many times as mediocree) is scoring again and again for NT but we should really take notice that 2 or even 3 of last World CHampions presented some kind of ascetism in attack formation using usually only one forward, sometimes false No.9 or just forward second sort. Instead they were playing with extensive midfield of versatile players. In our teams forwards are to scoreing, midfielders to passing or defending. We need more universal midfielders and meybe kind of libero between midfield and attack like Paulinho, Muller, Khedira, Pogba. More free roles players.

    For me that abundance of world class forwards might do of us paradoxically permanently unbalanced team since years.

  4. I was very nervous vs uruguay especially in their home. But, i feel today will be a great day.. i see brazil beating colombia, uruguay beating Paraguay, and hoping peru and ecuador tie.. And i just hope chile loses.. i think argentina will win 3+ if we get a goal before the 25th.. i think icardi or dybala will score their first goals today.. vamos carajooo

  5. I think Argentina will win today with 4-0. The reason is it is a must win game & players are desperate and conscious of the fact that they couldn’t do well in game against Uruguay. Moreover, the game is in Estadio monumental. They know the conditions well

  6. One critical factor, other than the points is the goal difference. We will not be able to catch Uruguay. But Colombia and Chile are very close to us. These 3 countries are all at +1, +2, +3 goal differences. We are the lowest at +1. Not only we need to win but also score a couple of goals. A 2-0 or 3-0 could be very helpful. However, I have a feeling we will be 1-0 today. Tight game with one goal. May be a lot of misses and saves.

    • 1:0? Why? Venezuela cannot defend good, we scored twice in Venezuela without Messi, 4 with him in CA, our last 3 home WC matches against them 5:0, 4:0 3:0 and they conceeded in order 3, 4, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 goals in their away games and you are totally scared Venezuela will park the bus, come on, no they just simply can’t, not even against a Bolivia. 3, 4 or 5:0…

      • Haha! I will be more than happy if you are correct. No problem at all. I am also hoping for a 3-0 at least. But somehow I just don’t feel confident about how many chances we will produce and how many we will convert.

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