Javier MASCHERANO to Hebei Fortune in China


Javier MASCHERANO will be joining Chinese club Hebei Fortune.

The midfielder turned defender’s move to Hebei Fortune has been confirmed. According to several reports, an agreement has been reached between FC Barcelona and MASCHERANO’s agent. Jefecito would join the Chinese club in January.

Javier will join fellow Argentinian Ezequiel LAVEZZI at the club with coach Manuel PELLEGRINI. Argentina’s number 14 first joined the Catalan club back in summer 2010 following a move from English Premier League club Liverpool. Amassing over 300 matches for Barcelona, Masche managed to score one goal throughout his career in Spain. Since joining them in 2010, he has won no less than 17 trophies with the Catalan’s (of those 17 came a treble back in 2015).

Javier MASCHERANO goal for Barcelona


      • Tagliafico is a good player and this is a good news if it’s true.

        It seems most of Independiente first team players will end up in Europe very soon.

        I think Maxi Romero is wanted by Dortmund although PSV showed interest in him, but they haven’t started any negotiations with Velez yet.

    • Possibly a good move if it happens. Insua benefited a great deal from playing in the German B division and Ascacibar is doing better and better. Playing in a lower ranked team in a strong league can be very beneficial to a player since it’s easier to get regular playing time while also regularly playing stronger teams.

      • I agree with you @Mamoun.

        @Gonzalo, Maxi Romero’s move to PSV was finalised and he officially joined the Dutch club. I thought the process would take longer than this but it seems PSV were in a hurry of his signing. I think they wanted to close the deal before Dortmund take serious steps towards his signing.

  1. “A couple of journalists with knowledge of Independiente’s dealings tweeted out that Atlanta United are willing to pay as much as $22 million for Ezequiel Barco”.

    While Borussia want Maxi Romero from Velez.

    • Money, money, money…absurd amount, the current american transfer record 7 or 8 million euros, MLS definitely a step backward, one more year with Independienta in Libertadores and Barco’s worth would be at least 40 millions

  2. Romero is must drop for Argentina. We need to find another GK for World Cup. May be used when or if their is penalty shoot. He is terrible.

    • He is more than terrible & shouldn’t start for a big team like argentina. I can’t remember a worldcup winning team with average goalie,brazil 2002 is the closest & we all remember all the help they got that year and even that goalie was better than romero who is below average.

    • Why ur saying he is terrible?? He is quite good actually but bad with passing and ball on his feet but makes lots of good saves we saw marchesin against Nigeria who was poor only rulli mayb better than Romero right now but for some reason Romero always gets selected despite the fact that he is a sub goalkeeper for his club

  3. How is Mercado performance recently I think he may well be in starting eleven in Russia I think back 4 is far securing than back 3 and we need to be defensively solid to progress in wc each and every defence of world champions since 74 were quite solid remember Spain in 2010 they were playing tikitaka at best but hardly scored only 1-2 goals and scrapped through matches if their defence was shaky they would have crushed out in quarters also defence win u tournaments

  4. I think in march friendlies sampaoli will try 3-4-3 formation for the last time if our defence struggles against counters then we can see 4 at the back in actual world cup games and some make shift fullbacks we can expect

    • He is playing quite mediocre very shaky after returning from injury lets see sampa select him or not he has height strength pace but little bit off in technical ability and positioning just need to improve he has heart but low footbaling iq and positioning sense which is vital

    • Right now otamendi only good cb we have others not upto the mark mascherano has good positioning sense good distributional ability but lack in speed and stamina plus he is not good in air that makes him vulnerable to set pieces among others I’m hearing good things for funes Mori and mammana bt funes Mori still injured and mammana I heard little bit error prone any other good defenders u know??

        • Question is are they fast enough for back 3?? With high defence line u have to b very fast and tactically knowledgeable hope for the best I have confidence in sampa he is a great coach

  5. Mascherano realized his time and physically cannot compete with young players in Barca. At N/T he can contribute for lifting the WC in Russia, playing at his best natural position as (sub) DM and sub will be more realistic but as cb is highly risky and disaster. Hopefully he have a plenty time to refresh and revitalize the energy before WC in China.

  6. He deserves a world cup and will get one this time…We still need him.If he capable of handling ronaldo , bale ,benzema , griezeman etc etc then can handle anyone at world cup. do not take Nigeria game too serioulsy.He is still good enough for an one month world cup .

    • He is shaky in defense he is far better as a defensive midfielder and sampa should employ there and he will provide security plus distribution he should be employed in defense only in emergency

  7. I still see Mascherano’s sensational tackle to Robben’s shot before my eyes. Masche you will never be forgotten.

    If Sampa plays him in midfield at the WC then he will have one hell of a WC. We need him in his natural position.

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