Jorge SAMPAOLI press conference after Venezuela draw


Jorge SAMPAOLI held a press conference following the team’s 1-1 draw against Venezuela.

A sad and angry looking Jorge SAMPAOLI spoke a press conference at the Monumental following yet another draw. Angry, disappointed and sad can probably sum up the feeling of every Argentina fan worldwide. But there was one man who had to speak and it was the coach himself. Here’s what he had to say:

Jorge SAMPAOLI press conference

“We’ll continue fighting to qualify, to win both matches. We have to analyze the past two matches to improve on the remaining two matches. We created 11 goal scoring situations. We’ve let a big chance go by (to qualify). That’s football and it could happen.

“We have to work on what we did well for the match against Peru. Argentina will continue fighting for their place in Russia. We were the better team but couldn’t finish. We have to lift our heads up and play the next two matches with professionalism and strength. We leave angry because the match should have finished in Argentina’s favor. I saw a team determined to qualify. Argentina’s first half was overwhelming.

“We had a lot of good attacks from the left. First with DI MARIA and then with ACUNA. MESSI took over many times during both matches. The important thing is we all push forward together for Argentina to be at the World Cup. The fight for qualification will be tough, we will try to improve on things that we failed at today.”


  1. Reading through the comments here at mundo among the anger which is understandable being an Argie fan you can find well thought analysis or comments stating and pinpointing again the failure to who else but he is stopping Argentina Nt from reaching the required level or the ultimate prize,Maybe forgetting that he has not been playing for the team since1986 or 1993,you can pick one. Before he came along I have seen much better Argentina teams fail and not lived up to their expectations.he has been whith NT since 05 I think and strongly believe that he did what he could by saying that I mean i don’t want him to do better than he does for himself and selfish he is if anything goes by logic is,how do we take advantage of this God gifted talent and not all the weight on his is not his fault that people who are in charge for NT starting from up top to the coaches and the squad players have not been up to the standard,not his but I am saying that in general .Messi is not stopping Argentina from reaching greatness its the other way around and on that note GO ARGENTINA GO

  2. The fact is at some point its not coaches, and its on the players. Sampaoli is a great coach. What this team needs is better players. We ourselves are to blame for this predicament. Every week you hear Argentine players scoring, but the truth is they are playing with midfielders that are world class.
    EVERY midfielder we have is mediocre on their best day. Against Uruguay they could not do anything, and when you can’t beat Venezuela at home even the most rabid fan needs to admit we are not that good.
    Sure we have Messi, Dybala, Icardi…but 3 players don’t make a team. The other 8 guys playing together in La Liga wouldn’t even be a top 10 team.
    We have no identity, we have no poise, we have no psyche, and the team is overly reliant on one player and everybody knows it.
    Sampaoli is a great coach, but he cannot score goals or dribble. Who even knows if we will qualify. But at some point if the AFA gives a shit about their National program we need to develop players other than forwards and stop selling these kids at 16. It would also help if we stopped importing all of the other south american players and improving their game.
    Bottom line, it doesn’t matter. If we qualify, we will struggle to even get out of the group with this bunch of weak minded players.

  3. Reading Kids post is the best summary of Argentina’s underlying problems over the last 10 years I’ve read in a very long time Thanks Kid! And that problem is the irony of Messi as I like to call it.

    Now I’m not Messi bashing here because I like Messi (but honestly, I don’t like him as much as I used to because he’s made it all about himself rather than the benefit of Argentina) but the inherent problem is every coach we’ve had has built a team around Messi and the team have become too reliant on him. Kid you were spot on when you said Messi only passes the ball to players he likes. This is to the detriment of Argentina and our results. Therefore, if a team stops Messi, they stop Argentina winning – plain and simple. It really pissed me off seeing Messi not pass the obvious ball at times to players that were in a good position, but rather, he passes it to one of his buddies or he try’s to take on 4-5 players and then losses the ball. I can’t believe how many times Messi gave the ball away in the last 2 games. Furthermore, when Icardi got tripped in the box in the 60th minute, it was a clear penalty. Messi was on the edge of the box in perfect view of this incident and he did not go to the ref and argue the point of why the ref didn’t give it a penalty!!! He is the fucking captain of this team and didn’t defend his player’s incident….why, because Icardi is not one of Messi’s buddies. For this, I’ve lost respect for Messi because it’s always been more about him than to the betterment of Argentina. He’s no fucking captain and should never have been made captain!!

    Is this problem going to be fixed in time for Russia….I don’t think so because I don’t think Messi will change his paradigm. Therefore, Argentina will only start to flourish once this damn Messi era ends. Having Messi has been an paradox to Argentina. How can a team have one of the best players in history along with other superstars and not win a major trophy?

    Now before any of you go on a rant and chastise me for criticising Messi, I’ll have you know I’m Argentino and I love my beloved Argentina. One player is not bigger than the team or country for that matter.

    The Irony of Messi!!!

    Vamos Argentina!!!!

    • The Irony of Messi!!…. Ha ha… how many matches did messi play in the qualifiers?… how many points the team without messi secured?…

      How Sabella’s team with Messi played better(in WC Qualifiers)?

      I can see Messi dribble too much when nothing is happening(mostly it starts near the mid line). The other players try to remain static, they don’t make runs along with him where they can receive and continue the attack; Whenever he makes a defence splitting passes, they end up screwing it.

      The problem is we dont have good midfield who can bring the ball forward; our midfield can hardly make any diagonal passes and switch the play between the flanks; the players on the flanks hardly make any dangerous runs forward.

      When we get good players in the midfield and on flanks, most of our problems will be solved; We always had world class front 3; but the problem is about the players on the remaining areas;

      You can’t the play the whole game at the same tempo; Your midfield should be able to know when to move the ball fast and slow down when required;Our midfield lacks that.. (In addition to these, when they lose the ball, they weren’t able to catch up). The players on the flank/wing can hardly beat the full back and make a decent cross into the dangerous area. A good winger is one if he takes on 10 times on the full back, at least 7 times he has to beat the full back(with pace or trickery); Tell me one player who can do that in our current team; Dimaria and the rest are absolute non-sense in those areas; Acuna looked good against venezuela; Dimaria if he beats the player, he ends up screwing it by making a godly pass/cross.

