Lisandro MAGALLAN of Boca targeted by Ajax


Lisandro MAGALLAN is being linked to Ajax in the Netherlands.

The legendary Dutch club is apparently interested in signing Argentine centre-back Lisandro MAGALLAN. The 24 year old Boca Juniors player was reportedly being watched by Ajax scout Henk VELDMATE for a few weeks and impressed.

Per a report, the club would be willing to offer 5 million for the player, with the bid coming in the January transfer window. For those who remember, MAGALLAN who was part of the 2016 Argentina Olympic squad. The rumor was being repoted both in the Netherlands as well as in Argentina, with the report in Argentina coming from TNT Sports.


  1. U-20 players Lautaro Martinez and Marcelo Torres with goals for their clubs yesterday. Torres’ Talleres Cordoba won River (which rest their best players before second CL semi against Lanus) 4:0. Juan Ramirez, Menendez, Reynoso, Torres and more youngsters shine in the team. On River side, full of kids, only Barboza and Ezequiel Palacios kept level.

    Martinez score header for Racing but they lost to Atletico Tucuman. Last weeks real revelation of the league is Tucuman’s midfielder Fabio Alvarez.

    • Yes, Higuain scores those goals for Argentina too. the Belgium goal is a prime example. He always has a chance with goals like this. If you notice, that for both club and country he really has a problem when he has time to think where to put the ball.

  2. Well we don’t know whether the Current under 20 generation will be as Successful like the Current or the before generation(still no World Cups only 1 Copa & 2 Olympic Golds). May be they are not as talented but usually Under 20 Success may not guarantee Success in Senior Level we are the ultimate example.

    But there is some hope now after years because Sampaoli’s system is implementing on under 20 level too that means continuity in playing style in all levels, We wont see results now but after 5 years if all goes well the current Under 20 can easily graduate to the senior level.

    But before that there is another generation coming, The generation of Dybalas, Icardi’s, Lo Celso’s, Ascacibar’s etc.. Any how the Messi Generation will end its cycle after the 2018 WC, I seriously have concerns about our 2022 WC Qualifiers because all the Teams in Conembol is now deadly. But by that time Sampa should have his trademark playing style implemented on us & Young and fast players will be available too. But it will be a complete new set of players.

  3. I didn’t watched the game, but had Lanzini today very good performance in central midfield? After stats he was best in West Ham.

  4. “All I see now is Argentina shipping young players to mediocre European clubs” – KidultHood typical argumentation

    Now let’s see for some 2014 WC famous players:

    What was the first European club of Biglia? Anderlecht. Rojo – Spartak, Di Maria – Benfica, Romero -Alkmaar, Zabaleta – Espanyol, Garay – Racing Santander, Aguero – quiet begginings in not so strong as today Atletico, Banega failed in Valencia and Atletico, Lavezzi – Napoli not so strong as today, Enzo – dissapointed beginnings in Benfica, Palacio – Genoa, Gago – apparently too weak for Real and other European clubs, Mascherano – only “weak” West Ham, Maxi Rodriguez – Espanyol, Augusto Fernandez – Saint-Etienne and failed, F.Fernandez – mediocree begennings in not so strong as today Napoli, Campagnaro – Piacenza

    so, KidultHood, stop with this argument because a lot of your Superstars also started from mediocree and weak European clubs. Few others failed in stronger. That is good thing for them to begin in not the strongest to have enough play time and then climb the scale of clubs.

    • That’s actually a great point Gonzalo. Interestingly enough, the only club where Romero was getting regular playing time was at AZ Alkmaar, hardly an elite European club. Our best defender in 2014 – Garay played for Benfica before the world cup; Rojo played for Sporting, again not really elite European clubs by Kid’s standards. Jose Maria Basanta who had a good game against Belgium played for Monterrey of all places.

      • Basanta – lovely player in WC2014
        Lost after wc….

        Players from small team will perform better at least give their 200%

        New Argentine coach at sevilla after sampaoli moved face from argentine players
        As I followed sevilla as there is many Arg players.
        But it seems coach is not believing the players like they were at sampaoli time . …
        J.correa is a great talent..and I think he has ability to get in the world cup squad. .

