Mario Kempes: A World Cup without Argentina is a catastrophe


World Cup hero Mario KEMPES was on a radio show and spoke about Argentina’s current situation and replied to Paulo DYBALA’s comments.

Mario KEMPES, World Cup winner and hero for Argentina in 1978, has come out and commented on Argentina’s current situation and problems. Speaking to Super Deportivo Radio ahead of Argentina’s final World Cup Qualifier against Ecuador, KEMPES had this to say in regards to Paulo DYBALA’s comments about playing with MESSI (DYBALA’s comments are below). Here’s what he had to say:

Paulo DYBALA’s comments about playing with MESSI:

“What I’m going to say will be very weird: It’s a little difficult to play with MESSI in Argentina because we play the same position. It should be me who should adapt more and make him feel good on the pitch.”

Mario KEMPES on Argentina:

“There’s 90 minutes for SAMPAOLI to show that he’s the real savior because everyone said that he was the savior for Argentina. For me, what DYBALA said was great. IIt is very difficult to play beside MESSI and he who understood what he said is a fool.

“If there’s a player that has a psychological problem, it’s better he stays home with his family, that he trains with his club and he does himself a favor and his National Team.

“No one wants to step up and they give it to MESSI. A World Cup without Argentina and without Messi would be a catastrophe. The only ones who would be happy if MESSI doesn’t go to the World Cup would be MARADONA fans because that way they can keep saying that he’s the best.

“It appears as though the weight of the Argentina shirt is heavier than the club shirts.”

Some strong words from KEMPES regarding his comments about Argentina possibly not going to the 2018 World Cup.


  1. I love Mundo Albicelestes. However, I really only come for the news and have never really participated by commenting. I am the same when it comes to our own supporters club in Hong Kong. I feel that people always complain about the same things, why the manager didn’t call so and so player up… why is he not playing him…. etc etc. For me, I trust the DT 100%, he is the one who works with the players and attend the training sessions. I always believe he chooses the team based on how things worked during training. There must be a reason if a certain player is not called up or not starting/playing. I stick to what I do best as a supporter and that is standing behind the team 100%, all the time, supporting them with chants. Throughout the qualifiers, I have always backed this team, even when things weren’t going well. For me, it never crossed my mind that we wouldn’t qualify. The reality is, that is a possibility given the latest results. I still believe we can win against Ecuador. It will be difficult, but it is meant to be difficult. I hope everyone here and Argentina supporters around the world stick together, despite your difference in opinions about players and all. The team, more than ever, needs all your support. #VamosArgentina #VamosArgentinaCarajo #YoAmoAMiSeleccion !!!

  2. Hi folks. Been a long time. I do constantly log in read everyone’s post. It’s good to see that our love for this team will never diminish, although we have indifferent views and portray our concerns radically, it’s still comforting to know we stand behind the shirt and team above players.

    Going forward and more importantly the game itself, if this probable midfield starts then it’s very much pedestrian and not enough pace. Will that help at high altitude? I guess leave that to the professionals.
    I am at an all time low with my love for this team it’s taken it’s toll. For the life of me I have no idea, thoughts or conjur up any rediculous strategy’s or ludicrous formations, starting line ups and so forth to lulle me in some false sense of hope. It’s blind love I guess.

    We all got the manager we wanted. We’ve seen virtually all the players we wanted called up. We now come to a stark harsh reality and that is our midfield is just not good enough to compete against competative level.
    You can see the plan yet it’s getting the final touch…that final piece. We don’t have a true number 8 or a number 6.
    Paredes is good but not good enough to get noticed from bigger clubs in Italy or Spain. Juventus went for Bentencur whilst we paraded Paredes, who in turn decided to go Russia. For me his education is halted. Paredes is just a sample of how our players are ill advised in progressing there careers. This in turn is effecting our selection process.
    Because we have players of the calibre that are ‘nearly there’.
    Ever Banega, no one at Inter fought to buy him from Sevilla, believing that on his day he is very good. Not world class, but very good. Examples like his showing against liverpool in the Europa league final(who cannot defend) was seen as world class! That’s a shocking statement, considering that Namanja Matic has broken Liverpool’s weak defence with a supposedly world class pass! Please!
    Back to tomorrow. I virtually have no idea. I won’t watch because of 3 reasons.
    1. We have not done well at altitude. So unfortunately at best I would be saved from embarrassment with a draw.
    2. Following on from a draw or defeat (high possibility, regardless of Ecuador’s current form) we won’t qualify.
    3. Considering that my gut feeling that 1 and 2 will occur and I do watch will be done on a tiny screen on my William hill app on my PC. Having exhausted every streaming channel here in the UK. That annoys me the most.