    • We all have different views about same games and players beside disagreeing I would ask how is all about messi and who made it about him?

  4. Was watching the equador vs peru match. Peru will play the same manner uruguay and venezuela played against argentina. Will defend with 11 people and quickly counter attack. Agentina needs to quickly find a solution to this tactics of the opponents. After analyzing the two games..only quick passing will not help..i don’t find the arg mifielders, fwd’s in correct positions many time they are parallel, sometimes both a together..they have get into those gaps and increase the field and options for others to pass and do one two…..

  5. I dont know why Messi can’t satisfy anyone. I thought he barely put a foot wrong in this match, apart from the free kick. The game mostly went through Banega, with Messi and Dybala unlocking opposite flanks consistently.they dribbled to drag players out of position and deliver the ball to the flanks,which they should and did well. We attacked via both flanks and looked balanced. Blaming Messi for every loss is turning into an obsession.
    Also, Banega was not responsible for the goal conceded. He lost the ball high up the pitch, which can was probably Pizzaro who stopped chasing his player for a second and it became 3 vs 1 moments later.

  6. If we look at player compatibility, i m not sure there’s any formation that suits our midfield and defence. 4-4-2 requires lot more energy in midfield. We have tried different variations of 4-3-3 over the years.
    any formation with 3 at the back takes a lot of getting used to. It’s not easy getting goals with 3-4-3 so early. Guardiola has gathered top attacking talents and full backs at City, yet his team is struggling to score. I like Sampaoli trying 3 at the back. We will concede all of a sudden. Thats the nature of this formation.But Sampaoli is looking to outscore his opponents.Once our players get used to this formation, i m sure we can do it.

    • One player who can make a huge contribution to 3-4-3 is Aguero. his pressing game and link up play have improved largely under Guardiola. He can come off the bench against physically imposing opponents and make a difference. I hope Guardiola keeps pushing him at city.

  7. To have Sampaoli in charge is still good thing I think. If only he is able to adapt to situation – as Bielsa describe him. If this is true, if he is flexible minded he will found better formations and tactics with the time. Sampaoli still experimenting a lot and seeking. The only thing that concern me is dropping some players without giving him real chance (did he called them just to endear most people?). Real chance is not one game or one half. I still believe Icardi may give us more despite 0 goals and his invisibility in 2 games. Dybala the same. Where’s Nacho, Papu? Will Jose Luis GOmez back after injury? As for Benedetto – I’ absolutely convinced he is one of our best strikers, needs time. If someone want to judge or delete him after 30 minutes then just proves must be children without any football knowledge. Debut in such oppresive game it’s not easy thing.

  8. Calling up new players doesn’t fix anything right now unless Argentina is forgetting about the 2018 world cup altogether and is now focusing on the next Copa America and world cup, but I don’t see what new players would do to help the current Argentina team at this point be it from the local league or European leagues. These guys are the best of Argentina and they couldn’t even win against Venezuela at home, so how is that an experimental team is going to win at home against Peru and away to Ecuador? The Dutch/Holland national team have been changing their starting XI left, right and, center post the 2014 world cup with young players and they’ve yet to mustered any consistent positive results which lead them missing out at the European Championships, and even after dropping the old Dutch players and using younger players the results were still the same hence why the new Dutch coach had to revert back to the likes of Robben and Van Persie.

    I said I’ll give Sampaoli six months, but he is doing the same thing as coach like what his predecessor did with the Argentina national team. All the Argentina coaches since Maradona set up a system hoping Messi alone will win games on his own, this is why we got beaten in 2010, and in my opinion, the mindset of the team haven’t really change since then. ‘’Mascherano and ten others’’ back then, to today, we have Sampaoli saying ‘’Messi is the only player guaranteed a spot in the XI.’’ The Germans, Spaniards, and French don’t talk like this, and even Brazil is starting to figure out they can’t depend on Neymar like they did back in 2014, because at the end of the day, you can only win the world cup as a coherent team.

    Argentina is not Barcelona or Spain, we don’t need to play like them in order to make Messi feel at home, what needs to happen is, Argentina should go back to their roots. Argentina have their own style of playing, this is why I started following the Argentina national team. Build a system where Messi and the 22 other players can function in not a sole system base around Messi hoping the other 22 players will catch on at some point. Why we need a system in which every time a player gets the ball they have to look for Messi as the first option on a pass? This is why a lot of ball is being turnover, instead of making the right passes, our players are often time instruct to pass the ball to Messi even if the pass is not on. And when Messi have the ball, the players become clueless because Messi seems to have preference to who he passes the ball to on the pitch in many scenarios which often time lead to Messi ignoring players in better position to receive the pass. As long as the opponent game plan is, ‘’stop Messi’’ and you shut down the entire Argentina team, we will not score many goals and struggle to win games. This is what Buaza, Tata, and now Sampaoli is failing to realize. The team can’t even counter attack because the game has to always be slow down so the player on the ball can pass the ball to Messi. Perfect example, Banega was on the ball in a counter attacking situation with Pastore ahead of him and Acuna (I believe), and instead of passing the ball to either one of the players in the Venezuelan half of the pitch, he holds on to the ball for way too long (most likely he was waiting to see where Messi was) which allowed the Venezuelan players opportunity to fall back in line. At the end of the day, players do on the pitch what they’re instructed to do by the coach, and if that instruction is make sure Messi gets the ball 99 times out of 100, then there goes our whole game plan. Nothing is wrong with the team midfield, Croatia has one of the best midfield in world football yet they lost to the down spiral Turkish team. Furthermore, Croatia doesn’t score plenty of goals despite having Modric, Kovacic, and Rakitic in their midfield.