    • thats why we failed to win and never played team game… messi carries on… and mache performance in semi lead to final.. higuain dimaria auguro messi played top european club… defenders… and coach tacticts…lead to final… germany every position better players… we never played single good game in the world cup even group stage… this kind of player wont help to win a world cup… but now… defence.. otamendi fazio mussachio marcado rojo (still midfield lacking best players.) forward icardi dybala playing top clubs… now better than 2014 team… but not better than the brazil or spain or germany or france but we have messi than the other teams… thats hope for argentina… messi dont need top class midfielder… average midfield enough for him to deliver world cup… i hope lanzini parades can be that type of player they are not the best… but its enough… i think.. 2014 team is medicore team… messi carries that team… to final… they wont deserve world cup… other than messi mache… but now we have better players.. and most of them playing in top team in europe atletico inter ac millan barca city juve ….

      biglia had aweful game against juve.. even own supporters booed him… hope he gets injures lanzini get his place… because… lanzini have better passing rate and dribbling success than debrune silva… his passing range this season 88% success rate.. even with poor west ham team…. this guy definitely do well for argentina… he hardly loose the ball… why i like parades and lanzini … they have the potential to play top club…. our current midfield failed (biglia enzo)

      • and best thing happend to this team… they got sampolli… he dont need world class midfielder.. he need average…(not below average) atleast he need average midfielders and average team to challenge top team like brazil and germany ,spain, france in the world cup… he did with sevilla and chille…. now he got better than sevilla and chille…. and he have messi to help the team…. this is the best chance to win a world cup.. for argentina… he has to do a lot of work… to made a good team… our style cant be predicted… in the wolrld cup.. thats is the advantage… for us… and he was said he going to play different formation against nigiria… to work dybala and messi partnership… and he is unpredictable.. thats big advantage… in the big games…

      • Well said @arjunanmessi

        Comparison between wc 2014 & wc2018 may be squad-

        Better squad this time.

        1.Goalkeeper :- Romero more experienced but playing time almost same

        2.Defence :- Garay Basanta Fernandez Demi Rojo was there…
        mercado-Otamendi -masche
        Backup- fazio,musacchio,Rojo
        ,mammana etc

        3.midfield – 2014 played by masche-Gago-Enzo biglia Augusto pereyra dimaria lavezzi
        2018 starer almost same
        But chance here to make solid attacking midfield
        2018 = biglia enzo
        Rigoni salvio paredes Acuna perotti banega dimaria

        4.Striker = 2018 forwards are better
        Icardi Benedetto Dybala are better than
        Higuain Palacio Aguero
        Messi magic same
        Aguero may get chance again

        Lo celso

        We are still weak in midfield very much as comparing with likes of Brazil Spain France Belgium etc

        But hope Argentine will shock opponents with great midfield. …

        I don’t want to compare sabella and sampaoli

    • Thats an interesting point, Everybody Starts from a Small beginnings, Some become successful due to more determinations & also some luck too. So a Player like Santiago Colambatto who is young & for now playing in Seria B cannot be disregarded, If talented any youngster can become a phenomenon tomorrow.

  5. Kid, the problem is that you painting everything with a very broad brush, lacking nuances, it’s all very black or white, no shades of grey whatsoever. The current generation of youngsters suck, every single one of them it seems, only Higuain, Romero, Rojo, etc are brilliant. And of course, you are the only one with common sense to see that, everybody else just doesn’t get it. This holier-than-thou attitude is not helping to get your point across…

    • “very broad brush, lacking nuances, it’s all very black or white”

      I think everyone who had watched the U-20 match Argentina – England in group stage may admit that the only thing on which England was superior was tactic and luck (KidultHood has said that too). Argentina was attacking all the game, showing actually more individual talent than England. Tactic and luck made England team winner over Argentina. (Still our team left in home atleast 50% best talents; that team spend together less time than the other; and all the AFA problems – all the factors made difference)

  6. England is now U20 and U17 2017 Champions. Where is Argentina? Where are the great young talents coming from the Primera? When was the last time Argentina did anything worthwhile at a youth tournament? The England national team will be a formidable force several years from now and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t care for English football. Nobody here can convince me to rate these current Argentina young players highly because they’re not as good as people claimed them to be, here on Mundo. All I see now is Argentina shipping young players to mediocre European clubs to make a buck then these same players will end up bringing back mediocrity to the national team, hence the reason why I don’t care for some of the players or European club teams they’re playing for.

    • Ok but that does not mean that there is not a single young player (or a group of players) worth talking about either. Besides, multiple factors go into success of a national team, not least of which is the calibre and quality of coaching, not to mention at least a functioning football federation. We had been severely lacking in both aspects at youth level until very recently. These are not just excuses, they are very valid factors at play for any national team , at any level. Besides, the fact that English youth has been successful does not mean their players will be playing in elite clubs soon either.

