Alfio BASILE: “1994 World Cup, my greatest disappointment”


Former Argentina National Team manager Alfio BASILE had a lot to say in a latest interview.

One of the most interesting characters in Argentinian football, Alfio BASILE did fairly well for himself as a character. On top of being the only person to ever coach both Diego MARADONA and Lionel MESSI, BASILE won four titles with Argentina and quiet a few with Boca Juniors and even Racing Club. A back to back Copa America winner (was also the last coach to ever win a trophy with Argentina), as well as the winner of the first ever Confederations Cup, BASILE managed to squeeze in an Artemio FRANCHI trophy in 1993 for his country.

Now retired, BASILE spoke to Oral Deportiva about Lionel MESSI, the World Cup, the 1994 World Cup and more. Here’s what he had to say:

Alfio BASILE on Manchester City

“Out of today’s teams, the one that attracts me the most is Manchester City.”

Alfio BASILE on Lionel MESSI, Argentina and the 2018 FIFA World Cup

“If the 10 (MESSI) is good, he can beat anyone; but if he’s not, it’s just another team, like is the case with Barcelona.

“I don’t know Iceland but we can’t be afraid of them. Nigeria, offensively, are phenomenons who play in the Premier League. Croatia plays well, they’re brave.

“SAMPAOLI is probably the only Argentinian coach I haven’t had the opportunity to meet.

“In Argentina, we have three goalscorers (HIGUAIN, AGUERO and ICARDI). I always think of HIGUAIN and AGUERO, who have been in Europe for a few years now. You can’t argue with AGUERO’s case. With MASCHERANO, you have to have him at the World Cup for experience and because he’s important for the group, but we’ll have to see if he plays in China.”

Alfio BASILE on Fernando GAGO

“I would look for a replacement but just as much, I’d wait. In my National Team, he always played, hopefully he’s good for the World Cup.”

Alfio BASILE on the 1994 FIFA World Cup

“It was the greatest disappointment of my footballing career. I was convinced we were going to be world champions. After that, I wasn’t able to get my revenge.

“MARADONA, 3 months before the World Cup, was at 104 kilograms and with the trainer, we got him to 74 kilograms. Diego was flying. After that came the ephedrine which does not make you a better footballer. Everything was said about Diego’s suspension but it was ephedrine. I read the FIFA report.

“When HAVELANGE saw how MARADONA was, he said “they’re going to be world champions” but it was the last chance he had that Brazil become champions under his direction at FIFA. In 1994, we were going to play the final against Italy.

Alfio BASILE on retirement

“I retired because I got tired of everything: Of concentrating, of the every day problems… It’s difficult to get to the young players these days.”


  1. Basile is one of the most successful coach that brings glory to N/T; Sampaoli needs advice from the senior manager to avoid the same mistake and do the right thing for N/T during his tenure.

  2. China is offering the luxorious , so the magnet is pulling every best players to play in their soil before resignation. So take the chance , why waste it

  3. Btw, Independiente have signed Brian Romero from Argentinos. He would replace Benitez, who is about to go to Mexico. If they can somehow hold on to Barco then Holan will have a great team. Tagliafico might be gone, but talented CB Figal is back from Suspension.

  4. Looks like Barco is really pushing for the Atlenta transfer, cos he has failed to turn up for training and is annoyed that Independiente rejected the latest Atlanta offer.

    Pellegrino has struggled thus far at Southampton, but has set his sights on signing Guido Carillo and Gaitan this transfer window.

    River have signed Franco Armani from Atletico Nacional. Regarded as one of South America’s top keeper for some time now. This signing could be a blessing for the NT, has a few months to push for selection, cos the GK position is begging for some quality.

    Di Maria misses out on his desired Barca move for the second time. His agent was talking to Barca for the move to go through in January, but Barca have instead signed Coutinho. Di Maria is almost certain to go to China now, but he would prefer to wait till the world cup is over.

    • Why China at this time of his career? Many European big teams are out there that want Di Maria’s services like Inter Milan and Juventus. It is true he wanted to play along side Messi but that seems impossible now. I think Di Maria’s next destination will be the Italian Seria A, be it in this transfer window or after the WC.

      • its interesting its been known for about a year d/m is free to move but we don’t see clubs scrambling to sign him instead its possibility china-that is how far his stock has fallen.

    • Too bad for Di Maria, true that sportively I don’t know if playing in China(no offense to Chinese football) is a better option than playing L1 from time to time. Let’s be honest, only big club can afford his salary but none of them wants him right now. Even Juve and Inter will not that simple for him. If he wants cash and playing time, he can only go to Russia, Turkey or China. Otherwise he need to have a cut on his pay and goes to clubs like Monaco, Valencia or his ex club Benfica.

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