Potential Argentina away shirt for 2018 World Cup


There’s a potential Argentina away shirt which has been making rounds lately.

Earlier in the week, there was a leaked Argentina home shirt was was circulating around the internet. A few days later, a second potential kit has been going around but this time the away one. There’s been talks and rumors throughout the past year that Argentina’s away kit for the World Cup would be different in that it would not be a blue/dark blue color but more of a darker, even a black color.

While the shirt is only a rumored one, Adidas has already made the change for the likes of Germany in recent years (from introducing a red colored away shirt to a black one). Here’s the shirt:

Argentina away kit 2018
Argentina rumored away kit for 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Many have seen the blue/dark blue as being bad luck for Argentina in recent years (2002 World Cup, 2006 World Cup, 2014 World Cup). What do you think? Would you like to see Argentina go with a black kit or should they stick to the blue away shirt?


    • sampolli going to play three at the back…. we dont have world class rb and lb he knows very well… he never going to play rojo as a left back or mache as central dm so here is the possible formation he will going to work like this..

      3-4-2-1 from these players final 23 members can be called..

      three goal keepers romero marchesin ruli or anyone

      right side center back(RCB) = mamanna marcado

      center back(CB) = macherano (possible fazio, pezzella , mussachio from these three anyone or maybe garay(i dont he will make)

      left side center back (LCB) = otamendi ( rojo, mori anyone will make it)

      central midfield (l) = biglia,banega,, parades,lanzini

      central midfield (r) = enzo, augusto,pizzaro

      left wing back(lwb) = acuna, dimaria( dimaria needs more game on that role but he did well (LAM)

      right wing back(rwb) = salvio,acosta,rigoni( lamela possible)

      right attacking midfield (RAM) = MESSI , DYBALA,

      left attacking midfield (LAM)= gomez, auguero, ( j correa , a correa possible ) dimaria can play there two

      striker (ST) = icardi, benedetto,( if anyone injured alario)


      ———– GK—————

      —————–RCB ———— CB————- LCB —-

      RWB —————— CM ——————CM —————LWB

      ——— LAM ————- RAM————-

      ————————— ST——————————

  1. We have a long list of potential players who can can make WC: Rojo, Augusto, Lamela, Mori, ..,

    Hopefully the new year they’re all be back and in form. The current squad needs a lot of reinforcement to embolden our chances. We need Garay too, and some more youngster blood.

  2. Anyone paying attention to Lo Celso’s development at PSG? He rarely gets more than 20 minutes but when he does he usually plays well. Pastore on the other hand has not played for PSG at all in September, whereas Lo Celso comes in a at least as sub. Interesting how a 21 year old is already higher up the pecking order than Pastore at PSG. I would have preferred a loan move for Lo Celso (a mid table team in Spain, Italy or at least Portugal) where he would get more minutes.

  3. Kid, i always enjoy reading your posts because you make interesting points and you seem to have knowledge about the game and that is why i am very surprised reading from you that players like Bati, Redondo, Crespo, Zanetti and others are overrated in contrast to what many other fellow Argentina fans (including myself) who believe that everyone of them was second to none in terms of skills.

    Like you, i have also seen all these players and personally i believe that these players were phenomenal in terms of individual skills, something that i can’t say for the current players such as Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria etc, who all of them are world class and some of the best players of this era, i know that many people will jump on me now but for me Di Maria when he is playing well i rate him as high as one of the best Argentines i have ever seen.

    Put aside Maradona and Messi who are the best players ever played the game, but come on now man, Bati was one of the best and most prolific strikers of all time (for many people around the world such as football fans including non Argentina supporters, football experts and others he was the best), he could score with any possible way from any distance, his accuracy and shooting technique was second to none, he was world class in free kicks and he was also a leader. It is not a coincidence that he is the second scorer of Argentina behind Messi and if you see his goal per game ratio with Argentina can easily be compared to Messi’s.

    I have never seen a midfielder with defensive attributes having such an exceptional technique, dribbling and ball control as Redondo’s, the guy could defend and at the same time he was like a unique enghance, he was dribbling by several players, he had superb passing, he was fast and he also had a powerful shot from outside the box.

    What can we say about el capitano Zanetti, arguably one of the best rbs of all time.

    I am not the only one who rates as high these players, many people from all over the world including non Argentina fans and football experts believe the same.

