Eduardo SALVIO and the potential line-up for Argentina


The first rumored Argentina line-up is out and Eduardo SALVIO is in it.

This is it. Argentina’s final match of these South American World Cup Qualifiers as they play away in Ecuador. It’s very, very simple. Win and you’re guaranteed at the very least a playoff match against New Zealand (with a chance to go as high as third place in the standings). Anything else and you’re pretty much not going to the 2018 World Cup (unless the stars align and every other result in South America goes your way). With about 48 hours until kick off, we have our first rumored line-up.

SALVIO and PEREZ to start


Not too many changes from the 0-0 draw against Peru but Enzo PEREZ starts in place of Ever BANEGA and Eduardo SALVIO in for Papu GOMEZ. According to reports, Mauro ICARDI is still carrying a knock, hence why he is not starting. As for Paulo DYBALA, it appears that because he is still not in sync with MESSI (the two get in the way of each other), he will not be starting.

I’m not a fan of this line-up but if it gets us to Russia, I’m all in. A little side comment, I have a feeling (and this is just a gut feeling) that should Argentina not qualify for the 2018 World Cup, this could possibly be the last time we see Javier MASCHERANO and Lionel MESSI in an Argentina shirt. No concrete evidence, just a feeling.


  1. I think lots of people assume Biglia to be the Xavi of Argentina and hence make complaints that he doesn’t pass well and he lacks vision etc. However, in my eyes he plays as a #5, ie Busquet’s role of DM. I think he is doing that job pretty well although he is nowhere near to Busquet’s level.

    Banega is playing the role of Xavi and he is not doing it enough. He is the person who should be on the ball often and make creative passes. He is not mobile enough. I’m not really sure he fits that role as well. He is more like a box to box midfielder. Not in the mould of Xavi & Riquelme. That is why I am curious to see how Paredes works.

    I think following plans would work out well for us:

    Plan A: 4-3-3 with no pure #9

    Dybala/Papu Gomez at Left wing —- Messi as False 9 —- DiMaria/Rigona/Salvio at right wing
    Biglia/Mascherano — Paredes/Banega as CM —- Pastore/? as AM (in the mould of Iniesta)
    Acuna | Mascherano/Garay | Otamendi | Mercado

    Plan B: 4-2-3-1

    Icardi/Beneditto (less preferred)
    Dybala/Papu Gomez | Messi as 10 | DiMaria/Rigona/Salvio
    Biglia/Mascherano | Paredes/Banega
    Acuna | Mascherano/Garay | Otamendi | Mercado

    Would this work?

  2. I pray and hope Sampaoli gets first eleven and subs work out this time. Pressure situations force people make wrong decisions, not just for players but for coaches too. Sampaoli doesn’t have time on his side and that is the problem here. He got new players and unfortunately those players didn’t click on the first attempt and thus he is unable to give them more time. He knows he will be stabbed for sticking with the same players if the results don’t improve. At the same time he would know that he will receive the same treatment if the changes 11 don’t produce the results. He took a big gamble to become the coach of Argentina team in crisis with just 4 matches to go.

  3. i will never understand, why if creativity behind messi is a problem , why not put in paredes for biglia. hell use some speed and put dybala up front. high crosses dont work for this team , use all the speed you have

  4. It is my prayer that Argentina qualifies for Russia 2018.
    I hope the coach will field a strongest team and stop the nonsense of saying Messi and Dybala cant play together. we need to see them both in the starting lineup.

  5. With all respect. I hope we win the next game. But i am very confused. I want to believe snd support our coach. But I have few questions.
    1) What is in his head???
    2) If Icardi is carrying injury from before why did u pick him and played him against Uruguay and Venzuela???
    3) If Dybala cant play with Messi… Whose job is it to make sure your player plays comfortably and know their roles???
    4) How come Benedetto knows his roles better than Dybala??
    5) Who can answer these questions?
    6) Am I goin Insane???
    Vamos Albiceleste.

  6. i hope fifa and adidas fixed the game for us….they Need messi at the world Cup…hope they give as an early Goal or two so the Players become calm and bring this match home…i am vomiting blood….i have never seen something worse than this qualification campaign….plain Horror!

    • Because the idiot keeps changing starters and subs every game. Basic football coaching skill especially when you are out of time to test players, stick with same roster and the more they play together the more profitable the results will be. All coaches we’ve seen think the abundance in resources of high profile players in their disposal must be utilized all and at the same time; thus compromising quality for quantity. Not just that, they use wrong players when switch them around and always older ones instead of fast young players. All coaches behaved the same when coaching the team no exception. Also the delusion of building the team around Messi or play him like in Barca, all nonsensical crap talk.

  7. Honest to god I’m trying to be positive but how the heck is this lineup supposed to beat Ecuador in altitude?
    I don’t blame Sampaoli for the previous results because to be honest the players themselves (Icardi, dybala, Beneditto, Maria, Papu and even messi) all should’ve done much better infront of goal. However it was clear from the peru game that Acuna shouldn’t be a left back, not because he was bad mind you but because he’s one of the most effective players aregentina has and he’s the only one who made goal happen. Even in the peru game Acuna had a moment of brilliance in the first half when he nutmeged the peruvian defender and nearly set up a great scoring opportunity and after all that you put the guy out of position in defense where his skills are nullified?
    Perez and biglia in the midfield? where the hell is the creativity supposed to come from? And for the love of god what is this obsession with Biglia? a one dimensional midfielder of a bygone era!