    For the people saying with Messi Argentina won more games, that is true, but without Messi the team won away to Colombia, one of the toughest away venue to play in. On that day, the overall team played well, and Dybala look is best that day after coming off the bench and should have scored a goal if not for the linesman making a bad decision. Somebody here also mention the home game against Brazil, which was another perfect example. Let’s play like the 2004 Olympic winning team, the 2001 U20 winning team, the 2006 Argentina world cup team and, Argentina 1978 world cup winning team. Use these teams as a back drop on how the current national team need to function. Stop this obsession over individualism. Messi is not going to single handily win us the world cup, Dybala is not going to single handily win us the world cup and, the next big thing coming out of Argentina is not going to single handily win us the world cup. WE NEED A TEAM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! WE HAVE THE PLAYERS, SO WHY CAN’T ARGENTINA ASSMEBLE A FUNCTIONABLE TEAM? Let’s go back to Argentina roots, enough of trying to be like Barcelona just so that Messi can function in the team. We don’t need ANY Busquet or Iniesta because this is Argentina not Barcelona or Spain. We won two world cups before it took Spain 100 years to win one world cup. Let’s go back to what made Argentina a force on the international stage, the tactics and strategy can modernize without Argentina losing its identity.

    • Back to roots is good devise. I’m longing for Argentina playing unpredictable, unconventional football again. Besides Nacho, Battaglia or Ascacibar I’m not also for calling up new players.

      Argentina must get out of Messi’s shadow. I don’t know if this is possible at all untill Messi is retired but Sampaoli should try radical changes and impement shock therapy as whole generation is stigmated as Messi’s lackeys and attendants..

    • earilier i wrote similar comments and then someone came out and told me that what i wrote was the ultimate crap !
      any way.
      i agree
      the players have to get out of messi’s shadow.

      • The problem is people are thinking we are conspire against Messi while we are just preffering Argentina over Messi. Perhaps it’s still possible to make both Argentina and Messi happy but it needs quite new look for Messi’s role in the team.

        But there’s also possible that Argentina final happy and Messi’s happy is exclusive disjunction.

  9. I am greatly disappointed by the result especially with the missed chance of solidifying their position in the table but unfortunately ARGENTINA does not like to do things the easy way.
    As always and without a hint of questioning my loyalty or love to this team, they will GOD willing prevail and make it into the WC.
    Never lose heart.

  10. I still have way more faith in this team than with Bauza or Martino. We need Tim make changes. Papu Gomez needs to start ahead of Di Maria at all times. Was he injured?

  11. What hurts most is this: we(mundo) have been calling and praying for a real coach, a true genius to take over our NT. After 3 years with idiots in charge we finally managed to get who most of us dreamed of: Sampaoli! Finally a proper coach who knows how to play nice, attacking football.
    We have also for years and years been calling for new faces and for the next generation to start to get picked. Icardi, Dybala, Lanzini, Paredes and others. Finally we now had a coach who called almost all of the players the majority of us were asking for….but the results are still poor. This hurts so bad!! Who can we blame now?? We played a great first half yesterday, but because we are cursed the goal never came. Now we have to pay the price for reaching the world cup final in Brazil. We are cursed. We are so unlucky. Sampa mad mistakes with Benedetto for Dybala and Pastore for Icardi. Really a tragedy! But I just can not blame him too much…because its kinda out of his hands if we score or dont score when we get the chances…its not his fault that we are cursed. It is all so frustrating that its really hard to believe. How will we be able to sleep these next four weeks?

  12. I am disappointed and frustrated like the rest of y’all but god damn…IF YOU DOUBT ARGENTINA, GET THE FUCK OFF THE SITE!!! Go to a Brazilian or Chilean site, where they would love you anti-Argentinean comments! You MUST be an Argentinean futbol fan whelthet we WIn or lose!! Ganamos o perdemos argentina siempre nuestro! Have you heard that battle cry In The stands before at an Argentina game!!! To my true Argentina fans and blood brothers… keep your fucking head up, stay strong because WE ARE ARGENTINA… we were built from suffering for glory!!!! Hasta la Victoria siempre .. paz Che

    • I agree with you, we were playing well, just unlucky didn’t get the goal with those chances we have had, I think we should get in 5th place and have 2 playoffs matches, to see how ready we are at World Cup, if we can’t beat a New Zealand team or one of Peru or Ecuador then, we should realise that we are not good enough to be in World Cup, That’s all for me, stop moaning and head up high, We are Argentina we will do our best to show to the world that how good we are

  13. One Osho story goes like this,” One deer was grazing in a green land and at the same time a hunter was aiming with his gun to kill the deer and also a tiger was ready to jump on the deer for its food. The deer realize this and thought for a second what to do now? It realized things are beyond its control and felt that the best thing and in fact only thing it is capable now is to eat the grass till it dies either in the hands of the hunter or tiger. It totally forget other thoughts and drowned itself in the action and surprisingly or unsurprisingly the hunter miss his aim and shoot the tiger but before that the tiger misses the deer and jump on the hunter and eventually both are killed. The deer looked that and started eating grass again and after sometime left the land without turning back slowly.” If that happens we will be sad for a few weeks or months and carry the wound forever. But we may witnessed the lowest of our life. Life cannot go below than that. Instead of anger and frustration, just hope we get the maturity to observe life choice less.

    Anyhow our problem now is neither the players nor the formations or coach. We got the fear that we are not capable of scoring goals. If sampaoli say we need to get one goal earlier against team like venezuela, there is a deep lack of confidence of getting goals. More we are result oriented, more will be the blockage of energies. If you are kicking a ball with total ease, easily you can chip from the half way line. But more and more the expectation lesser will be the creativity. Our problem now is emotional, psychological and to overcome in this very tight situation with little margin of errors, what players do off the field really helps. If Messi just go obsessed with his guitar for the next month, he will do miracle that we always expect. But if he carry that all the time, really we are going to suffocate. After 70 min Messi seems really tired and we know his greatest fault is he wants to play every match every minute every second and esp this is true when it comes to Barca. Why don’t he himself make his mind to play only the second half at least for the coming month.
    Don’t have sex or self pleasure for the next 30 days till we play ecuador. One month energy if released in a proper channel without any block is an absolute need. What am saying seems rubbish or totally meaningless but it is true.
    But the true consolation is the love for our team goes on increasing in times of failure..

