Franco DI SANTO scores in FC Schalke win


Franco DI SANTO was on the scoresheet for the German club.

The former Chelsea and Werder Bremen man found the back of the net for Schalke in their 3-1 win against SV Wehen Wiesbaden in the German Cup. The 28 year old scored a header in the 26th minute and was emotionally overcome by it as he dropped to the ground, hands over his eyes as his team mates all embraced him. The possible reason being that it was his first goal scored in 598 days. All the best to the Argentina international!

Franco Di Santo goal:

All the best to DI SANTO for the rest of the season!


  1. I think sampoli will try against Russia….
    Marcado—-Mascarano—Otamendi –Acunia

  2. Argentina to play against Italy and Japan (rumoured) in March
    Two friendlies; with the local players in February

    Germany’s friendlies against ENG and Brazil in Nov; Against Spain and France in March; So Germany plays against all the favorites b4 WC (Brazil, Spain and France)

  3. The list of 14 players that will be there at World Cup (Sampaoli’s preferred)
    Sergio Romero, Nahuel Guzmán, Gabriel Mercado, Nicolás Otamendi, Javier Mascherano, Federico Fazio, Lucas Biglia, Éver Banega, Marcos Acuña, Enzo Perez, Angel Di Maria, Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero

    Unless injured these players will be at World Cup, Russia

    • So remaining 9 spots (1 GK, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 2 strikers)
      Nacho F, Paredes, Pizarro, Papu, Pablo Perez, Rigoni, Salvio, Perotti and Augusto F will be competing for the remaining 3 spots

    • I can’t understand a player like Banega is considered. The inclusion of Banega makes me have doubts in Sampaoli. I rather opt for hardworking player like E. Perez or Battaglia.

      • Sampa has no confidence in Banega anymore. He maybe part of the squad going to Russia, but I’m more than sure he will be a bench warmer. Enzo is way, way better than him and can create more chances, so there is no need of Banega. If Sampa wants experience and hardworking then it’s Enzo, if he wants someone young with a lot of energy and creativity then it’s Lanzini. No more Banega!!!

        • He should not be in the squad, give experience and confidence to a player like LoCelso. He is the future. Why bother with someone like Banega?

    • Honestly I don’t think Biglia is the problem, it’s who plays alongside him. As long as we view Biglia as a defensive shield and not a playmaker or box-to-box he is fine. He just needs a more dynamic presence by his side.

  4. South American league, the Copa Lib etc. are a JOKE compare to Europe, the quality coming out of South America right now is so lame compare to Europe from junior to international level (i.e just checkout the U17 and the recent U20 world cups). None of the local guys being mention here are good enough to help Argentina to a world cup semifinal let alone winning the world cup. When are you guys going to stop living in this fantasy bubble? Europe is dominating youth world cups and senior world cups while you guys are here telling us how great local players are. Argentina couldn’t make it out of the group stage with a world class team back in 2002 and couldn’t make it to the world cup final in 2006 with a world class team yet I’m to believe mediocre players right now in the local league is the answer? The naivety here is mind boggling. Why don’t Smapaoli just select an all local team for the world cup and forget about Messi and is current generation? Football common sense is barely use in these discussion on Mundo, it’s always play station mode here. Let’s just put a bunch local Argentina players in the world cup starting XI (especially in Europe where Argentina track record is not so great at the world cup) to go up against European top teams who will have players ten times their abilities and experience at the highest level far beyond anything they will ever encounter on the South American continent. People living in Fantasy land where they think a Argentina midfield with Nacho and Pity will lead the national team to victory..How about greats like Gomez and Tagliafico? Let’s just throw all these players into the national team and watch how they will do better than the previous world cup teams despite having less experience and ability on the ball.

    • Kid, your self-righteous and condescending tone knows no limits. Somehow you are the only world class football expert here, the only one whose opinion counts, everybody else lives in fantasy land or a bubble.

