Mauro ICARDI, Federico FAZIO and DE PAUL score on the weekend


Mauro ICARDI, Federico FAZIO and Rodrigo DE PAUL all scored on the weekend for their clubs.

The Serie A standings are as tight as it can get. The top four teams are all separated by four points. Gabriel BATISTUTA’s former team AS Roma sit fourth at 38 points, Mauro ICARDI’s Inter occupy the third spot on 40 points, reigning Serie A champions Juventus (lead by Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Paulo DYBALA) are sitting in second place on 41 points while Diego MARADONA’s former team lead the league on 42 points.

Inter’s undefeated run finally came to an end on the weekend as they lost at home 1-3 to Udinese. The visitors took the lead in the 14th minute but Mauro ICARDI netted just a minute later to draw level. The decisive goal came from another Argentinian as Rodrigo DE PAUL scored a penalty in the 61st minute before BARAK sealed the victory in the 77th minute.

AS Roma’s Federico FAZIO scored in the 94th minute to give his team a dramatic 1-0 victory against Cagliari. FAZIO’s goal came off a set piece but not off a towering header which you would expect. Instead, Federico in a poacher style, got on to a loose ball in the area to score. One player who must feel releaved is fellow compatriot Diego PEROTTI who had missed a penalty earlier in the match.

Mauro ICARDI and Rodrigo DE PAUL goals

Federico FAZIO goal


  1. We will get a better Idea by March about which all players will make it to the World Cup, By March Sampa will have to lock players, So nothing to do but wait, Will our beloved players make it ?? Or will it be the hated players. Whoever it is we have to be united.

    • I don’t think so he again will experiment with some players and only in may he will announce the squad so u never know higuain can make it even without playing the march friendlies

  2. Sampoli should play Dybla as no9 he may be not at his best now but he is a great striker he will be a perfect replacement for Augreo.Dybla is more hungrier of goals than anyone in team.He is a real threat when he got the ball in the box.But the problem is that Dybla comes to the NT with a club player mentality.

  3. too much hate and love against higuain and Dimaria i want to clarify all doubts for the readers. Higuain is currently 2nd top scorer after messi in world cup, its because of higuain and Dimaria Argentina cross the barrier of knock out stages and reach the final after 24year. This stat is useless otherwise 2010 world cup winner Spain will not eliminated in 2014 group stages. Both Dimaria and Higuain aren’t same supposed to be in 2014, both lost their prime and now they aren’t world class anymore. Its silly to play higuain in no9 when you have Icardi who is his prime and worldclass aguero but should be in 23. Kun lost his peck just like cr7 but world class and his experience is benefit Argentina more than icardi, if aguero played Uruguay and venuguyela match instead of icardi Argentina would have won, aguero passed his test under sampa and will be starter for world cup due to Good link up with messi. When Dimaria injured and not in squad no player grab the opportunity to replace superstar therefore he will continue as a starter but if he injured that will not cost like 2014 worldcup, klose was Germany main striker not starter of club so its not matter if a player stater of his club or not

  4. P$G is nothing more than a plastic club, this is the same pathetic club that conceded 6 goals against Barcelona after carrying a 4-0 goal lead to the Camp Nou. Real Madrid will put them in their place once again. Neymoney is already asking for a move to Real Madrid because he is starting to figure out after the Bayern Munich UCL defeat that he won’t win the BDOR while at P$G.

    The problem at PSG is, they’re way too many egos at the club, satisfying a team full of millionaires was always going to be a challenge, and sadly, Pastore and Di Maria fall victims to this ongoing circus. The moment Pastore had to hand over his number ten shirt to Neymar he should have asked for a transfer request in return.

    Di Maria is not a marketable player hence the reason he is not playing much, and this is the same reason he left Real Madrid. (This was the same case for Ozil at Real Madrid, he wasn’t the most attractive guy in the world according to Perez and Real Madrid) If Di Maria had the looks and physical appearance of David Beckham he would be the face of P$G right now, and would’ve won the BDOR in 2014 after his UCL performance. Nobody at P$G have won the UCL except for Neymoney and Di Maria. And yes, pathetic P$G will spend close to 500 million on both Neymar and Mbappe only to crashed out of the UCL by the hands of Real Madrid.