    • I’m not as deep as you and I’m sorry, I simply fail to see the relevance of the story to our situation. Is is about all hope is not lost? Nonetheless, the story in itself is indeed captivating.

      I agree with you on the psychological part. No disrespect to Venezuela but before these round of two matches began, before we knew who was being called up, before we knew what his formation was, before we knew who would be in the starting line-up, this was THE game among all the remaining matches, we were going to get the three points. With Sam’s pre-match comments upping the ante and the teams still deadlocked after 30 minutes, you can’t help but feel the players are cracking, no matter how professional experienced highly paid they are.

      And now another break again that is certainly not going to help. Everything resets before the final round of matches, before the players get called up and come together again and try to psyche themselves and each other up. I have a feeling we’ll see the same old sh+* again when we come back again.

      Sam is going to be in a conundrum. Call up the same players again? Some of you suggested that Higuain, Aguero, one even suggested Gago? Drop Banega and Pastore? Change or keep formation? Get ready for a roller coaster ride guys…. just hope its not downhill all the way….

  14. Today is one of the most interesting days to read the posts on MundoAlbiceleste. Analysis from various people, Gonzalo and Kid agreeing on something and of course a new team from Mr Line-Up (our very own Dollon). I gladly add my drop in the bucket.
    The cold facts show that despite having some high profile strikers we cannot seem to score goals. At their clubs it is goals galore but in the NT they cannot find the net. It is bad luck? Sometimes, but 16 games long? A mediocre team like Iceland does score goals with players that hardly have half the talent we have in the team. They have something we are missing. Something that is crucial and not Sampaoli nor any other coach can bring it back. It is a positive, optimistic attitude and belief that the team can achieve a result. You can only get it back from a string of good results. With 2 games left there is simply not enough time to get that vibe back. The psychological effect of losing three finals in a row is still enormous. The players that participated in those tournaments are mentally broken. It hurts them all, Messi, Mascherano, Di Maria, Biglia, Romero etc. For each game they sound optimistic, but in their hearts and minds they are not. Every setback (red card, penalty, missed opportunity, goal conceded) triggers negativity in their minds, loss of belief. Something like: ‘Oh no, again. We are not going to succeed today.’ They try and try, tactics go out the window, shots are fired from distance etc. We have seen it time and again during this campaign. During Martino’s era it was mediocre, during Bauza’s spell it was awful and now it is just frustrating. The press will slaughter everyone. Peru’s Gareca is a smart coach (at least he was in his time at Velez). He will know that Argentina is vulnerable in the next match, the last chance against a direct competitor for 4th place. Players will be very nervous. Will Argentina become the second runner-up since The Netherlands (1978 runners up and not qualified for 1982) that will miss the WC? Gareca knows each setback will increase Peru’s chances of a result. He knows someone like Mercado is a red card waiting to happen, that Mascherano will be desperate to close his career with a WC, that Romero is terrible at crosses. If we score early against Peru we do have a chance, if it stays 0-0 for a long time we are in trouble. I have lost hope that this team can win the WC. Too many average players (Germany and Spain have better players in 7 or 8 positions), no consistency in style and tactics, unfamiliarity between the (new) players. Over time Sampaoli can do great things with the NT, but he needs to get rid of the old guard. Not only Higuain but everyone. A new start, free from the psychological burden from all those lost finals. Who knows we will lift the WC in Qatar in 2022.

    • What would one do if he were Sam now?

      -call up new players? Too risky with just 2 games left. No time to bed them in, gel with the team and understand his tactics (or lack thereof) in time. It is highly unlikely he will choose to do so and roll his dice. If he really does, likely before that happens, Sam will preprare us all for the I’m sorry I have to do this but I’m building for the future. Given how short-termism most of us are nowadays, highly unlikely he’ll do it.

      -call up the old guard for help? Maybe. Afterall, the fantastic four did provide us with some good moments at the mid to last phase of the last WC qualifying campaign. They know each other well enough, can assimilate in quickly and might just be able to save his ass over the last 2 games when you need calm to prevail. Not new faces who will be faced with the overwhelming pressure from the nation to win both remaining games. He’ll need experienced faces who are unfazed under pressure, are experienced (in losing finals especially), those who can come in and play, and regardless of win or lose, still be indifferent and go on back to their multimillion dollar lives. No pressure. If there’s anyone’s who can, yup it’s them. (In case still not clear, I’m trying to be sacarstic here.) But even if we do qualify with the old guard, then what? Surely we can’t be going to Russia with them right?

      -call up the same players as this round? Yup, probably this. He’ll be hoping that whatever he’s done this past week or so somehow has not been wasted. Has filtered down to them and been retained so that come the final round of qualifying matches, they can somehow remember what has happened and work together and work hard to score and win. Then comes the formation. Keep or change? Think most of the good folks here do already recognise that the requirements of such a formation and where we are lacking. If we are keeping the same players as this round and the same formation, then good luck to us. Even if we somehow stumbled or breeze through, it might likely be a one off thing and not really addressing the root of the problem.

      Whoch begs the freaking question – what exatly is the problem?! Coach? Changed. Formation? Changed. I thought psychological state of the players – but seriously, how many from the old guard played not counting Romero, it was just Bigla/Mascherano, Banega, Di Maria, Messi. Actually not that many of them right? So player’s mostly changed too. So what then is the problem? A combination of two of the above? More playing time together? Or the issue more fundamental down to the age group system?

      I’m just totally bewildered over it. Perhaps it’s just simply Argentina is not as good as we used to be? But we are Argentina!!!!!

    • dolon is just most creative Mundo member :p Circa 1,5 line ups per comment. For me he is possitve guy who does not need other memebers at all and somehow integral part of Mundo.