      Is the current young generation coming out of Primera as talented as the past generations? The answer is no. Is the Primera as whole much weaker than elite European divisions, yes absolutely. Those are obvious things. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that: a – the current youngsters are super talented and b- that Primera is a very competitive league. Some folks might exaggerate the potential impact of a certain player from Primera but you on the other hand is the one who lives in the perpetual land of status quo where only the likes of Higuain, Di Maria, Romero, Biglia, etc deserve any attention and respect. That’s another extreme position. As is often the case in life, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

      Besides, it’s not like we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to certain positions. For example, we need a box-to-box midfielder so Nacho Fernandez may or may not be an answer, a couple of friendlies could help determine that. Also, fullback positions, please show me which European based players we should be calling up for a left-back and/or right-back? If your answer is Rojo, then Sampaoli already refuted you by saying he considers Rojo a centre-back and would rather use Acuña as a left-back. Moreover, a lot of the names that you consistently dismissed such as Tagliafico, Gomez, Paredes, Lanzini, Nacho Fernandez, Bustos, Papu, Perotti etc etc have been already called up by Sampaoli. Players that you consider average. Sampaoli is the kind of coach that knows what he is doing, he has a track record to back it up. He sees potential in players that you have been dismissing all this time and vindicating the opinion of many posters here. Whether you like it or not, we might see a few Primera based players in the world cup.

      • Good points from you, Enganche. I don’t know wheter he (KidultHood) is really so much dissapointed by local players or just he don’t want to see here still more people paying more attention to local league (that’s fact). Argentina league is still more popular here and if everything is dissapointed by the fact then should consider wheter it is not cutting of roots… Your favourite players from Europe have their roots in Argentina league. It’s all begins there. So yes, it’s always worth following. Not only to see future stars at their beginnings but also to pick up sometimes a player who may be real asset to current NT as we have not (as Enganche said) better, or nothing of the kind, in Europe. The likes Bustos is just one example.

        “I don’t think anyone is suggesting that: a – the current youngsters are super talented and b- that Primera is a very competitive league”.

        that is right. But on the other hand, some people want stubbornly convince other that local league is not worth any attention and these are people who obviously know so little about the division that even cannot write properly names thier most famous players let alone watch a one full game.

        If you want to be total ignorant on these matters keep it up without jealous depriving others the pleasure of watching players among which are future NT and Europe footballers arguably. If you want to believe footbal is only European domain keep your narrow perspectives and let to know others a bit more.

        “South American league, the Copa Lib etc. are a JOKE compare to Europe, the quality coming out of South America right now is so lame compare to Europe from junior to international level (i.e just checkout the U17 and the recent U20 world cups)”.

        Once again that comes from man who has said that Argentina U-20 team last WC was more talented than England (the winner).

        Next generations (after silver generation 87-88) of local young players are coming to Europe and a lot of them sooner are later emerges. You need to wait few years for but that happens. Last cases of Ocampos, Correas, Paredes, Battaglia good examples. In most cases it’s just matter of time when our youngster will grow up to shine.

        • “Mundo Albiceleste, your home for everything regarding the Argentina National Team since 2006. The latest news, videos and information about Argentine players from Europe, South America or anywhere else”

          Mission of Mundo – as I read below. There’s also SOUTH AMERICA. Just sad no even brief telegraphic news when in one semi of Copa Libertadores plays 2 Argentina club.

          • Yes, indeed, that is an inclusive mission statement of Mundo Albicelste. Not including South America, Argentina in particular is like disrespecting your parents, ignoring your roots, your history. A real Argentina fan should not do that. Que vergüenza!

        • Another reason why people are more interested in local league is fact that Sampaoli himself pays more attention to (calling up more players from) than previous coaches.

    • Kid I really have no problem with your opinions (even though I disagree with them) what I have a problem with is HOW you express your opinions,so stop with the condescension!!

      BTW I am the one who suggested the possibility of a Nacho-pity-Enzo midfield because A. all 3 are skilled midfielders and B. They play alongside eachother regularly. But remember that i suggested that the idea should be TRIED not implemented as fact.
      The primera might not be as good as some of the top leagues in europe but it is just as competitive and there are several other players like tagliafico, pablo perez and fernando belluschi who could really benefit the national team and should be TRIED (here is that word again).