    None of this inspires me with confidence and sadly I’m expecting the worse even though I’m hoping for the best but perhaps missing out on the world cup with start up some sort of a footballing revolution in the country akin to what Germany had in 2004, which will result in great things in the years to come.

  8. You know something guys, if we don’t win then we honsetly dont deserve to be in russia, argentina has a crazy fan base i am counting the kickdown in minutes. Mark my words guys if we do qualify you will see a different argentina because sampaoli is a great coach and yes he did commit a couple of mistakes in the peru match we can all agree on that, but we can also agree on is in the bauza era , tata and even sabella era we didnMt see football, yes even in sabella’s era i mean come on we played with 5 defendsrs against bosnia and from round 16 and on god knows how we pulled all of these matches into a win except for the final match their we actually played. Anyway i know the results are good but guys look at the ball possesion that we have even against uruguay it got to 70%+ and it’s not just possesion without chances, we are creating REAL chances, so we cant blame sampaoli period. Even our defence that doesn’t have world class names but it is looking solid. Remember how everyone underestimated our defense in the 2014 wc, but statically speaking we were the best defense in the competition. We tried so many playsrs and so many different line ups and honestly i wont care what the formation on tuesday is going to be because i am tired if what is happening. I know this might be stupid but if we are meant to be in russian then we are going to be and if not then not, because sampaoli has tried everything. I just wish that he came in after tata immediatly or even after sabella. Guys we need to be real luck is a hugeee factor that we seem to be missing. In order for us to get the 3 points we need high spirits and a good formation and their is no best formation and well should agree on that because if their was then well thinfs would be different and we also need LUCK, because i am going to ask you all here, out of the tje different formations that were played against uruguay,venezuela and peru which formation do you think was the worst ? After you picked go and watch the highlights of that match and see the chances that we created. What hurts me is that if we weren’t creating real goal chances then whatever but because we are all we need is that excution which is sooo simple for anyone who plays football, so imagine the irony with having world class strikers who cant do that job and the irony that is bigger than that is that they are dominating in their leagues. I think that is what making the whole world including us crazy fans haha what should be done. We all have no answeres nobody does, that is why it is the luck factor that i think we are missing. I can talk for so much more but i will comment again once we get a clearer picture on the starting 11. I trulyyy feel that if qualify, then from tuesday until russia argentina is gonna start rising because we would have done what seemed impossible and tried all formations and many players, and after tuesday if we qualify the pressure will be off sampaoli and the players, so only then we can start focusing on the world cup and we have alot of time.

  9. Di-Maria will be on left and Salvio on right. Sampaoli gonna use advantage of players that can provide long range shot i think. Enzo-Biglia in midfield? That’s what can cause us more trouble than anything. I hope i am wrong

  10. Just win it guys . . I still want to watch next year world cup. 3 coaches for 18 games cost us now. They just wasted the time experimenting the team. All we need is a win. Then anything can happen when we have 1 month to gel the team. This remind me of 2002 Brazil who came out as runner up in 1998 and struggle to qualify for 2002 until the last match.

    • I did research on 2002 Brazil qualification campaign other day. I wish we can pull that. Just need a goal to calm our players down. It is anxiety that causing them miss more chances now. Just one goal from anywhere. The longer the match goes the more anxiety they will feel

  11. It is extremely important that we score early. If we score early we will win easily. If we don’t score in the first 30 minutes the team will crumble as we are weak mentally. If FIFA wants Messi in the WC, then expect an early penalty.

      • The Brazilian referee is the best person suited to do the game given that Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Paraguay are all in a position to qualify. And no way CONMEBOL would give a Venezuelan or Bolivian referee such an important game to officiate. I don’t see anything wrong with a Brazilian ref because at the moment Argentina and Brazil are not competing for a spot given that Brazil already qualify for the world cup. If the Brazilian referee officiating the game want to be at the world cup next year then he will need to abide by FIFA rules, and if FIFA wants Messi at the world cup then the Brazilian referee has to comply. Like the teams in CONMEBOL, the referees and linesman also want to be in Russia, so bias and poor refereeing is not good for the ref or the linesman reputation with a world cup coming up next year. If I was a referee, I wouldn’t want anything to mess up my chances of being at the world cup.

        • Spot on! Any referee especially a Brazilian one has no reason to favor Argentina. Let’s expect a fair game at best. On the other hand, I don’t think they will do anything that will harm our chance.

  12. Kid: Yes you are right. I was worried about Masche but he was good but did you noticed he was almost caught on napping while Fafran was almost on target near 6 yard in box. I was worried about them situation but anyway he was outstanding for spreading the ball out. And believe me i hope Banega to perform aswell because Sampaoli rate him a lot. And he is our second play maker so if gets chance than he better play like it is end of the world because theywon’t get much better opportunity than this to shine

  13. I hope Di Maria is at least in his usual position on the left, Salvio on the right, play it simple and win ugly if you have to, just need 3 points.

      • Agreed but at least on the left he is more likely to perform better if he doesn’t get injured again. As for Salvio, I don’t necessarily expect him to score but I hope as a natural winger he can stretch the play which we have not seen against Peru.

  14. We just have to win this game .. doesn’t have to be by big margin and we are through…. one of the top 5 will definitely drop points… just have to win it….

  15. Notice ………..Messi not taking matters into his own hands and just going in with everything like we saw him do in the group stage in 2014.

    I believe he will do that on Tuesday from the get go and if there was any time to do that, its Tuesday.

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