  15. I’ve been supporting this team for decades since 86, this time is even worse than 94. When Sampaoli was nominated, I was so happy and expected a lot from him. But the reality is he cannot make miracle happen. I posted previously that Argentina cannot win with its 3-4-3, unfortunately I was right. I thought it’s quite obvious for everyone that:

    – Dybala and Messi’s roles are too similar
    – the transition in midfield is too slow
    – Argentina does not have that kind of fullback that fit into 3-4-3

    but Sampaoli does not see the same thing. After all, he knows his players better than we do …

    If Argentina qualifies finally, honestly I don’t see how far it can go in the competition if they play like this, probably like France in 2010.

    Maybe Sampaoli should clarify to the public that he is hired for building the future and not for the world cup qualification. At least people won’t be too disappointed.

  16. These are my doubts after watching the first two official matches of Sampaoli.

    1) First of all can we play a 3-4-3 with di Maria and Acosta as wingers? This formation is executed with full backs who are both physically tenacious and technically gifted. Oxlade Chamberlain, Victore Moses, Marcos Alonso are three players I have seen who are good at this position. So to me it seems like; for this position, we need to deploy full backs who are comfortable going forward. Can we play this formation with attacking midfielders who can defend also (without jeopardizing the team defence)? (To me Maria, Auna, and Acosta are the latter category- attackers who can defend as well).

    2) Sampaoli likes to play high tempo game. How is Banega, Biglia and the likes suited to this as they are very slow? Paredes is slow but he is a better defender than Banega and he can play more directly and is more comfortable against physical teams and teams pressing. Banega will be suited in a Pekerman’s team where as Paredes can play an important role under Sampaoli. To me it seems that we dont have an ideal pair for central midfield in a 3-4-3 but Paredes and Nacho combo is better. Other players I have in my mind for Nacho are the two Perezs, Enzo and Pablo.

    3) In a 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1, two attacking mid fielders will play in the advanced midfield (sometimes also called as the hole) from where they can create. They will also exploit the space between a central defender and full back when their full back go wide and the opponent full back is forced to defend him. One of them will play in the right advanced midfield and the other on the left half. In Sampaoli’s scheme, both Messi and Dybala are players playing in the right half. So how can they effectively exploit the width created by Maria and Acosta? Will not Maria or Acuna be an isolated figure? (it happened against Uruguay).

    5) Now teams will watch today’s game and they will see how easily even Venezuela scored from a counter attack. Don’t you think that the same will happen if we play against top European teams?

    6) Earlier when Romero was selected, it could have been said at least that he is in good form if not at the peak of his career. Now he is a bench warmer (as always), and not an ideal choice for Sampoli’s scheme and most importantly, not in good form! So how can he play along with a comparatively slow defence?

    These are my doubts or concerns rather than arguments or points against.

    • Sampaoli doens’t know what he is missing when drop Nacho Fernandez. Maybe with Paredes, maybe someone other but the guy is such kind of libero between midfield and attack formations we lack.

  17. Adidas will qualify… 😃
    nice write ups by Kid / MustB / Gonzalo etc.. wow.
    Lion cub needs to become a Lion… still not enough but a LionKing (few will understand… but its the truth)
    3-4-3 doesn’t work for us
    Oldies need to go but last 2 games are must win… Gago could enter the picture but that could worsen the speed to crawling
    Sampaoli needs time… cub’s’ needs to cooperate not fight…
    Maradona is over the moon
    2 draws could make pipita return… shikes… not again
    Hoy hoy our bus is really slow with oldies on board…
    finally we definitely need a professional motivater or whatever you call him to buckle this team up…
    friendship second … professionalism first… a world cup at stake…
    If Lionel looses his heart now… the world is ready to hand over the world cup to Cristiano… we all know this world is not for the good people like Lionel but for actors like Cristiano who has everything going for him… whereas for Lionel everything is falling apart… Never mind… a righteous will fall seven times but the EIGHTH is his.

  18. Our Chances to qualify for World Cup 2018:

    Next Matches:

    Chile Vs Ecuador -> Chile won’t let this chance to go and will win. Chile will move to 26 points.
    Colombia Vs Paraguay -> Home match for Colombia and expected to win. Colombia will reach to 29 points and even for draw they will move in 27 points.
    Even if Paraguay win still Paraguay will move to 24 points (equal to us with better goal difference).
    Venezuela Vs Uruguay -> With 27 points Uruguay already moved in safe zone with 27 points and 10+ goal difference. This match makes no sense to me.
    Brazil vs Bolivia -> Again makes no sense to me. Brazil qualified and Bolivia out of Campaign, even though Brazil is expected to win.

    Expected points of other teams (considering all results against us)

    Brazil: 40
    Uruguay: 27/28/30
    Colombia: 27/29
    Chile: 26
    Paraguay: 24

    Now Argentina Vs Peru.

    If we beat Peru we will have 27 points and we will move in Top 4 (safest option).
    If we draw against Peru, Peru will have 25 points and we will move in 6th position (almost all over)
    If we lose against Peru then it’s already over for me. Peru to move in 4th position and we in 6th.

    If we draw against Peru then

    Brazil: 40
    Uruguay: 27/28/30
    Colombia: 27/29
    Chile: 26
    Peru: 25
    Argentina: 25

    I am not considering we will lose against Peru as this will be all over for us.

    Then in Final round:

    Brazil Vs Chile -> I have the feelings Brazil will play for a draw. I won’t be surprised if Chile win this game.
    Paraguay Vs Venezuela -> Paraguay to win this game. Paraguay to move upto 27 points if they can beat Colombia in previous round.
    Peru Vs Colombia -> Anything is possible. Any of these 2 team can win or match can end in draw. Peru can gather upto 28 (if they draw against us).
    Uruguay Vs Bolivia -> Make no sense to me. But if Uruguay draw or lose in previous round and Bolivia can upset them then we will have chance to go above them.

