Cristian PAVON and three others make Argentina list


Cristian PAVON is the latest name called-up from the domestic league.

With the two matches against Russia and Nigeria fast approaching, Jorge SAMPAOLI has called-up four players based in Argentina. Those four players being youngster Cristian PAVON (Boca Juniors), Enzo PEREZ (River Plate)’ Dario BENEDETTO (Boca Juniors) and Fernando BBELLUSCHI (San Lorenzo).

With Lucas BIGLIA’s injury, SAMPAOLI decided to name a replacement, with that player being Emiliano INSUA of Stuttgart. Here is the updated list (including the four domestic players):

Argentina list
Argentina’s list of players for the matches against Russia and Nigeria.

Argentina Goalkeepers:


Argentina Defenders:

Federico FAZIO
Emiliano INSUA

Argentina Midfielders:

Eduardo SALVIO
Marcos ACUNA
Emiliano RIGONI
Aleandro GOMEZ

Argentina Forwards:

Lionel MESSI
Cristian PAVON


  1. I am glad to see Perotti’s back as Lamela and Joaquim Correa didn’t play much since a while. He can bring some added-value on the left side.

    I agreed that we should try Battaglia, he could be a sensational player(defensively, technically) and he’s strong in the air. I am surprised why he is not called yet. I am afraid that it’s too late for him except he does an exceptional six months before the world cup.

    About Ocampos, hard to say if he’s a great player or not. He had a very promising start in L1 but dropped badly for a couple of years. Now he still struggling with Marseille and not sure to be in the 11-lineup. In his position, there is a lot of choices. Right now the most worring part of Argentina is the fullbacks and midfielders.

  2. No matter what is your tactic you need element of physicall strenghts in midfield – player who can bustle here and there. Battaglia is the guy. No call up for him is waste of possibility. You can’t win a tournament depending only on technicall passers when they are not that good when it comes to fight on the pitch.

    • Not 100% true, Busquets-Xabi Alonso-Xavi-Iniesta-David Silva (Fabregas) no fighters only passers, Schweinsteiger-Kroos-Özil the same (Khedira was injured) imo Paredes would be the DM, the guy with good passing and shooting skills, winning football a la 21. century, the most important is posession

      • Possession and good passers, when was the last time when not proactive football won? In 1982? If we want to play counter attacking football with fighters in he midfield it’s a dead idea. Mission impossible to win a WC with this…

        • Italy 2006 had Pirlo and, on the other hand, Gattuso. Spain WC winner based on good passers, that is true, but Khedira on 2014 WC was one of crucial players IMO. That he was injured in final does not mean Germany won WC without him. They do this only in final, playing not that good football as in previous games, with Khedira. Still it doesn’t mean such physical player is must for winning team (as Spain do that without in 2010) but I see modern football more and more physicall. And it doesn’t mean “possesion and passing technical football” is past but rather the best teams can afford both the aspect. It’s like closing still to perfection. Searching for holy grail.

          Footbal is still in evolution and I don’t see another tiki-taka team like Spain AD 2010 winning WC anymore. At least I don’t think so. That philosphy had his time. Something new to come.

          “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.” – Hegel

          Talking about Battaglia – except mediocree passing the guy has only advantages. I can’t understand what more gives you Kranevitter thesedays than Battaglia. That’s why I find it hard to understand Kranevitter is there and Battaglia not.

      • “Paredes would be the DM, the guy with good passing and shooting skills, winning football a la 21. century, the most important is posession”

        No doubt that are his traits but just in that point I have doubt about him facing on defence more physicall midfields of team like Brazil, France Germany. That’s why I suppose ATM duo Paredes – Battaglia is best hypothesis (it would be potentially similar to Kroos – Khedira). Or once in future Paredes – Ascacibar, more like Pirlo – Gattuso, if we necesarry must refer to past.

        • Paredes – Ascacibar – Lo Celso – Lanzini in a Diamond formation in Middle how would that be, Only fault i see is all are physically small and Light build players. Ascacibar looks tough though.

    • Why not Enzo or Augusto?? they both also falls into the above Criteria right? both are older but more experienced & also familiar with current players set up.

  3. Out of all the players selected in Midfield who can add creativity in Middle, Belluschi(Wow what a selection), Banega, & Paredes, I would love to see Belluschi start with Messi lets see whether he can add something different in our Midfield other than Banega. We cant bash players if they haven’t given a chance to play for us. Belluschi is one player who is most excited about (I love Midfield creative players)

  4. Its very scary that the coach is still calling new names. 8 months from the WC with few friendlies I think that we should focus on the players that have been playing. We played a great game against Peru, its the best I have seen the NT play for many years. We don’t need big changes. We expect Rojo and Funes Mori and Higuain. Trying players like Belluschi, Insua, Pavon Its in my opinion a waste of time. The main thing now is to find the link between Messi and the midfield None of the new names can provide that. Why adding more problems to what we already have?

    • 8 months is an eternity in football, in 8 months a player can lose form or confidence and another can gain form and confidence and emerge from nowhere.