    You are right, unfortunately these players haven’t reach a wc final but success in football dependes on several factors apart from individual skills. No matter how good players a team has, if that team does not have a proper manager to take advantage of their skills and make them form a team that can benefit by their skills, this team most probably won’t win a wc and by any means these players had such a manager in the names of Basile and Passarella.

    Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that i don’t rate highly the current golden generation who made the 2014 wc and if you ask me they deserved to win it more than the Germans. Argentina always had brilliant players, all we need is a good manager and at last we have one that we have to stick with him for a long time and a bit of luck.

    By the way, i only support my beloved Argentina but i also prefer Valencia from any other Spanish club team, i still remember the great Valencia with Claudio Lopez, Aimar and Ayala.

    The away kit seems very nice to me, i like very much the black with blue stripes combination, but i feel that after 2006 adidas has lack of imagination on it’s jerseys as my favourite jerseys were apart from the one of 1986, the 1994 and 1998 jerseys, 2006 and 2014 jerseys were brilliant as well but my all time favourite was the one of 1998. An Argentina jersey is always beautiful but i think that adidas can do much better, i would prefer to see a collar again.

  4. My team for World Cup—–

    Parroti———————————– Lanzini

  5. I am very annoyed about Heguin’s subject..you guys know that our top number 9 is Gonzalo Heguin’..he too much better than icardi …I don’t know why everybody only blame him for our previous failure ..originally we didn’t played well for those final…most of them played average and blew level and also Messi was not perfect of those final…he also missed some good chances…

    • Long time I didn’t consider him as worth of NT. Even when he was called up for qualifiers previous year. But after what he is doing in new season (today 3 assists) I start to think how much he could really add to our team at his age. Hard to say but he looks like most creative player in the league and after what I saw from Banega or Pastore recently in NT I think he would not be worse at least.

      He is still on Sampaoli’s long list of local players.

      All San Lorenzo team looks exciting now.

  6. In the coming friendly I would like to see the following lineup

    Icardi(Aguero 70’min)
    Dybala (Rigoni 70’min)
    Lanzini(Papu 75’min) Messi (Dybala 70’min)
    Paredes Enzo P(Ignacio F 45’min)
    Acuna(another LB) Mussachio(Pezella 60’min) Garay Bustos
    G Rulli

  7. As for forwards that should go for WC, I think Sampaoli has some favourite names already and more than a half of clarified list: Messi, Dybala, Icardi, Benedetto. I would like to add here Pratto, maybe Aguero/A.Correa. Some people may wonder that Benedetto is already considered by many as certain but I think it’s rather question who will be Samapoli’s No.1 on central forward: Icardi or Benedetto. Really, don’t be surprised if Sampaoli will take Benedetto over Icardi in upcoming friendlies as he know his (real) potentiall very well of club performances. He know the guy has much more to offer than had shown in recent matches, just like Icardi and Bendetto.

    There had been no long time in Argentina league striker who was scoring so easy and with so much elegancy. Of course people may say he is doing that only in Argentina league but that is true only to some degree as you can see, when looking closer at, that many of this goals is not about weak or strong defenders but just about his confidence, smartness and ability.

    Either way Sampaoli has at least enough time now to make reasonable decision who should be our No.9: Icardi/Bendetto or someone other.

    • Not Higuain definitely. If we progress in wc at some stage will come where the striker will come one on one with goalkeeper and that time it cannot be Hig. Icardi/Benedetto/Dybala are ok. Aguero also ok. Not really convinced about Pratto though

    • I’m glad you brought up angel correa… he is the fastest player we have with dimaria and can add support of Messi on the right side and simeone has him tracking back in defense for atletico… he could play right midfield in a 3-4-3 better than salvio at least … Benedetto linked well with Messi although his finishing is second class compared to higuain, icardi or aguero… these 8 months or so will be well used by sampaoli to find the best compliments to Messi and a rhythm offense

      • To be fair, finishing all our strikers in this qualifiers was poor (maybe excluding Pratto): Higuain, Aguero, Icardi, Benedetto. All I want to say is that Icardi and Benedetto just started for NT, unlike Higuain and Aguero. That’s why we shouldn’t be so harsh to them as to the two older. Personally I think Benedetto is very good finisher but he has to prove that yet.

      • I don’t think Sampaoli would be calling up Higuain unless there is injury to Aguero. Heck, he didn’t even call him as a replacement this time when Kun was injured and Icardi had a knock…which says a lot.