    Expected points of other teams (considering all results against us)

    Brazil: 41
    Uruguay: 27/28/30
    Colombia: 28+
    Chile: 27
    Peru: 28+
    Paraguay: 24


    Argentina Vs Ecuador

    – If we can beat Peru we will have 27 points and with a draw against Ecuador we can secure Play-off position unless Chile beat Brazil.
    – If we failed to beat Peru (draw) then it’s a must win game for us to secure Play-off position but we need to look at Chile vs Brazil match.

    2. victories in 2 matches means we might even secure second or third place.

    So, considering all negative scenarios…

    – In 2 matches 1 victory and 1 draw will give us some chance to secure play-off position only if Chile failed to beat Brazil.
    – 2 victories in 2 matches will secure our TOP 4 spot.
    – One loss in 2 matches, it’s all over for us.

    So good thing is qualification is still in our hand but bad thing is no margin of error. One loss it’s all over for us.

    • If we beat Peru but lost against Ecuador then, our point would be 27.


      Brazil 41-43
      Uruguay: 30
      Colombia: 28-30

      these 3 will be ahead of us.

      In that case we have to look at

      – Brazil Vs Chile match -> Who knows Brazil might go for Experipement. A victory for Chile means we have to fight for play-off position.
      – if Peru beat Colombia, tbh it’s not impossible as Peru is a very good team, then they will have same point of us but better goal difference. So we are out.

      But yes a draw against Ecuador will secure our play-off position.

      • Yup, thanks for the analysis. As you put, no margin for error. Given how we have been failing to play well and when we actually do like in the first half of the Venezuela game, we fail to convert chances into goals, I am scared there is a real possibilty we will NOT qualify. Just the thought of falling either straight out or at the playoffs, I can imagine the stunned downcast look on Messi’s face. More importantly on all our faces… no, please, no………

  19. Mundo is clouded by emotions at the moment. Obviously many of us are blaming a player or 2 due our frustrations, fair enough. However we need to understand that the team is in a rebuilding phase. Obviously, Sampaoli is still looking for the best players in different positions for the team. This was his first round of competitive matches. I didn’t expect a blowout of Uruguay and Venezuela as I understand what rebuilding means. Sometimes it means he is experimenting with tactics and different players. Sometimes we’ll see good things as well as bad things. I’ll give him benefit of the doubt for the next round. I trust that he will go and analyze the games, tactics and players, and change a few things. It is now obvious now that most of the current players in the NT can not play high tempo football. Messi’s capabilities always suffers when he doesn’t have players to exchange quick passes around him or the team is playing at slow tempo. This has got to do with lazy mentality and lack of work ethic amongst many players. That is the main problem. The ball needs to circulate faster to give Leo a lot of one on one scenarios with defenders. I’m not saying personnel change will guarantee better results, but a lot of players who featured against minnows Singapore showed some hunger to run and work for the team.

    If we don’t qualify it will hurt me really bad but until then I believe we can at least finish fifth in worst case scenario. Anything can happen in football but I do not see the New Zealand team that I saw at the CONFED CUP beating an Argentina side, even with only local players on the pitch.

    I remain positive for the next rounds. I still remember 1993 and 2009 qualifiers. So it is not all lost for me yet. It’s not over til it’s over.

  20. Not sure everyone understands the situation we are in.
    Chile will most likely beat Ecuador in their next game, that means Chile have 26 points before their last game in Brazil.
    I do not for a second believe that we will beat Peru, it will be a draw at best, but let us say we will win that game…that means we are on 27 points before the game in Quito. We will need a tie in Quito to secure the play off spot.
    Columbia will beat Para in their next game, and will therefor be safe before their last game away to Peru.
    So Peru will beat Columbia at home, because Columbia have nothing to play for. That means that Peru will most likely move ahead of us again(on goal difference), given the fact that we will never get a result in Quito. Altitude means trouble for us, always will, and we will of course lose to Equador. And finally….Chile away to Brazil in their last game….if Chile get a draw they are ahead of us on goal difference. I am dead sure Brazil will give Chile the result that need, just to destroy everything for Argentina. This will happen, mark my words. We will finish in 6th place.
    And all of this is if we beat Peru. We will not beat Peru.

    • Relax, you’re a bit too emotional with that. The scenario you made is not guaranteed. Don’t forget Brazilian fringe players want to impress the coach in front of their home fans. Do not be so negative. In football, one good/bad match or a simple tweak in the teamplay can change a lot of things for the better.

  21. i will say something that will not be liked by most of you.
    you want to play better
    you win trophies.
    leave Messi outside the team
    build a Team that can win without him
    otherwise , we will keep playing like this way till the day when Messi resign.

    • The fact is we never played as a team since 2006. Just single moments/matches under Sabella.

      We have 16 matches of the qualifiers behind and I’m still convinced the best was that in home against Brazil when players must have depends on themselves because Messi was out. Check out by yourself and rewatch the game. They played well organized football.

      • That was one of the pathetic Dunga’s Brazil last matches and of course Di Maria was the key player there, one (moderately) good match and 7 shit without Messi, and you parrot this match like a fanatic over and over again, get the facts: ARG without Messi 8 matches 1 win 3 draws 4 losses, with him 8m 5w 2d 1l, yeah we play like a real team without him LOL

        • Every team needs time to rearrange when his biggest star is out. First matches after the leader is out must be lowering, but with time team adapt to play without the leader. Messi was out for some time and first matches without him were not good. It’s normall. The team were just beginning to learn play without him. But they improved with the time.

          Best example is Barcelona case. When Messi get’s injury at the beginning they haven’t been able to play without him. But the longer is the injury the more chances finally they will going well when adapt. And then they were able to beat Real by 4:0 on Santago Bernabeu!!! Yes, that’s fact. Even with Messi Barcelona never beat Real on Santiago so high. Barcelona that was not supposed to be able win without Messi… So instead brings still pure stats you should try to comprehend broad view of some things. Pure stats in hand of unmature people are distortion of real football. You are just bringing still pure stats as machine, computer but ignoring still whole context and ‘imponderabilia’ that are work behind countable things.