      The problem with this albiceleste squad is that….well it isn’t much of a squad, it’s just messi and 10 others so there is ALOT of work that needs to be done especially at the midfield.

  5. What about Ocampos?

    I always liked this player. Fast, strong, skillful with great technique and great shooting abilities having both feet. He is very good in the air too. I used to watch this player since he was playing to river plate. He seemed to me like Argentina’s next big thing but somehow he just didn’t show up the expectations. I still like him a lot though and i still watch him.

    I couldn’t watch the match with Marseille for the ehropa league, so how did he do?

    • where would Play him?????? instead of icardi, dybala, messi???? ocampos is mediocre beyond believe…he wasted his Talent…putting Money on mediocre Players upfront is beyond my understanding…we have the best in the world in attack…ist already enough we have to deal with mediocre defenders and midfielders and mediocre Players from the domestic league….we cant weaken ourselfes even more by calling up such Players….this is not foorball Manager this is the real world man

      • I believe we could try him instead of Salvio. Ocampos is 1.87m tall and his height could be an asset. “Mediocre” players such as Paulinho who used to play in Chinese league made Brazil’s midfield stronger. Besides, i don’t have time for football manager man.

        • “ocampos is mediocre beyond believe. he wasted his Talent” – man, he is just 23 and still better. Arrogance comment. Arrogance and ignorrance go hand in hand.

          “ist already enough we have to deal with mediocre defenders and midfielders and mediocre Players from the domestic league” according to yo Argentina has no chance on WC with all this mediocree players.

          • the only chance is messi….if i only judge the team…and compare us to the top teams there is zero chance….france, germany, spain….they attack so well its impossible for us to compete unless messi scores a shit load of goals for us….every round we make at the worldcup is a success….last 16…maybe last 8….its either messis destiny to be the greatest of all times by winning the cup or argentina is doomed

    • feel the same Mamoun. Still waiting for Battaglia and Nacho.

      Call up for Belluschi is good thing. I’m sure he will not be worse than Banega if got real chance (not few minutes).

      • Even on his worst day, Belluschi is better than Banega!! He’s been amazing for S.Lorenzo. Nacho, Lanzini, Battaglia and Pablo Perez should all be considered because they all offer the albicelestes something that the current selection doesn’t.

      • He has been the best midfield player in Primera Liga for sometime now along with Gago, Pablo Perez & Nacho too. Belluschi is a great addition, Nacho just missed out, He will get his chance soon. I don’t think Battaglia is even in Sampa’s radar, See he already explained his playing philosophy to some players like Belluschi, Lo Celso etc way back, Battaglia is not even in that list. But may be if he keep performing Sampa cant ignore him just like Belluschi did.

        Banega needs a challenger for his spot may be then he will show his full potential. The guy is Class(Cant deny that on a given day) but he is not disciplined.

  6. Good luck sampaoli

    Love to see messi getting rest

    And Dybala playing 90 mins in messi position. …

    Perotti in grt form
    Icardi Aguero Dybala in great shape

  7. Lanus, River, San Lorenzo, Racing, Independiente – from the teams some either make semis CL/CS or were close. What I like in Argentina league is that in near future it might be Estudiantes, Velez, Boca, Newell’s, Argentinos – as teams to represent Argentina on international level. Always 10 teams to compete unlike in some Europe league where rivalization is between 2-3 teams. ATM Estudiantes and Newell’s (Joaquin Torres talent) in crisis while Argentinos already among strongest. On the other hand Velez has probably best and most promising youngsters.

    Superclasico in upcoming weekend.

  8. Good decisions overall by Sampaoli. High time Pavon got called as well. A real pacey beast on the right wing with stinging shots to offer whenever he finds space to shoot.

  9. Too bad there will not Avellaneda derby in semis of Sudamericana. Martinez, Zaracho, Solari, Soto, Cuadra – still Racing Club players to follow.

  10. Csabalala,

    Lautaro Martinez better than I thought. I still not sure how good actually. I’m a bit critical because if he want to be for us something speciall must be better than Aguero (being the same mould) what is very high level. “El Toro” is perfect nick for him as he is so strong physically acting like battering ram. Second thing is his great striker instinct what makes him already interesting at an angle NT.

    • Martinez is a rare breed of a target man whom is skillful and composed in the box. His beastful strength and decent pace makes him quite a complete striker. Anyway he’s already in the watchlist of sampaoli and would eventually be included in our squad soon.

  11. Sampaoli is watching on Bombonera regularly Boca and see the duo Benedetto- Pavon. 2 goals from the first and 2 assist from second (as in last match) is normal situation so Sampaoli want to see how it works in NT.

  12. I’ve been spoiled by being able to watch all the games in the South America time zone. These next two games are going to be at 8am and 5am for me! Kinda brutal. I feel sorry for the rest of the fans who have game times like that a lot.

    …I just realized that the whole World Cup in Russia is going to be early like that! Crap!

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