    Lady luck has to strike?! It must! Right?
    The argentina shirt is more important than life.

  3. its all diegos fault now LOLOLOLOLOLOL EXCUSES im no 1 diego fan on thios planet do i want messi and argentina not at tyhe world cup NO so kepes kindly take your non logic away its not required its based on lies AND YOUR LOOKING FOR WEAK EXCUSES LIKE THIS SITES PATHETIC COMUNITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. So many Mundo members have become very sensitive on team selection and the so-called Messi-Mascherano team. Many of us think that Messi is the one who has the final say of the team selection, but that is not the case and it’s completely false. Messi is a player who want good for the team and he always shows that when he pulls on the national team jersey. He and Di maria once said they would swap all their club trophies for one international trophy. And now we are here accusing that man of putting Dybala and Icardi on the bench. Dybala himself said “It’s difficult playing with Messi” does that mean Messi doesn’t want him to see in the squad? Of course no, they play and occupy in the same position nothing more and that’s why Sampa preferred to leave Dybala on the bench. Here is another question from some of our friends here on Mundo: If Icardi is carrying an injury why did the coach call him up up in the first place? Those of you who think Messi is behind that and Icardi isn’t injured let me ask you a question, why Sampa called him up for Brazil and Singapore friendlies knowing that Icardi wasn’t fit 100%? If you answer this question I will answer yours. I really feel sorry for this guy and one day the truth will come out. Right now he is the escapegoat but sooner or later everbody will know how sincere he is to the National Team and Argentina fans all around the world.

    • i completely agree…. like kempes said maradona and his fans wants argentina to loose against equador… why sampoli wont put dybala and messi together…. they will occupy the left side if they play… and left side attack is going to week and defensively…. dybala not going to help.. if he plays on the wing… so we can concede goal… with counter attack… it is long process…. so he wants messi and dybala combination… but not in the must win game… if we concede a goal its to difficult to score these must win game even with messi and dybala… if we qualify… we can see dybala and messi and icardi combination in the worldcup… lost match we are defensively top…. we control the counter attack and defensively we are perfect… but goal is missing hope sampoli can do well next match and we can see develop messi dybala combination against russia {friendly} next month and we can play several friendlies in the march… i believe sampolli and messi and dybala and everyone in the squad…

      and about mario kempes… cmt i written before he said… in mundo…. maradona is fucking freek he dont want argentina to lift tropny again… he hates icardi and messi and he love higuain and cme up with cmt why he dropped higuain….

      • soory for the mistake they will occupy the right side then left side will be a no movement… and dimaria played there we can see even more worst of dimaria.. and poor cross… left side attack is going to week it is easy for opponent team to defend until dybala and messi play one two that way they can create chance… with few matches one to not easy with national team club level it is possible… less time… thats why sampolli said he also wants dybala messi partnership… but this not the time to develop their partnership… we must qualify…. about icardi injury…. sampoli said icardi had nock… but inter millan doctor failed to spot… when he comes to argentina national team argentina doctor spotted that knock… understand quys ….. just support them to come out of this difficult situation dont blame them….

    • Spot on. I just find it shocking now folks are talking about moving out all the folks who took us to 3 consecutive finals in the last 3 years. Not sure how these folks would have reacted between 1994 to 2010 when we did absolutely nothing with a much better and balanced team. The issue now is about qualification and not discussing about whom to blame if we don’t qualify. If you are a real fan you will be thinking about how we can or will win.

      Coming to Dybala, what has he achieved till now that he thinks he will replace the best player in the world in that position. Being new to the team one needs to be flexible and try to accommodate what is best for the team. Messi never plays in a fixed position. Even the Messi haters will not tell that he is not a team player. Dybala had his opportunities and will continue to get his chances. He needs to understand team is above all. Making these comments before crucial matches is to say the least not graceful as a team man. In the current team I still want Dybala to play because of his ability to score from outside the box. He has struggled against park the bus teams but any day I will pick him over Salvio.