      • Under 20 recent WC champions:
        2005 -Argentina
        2007 -Argentina
        2009 -Ghana
        2011 -Brazil
        2013 -France
        2015 -Serbia
        2017 -England

        Where is Italy? Spain and Germany..? Winners of 2006, 2010 & 2014 WC.

    • Under 17 champions:

      2005 -Mexico
      2007 -Nigeria
      2009 -Switzerland
      2011 -Mexico
      2013 -Nigeria
      2015 -Nigeria
      2017 -England

      I don’t think it will have a big impact on the senior level.

      • Aslam: What is the point of this list? I’d just stated England won the U20 & U17 world cups in 2017, in the space of a few months and yet you put up a list that had nothing to do with 2017. And I could also add the U19 UEFA Championship England won in 2017. Spain and Germany squads are made up of Youth Championship teams. Pogba, Umtiti, Digne, and Kondogbia all won the U20 world cup with France in 2013. You guys don’t get it, look at all Argentina national teams pre 2008, all members going back to Maradona days played in successful youth tournaments (including Maradona himself).

  7. Beccacece and Sampaoli called up 20 U-20 players to take to Russia for spar with senior team before friendlies. There are few known names (no Maxi Romero or Leonel Rivas):

    Nehuén Pérez y Fausto Vera (Argentinos Juniors)
    Agustín Almendra, Gonzalo Maroni, Manuel Roffo y Carlos Rosales (Boca Juniors)
    Ezequiel Barco (Independiente)
    Lautaro Morales (Lanús)
    Alan Luque (Newell’s Old Boys)
    Facundo Medina y Jeremías Rodríguez Puch (River Plate)
    Maximiliano Lovera (Rosario Central)
    Iván Cardozo (Tigre)
    Nicolás Andereggen (Unión)
    Andrés Ayala (Estudiantes de La Plata)
    Tomás Chancalay (Colón)
    Facundo Colidio (Inter Italia)
    Benjamín Garré (Manchester City)
    Martín Ortega e Iván Smith (Quilmes)

  8. If anyone want to follow promising youngsters of Superliga – check the names (my subiective order):

    1. Matias Vargas (Velez)
    2. Joaquin Torres (Newell’s)
    3. Alexander Barboza (River)
    4. Emanuel Reynoso (Talleres)
    5. Juan Brunetta (Belgrano)
    6. Nicolas Gonzalez (Argentinos)
    7. Nicolas Dominguez (Velez)
    8. Maxi Lovera (Rosario Central)
    9. Fabricio Bustos (Independiente)
    10. Maxi Romero (Velez)
    11. Cristian Pavon (Boca)
    12. Lautaro Martinez (Racing)
    13. Ignacio Pussetto (Huracan)
    14. Emiliano Amor (Velez)
    15. Matias Zaracho (Racing)
    16. Ezequiel Palacios (River)
    17. Ezequiel Barco (Independiente)
    18. Leonel Rivas (Rosario Central)
    19. Alan Franco (Independiente)
    20. Bautista Merlini (San Lorenzo)
    21. Jonathan Menendez (Talleres)
    22. Cristian Barrios (San Lorenzo)
    23. Santiago Caseres (Velez)
    24. Fabrizio Angileri (Godoy Cruz)
    25. Cristian Romero (Belgrano)

  9. Some good crosses by Acuna, good run with assist by Battaglia yesterday.
    I think Acuna as LB is good idea for NT unless time will prove wrong that idea. We have not impressive, attacking leftbacks. On the right there’s group of young promising youngsters (Bustos, Gomez, Di Placido, Peruzzi, Salazar).

    And I think not to call up Battaglia is waste of rare possibility to have strong, tall Argentine in central midifeld (at the same time good on ball controll). We need good passer there but he must have physical support around. I know Sampaoli prefers technically skilled passers, but thesedays football has it’s requirements. Many times in past that was decisive factor of our defeats Argentina dind’t have so physically strong central midfielders. We need reinforcement on this point as well as passing distribution. Brazil, Germany, France have stronger central midfielders.

    That’s why I would like to see Paredes – Battaglia central midfield more than any other configuration. No guarantees any of the two will be saviour but I think on paper it’s most sensible duo at the moment. Battaglia is average on passing but gives you all you need on other aspects. Paredes is not type of runner/warrior but gives you that Battaglia lacking passes instead.

