Javier PASTORE’s agent in Milan, set to leave PSG


Javier PASTORE’s agent is in Milan as the midfielder looks set to leave Paris.

The Argentinian midfielder’s agent is presently in Milan (per Olivier TALLARON of Canal+) as talks of him leaving Ligue 1 club PSG intensify. Rumored all season long to be leaving Paris to join Inter in Italy, with the transfer market well and truly under way, the midfielder could be on his way out.

From Palermo to PSG to Milan

PASTORE looks adament in wanting a moving back to Italy, the country where he first began his European club career when he joined Palermo back in 2009. Now 28 years old, PASTORE will be trying to book a ticket to the 2018 FIFA World Cup with Argentina after having been included in the 2010 squad by Diego MARADONA but missed out on 2014 when Alejandro SABELLA’s men made the final of the tournament.

Since joining PSG, the midfielder has amassed over 250 caps for the club winning 15 trophies, four of them being league titles.


  1. Pastore returned to Paris from holiday lately because he thought he was going to leave the club but the Inter deal finally not done, probably for financial reasons. Inter can never afford that. Now they just signed Rafinha which is a much cheaper option. Unless Javier made some efforts on his salary, I don’t see how that can happen.

    Javier said he has been always loyal with psg but it’s the same on the other way. The club has been patient enough to him, even when he was injured and played only once every 3 months, they chose to keep him and increased his wage. After 6 years and half, the only time he was good all year long was 2014-2015. He cannot blame on his club for buying other players or complaining about playing time. If finally he stays, he got to fight for his place.

    But what really surprised me is his mindset: once he recovered from his injuries, he chose to leave. Why he didn’t look for leaving earlier? Obviously psg pays better but maybe in another environment, he will be much stronger physically.

    I am a very big fan of Pastore and I love his playing style, but because of money, he is probably going to miss his world cup again.

  2. Lautaro Martinez is something else, he will be the world best centre forward i have no doubt about it, it was so evident from the first day i’ve seen him play that Lautaro will be a fckin monster. A more complete Icardi with Mauros every good attributes and a lot more…

  3. I tell you, football players are the best liars from any sport!!
    “I am happy here, my family loves it here blah blah blah”, next thing you know, he is out the door lol.
    ..and I say many if not nearly ALL players.
    Good for Pastore, maybe he’ll finally do something!

  4. Perfect place for Javier. Inter urgently need a creative midfielder and Borussia Dortmund want immediately Lautaro Martinez if Aubameyang leaves…will pay even his increased prize in his release clause, 20 million euros…

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