        Also, I don’t think angel Correa will be in his plans because he isn’t a striker or even a winger. He is a SS…which we have 2, Messi and Dybala. Among the two Correas, Joaquin is the favorite to get a call up.

        Our forwards, regardless of who gets called up will score lots of lots of goals if our midfielders get their shit together. I think that’s pretty clear now. On a side note, I believe Playing Messi as a false 9 could be an option for us, if we want Messi to be upfront rather than in midfield. That way, two CBs will be busy defending Messi, which will open up space for our fast wingers and midfield will be able to get a little more space to operate.

  8. Biglia,Mascherano,Enzo Perez,Augusto Fernandez,Gago should not go to world cup. they have done well but their time is up. Once a midfielder is over 30 he should retire from the national team. we have more chance of winning if the team is built around guys like Paredes,Guido Pizarro,Rodrigo Battaglia and Lucas Castro.

    Ive looked at the 6 past world cup winners there is not one midfielder in any of those squads that are over 30…30 is as old as they get.

    • Lucho, names proposed by you are interesting. Lucas Castro too. Good physically strong one. A bit like Augusto.

      • Yeah that’s what I was thinking about the next generation of defensive midfielders or box to box midfielders to replace the old guard. Because we need guys that can play 7 games in 1 month.

        And yes that’s a good observation Lucas Castros physical style is very similar to Augusto.

        • I’m rather surprised none of out recent coaches were not called him up for trial. Battaglia call up is rather matter of time I think.

    • “Ive looked at the 6 past world cup winners there is not one midfielder in any of those squads that are over 30…30 is as old as they get”

      I didn’t check that but if it’s true that is really pregnant fact that we should realize when it comes to choices of midfielders. As for me Biglia and Banega were not enough strong physically and fast even when young, let alone at their 32 or 30.

      • Sadly I agree that both of them can’t play at the same time…percedes, lanzini, Pastore, kranevitter need to be utilized as well as angel correa and gaitan on the midfield wing in a 3-4-3

  9. Sabellista: You seems to don’t know what makes a quality player. Banega passing, dribbling and ball control (especially close control) is far better than anything Enzo Perez can ever do. Your measurement of what makes a good football player is based on whether if a player is quick enough which is absurd. Guys like Pirlo, Del Piero, Xavi, Iniesta are not quick players. Enzo Perez was going to be an out of favor player at Valencia this season that’s why he moved back to Argentina, I suppose the coach didn’t rate him as highly as you claim Enzo Perez to be. Now look at Valencia, best start to La Liga since probably Aimar and Ayala days at the club.

    Dadir10: You can’t win on the merits because you haven’t explained to me how many world cup finals did all these so call players like Veron, Cambiasso, Redondo, Zanetti etc. played in. Most of these guys were overrated with Argentina and the 2002 world cup proved my point.

    Chalz: Argentina is the name it is because of Maradona. The last time Argentina made the world cup semis/finals before reaching the milestone again in 2014, was back in 1990, the last time Maradona played a full tournament for Argentina. So no matter what you guys try to say on here, this current generation is far better than anything we have seen since 1986 (even though I didn’t watch that world cup). I was a little kid who didn’t understand football back in 1994, but somehow Maradona related to me. So no, the likes of ”Zanetti, Veron, Riquelme, Aimar, Sorin, Simeone, Ayala, Heinze etc.” was never the reason I love Argentina. I only follow these guys because I saw it as an obligation to do so being an Argentina fan. Today the Messi generations of Argentina players are all my heroes. This generation brought back Argentina football from the very bottom, people started to respect Argentina again after the world cup except for some people here on Mundo who live in alternate universes.

    @mattjef: ”If you want facts I give you a fact. Roque Junior and Kleberson were World Cup winners. Does that make them better than Ayala and Veron who won nothing with Argentina?”

    No they’re not better, but at least both those Brazilian players you mention named will be in the world cup history book. International football is about making a mark at the FIFA world cup, all the guys you mention were poor at the world cup for Argentina. This so call great generation of Argentina players couldn’t even make it pass the quarterfinal at a world cup. I’m a Valencia F.C. fan so I like both Ayala and Aimar, so my opinion on them is different compare to the other overrated past players who keep on surfacing up here on Mundo as some marker for a good world cup winning Argentinean team.

    Gabriel Batistuta had his chances at the 1994, 1998, and 2002 world cup and failed to carry Argentina pass the quarterfinal stage.
    ‘’ Yes, Zanetti never made to any WC final but he was a treble winner with Inter Milan. In fact, to be fair to Zanetti, he was never picked to represent Argentina in WC2006, the tournament where Argentina were arguably the best team, and WC2010 the year he won the treble with Inter.’’