    Verratti starts every game at P$G, so tell me where is Italy at the World Cup? You guys just look at sport teams from the outside yet dismiss the human aspect of the players with regards to their personal life. Does any of these P$G players ever look happy to you? Just look at their behavior on the pitch especially during a substitution.

    P$G is just another version of the Brazilian national team. Pastore and Di Maria job is not to make Neymoney better, so I would rather see them on the bench until they get a transfer from P$G rather than being a lackey for Nemoney.

    It doesn’t matter if Di Maria and Pastore had a great game, they’re still guarantee to be drop for P$G next two games. People like to talk about Di Maria not playing well at P$G, wouldn’t you be angry too if you were being treated in the same manner? Wouldn’t you show the frustration on the pitch to prove you belong on the starting team? You guys don’t know if Neymoney, Dani Alves and their other Brazilian mates at the club are the reason for Di Maria and Pastore current demise at P$G. Di Maria was the main driving force behind P$G victory at home against Barcelona during last season UCL game in Paris, yet he didn’t get the praise because he does not have the look of David Beckham. Every time Di Maria plays he give his 100%, he doesn’t ask for individual awards and praise, he just play his heart out every time he touches foot on the pitch. Once Neymoney transfer to P$G, it was always going to affect Di Maria playing time at the club, and to some degree Pastore. Di Maria and Pastore likes to hold onto the ball, and so too Neymar. In this situation only one person wins, and that is Neymar. This was Neymar problem at Barcelona, he wanted to be the main guy, the one who touches the ball the most, and this wasn’t going to happen with Messi at Barcelona hence the reason for his P$G move, he now gets to wear the number ten shirt and become the team go to guy. Good for Cavani, he was willing to fight for his status and seniority at the club and not kowtowed to Neymar self BDOR interest.

    The UCL game against Celtic in Paris was a slap in the face of both Di Maria and Pastore. PSG was up by four goals at the half time interval yet Di Maria and Pastore was never featured in a game that was already won in the first 45 minutes. This was disrespectful to both Di Maria and Pastore, and it’s not like they’re some second rated players being promoted from an academy team, we’re talking about two players who cost millions of dollars here. So the coach snub both players against Celtic during the UCL, and then decided to start them against Strasbourg the following weekend in Lique one. Like all other players, Di Maria move to Paris to play in the UCL not league one hence the reason for his frustrated display against Strasbourg in Lique one where everyone was saying how Di Maria was bad. If you’re not being treated good in a situation, then there is no incentive for you to be at your best, because no matter how good you play, you will be on the bench even if your team is 4-0 up against Celtic at half time on your home turf. Lavezzi said he got bored playing in Lique one after just one season, I doubt Di Maria care much about Lique one, but all he demand is respect like what is shown to the other players. Pastore always said is only reason staying at PSG is to win the UCL not the Lique one title or Coupe De France domestic cup. Neymoney and his Brazilian contingent are the reason for Pastore and Di Maria problems at the club. PSG block Di Maria move away from the club earlier this summer, now we have a player who is frustrated and not happy playing for the Brazilian national club team.

    All you guys talk about is world cup, world cup blah blah blah. Why not try to learn how to show gratitude and respect towards the players? Fact remains, without the likes of Di Maria and Higuaín, there would be no world cup final for Argentina in 2014. And tell me, how many world cup finals have Argentina made since 1994 leading up to 2014? The answer is ZERO.