      I am still not convinced with the team picked against Ecuador. We need to play 4 at the back. Biglia and Perez nullify any support to the forwards. With Aguero out and Icardi injured, we should try Messi as False 9 with Dybala playing behind him instead of Benedetto.

      Too early to judge Sampaoli and his selection/tactics. Just we need to win. Nothing else matters.

      • @Raj, I agree with you. Dybala have achieved NOTHING with Argentina and he needs to to learn from the veterans like Messi and Mascharano. Dybala being on the bench doesn’t mean he will never get a lineup spot till Messi’s presence in the squad is over. Dybala will sure get his chance and play along with Messi but it takes time. Right now we are in a transition period and the team is on the verge of not qualifying so it is not easy for Sampa to put both of Messi and Dybala in the same lineup. Let’s be realistic and look at the reality on the ground with open eyes.

  5. On paper we have the better players and should win easily on Tuesday. This qualifying campaign (losing 26 points) has once again proved that no games are won on paper. We have the best player in the world, just like we had in the eighties. However, championships are won by teams not individuals. It is something our coaches do not seem to understand. All of them want to build the squad around one player. Germany never had a player of Maradona’s or Messi’s stature, but are very strong as a team. Germany has continuity, rejuvenated the squad on time, have a recognizable system and above all team spirit.

    If we fail to qualify we can already predict the criticism: too many coaches (7 in a decade), too many old players (no rejuvenation), no clear system, an ever changing line-up etc.

    Just like all of you, I hope we win in Quito. Given the circumstances we need some youthful energy on the pitch, but Sampaoli will field a rather old team. Hopefully it pays off. It has to, because without the WC AFA won’t be able to pay Sampaoli and his staff for the next 20 months.

    • But how on earth are we suddenly gonna win a game at altitude?? Messi who has never been able to performe at altitude, he even once said it was impossible to play at altitude, why should he suddenly be able to play a good game?? Ok, he will probably in the first half be able to set up Di Maria for a coupple of good chances (before Di Maria gets injured) and Benedetto and Salvio for a chance each, but when these chances are missed he will fade from the game as always when he plays games at altitude. We must score during the first 30 mins, if not history will repeat itself. A header from Otamendi after a corner from Di Maria….man I would give anything to see us qualify…but most likely it will end in a draw…and then it is all over.

  6. Probable team lineup for Ecuador

    Banguera (captain); Velasco, Aimar, Arboleda, Ramírez; Renato Ibarra, Orejuela, Intriago, Ayrton or Romario Ibarra; Cifuentes or Enner Valencia

    Come on guys cheer up these players are a bunch nobodies in world football. Their captain valencia( suspended ) and their wing speedster montero wont be playing against us. We can do this !

    • The real test is to overcome our mental state, i don’t think ecudor will be a threat but the pressure is immense!
      All we can do is hope!

      • @Vimaldas, you are right this Ecuador team is very weak and they have no hope of qualifying and that can help us a lot, but as @Bhatara said our players need to overcome their weak mental state they showed in the past and play a real football. The game vs Peru just 5 minutes after the start I had a feeling that it could end in a draw, do you know why? Coz the players weren’t as enthusiastic as I expected. The team must show their identity and fighting spirit. VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!

    • I know they are a bunch of nobodies but Argentina have a problem scoring goals I believe any team can beat us all they have to do is score 1 goal I just can’t believe Argentina can’t score not even a goal.

    • Bro, if Oranje and Albiceleste do not make it to the world cup in 2018… then it ain’t a world cup but just an ‘Inter-continental Cup’… well thats what i would call it.
      Since Angelici is there… im sure FIFA is working behind scenes to pull the strings.
      Its just not AFA loosing USD 20mil but FIFA itself loosing millions and millions… yea why would a tom, dick and harry spend their money and time to sit and watch countries like North Korea, Syria, Iran play on a football field and that too on a world stage.
      Im not sure of Oranje…..

      but Albiceleste will definitely be there in Russia playing and winning the World Cup 2018.
      Pls don’t ask me how… its beyond me and you… but God Willing Argentina will win 2018.

  7. Sampaoli needs to be given a free-hand completely… the bearded mafia should keep quiet and play…
    pls give the captain’s armband to Dybala.
    Want a young team to play in 2018.