      Lastly you have to remember that Lanzini, mercado, cervi, acuna and lo celso have all come from the primera in the last 2 seasons and they’ve all done well not to mention the new arrivals like alario and ascacibar who have hit the ground running in Germany, so I suggest that you show alittle more respect to a league that you don’t even bother watching yet readily dismiss.

      • Belluschi, Belluschi – the guy current form makes me waiting for next and next San Lorenzo game recently. Pure pleasure to watch.

    • @KidultHood, How come England National Team has not fared well in all international competitions so far? They don’t even get past R16 or QF? Most of the times all their starting 11 are from so called Best League of the Europe (EPL)?

  5. I think Pity Martinez should be in Argentina squad,he is a proper replacement of Di maria.Di Maria will play 6 or 7 world cup matches in a row,I doubt it.As we know Di Maria is injury prone.As Pity loves to plays in left side of the field.and pity can be used as sub.

    • I like Pity but given that we already have decent options on the left: Acuña, Perotti, A.Gomez, J.Correa, Gaitan, Cervi, Acosta, etc, I just don’t see this happening. The competition is too much.

  6. Las night Independiente won over Nacional Asuncion 4:1 away in quartefinal of Sudamericana. Leandro Fernandez, Bustos, Barco the protagonists.

  7. We have Acuna, Dimaria, Piatti, Gaitan, Cervi who can play as pure Left Wingers. But we don’t have Quality Left backs Tagliafico is the only name which comes to Mind.

    But dont have that many quality Right Wingers, We miss Lavezzi’s energy, Salvio is just fine, But we have good Right Backs so thats fine, Bustos, Peruzzi, Gomez, Di Plácido…

    Perotti is one player whom we can use on both wings.He should be utilized at best also he is experienced too. Lamela is another player who is comfortable in Wings(What a great prospect he was, He was once the Next big thing after Messi, Well what to say, He and Pastore both are an enigma), Roberto Pereyra was Tata Martinos finding.Well he also is just there now.

    • Yes . Right wing is a problem. The options are rigoni & salvio only. sampaoli should try di Maria there & I feel he can settle in that spot. While lamela is good- his injury layoff is massive & will he get enough match time in Spurs now? Pererya is good..but again just back from long injury break & not tested by sampaoli. Like di Maria, perroti shld also be tried in that spot

  8. Diego perotti with a penalty goal for Roma.
    Simeone breaks drought, scores one in Fiorentina win.
    Higuain and Dybala with a goal apiece. Dybala with a free kick. Hasn’t scored from open play in 6 games in all competitions.

  9. Dybala scored another beautiful freekick last night. I believe he’s our best freekick taker currently but to take over Messi’s set piece duties for argentina might be a far fetched dream since both of them are left footers. We need to discover a good right foot set piece taker quickly as it may be helpful in crucial moments.

    • NO. They just using Messi for publicity as they also know that Messi is best and anything related to him will get attention. It is bad but Cristiano Ronaldo might be jealous of that however.

  10. River won 1:0 Lanus in home in 1st semifinal of Copa Libertadores. But that’s only 1 goal of advantage and Lanus still with good chances.

      • I think Gomez had an OK game but was limited in attacking sense. In fact, Gallardo’s strategy was to outnumber Lanus in midfield and on the flanks so even Lanus’s wingers Lautaro Acosta and Silva were pinned back and only occasionally ventured forward.

      • Gomez established himself after injury. As it’s semifianl of CL he had not much more than defensive tasks. Good to see him on this level. Which team will be the finalist is open question, Lanus has played good game. Still I think Gremio will be favourite of final.

    • pity, nacho and enzo all started in the midfield and I wish Sampa would consider trying out a midfield consisting of all 3 of them, but sadly it’s unlikely since pity hasn’t even been called up.

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