    • [All you guys talk about is world cup, world cup blah blah blah. Why not try to learn how to show gratitude and respect towards the players? Fact remains, without the likes of Di Maria and Higuaín, there would be no world cup final for Argentina in 2014]

      Oh for the love of….not this nonsense again, listen kid MOST of us here respect Angel and pipita and Biglia etc…for what they’ve done for the NT but that doesn’t mean that when they crap the bed we’re just gonna get on our knees, kiss their butts and call it ice cream.
      Pipita is a fine striker but that doesn’t change the fact that A. He’s missed some vital shots in more than one final and more importantly B. He’s mentally cracked because of it! And C. there is a better option in Icardi and possibly Alario and Chucky.
      Maria ia a fine player but that doesn’t change the fact that A. He’s unreliable due to his questionable decisions on the field and more importantly B. His fitness is a huge liability proven by the fact that he’s been injured in 3 back to back tournaments. Also there are better options in A.Correa, D.perotti, P.Piatti, Ocampos and C.Pavon
      Kun is a fine player but that doesn’t change the fact that, like Maria, his fitness is a huge liability and again there are better options in Icardi and dybabla.
      Biglia is a decent player but is too limited and frankly isn’t good enough for the NT anymore IMO, not when u have multifaceted players like Nacho Fernandez, Paredes, Enzo and Boca’s P.Perez. And even if you’re looking for footballers to do ‘the midfield dirty work’ as they say then look no further than Ascacibar and B.Zuculini who are far superior at their clubs.

      Banega has a world of talent but his inconsistency makes him simply a ‘NO’ for the NT, and again Nacho, paredes, Perez, Enzo and Belluschi are far better options IMO.

      Last but not least is Mascherano, who is too short and slow to be in a 3 man backline, yet he’s still gonna be selected and probably start because he’s Mascherano and needs to be shown respect, which is inline with your mentality, the same mentality that may see Argentina exit the WC early.

  5. Only watched Psg game during this weekend. Too bad that Di Maria again on the bench and Pastore only played for 10-15 minutes, but happy for Lo Celso really great in the DM position. Probably his best game in this position. He initiated many Psg attacks, good interception, always try to defend without tackling. Hope he can continue like this.

    • Di Maria is on the bench because he’s a crappy player. Look at all PSG starters and compare them to both Di Maria and the glass man pastore… get the answer. I watched Pastore playing, absolutely pathetic, slow on ball, no tackle, passing to his nearest player and no tactic at all, no wonder he’s a bench warmer.

      It was fun watching diva maria as a ball boy passing the ball to his teammate from the touch line.

      World cup without Icardi and Dybala both means another disaster by the hands of diva, fat ass higuain, druggie banega and selfie boy aguero.

      • Of which game of Pastore you are talking about? I found him good against Lile and twice against Strasbourg when he played the entire game. No tackle? In modern football, lot of defensive player do not tackle much. Pass to his nearest teammate? In the 3 games I mentionned, he created at least 3 assist per game, sometimes wasted by his strikers, but that’s football. No tactics? I can see lot of efforts from him in defensive placement when his team lost the ball.

        If you talk about this one, then impossible to judge someome in 10-15 minutes especially when your team leading score. I don’t think Draxler is better than Pastore. It’s Emery’s job to manage their playing time. Currently I can see he clearly prefer the German.

    • Is lo celso getting starting job more often?? That would be immense for Argentina lo celso is raw but getting decent minutes for psg in this 6 months will make him superb option for Argentina national team in Russia I hope dimaria dropped from starting eleven of Argentina he is now totally out of form but in mean time he mayb only player who will be fresh for wc

      • Yes definitely, even though Lo Celso’s still a bit green, but potentially a huge asset for Argentina. His biggest edge is that he is able to play in all positions in the midfield. He used to play as playmaker and now he plays a bit deeper as central midfielder and becomes Verratti’s backup. When Motta and Rabiot are both off just like now, he can also replace them to play as defensive midfielder. Not many versatile player as gifted as him technically.

          • That will not surprise me much even though he does not play much with his club. Sampaoli seems to find his system with 3 midfielders and 2 energetic wingers. But in the midfield, only Enzo Perez secures his place. The other 2 places still free. Lo Celso, Paredes, Kranevitter, Battaglia, Aascacibar, Pizarro, Banega, Biglia and Pastore must fight hard to win their places.

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