        • No matter Neymar was there (do you understand at all what is the point of my argumantation? should I replicate that in 2009 Real was weak team without ROnaldo and with Gago or Heinze?), they beat them 4:0. But they were beginning with poor results just after Messi’s injury. Just like our team. And just like Barcelona we have too many world class players to think winning is possible only with Messi.

      • i agree with you
        i still remember when we beat germany 4-2 in friendly. the team played better football. even in copa , when they play without messi in first few matches. they were better as a team.

      • true. we do not have players that complement messi and this is the problem.
        either you drop messi and build a team that can play different football or enforce messi to adapt to new style and minimize his roles on the pitch.

  22. Sad and angry because of the draw, but neverthless it was a good game. Sometimes one just misses the chances, in football the better team doesn’t always win. Of course I cursed my TV-set when it was the 76′ minute and Messi gave that brilliant pass to Benedettowhoeverthefuckheis and then the sad second-long scene of weakest football ever, but still, it’s football; anything can happen. Qualifying is still in Argentina’s own hands.

    Vamos Argentina!

  23. It’s no secret I’m rarely agree with KidultHood but this time completely. Messi is worst material for captain and he is very often overusing driblings while great passer.

    This is best characteristic of situation:

    “When the team needs him he gets quiet on the pitch. Messi also tend to over dribble and hold onto the ball for way too long instead of making a quick deliberate pass. It’s wonderful seeing Messi dribbling pass everyone, but what’s the point of having an open player in a good position on the pitch then ignore to pass the ball to him?”

    “You’re the one who needs to think and open your eyes before responding to someone comment. Messi will do better for Argentina if he gives up the captaincy, but because of pride I don’t see him doing so”.

    People really must open eyes because they are so much concentrated on Messi’s benefits that they are not able to see that Messi needs play more quiet role to be winner with Argentina some day. When things goes wrong Messi is often dribbles blindly and so do his fans here. They want to see him WC winner thinking to achive that he must do himself as much as possible.

    No, mark my words. If Messi will won anything with Argentina that’s because he will concede a lot of his current duties and privileges and play more quiet role. Rather in 2022 WC when he will be too slow to dribble so much and would be concentrated on playmaking are be super sub. Now everything it’s turned on it’s head. Messi is captain when he has not any charisma, Messi is penalty kicker when everyone knows Dybala makes penalties much better…

    If you want to see Messi winner let him to be just one of 11 players. Mark my words, his current position of alpha and omega does not lead anywhere.

    Why today it’s impossible to see Argentina playing multiple pass action as that in 2006 WOrld Cup against Serbia. Because we are too much concentrated on forwards and Messi and the team is long time unbalanced. That of 2006 had Crespo only as forward and instead a lot of versatile midfielders that were able to actualize tactical instructions of coach. Today we have coaches that are overwhelmed by abundance of superstars and in Messi’s shadow. Maybe that team of 2006 was the last thet played as team. More quiet players to implement tactics than superstars.

    • i agree
      this is the truth that everyone on this page do not want to believe in. our best player is our curse. the team depends too much on him. every player on the field when he raises his head is looking to messi. most of the players play a role when they play for the national team that is different to thier roles in their clubs and this because to make Messi happy. he just reigns everything on the field. he is the playmaker. he is the goal scorer. he is even the freekick taker. all coaches fell in love with him too much.
      we will shine only if he plays less role. we will shine only when he understand that he is part of the team not the saviour of the team.

  24. What can one say, it was a good match with a disappointing result.
    I felt that the team improved markedly from the previous game and that’s big positive, which could also mean that they just may kick into high gear in the next game god willing.

    Regarding the players themselves:

    – Romero did quite well I thought where he stopped a powerful shot and a 2nd half counter after doing a ‘neur’ where he intercepted the counter by coming out of his goal area.

    – The defensive back 3 were decent and did the best they could but non of them are designed for a 3-4-3 highline defensive style because of their lack of pace.

    – The midfield was again questionable. Banega did well in the first half but as usual started fading in the second.
    Aucosta and Pizarro did their best but neither of them are NT level IMO.
    Acuna was excellent IMO, he created the equalizer with some sublime skill and determination and he also created 2 other excellent chances, I think he’s a keeper.

    – The forwards did well I feel. Icardi missed a couple of good chances but was largely responsible for the equalizer even if it was counted as an own goal.
    Dybala’s connection with messi was clearly getting better and he was just getting into his rhythm when he was suddenly and inexplicably subbed off.
    Lio was fantastic as usual and provided a pair of sublime throughballs that were wasted by beneditto and pastore.

    The subs were, as most of you noted, AWFUL! Beneditto for Dybala made no sense and his heavy touch on the ball wasted a wonderful messi pass but it is his very first game with the NT so let’s not rule him out.
    Pastore on the other hand was god awful!! By far his worst game for the NT.

    Overall the team improved, which is good but wasted a straighfoward 3 points match, which is bad but there are still 2 games to go and it’s all to play for so I still have lots of hope.

  25. biesla = bauza = sampaoli = boring = frustrating

    useless midfielder = di maria, dybala, acuna, pizzaro, banega = but somehow they can not replaceable (FUNNY!)


    Messi is great player or alien or whatever, but he can not be captain, no leadership!

    expectation :

    Reality :

  26. Well they can’t manage to beat the bottom team which is automatically eliminated that is a shame but mark my words this coming weekend they’re going to be on the front page in Europe. They’re gonna score every where in Europe no missing in front of goal no misunderstanding no be late super crack in club retarded and bastard in NT.
    On the other hand,I am not too crazy nor euphoric to believe our midfielders can save us or do something better.
    Because pizarro banega =sevilla
    Paredez =zenith
    Biglia = this Milan
    E rigoni = zenith
    No real Madrid no bayern no Barcelona no Manchester city /United
    That means we have no CMF in the big clubs so what do you guys Expect?
    Just wait for messi to do miracles.

