Mauro ICARDI and Gio SIMEONE score in Serie A draw


Both Mauro ICARDI and Gio SIMEONE scored on Friday in a 1-1 draw involving Fiorentina and Inter.

Mauro ICARDI made it 18 goals in 20 matches in Serie A this season after he scored for Inter to give them a 1-0 lead away against Fiorentina. ICARDI’s goal came in the 55th minute when his headed shot was stoppe by the goalkeeper but the Argentina number 9 got his own rebound to give his team the advantage.

The goal was ICARDI’s 100th league goal of his career. He scored 90 goals for Inter and 10 goals for his previous club Sampdoria.

There was a second goal in the match and it came very late in the 91st minute courtesy of Giovanni SIMEONE. The opposite number 9 scored his seventh of the season in 20 matches after he was left alone in the area and his shot went high into the back of the net.

The draw takes Inter to third place with 42 points but AS Roma are hot on their trails with 39 points and 18 matches played. For Gabriel BATISTUTA’s old team, the draw takes them level with Udinese on 28 points (8th in Serie A) with Alejandro GOMEZ’s Atalanta right behind them on 27 points in 9th position.

Goals by Mauro ICARDI and Gio SIMEONE


  1. @kid

    “I barely watch European club football nowadays because it has become nothing but media hype and player’s PR campaign”


    t c
    Riquelme never played for a top team (Barcelona doesn’t count coz he never really performed there and he was booted out playing 30 so games in 2.5 years. so that means he was shit?

    What about Totti? Roma was a top team for some time way back but its been long long time since it hasn’t been at the top so that concludes Totti isn’t one of the greats of all time???

    Watch AGUERO PLAY!!!! not just the youtube highlights for his goals or the stats. Its same as deceiving as Ronaldo or higuain stats. Which makes you believe he would do good.

    Paredes is a top player who keeps it simple and keeps the passes going. Not your flashy type, But he gets the job done. We need a team who can function with each other, Not a bunch of egoistic individuals which has been the case incase of Tevez, aguero, higuain, di maria.

  2. In 2014, we did well because of several factors: good management, high team spirit and unity, several players were on their peak.

    Masche played his best footabll, Biglia has never played that good since, Enzo was at his career peak, So was Garay, Demichelis and Zabaleta had a fantastic year at EPL, Rojo too had a good year.

    Now at present, we only have few players who are in good form…Otamendi, Aguero, Icardi, Messi, may be Dybala and also Leandro Paredes (It’s ok if someone plays for Zenit).

    Banega is doing decent, Enzo and Biglia are ok. Rojo has just returned, did well in last game but accumulated 5 yellow cards in 5 EPL games. But he will get better hopefully.

    Funes Mori will return in April. We need him, badly. He is a perfect CB for Sampaoli’s system.

    Di Maria did well in last PSG game, but this has been a bad year for him. In last game, he did everything right, making assists, combo play, scoring…we need him sharp and motivated to prove something. We don’t have that much good wingers. Pavon was good against Nigeria but his side was unprotected defensively. Di Maria offers a lot of defensive work and stamina even in his worst day.

    Third midfield position should be between Banega and Paredes. Lo Celso is too green. But Sampaoli is yet to give Paredes any meaningful minutes. Lamela is back and there is Lanzini. Sampaoli should fix this position.

    There still 6 months, a lot of things can happen. Let’s hope for the best.

  3. BIGLIA is our Number 5 its done, ENZO is the Box to Box, Who will be the 3rd Guy in Midfield. BANEGA? LO CELSO? thats gonna be the most important player whoever it is, If its a 3 Men Midfield.

    Or else if it is 3-4-3 we may have to depend on MESSI for Creativity along with DI MARIA and 2 Wingers SALVIO & ACUNA.

    BIGLIA – ENZO Combo is what we are most certainly gonna get in the Middle, Has to say it looks solid but more defensive, ENZO is gonna be the most Important player for us in the WC after MESSI i think.

    Time and Matches are against Sampa to try new players. So BATTAGLIA, LANZINI, LAMELA, etc etc chances are low i feel.

  4. Kid, agree about Kun but when you claim that “we haven’t seen this newer generation of Argentinean players being recruit by the best club teams across Europe” you seem to be forgetting that by the time of WC 2014 some of your favorite players like Romero (benchwarmer at Monaco), Garay (Benfica) and Rojo (Sporting) were hardly playing at the elite clubs. I think you are very biased, selective and inconsistent in your approach to the new generation.