    • That midfield duo would be interesting but somehow I have a feeling that Sampaoli is going to persist with Biglia – Banega partnership. Hope, I’m wrong. I can live with Biglia- Paredes or Biglia – Lanzini or even Biglia – Enzo midfield but have lost faith in Banega, he just doesn’t cut it anymore.

      I also don’t mind Acuña as a left-back. He might not produce a majestic sliding tackle a la Otamendi but at least we will have someone who can provide width and good crosses from the left. In modern football, there are numerous examples of converted wingers and midfielders, e,g, A. Valencia, Florenzi, Kimmich, Sergi Roberto, Jordi alba, etc

      • I think the same. We may imaginate our fav midfield but still I see Biglia – Banega as most likely. I don’t want to pretend for prophet but I’m quite sure the duo will fail. Short, Old, Slow. SOS

    • Great talent, but too secure with his passing. the guy’s vision just too good to be so relaxed. Di Maria with 2 assists, Battaglia with assist too after a good run.

      • That’s understandable given his age, no? The confidence is going to increase over time but the talent is already obvious.I think if either one of Rabiot or Veratti gets injured Lo Celso will get more minutes. His teammates and the French press seem to be pretty impressed by him.

        We all know what Di Maria is capable of on a good day. As for Battaglia, he is an interesting, distinct type of player but doesn’t seem to be on Sampaoli’s radar so far…

    • He will fight after place with Nacho Fernandez (why not Banega?).

      Benedetto, Enzo and Bustas will called up.

      • I know that Belluschi is currently in great shape but I think long term Nacho would be my preference providing he plays well if called up and given minutes.

        What’s your current team of Primera Gonzalo?

        • Of course Nacho is much more long term than Belluschi. But now we need just best players for WC, in optimal form. Belluschi is in great shape and he may keep it up till WC. We should just pick up that best in June/July without division for age. Finally to take Demichelis on 2014 WC was good decision of Sabella. As for me both Nacho and Belluschi. Belluschi should fight rather with Banega. The same positions.

          EnganChe, my team of Primera:


          ……… …Amor…………..Barboza


          Nacho……….. Belluschi………….Pity/Vargas

          …………… .. ..Benedetto

          Amor (Velez), Angileri (Godoy), Gimenez (Godoy), Vargas (Velez)

          and more:

          Pablo Perez
          Leandro Fernandez (Independiente)
          Reynoso (Talleres)
          Nicolas Dominguez (Velez)
          Fabio Alvarez (Atletico Tucuman)
          Nicolas Gonzalez (Argentinos)
          SOlari (Racing)

          • Nice, my version:





            Pavon……….. Belluschi……………..Pity


          • Nice lineups guys, mine is exactly like EnganChe’s except in a 4-1-4-1 formation:






          • Nice one Mamoun, I think with Nacho’s attacking instincts it’s basically what would happen anyway, him bursting forward at pace. On a side note, I think the best left-back in Primera for some time has been Fabra, but since he is Colombian I didn’t include him.

    • If happens great, I think Sampa generally don’t disappoint with the team selections.After a long gap we have a coach who is open minded to all options. Love to see more competition for Banega so that he can also push himself to the limit, I dont think that Biglia – Enzo combo will solve the midfield dilemma, It will still make Messi drop deep to create all by himself.

      Belluschi is currently on fire may be he can keep up the form to consider for even WC,A player who is performing great at Club may not perform well for NT . Playing with Messi is not easy as Dybala said. Same goes to Paredes too(Havent seen him in a full match for Us against quality opponent) As of now none of our creative Midfielders is clicking for NT(Only tried few options like Pastore, Banega) Another problem is the time factor we cant try all names in NT especially there is no time for introducing new players & improve player chemistry.

      I for somehow feels the biggest culprit for our demise is TATA MARTINO. He wasted friendlies & time to introduce new players, If at least some of the players like Lanzini, Paredes, Nacho etc had given at least 3 or 4 matches it could have been easy to analyze whether this player will perform for our NT not only for their respective Club only. Even if we loose one or Two friendlies wouldn’t have had hurt us.

  10. Magallan is perhaps not the most talked about young defender coming out of Primera, I think the likes of Conti, Barboza, Martinez Quarta not too mention Foyth of course, come up more often. Still, I hope he does move to Ajax.

    • yup, Barboza, Conti, Franco, Martinez Quarta, Amor, Cristian Romero, Galeano, Gianetti – all over Magallan.

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