  8. Angelici is leading the contigent… Ruggeri and Tarantino are there as well in Ecuador… all r pacing up and down biting their fingers.
    Putin is worried as he feels Messi needs to be there in 2018 to showcase Gog Magog (Russia) to the world.
    Icardi is not injured…

  9. It appears to me very obvious that there is a big conflict between Messi and both Dybala and Icardi, and more than just said or displayed. Don’t blame the coach who tried to put them together. Messi is smiling again during training sessions after benching and probably exiting both Dybala and Icardi.
    This fucked up line up for next game will lead to a loss for sure. Argentina can’t win home against poor teams so what makes them a winner in an away game at an altitude environment and with shitty line up???

    Di Maria, Biglia, Beneditto, Banega (Mr. Alcoholic) are all crap and full of hot air. I hope for Argentina lose so we can start a completely new era with all young talented players and without Messi’s dependence or friends’ gang team. I bet you Messi will bring both Aguero and Higuaín to Russia if we qualify so we can exit from the group stage and with even more embarrassing campaign.

    Also I hope they bring a new coach because Sampoali created some frictions already between some players, he lacks the leader’s traits, his tactics along with his subs strategy flopped, rather sucked big time. Fresh start with a new coach is for the better of team dynamics.

    Dybala and Icardi are the future while Di maria and Biglia and even Messi soon become history. Benching those promising talent is an insult to the world of football. I’m sick of Messi’s buddies, what a circus!!!

    • Well said mate… its a circus… beard guy needs a hard slap on his face for avoiding certain players, if its all true.
      Im a true fan of Argentina alone and not a player fanboy.
      God Bless Argentina.

      • I used to and still am scoffing over suggestions that Messi picks the team and his mates. Increasingly though, with Dybala and Icardi still benched, there’s a tiny trace that this might be true. Sceptics might ask why are they benched. Pureists will say nah he just can’t work with Messi, Icardi’s injured, etc. I wonder what happens if we’re still goalless at the 75th minute. Will both of them suddenly be brought on coz suddenly there’s no issue with Dybala playing same position, Icardi’s actually recovered… or Sampaoli changes other personnel instead and leaves both on the bench? Damned if he does damned if he doesn’t.

        Me? I’m already adopting the same attitude as some of the others here. I don’t really care who the f plays. Just fing win the game and automatically qualify. Reading all the news about this nation had qualified, this nation needs to win by 7 goals, this nation won by 1-0 and problems persist, is getting me nervous… past games between the two and at altitude aren’t helping either…

  10. Dfox1942 you could not of have put it better what happened to argentina fans !!!!! Trust me we are all in this together. I am imagining if we dont qualify what i will go through from the start until the end of the world cup ughhhh, and when watching the final just imagining argentina are playing. Omg i dont wanna think about that because i will go crazy because if argentina doesnmt qualify i am not watching the world cup

    • We will qualify. I have weird feeling about Biglia-Enzo pair but i am ok with Salvio-Angel with Messi. Still i think we will pull that off. Just finished watching game against Ecuador from 2010 & 2014 qualifying campaign. It doesn’t look impossible to win. It can be done. Now even they missing some key players and new team and new coach. I just hope our coach and players play smart

  11. Maradona fans, Messi fans?? whatever happened to ARGENTINA FANS???

    I am a diehard Maradona and Messi fan but an ARGENTINA fan above anything else football.
    Sports are supposed to be an escape from everyday life that brings you joy and happiness and heartache every now and then but this has impacted me personally and physically (I have no energy because i keep thinking about this).

    It is either I have to quit following my beloved ARGENTINA football and no need to worry about what the team does now or ever…….I am not quitting, in fact, I will NEVER quit my love for ARG, so these mother fuckers better play the game of their lives, every single one of them and qualify for the WC because I am not gonna have my mind and heart broken by this bullshit!

    • Agree Dfox1942. On 06 Oct itself evening, I was about to type that hey I’m surprised that I’m not so affected and managed to resume my life as per normal very quickly. Maybe because I’ve been conditioned to these recent falls. But I was wrong. Keep thinking about the past two games and how sore I was. How could Argentina miss the WC?! Just submitted leave for Wednesday morning to watch the game at home. Better be more fruitful than the 06 Oct………. sigh… butterflies in my stomach…

  12. He is absolutely correct on Maradona fans doesn’t want Messi to go. Even Diego waiting for his historical BS after Ecuador game if Argentina fail to proceed. It is time to shine every other 10 players of NT. To do something special. It is NOW or NEVER

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