    • See, this is where you’re wrong. Garay, Gago, Higuain, and Di Maria all played for Real Madrid, even though Garay and Gago didn’t lasted long at the club, it still made me interested in watching Real Madrid games, and as an Argentina supporter, I was proud seeing the players that represent the national team I support playing for a team like Real Madrid. Demichelis and Sosa were the last two Argentinean to play for Bayern Munich. Mascherano is currently at Barcelona and also played for Liverpool, same for Maxi Rodriguez. Tevez, Rojo, Romero, and Di Maria are the only Argentinean players to play for Manchester United since Heinze and Veron days. Zabaleta, Aguero, Demichelis, and Tevez were all apart of Manchester City most successful period as a football team in the club history. And if you want to go back even further Saviola played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid although he didn’t live up to expectation.

      Being a bench warmer at Monaco and Manchester United is still better than playing for Real Sociedad or Tigres or Torino or Eibar. Rulli got axed from Manchester City, same for Zuculini, and he was a player I really like, but like many young Argentinean players, Zuculini face the same problem, talented but lack quality to play for the biggest clubs around Europe. Paredes is Mundo favorite son it seems, but how is it that if he was so good he transferred from Roma to Zenit and not to Bayern Munich or a Manchester club?

      River Plate had a good run in South American football not too long ago, but how many players from Marcelo Gallardo successful team actual went on to play for a big club in Europe in that same time frame? We had Higuaín transferring directly from River to Real Madrid and Gago transferring directly from Boca Juniors to Real Madrid. The foreign players in the Argentina Primera have a better chance of playing for top European teams compare to the local native players.

      All I’m saying is, you’re not going to win the world cup by selecting average players representing average clubs to compete against teams with players representing the best club teams across Europe (That would be like Barcelona vs Deportivo or Manchester City vs Burnely, in this case Argentina would be Deportivo and Burnely). The international teams that are successful in modern football are usually loaded with players from the best club teams across Europe. Right now if you take out the Messi generation from this current Argentina national team nobody would fear them. I never denied the fact that Argentina on paper has some of the world most talented young players, but talent alone just isn’t enough if you want to win the world cup (a solid coach, experience, reputation and the players status on the world stage is what counts). People here want Sampaoli to select a starting XI for the world cup with 5-7 players with 15 international caps between them. How in the world can anyone be for this given how experience the other world cup contender nations are going to line up? I think people here just get carry away with this newer Argentina generation of players who have been mostly lackluster and inconsistent. I’m frustrated like everyone else, but do people really think Argentina is going to win the world cup with Lanzini, Kranevitter, Perades, Lo Celso and Rulli? This is the FIFA men’s international world cup, not the U20 or Olympic games. Anyways, all the best to Argentina in 2018. Winning the world cup take years of preparation, you can’t just throw in below average players into the national team because they made couple good plays in some average club and expect them to all of a sudden turn out to be world cup winners. It doesn’t work like that brother.

      This is how the Liverpool fans reacted to Lanzini after the Totenham game:

      ”Lanzini the muppet should’ve passed it early mong.”

      ”For those who have mentioned Lanzini for #lfc er no.”

      ”So far Coutinho replacement (Lanzini) isn’t impressing.”

      ‘#lfc talk of #Lanzini replacing cou ? Hes average player who scores a goal once in a blue moon”

      ”Lanzini is Coutinho without the flair, skill, vision, goals & assists .”

      ”Think I’d rather Bruno Cheyrou as he is today than Lanzini #LFC.”

      ”Who wanted Lanzini for @LFC? Absolutely dreadful tonight #TOTWHU.”

      ”Can’t believe some would want Lanzini when Coutinho’s sold, he’s piss.”

      ”And those who mentioned Lanzini as well 😑. Cost his team dearly there. Simple through ball or touch but he loses it & they concede.”

      • Being a benchwarmer is better than playing? No self-respecting player or coach would say that. Sampaoli is clearly worried about some of our players lack of pkaying time. What a solid argument. Also, as Gonzalo said, not so long ago you were praising Lanzini and niw we’re back to bashing again? Make up your mind kid.