  27. I dont know what the argentina fans expect?

    Even a coach like Mourinho took 1 full season to fix a team like united.

    This team was made into world class by sabella and then was destroyed by bauza.

    It takes time to repair.

  28. There’s nothing to blame anyone here. Yes of course we wasted a lot of goal scoring chances. But it happens in football.

    Its just Jorge’s 2nd game and we are blaming him and his team. In fact team played well today when compared to Uruguay.

    Have patience and trust the men… What else we can do? We can’t put our boots and play in the turf. They are skilled and professionals… Let’s wait and have faith.

    The only person to be blamed is Bauza. He completely messed up the easy games …..

    And you can’t expect result from a coach ehinhas only 4 games in hand, with a completely disarrayed team. Just hope and have patience.

    Argentina will win World Cup in 2018.

  29. The team was obviously nervous, especially in the first half Icardi and Dybala missing chances by being a fraction of a second late each time they had a chance.

    Then we had a nervous coach pacing and pacing.

    Last time I saw a nervous team and a nervous coach was in 2002. It was not good.

    I have a feeling if we were to play our next two matches this coming week would not qualify. We have a month to regroup and win.

    We will win both games I feel.

  30. You should be angry at yourself with those 2 stupid subs which completely killed off the game for Argentina. What the hell were you thinking??? Don’t go Loco man. There is no more rooms for errors.

  31. Don’t get too panic and lost the temper. Sampaoli and the team must remain calm; no doubt the stricker missed a lot of chance. need to restore the mental problem more than the tactical problem. Sampaoli must learned a lot form his lat 2 games. Keep faith in Arg N/T

    • It’s not about keeping faith. The team doesn’t deserve to be qualified. They kick the ball randomly and any counter attack against them results in a goal. Like someone said the team is old aveaage age is over 29. You need average age of 26 to really shine in the world cup.the team has no plan no strategy and no unity….messi hates icardis gut and others hate do Maria gut. There was no team dynamics. The whole team is a mess. Even getting playoff spot will be lost to new Zealand.

  32. Even Peru and Venezuela scored more goals than Argentina. What a pathetic era for crappy football from messi and his men. The team needs a better captain and less reliant on messi. When messi time is up Argentina will be back to spotlight again as a solid team. The problem is the existence of messi in the field which disrupts the whole passing scheme. Both Maria and pastore are a joke not w8rthy to be even subs.

    • This is the generation and captain that gave you 3 finals, you were quarter final team.

      The teams confidence was destroyed by bauza and it takes time to repair.

  33. Argentina fans are so gullible. Now Fazio is not good enough, he is too old & slow? These were the same people who said Fazio was so great for Roma last season hence the reason he needs to be on the Argentina national team. I’m no Fazio fan, and I’m surprise he was still on the team after the friendly, but majority of you guys wanted him on the team. Seriously, and Perades? The guy who play his football in Siberia of all places, he is now the answer for Argentina? How quickly you guys will turn on him as soon as he plays for Argentina. Icardi was call the new Batistuta yet he misses like two to three easy tap ins from close range. Everyone attack Buaza for not selecting Dybala, now he has started for Argentina in two straight games in which he as failed to make an impact. Do you guys realize Argentina had 21 shots with 12 inside Venezuela 18-yard box? The strikers are to Blame and nobody else.

  34. Other results going our way kept us in this position or we will be out by now. If we win v peru we will go through I am still hopeful of qualification.

  35. its the way football goes when a team is struggling luck is not on their side, their keeper made 3-4 very good saves and that is football but it suks.

  36. Next weekend…

    – Messi will score couple of goals against Espanyol to reclaim his GOAT status.
    – Icardi will score 2 goals from 2 chances.
    – Pastore will show some fancy skill against some XYZ Ligue1 side.
    – Dybala will be all over the field and lead the Juventus team to victory.
    – Argentina media will claim ‘Benedetto’ should be Argentina’s undisputed no # 9.
    – Banega will boss the midfield and will show he is still our answer in midfield.
    – We will keep talking about Acuna and Acosta are great great players, our future.
    – We will keep saying ‘In Sampa we trust’ and Di Maria is a massive player.
    – Romero will be back to his permanent Manchester United ‘BENCH’.

    Highlights of match:

    – Icardi’s misses after misses. 3 miss inside 25 minutes.
    – Messi’s free-kick from great position. wow!!
    – Di Maria injured when it mattered the most.
    – Mascherano’s throw ball, all over the places.
    – Banega’s lost the ball cheaply and we conceded.
    – Sampoli’s substitutions when we got goal, Icardi scored, Dybala was playing his best football for us.
    Dybala -> ‘Benedetto’ and Icardi -> Pastore
    – Pastore’s brilliance
    – Messi is trying to dribble past entire team with his WAH!! skill..
    – We gained momentum twice but we failed to capitalize because of Di Maria’s injury and Sampa’s chances.


    – We are overrated bunch of shits.
    – We dropped 8 points in our 3 easiest home matches.
    – Messi should be given armband to someone else.
    – Messi falling behind in the best player of the era race.
    – Our current generation of players are no better than previous generation.
    – We are in deep deep trouble of missing WC 2018.
    – We are just an average team with average bunch of players. No wonder all the big clubs never gives a f**K about any Argentine talent despite we keep crying about this.


    – It’s our fault that we are still believing in Argentina.
    – It’s our fault that we still believe that we will win World Cup.
    – It’s our fault that we believe we are as good as any team in the world.
    – It’s our fault that we see a Maradona in Messi and expect him to do miracle.

  37. We can’t beat the bottom team at home. We don’t deserve to be at the WC. We will not go to the WC.

    At this point it is better to stay home and not be humiliated by Spain or Germany.

    After the game in Quito Messi and Mascherano will quit the NT.

  38. Se might not be winning but atlest Sampaoli is not sticking with our pensioners… the best thing would be to use messi as a pure no10.. enganche.. in the middle and have icardi and dybala in front of him.. we need a good playmaker and we have only messi… messi should only play as a playmaker..

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