    Maybe the coaches didn’t rate Zanetti as highly as you guys claim him to be. Zanetti rarely had good games for Argentina, maybe a glimpse of brilliance here and there in some friendlies and that was about it. Zanetti might have been great with Inter Milan, but as far as Argentina is concern, he did little to make a case for your argument.

    ‘’ It is better for the team to accept their weakness and try to come up with a solution to fix it rather than believing in their own hype that they are better talent-wise than everybody else.’’

    How about the team play to their strength instead of listing to gullible fans (not necessarily you) that acts and believe they know more about the game than the players and the coach himself?

    Yesterday, I was in a conversation, and this person just openly said to me, ‘’Argentina is going to win the world cup. Just watch this Sampaoli guy, look at how he already improved Biglia play in over two games.’’ I know this person was being genuine because he never did like players like Biglia. It’s not about hype, the players being hype up the most are the ones that run to the EPL in order to improve PS4 FIFA ratings. The players who are being hype are teams like France who can’t even beat Luxembourg at home and Belgium who get headlines for beating Rock of Gibraltar by 8 goals.



  11. Mattjeff: Players like Zanetti, Sorins, Cambiasso, Simeone,Redondo, Riquelme, Ayala, Veron, Aimar, Gallardo etc. never made a World Cup final. So you expect me to come here and act as if these guys are some how superior than our current players? What did Gallardo do at the 1998 World Cup? What have Riquelme ever won in Europe? Nada while Banega have back to back championships. Sorin was playing for Villarreal while Zabaleta help Man City won their first ever title. How many World Cup finals did Zanetti played in? Zanetti was in the Argentina team that lost the 2004 and 2007 Copa America final. Veron or Redondo could never manage to lead a Argentina midfield to a World Cup final while Biglia and Mascherano did. The only late 1990’s and early 2000’s Argentina player worth talking about is Aimar and Ayala, all the other rest you mention were overrated when playing for Argentina. I like debating with facts. Again, tell me how many World Cup finals these so call great Argentina past players participate in? I respect your opinion and I ‘m not trying to start an argument, I just love reading logical and well research comments, and not some cheap over the top made up rhetoric .

    Have a bless day!

    • To be fair kid, Riquelme and Sorin led villareal to a 3rd place finish in the champions league and that’s the mark of great players namely being able to lead unfancied teams to very fancied places.
      Redondo and Simeone helped Argentina to a copa america and a confederation cup so they haven’t underachieved either.
      With all that being said, great players write their names on the field and not on paper or some computer monitor.
      Argentina has capable players in almost all positions it’s just a matter of giving said players a chance.

    • @Kid, dear many deserving Argentines never won a world cup but they really made football the game it is… ‘beautiful’ for example Riquelme or even Aimar.
      George Best deserved a world cup as they say but…..
      Johan Cryuff in all opinions had to have have his name etched on a world cup definitely but history left his name out.
      Likewise many others too… u know better than me.
      Argentina is definitely the name it is through the times because we had players like Zanetti, Veron, Riquelme, Aimar, Sorin, Simeone, Ayala, Heinze etc. Had we had lesser players during that period of time in history… Argentina would not be the same.
      That golden generation inspired this present generation to success.

      • @Kid, “How many World Cup finals did Zanetti played in?”

        If playing world cup final is the only way to become a great player as you put your argument then I would like to ask you a question, knowing you like Banega so much, how many world cup finals did Banega play in?

        “Banega have back to back championships”

        Zanetti won the treble with Inter Milan. He won the biggest prize of European football (Champions League) and he captained Inter Milan for almost a decade and a half. So many great players never played a World Cup final and everybody knows that, so that is not the way to decide the greatness of a player.

        Biglia played a WC final that is right but he is nowhere near Redondo. Redondo won King Fahad Cup 1992) and Copa America 1993 with Argentina and also won the CL twice with Madrid.Recently Redondo was selected one of the best XI foreigners in the history of Real Madrid. Did Biglia win any Copa with Agentina? No! He couldn’t even score the two penalties he took in 2015 & 2016 Copas.