      • “All I’m saying is, you’re not going to win the world cup by selecting average players representing average clubs to compete against teams with players representing the best club teams across Europe (That would be like Barcelona vs Deportivo or Manchester City vs Burnely, in this case Argentina would be Deportivo and Burnely).” 100% true, and some for example still want to start with Acuna and Rigoni…btw take a closer look on Lo Celso, the guy is better and better each game, today vs Rennes he was great too, versatile (DM, ZM, AM)complete midfielder, runs a lot, hardworker, useful in defending, always moves, pass and move to receive the pass, open a corridor, or keep psosession, great vision with good passing skills improving), good runner with the ball too, i see him one of the world best midfielders in some years (and Lautaro Martinez one of the best centre forwards), these two with Barco are fckin special talents (i’m not sure about Barco’s success cos his small and weak body). Imo Lo Celso will cement his place in the starting 11 until the Real Madrid games, he’s better than Draxler in that position, better than the old Thiaggo Motta, and better than Pastore (with his work etchic, and complex play).

        • and Di Maria…the guy still the same different maker as always was,this Mbappe-Neymar-Di Maria trio is much more unpredictable, than the team with Cavani, 3 unbelievable quick players with good dribbling and passing skills, Neymar is very close to Messi’s level atm, Messi teached him how to be be a complex stiker (playmaker, dribbler, shooter, winger, centre forward)

      • We will get the answers for all the above after this World Cup, The Messi Generation will be over after the WC till then whether we like it or not the likes of ROMERO’s, DI MARIA’s, etc etc i guess. After the WC we will see how the Names which is floating in here will perform, the true test begins then, Till then we all can Argue each other.

      • Did you know anyone else than CR7 and Pepe in Portugal team before they won the European championship? A lot of them played in Portugal championship like Acuna and Salvio. So for you, to win the world cup, the basic requirement is to have all players playing in the best European club.

        Are you serious on Lanzini? Did you watch any west ham games recently?

        • European Championship not equal to World Cup. Euro winners: Denmark, Greece, Portugal (with the luck of the century), when would these teams win a WC?: Never… WC only for big boys.

          • European championship is just a joke? Level of all those teams are so closed there is no gap between small teams and big teams, like the world cup qualifiers in South America. I am sure that people like you are those who don’t understand how hard to win in Ecuador and in Peru.

        • “to win the world cup, the basic requirement is to have all players playing in the best European club”

          Really? Look at Brazil’s 2002 WC winning squad. 12 players of their squad (50%) were selected from their local leauge plus some players from Real Betis, Middlesbrough, Parma and PSG. Only five or six players of their squad came from big or good teams like Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, Inter Milan and Bayern Leverkusen (not a big team but a good team at that time).

          Look at Italy’s WC winning squad I bet you will see players from Palermo, Udinese, Atalanta and Parma. Are these big teams in your eyes?

        • You are kidding right?

          Maybe you don’t know but regular followers of football in general know them.

          Andre Gomes, Moutinho, Joao Mario, Raphael geurriero, oentrao, verinhia,nani, quaresma, Renato sanchez, carvalho are all world class players.

          Their u-21 team won the euro championship an year back. When was the last time and u-20 argentina or 21 won something.

          They have a very balanced team, top players in attack, midfield n defense.

          Andre silva, guedes, semedo, danilo, and tons of other young players are coming through.

          Please don’t talk if you don’t know

          • Euh? “don’t talk if you don’t know”? Do I know you?

            Semedo, Andre Silva: sub in barca
            Guedes: psg player but where is he now? Valencia
            Andre Silva: sub in Milan

            Go to support your Portugal team and your CR7 if you are so fan. I wish that Morocco will knock them out.

            And “please” do me a favor, stop using other pseudo than “Pablo Aimar” because I like and respect the player.

      • So kid according to your criteria a player must be a starter for a big club otherwise he’s not good enough. Alright lets look Argentina’s 2014 team that made it to the final; that team had Garay, Demichiles, Rojo, Romero, biglia, Enzo, Lavezzi in addition to the usual suspects of Lio, Pipita, Zabaleta and Mascherano. Now out of the 11 players that I listed only 4 satisfy your criteria (regular at a top club) since Lavezzi played for napoli, which was a good but not a top club and Demichiles who was not a regular at a top club (mancity).
        At the end of that tournament it was the defence and midfield (consisting mostly of players who don’t satisfy your criteria) that got the team to the final while the big players like pipita, palacio (was a top a scorer for Inter that season) and even Lio missed open chances to win the game.

        You said; “but do people really think Argentina is going to win the world cup with Lanzini, Kranevitter, Perades, Lo Celso and Rulli?”

        Well Lo Celso is still too raw and Kranevitter isn’t good enough IMO but Lanzini, Paredes and Rulli combined with Messi, a good defense and good tactics from Sampaoli most certainly have a good chance to win the world cup, or would you prefer bench warmer Romero to Rulli or inconsistent Banega to paredes or inconsistent/injury prone Dimaria to Lanzini.

