Paulo DYBALA penalty miss for Juventus against Lazio


A Paulo DYBALA penalty miss has handed Juventus their first Serie A loss of the season.

With Juventus down 2-1 at home to Lazio, the reigning Serie A champions were awarded a penalty in the 96th minute. The responsibility was given to the jewel himself, DYBALA. He stepped up and kicked the ball to the goalkeeper’s right and the kick was saved. Juventus lost their first Serie A match of the season.

Paulo DYBALA penalty miss

There was also this incredible miss by Gonzalo HIGUAIN:


  1. Arrigo Sacchi: “Stop calling it 3-5-2. Nobody in SerieA defends with 3. It’s 5 at the back.”

    I think that Argentina is the only team in the world that uses a true 3 men backline. Mercado, Otamendi, Masherano/Fazio. Rest use 5 men backline with flamboyant wingbacks.

  2. I still go with 3 man midfield. One Dirty worker,One box to box & one deep playmaker. Who said we don’t have full back? We do have but we never used them or didn’t have chance because all our game was do or die. Now time for give those young blood opportunity for shine. All those proven LB or RB right now was uknown once untill they given chance. Well at least try and experiment whatever we have,that’s why we play friendly. Apparently our players asked Sampaoli to play with 4 men defence as they said they feel comfortable with 4 man defence. So it will be interesting to see what Sampaoli does in next game. We might see 3 man defence if only we play newbie in WC. To be honest i am scared of 3 men defence too. Every time opposition attack i feel that’s all…we are done

    • 3 man defence requires fast defenders of whom we have few. Only Rojo and Mammana come to mind. The rest and good in tackle, positioning and air but lack pace.

  3. Sampoali’s biggest immediate priority along side solving the midfield issues is getting Dybala and Messi playing and playing well together, that is simply the manager’s job.

    Higuain has always played great for his clubs and very well for ARGENTINA up until 2014 WC, but time catches up with everybody and he is no different. Remember ARG’s problems in the world cup, Injuries……Di Maria was hurt, Higuian came in hurt, Kun was Kun, Messi slowed down as they progressed …etc etc etc WE NEED the younger players to be on the team, playing in sync and ready to perform and produce and not wait until the shit hits the fan and then whine about our luck AGAIN!!!!!

    Hig should be riding the bench as an insurance policy that we hope we never get to use because I don’t see him doing anything different than he’s done before unless a miracle occurs.

    YOUNG players are needed NOW.

  4. Hugain missed another chance in crucial moment. I think Allegri will be sacked at the end of the season and new coach will definitely bench Hugain. Manzuchek or what ever his name is, he plays better for Juventus even though he score less than Hugain. Argentina needs players who fit the system better and balance, than arguing about too many forwards. Hugain is the biggest mystery in football(especially if you call him World Class).

  5. The most interesting Position for Argentina is Mid fielders. It will be interesting who Sampaoli will pick. Banega, Biglia, Pastore, Augusto, Enzo, Nacho fernandez, Paredes, Pablo Perez, Lanzini, Dimaria, Salvio, Rigoni, Acuna, Gago(Out), Pizzaro Who will get the node? Or any one new, Lamela, Lo Celso, Roberto Fereyra, Ascacibar I think Fernando Belluschi would be a good try too(But unfortunately he is on wrong side of Age), Regardless of whatever I think Biglia, Enzo, Dimaria have already been booked their place. Sampaoli will have a hard task to fix the midfield.

      • Wheather these Players are in Sampaoli’s head, Thats the question, we will get a more clear picture during the November friendlies. At least he is not an adamant coach who dont experiment at all like the previous ones, Hes more than open minded who tries all alternatives, Thats why his team selections are interesting(Till now.)

  6. Did anyone follow Lanzini or Pereyra yesterday?

    Pereyra was decent, hardworking and neat in passing. His first start since coming back from injury. Interesting to see how he progress throughout the season.

    • pereyra has the potential to be a great box to box midfielder even though he plays mostly as an attacking player with Watford. The big problem with the guy is that he’s constantly injured so taking him to the WC would be a big risk.
      Lanzini was decent today, his first start of the season so i wasn’t expecting him to set the game alight but he’s a great player and I really hope he can have another great season because the albicelstes could really use him in the midfield.

    • So true. Hugain seems to be bully against a opponennt when they get totally dominated. He do not shit in big games, Eg, Copa finals, against Barcelona, RM, Germany and you name it. He provide zero goal, zero assists, zero creativity or zero fight. I am sick of people advocating for him in Argentina.

  7. We really have forwards issue in Argentine national team…no one seems to click…and lets not talk about midfield..its even creativity since Riquelme..

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