    • So Banega might have won some Europa Cups but it doesn’t make him a better player than Enzo Perez who won nothing in Europe. Sabella saw that and it was evident again in the last game. I This comparison says nothing about the quality of players. Mascherano and Biglia went to the WC final because we had a streetwise tactician coach and because they have Messi in the team. Redondo (UCL winner) and Simeone are COPA winners. Now were they better or worse than Biglia and Mascherano? We know that Messi generation did well but it’s time to mix it up with young and physically capable players. That is a fact.

    • @Kidulthood, if you want to argue about individual brilliance based on team glory then by all means be my guest.

      If you want facts I give you a fact. Roque Junior and Kleberson were World Cup winners. Does that make them better than Ayala and Veron who won nothing with Argentina?

      Team’s glory does not equal to individual brilliance and vice versa. Another example is Batistuta was a renowned top class striker who could score at wills yet he never won any World Cup medal. Whereas, Podolski who couldn’t even score shit to save his life is a World Cup winner with Germany.

      So, I don’t think you’re being fair here. Another thing is yes, Zabaleta helped Man City won their first league title but to compare him with Zanetti is just absurd. Yes, Zanetti never made to any WC final but he was a treble winners with Inter Milan. In fact, to be fair to Zanetti, he was never picked to represent Argentina in WC2006, the tournament where Argentina were arguably the best team, and WC2010 the year he won the treble with Inter.

      And I also don’t think you were comparing apple to apple regarding comparison between Riquelme and Banega. Riquelme was playing for little Villareal a team of nobody which had just been promoted to La Liga 3 years before. And he played a crucial role that helped Villareal finished 3rd in La Liga and reached semi final of CL. The same can’t be said the same for Banega with Sevilla. Sevilla were/are already a big team with or without Banega.

      I’m not trying to belittle the current team by any means. But i’m just trying to be realistic while at the same time optimistic. It is better for the team to accept their weakness and try to come up with a solution to fix it rather than believing in their own hype that they are better talent-wise than everybody else. Being better talent-wise does not win you the championship. Instead being better prepared will get you the championship.

  12. Cristiano Ronaldo recent remarks on Messi:

    ​”After Argentina secured qualification to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, it has been reported that Cristiano Ronaldo believes the stuttering South American giants will flop at next summer’s tournament.

    The runners-up from the previous World Cup, Argentina, secured their passage to the next edition of the most prestigious tournament, after Lionel Messi notched a hat-trick in a 3-1 win over Ecuador.

    That victory saw Argentina qualify in third place of the CONMEBOL qualification table with a contingent of highly-talented players taking them to the finals of the 2018 World Cup.

    However, there are reports from Spain suggesting that Cristiano Ronaldo, who has an infamous rivalry with Messi, isn’t convinced that 30-year-old Messi will perform to his glorious best in Russia next summer.

    According to Spanish publication ​Diario Gol, Ronaldo allegedly said to friends over dinner: “No matter what Messi has achieved, Argentina is a mediocre team. They have no chance of winning the World Cup”.

    However, Messi has laughed off claims that his Argentina side doesn’t deserve to qualify for the World Cup, saying: “We deserve to be there after what we have gone through during qualifying.

    “We did not deserve to miss out and our place at the tournament is merited.

    “It was important for us that everything went well and when everybody is together in the same direction, it is a lot easier”

    Cristiano in his usual arrogancy and pride… spews hatred on Messi and Argentina.

    God despises the proud but gives Grace to the humble ones like Lionel.
    We will pray that God will Bless Argentina and Lionel with the World Cup 2018.
    What im seeing here in critiano ronaldo and otherwise among general football fans is that everyone in the world has written off Argentina and Lionel from winning the world cup as we struggled through the qualifying and just scraped through by God’s Grace.

    But as i always say just when everyone writes us off or think us off as dead… we will rise from the grave by God’s Grace and fly to the highest making a mockery of these despising ones.

    • Let’s not forget about the team of 1986. Barely qualified and nobody, but their family went to see them off, as everyone thought they’d accomplish nothing. They ended up winning the world cup, here’s hoping history repeats itself…

    • let others say what they want. As supporters don’t waste our energy arguing about that instead lets give our full and undivided support to the team.

      I hope the team won’t react to such provocations. Instead channel all their anger and energy towards giving their best in the WC next year.

    • God this, God that… You also believe in the tooth fairy? This nonsense of God , some figure who controls the world is nonsense. So, please, drop god talk. It’s not rational or logical.

  13. This is nice, ADIDAS should add gray socks to match with the gray stripes on the shirt. The world cup winners patch on the front of this shirt would look so beautiful.

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