        In the end I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve been telling you for a while now, stop watching you tube highlights and random fans’ twitter feeds and try to watch Lanzini, paredes, Rulli etc…play actual games before passing judgement.

    • EnganChe – most of the 2014 WC players either debuted in Europe in mediocree or weak clubs or disappointed if debuted in the strong. I was writing about this once or twice. But KidultHood always will think that if only some time is passed since argumentation that denied his statements you always may pretend that facts are different than really are and to begin denying truth once again.

      Besides, The last time I heard his statement about Lanzini it was something like: he is the only one of the new generation that deserves attention. Now back to his well known rhetoric.

      • “No other player reminds me of Luka Modric as much as West Ham’s Manuel Lanzini” – Slavan Blic.

        These are the words of a coach who coached both players and he is qualified to draw such a camparison more than any other person.

  5. Dybala got injured! Suspected for thigh strain.

  6. You guys tend to spew out a lot of stuff without actual facts. Aguero in poor form? SMH. Aguero has the best minutes-to-goal ratio of any Premier League player to have played more than 50 games, with a goal every 108 minutes, and all this with a lot of injury in between seasons. In all competitions, Aguero has scored 20 goals or more in five of his six seasons at City. 2017/2018 season thus far; 24 Apps = 18 goals. How is this out of form? Do you guys even think or research before posting stuff on the web? Aguero problem is not whether he can score goals, his problem as always been picking up injury at the wrong time, and with Gabriel injured at Manchester City recently, now Aguero will have to carry the bulk of the Man City attack for at least two months which isn’t a good sign for Argentina given Aguero injury history.

    I like the fact that Pep Guardiola was rotating both Aguero and Gabriel at City, this was good for both players in terms of the 2018 world cup. If Messi, Di Maria and Aguero can remain 98% fit, this makes Argentina chances of winning the 2018 world cup very likely, but if two or three of these players go into the 2018 world cup coming off recent injuries it won’t bold well for Argentina chances.

    I barely watch European club football nowadays because it has become nothing but media hype and player’s PR campaign. Since the last Copa America, I barely got fixated on club football. Moreover, we haven’t seen this newer generation of Argentinean players being recruit by the best club teams across Europe which would generate more interest for me in following the games on a weekly basis, playing for a mid-table team doesn’t cut it at all.

    Seriously, look at how the media talk about Salah from Liverpool, you would think the guy is the greatest thing since slice bread. Salah was doing the same thing for Roma in Serie A yet you never see his name all over the English/ESPN soccer news outlet front pages. The fact that the EPL is not that high quality of a league if you take away all the hype, every solid/talented player who made a move to the EPL almost always succeed especially the ones coming from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Latin America etc.

    Otamendi is another player who is playing way too many games at City, Pep need to rest him up a bit because the season is so long with plenty of games to come.

    • Whoever says aguero is in poor form is clearly in lala land..go watch city games before you make such idiot comment . I think you need to stop taking whatever it is you taking seriously

      • Exactly now I’m wondering if these ppl even watch any of the European games before making any comments here. Aguero and kane are probably the two most in form strikers in the world currently.

          • Haha that’s so true and even if they actually bothered to have a quick glimpse at whoscored or other websites, they may have a total different opinion on them.

    • If City wins the PL in March, which is quite possible, then Aguero and Otamendi will probably play less and focus on the champions league. So should be ok.

      No doubt that Aguero’s progress has been significant since Guardiola coached City. Besides, his style fits Sampaoli’s possession style, which is quite similar to Guardiola’s philosphy, both inspired from Bielsa. His partnership with Messi will be essential for us in this world cup.

      • Arsene Wenger has a good history of developing young talented players but Arsenal as a team they aren’t the team they once were.

        I don’t know if Arsene Wenger is serious about the signing of Pavon because, you know, he always likes to say “I was about to sign…… ”

        Maybe one day if Pavon becomes a superstar Wenger will say “I was about to sign Pavon” 😀

    • That will be great, heard that they wanted to buy the French winger Lemar as well, with Pavon on the right and Lemar on the left, that could be the Arsenal attack in the next few years.

  7. What is happening to Augero? He is in really poor form and every city attack dies with Augero. Same thing happend to this guy, who just got injured in 2013 before world cup and performed terribly. I really hope these guys show some shit in World cup to help Messi, if not Argentina is doomed. I hope Icardi start before Augero because Augero and Hugain has enough chances to perform for Argentina.

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